10 year old boy haircuts

Sometimes it could be confusing deciding on what haircut your 10 year old should have because you know, I mean, who doesn’t want the cutest haircut for their 10 year old? Not to worry though, we bring you 10 year old boy haircuts, 10 year old boy haircuts ideas, 10 year old boy haircuts pictures, 10 year old boy haircuts 2020 and cute 10 year old boy haircuts. All you’ve got to do is make the cutest pick for your 10 year old.


Kids often get quite conscious about their hairstyles as they grow up. In fact, they are concerned about the overall look and style due to which they make very cautious choices when it comes to their clothing as well as their hairstyles. And, as a parent, you have to get involved in their decision making as well so that you can guide them the best on what suits them and what not. So, as soon as your son gets ready to enter his teens, give him one of these 10 year old boy haircuts and help him flaunt his style casually.


The toddler haircuts listed here have been chosen very carefully to ensure that your kid gets the most versatile and unique collection of hairstyles to choose from. Let’s take a look.

1. Forward Swept Spikes

Forward Swept Spikes302Save

Source: Brendalex

One of the best hairstyles for short hair, this one will give a wonderful sporty look to your kiddo. It needs a bit of styling product to make sure that your hair remain in place. Just finger comb the hair forward and raise them up at the front to achieve the final spiky look.

2. Hard Parted Undercut With Side Swept Hair On Top

Hard Parted Undercut With Side Swept Hair On Top302Save

Source: Frankina_hairstyle

The 10 year old boy haircuts can be as stylish, unique and elegant as this one. The hair on top is kept to medium length and a beautiful touch is given by adding tinges of color. The undercut and a hard part complete the look to perfection and make it a unique and neatly cut hairstyle.

3. Long Side Swept Hair With High Fade

Long Side Swept Hair With High Fade302Save

Source: Hairmanstyle

Want to give your kid a funky and stylish look? This is the way to go about it. Let him grow his hair long and swept to a side and complete the look with a beautiful high fade. The hard part can also compliment it beautifully.

4. Side Swept Hair With Side Fade

Side Swept Hair With Side Fade302Save

Source: Barberiaklassiek

Your kids hair can be given a perfect style, especially, when he has fine hair that can be adjusted in whatever style and shape you imagine. This one here is a simple look that can be achieved by keeping the sides faded and short hair on top swept to a side and styled with a product.

5. Medium Length Hair With Surgical Designs

Medium Length Hair With Surgical Designs302Save

Source: Barberloungetp

This is a gorgeous look with medium length side swept hair that is given a slicked look with a styling product. There’s a part on a side and a beautiful undercut with surgical design completes the elegant vibe of this hairdo.

6. Short Straight Hairstyle

Short Straight Hairstyle302Save

Source: cutandblendbarbershop

Keep it short, keep it straight and keep it simple. This one is among the best 10 year old boy haircuts that you would want your young gun to wear.

7. Slicked Back Hair With Shaved Sides

Slicked Back Hair With Shaved Sides302Save

Source: Fatboycuts

Slicked back hairstyle never goes out of fashion and your little champ should also get this one if he hasn’t yet already. The shaved sides go perfectly with the overall look and the tightly combed back hair is just amazing on top.

8. Messy Hair With Undercut

Messy Hair With Undercut302Save

Source: Fiomaravilhabarber

If you love the loose curls of your young man and want him to flaunt them in style then this is probably the best way to go about it. The hair look amazing with a cool undercut.

9. Short Hair All Over

Short Hair All Over302Save

Source: jun.barber

This is a beautiful haircut that takes the hassle of styling out of your hairstyle. You just have to cut it short and compliment it with a beautiful medium fade. The razor is used to give a finishing touch at the front.

10. Kinky Locks With Surgical Design

Kinky Locks With Surgical Design302Save

Source: kuties_beauty_lounge

If your boy has kinky locks like this black boy haircut, cut them short right to the skin and add a bit of drama to the hairstyle by giving a short surgical cut at the front.

11. Curly Mohawk With Surgical Design

Curly Mohawk With Surgical Design302Save

Source: Ricomasterbarber

If you find it hard to get the best 10 year old boy haircuts for curly hair, this curly mohawk is a perfect choice. The hair is grown to medium length and then cut into a beautiful mohawk style. Sides are then shaved and further beautified with surgical designs.

12. Cute Forward Raised Mohawk

Cute Forward Raised Mohawk302Save

Source: Tammyco

For little boys, a forward raised mohawk creates a wonderfully cute look. The sides are kept short and the frontal hair is raised beautifully.

13. Spikes With An Undercut

Spikes With An Undercut302Save

Source: This_is_fox

Spikes with an undercut, what a combo it can turn out to be. Just give your kid a neat and clean look with this beautiful hairstyle and let him rock wherever he goes. A bit of styling product may be needed for achieving the final look.

14. Short Spikes With Surgical Design

Short Spikes With Surgical Design302Save

Source: jonneyjenkins

This short spikes haircut requires the hair to cut short and then finger combed to create a spiky look. The surgical design is more of an inspiration for the cricket fans who love to add cricket everywhere in their lifestyle.

15. Curly Mohawk With Undercut

Curly Mohawk With Undercut302Save

Source: Ohdiane_hair

This is another cool look for curly mohawk hairstyle that actually boasts of its undercut with a different surgical design. The design, basically, reflects a flash sign that looks cool and your kid will love it.

16. Casual Straight Hair – 7 Year Old Boy Haircuts

Casual Straight Hair302Save

Source: Shear_potential

This medium length hairstyle is all about a casual look. The hair on top is kept messy and to medium length. Style it in whatever way you like, the choice is yours.

17. Slicked Back Hair With Hard Part

Slicked Back Hair With Hard Part302Save

Source: Barbersworldofficial

Slicked back classic hairstyle never goes out of fashion and this one here is a cool example of this wonderful hairdo. The hair is slicked back with a styling product and there’s a hard part and an undercut to complete the look.

18. Simple Side Swept Hairstyle

Simple Side Swept Hairstyle302Save

Source: Beautiful_hair_by_angela

This is a cool and formal look that is all about simple and side swept hair. There’s a messed up side part very low on the left. Overall, it will bring all the cuteness out of your boy.

19. Side Swept Haircut With Layers

Side Swept Haircut With Layers302Save

Source: Cinta.coiffure

Side swept hair normally create a very simple and formal vibe but you can add a bit of drama to the look by cutting the frontal hair in layers. Style it by finger combing the hair and you’ll love the final look you’ll be able to achieve in the end.

20. Short Kinky Hair

Short Kinky Hair302Save

Source: Eric_cuts

As we know little black boys with kinky hair can always go for this wonderful look. This is among the 10 year old boy haircuts that are all about short hair and the final look is achieved with a beautiful surgical design on the faded sides.

21. Straight And Forward Swept Hair

Straight And Forward Swept Hair302Save

Source: kutz4kidznew

This is a beautiful hairstyle idea on the list of 7 years old boy haircuts. The hair is cut uniformly to achieve a symmetric look and will make your little one look amazing.

22. Short Hair With Faded Sides

Short Hair With Faded Sides302Save

Source: Lion_thebarber

One of the simplistic short hair styles, the look is actually about the side fade that gets almost shaved as you go down the sides.

23. Short Slicked Back Hair With Side Fade

Short Slicked Back Hair With Side Fade302Save

Source: Morenoterry

Most of the 10 year old boy haircuts revolve around short hair and this one here is no exception either. The hair is kept short on top and slicked to the back. The sides are faded to achieve a perfect look overall.

24. Faux Hawk With Undercut

Faux Hawk With Undercut302Save

Source: Spb_kidsbarber

This is a neatly crafted faux hawk look that is all about those beautiful spikes at the top and the simplistic undercut. Overall, the look is amazing and funky. You’ll love it and so will your kid.

25. Medium Length Straight Hair With Bangs

Medium Length Straight Hair With Bangs302Save

Source: Vavakids

Keeping the hair medium-length for your 10 years old kid is the right way to go about it. Just keep it straight, simple and elegant to have a wonderful vibe.

26. Medium Length Mohawk Hairstyle

 Medium Length Mohawk Hairstyle302Save

Source: Eyelightsalon

Raising all the hair into the center is a crazy trend that is adopted by everyone and it’s getting increasingly popular among little kids. If you want your 10-year old to look gorgeous on just about every event they attend with you, this look will certainly rock.

27. Medium Length Side Swept Hair

Medium Length Side Swept Hair302Save

Source: Awesomehaircutkid

This is a cool and simple haircut design for medium length hair. The sides are also kept just about the same length and complimented with surgical designs. The overall look is just amazing.

28. Very Short With Surgical Finish

Very Short With Surgical Finish302Save

Source: Barbers_noitall

This is a tailor made hairstyle for 10 years old black boys. The look is all about keeping the hair very short and a razor is used to finish it up nicely.

29. Long Forward Swept Spikes

Long Forward Swept Spikes302Save

Source: GorgeousHaircuts

Long forward swept hair is what you need to let your kid flaunt his style. A more than perfect party look, the hairstyle looks and feels amazing. The blonde hair is grown long and swept forward to achieve this amazing look. Sides are kept to medium length.

30. Short Spikes With Hard Part

Short Spikes With Hard Part302Save

Source: Haircutkid

This beautiful hairstyle here is all about short spiky looks. The hair is drawn into the center but not much raised up like in the case of faux hawk or mohawk hairstyles. The hard part completes it beautifully.

31. Messy Top With Faded Sides

Messy Top With Faded Sides302Save

Source: Haircutkidz

The hair in this cute little hairstyle is kept medium-to-long on top and the look is achieved by actually creating the mess to form spikes. The sides are kept short and faded to achieve a perfect mix of casual and formal looks. Overall, it’s just awesome.

32. Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Faux Hawk Hairstyle302Save

Source: NewHaircuts

This beautiful faux hawk look here is achieved by growing the hair longer and cutting them into shape. The sides get an undercut while top hair is raised up and made gelled together with a styling product.

33. Textured Side Swept Hair With Surgical Design

Textured Side Swept Hair With Surgical Design302Save

Source: Hairmxauburn

Apparently, this looks like spikes but it’s not the case. The hair is grown longer and swept to a side while giving it a textured look. The shaved head on the sides with beautiful surgical lines complete the look in a stylish manner.

34. Beautiful Shag

Beautiful Shag302Save

Source: Hairrbylexyy

One of the cool looks you can give a shag hairstyle, this is really among the best 10 year old boy haircuts out there. The only difference is that the hair is not allowed to fall over the hair. The rest looks quite formal and quite elegant at the same time.

35. Short Hair With Surgical Design At Back

Short Hair With Surgical Design At Back302Save

Source: kids_styles

This is probably the funkiest of looks that you can achieve with short hair. The hair is cut short all over the head and the final look is achieved by strategically made surgical lines to have a cool style.

36. Long Side Swept Hair

Long Side Swept Hair302Save

Source: Showshaircut

If you’re looking for the best 10 year old boy haircuts, here you have one. The hair is grown long and then styled beautifully to a side. A little bit of them go over the ear and the rest is tucked behind beautifully.

37. Straight And Short

Straight And Short302Save

Source: l.shows

Straight and short hair can be styled beautifully in so many different ways and this one here is a cool example. Either keep it straight and forward swept or use some styling gel to make spikes out of it, you have endless options to try out with your short hair. Overall, it looks so cool.

38. Short Forward Swept Hairstyle

Short Forward Swept Hairstyle302Save

Source: Laurenvanblunkhair

This is a simple forward swept hairstyle that is all about short hair. With not much of room available to sweep the hair to sides or raise them up into spikes, that’s probably the most natural choice available.

39. Messy Top With Fringes

Messy Top With Fringes302Save

Source: Shaghairdesign

This is how you style short messy hair for 10 year old boys. The hair is finger combed forward and the fringes are allowed to flaunt in style.

40. Short Side Swept Hair With Surgical Design

Short Side Swept Hair With Surgical Design302Save

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