12 carat diamond stud earrings

If you are looking to buy diamond stud earrings on the cheap, keep reading. Here we have put together the most essential tips to help you reduce the price you pay for diamond studs next time you go shopping. Check out our this post, if you are looking to buy the 12 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings, and diamond shaped earrings studs.

12 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings


What Determines the Price of Diamond Studs?

In general, the price of diamond studs depends on two main factors – the quality of the diamondsand the kind of metal the earrings are made of.

Choosing Cheap Diamonds for Your EarringsSo, to find cheap diamond studs, you need to focus your search on pieces made with cheaper diamonds or cheaper metal, or both.

Diamond prices depend on four main quality characteristics: the color of the stone, its clarity, cut, and the diamond’s carat weight.

The lower a stone is graded on color, clarity, and cut, and the smaller the diamond, the lower its price.

This can give you some hints on how to pay less for diamond studs:

Selecting a Cheaper Diamond Color

The color grade of a diamond depends on whether there are yellow tints in the stone and how visible they are.

One of the most popular color grading systems is that of the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), and on that scale, color is graded using letters, starting from D, which is the highest grade.

Colorless stones command the highest prices, whereas diamonds with visible yellowish hues sell for less.

If you want to reduce the price you pay for diamond studs, go for earrings with stones of a lower color grade. Usually, G and H grades look reasonably colorless, and you can often go as low as I or J color before yellow tints start to become an issue.

You can go even lower than J color, but stones with a grade of K or lower are visibly tinted.

Image result for 12 carat diamond stud earrings

However, if the earrings are made of yellow gold, the color of the metal will absorb the yellow in the diamonds, and they will look white against the colored setting. Do not go lower than M color, though.

If you do choose yellow gold diamond studs, make sure that you are not allergic to nickel, which is often used in gold alloys.

If you have such an allergy, avoid lower-karat gold such as 10K or 14K gold, which usually contains more nickel, and choose the purer 18K, 20K, or 22K gold instead.

Picking Smaller Diamonds

Another way of finding cheaper diamond studs is to look for earrings with smaller diamonds. Since the bigger a diamond, the rarer it is, larger stones cost more per carat.

Conversely, the smaller a diamond, the cheaper it is per unit of carat weight. So, a relatively small drop in carats can result in a significant reduction in price.

Choosing Diamonds with Lower Clarity

You can also save some money on diamond studs by choosing diamonds with lower clarity. Stones of the highest clarity have no visible flaws inside them, but these diamonds are also very expensive.

If you go down the clarity scale, you will see that some of the lower grades also look clean to the naked eye, and the difference between them and the highest grade is in how visible the flaws are under 10x magnification. (And this is not something anyone would notice unless they look with a loupe at your earrings.)

Usually, with clarity, you can go as low as VS1 or VS2 grade and still not see visible flaws in the stones.

If the diamonds in your studs are smaller (say, 0.50 carats or less), even a lower clarity grade such as SI2 may look pretty decent and not have black spots or lines readily noticeable with the naked eye when the studs are worn.

Choosing a Cheaper Metal for Your Diamond Studs

If you want to pay less for diamond studs, pick a cheaper metal. For example, platinum is very popular among people looking for durability, but this metal is also very expensive and not the best choice if your goal is to save money.


White gold is cheaper and relatively durable.

However, keep in mind that this material is plated with rhodium, and with time, the plating wears out, exposing the lower layer, which is somewhat yellowish. When that happens, you will need to have your earrings replated. Depending on how often you wear them, you may need to do so every couple of years or so.

If you think you might be allergic to nickel, make sure that your white gold studs either do not contain this metal or are of high enough karat for nickel not to be a problem (usually, at least 18 karats).

Yellow gold is also cheaper than platinum, but the problem with yellow gold is that it is much less durable – it is softer and wears out more easily, even compared with white gold.

As already mentioned, you also need to be careful about nickel content in gold. Higher karats are generally safer when it comes to allergies, but gold that is 18K or purer is also softer, so there is a tradeoff between purity and durability.

Places to Buy Diamond Earrings Online

If you need the list quick, here are my top 7 picks for finding quality, reputable diamond earrings online. Keep reading for more information about each of these shops.

  1. James Allen (our top overall pick)
  2. Clean Origin (best for lab diamonds earrings)
  3. Blue Nile (best selection of earrings)
  4. Whiteflash (best earring cuts)
  5. Brian Gavin (best value of warranty + diamonds)
  6. Leibish and Co (best fancy colored diamonds)
  7. Abe Mor (best place to sell diamonds)

Buying Diamond Earrings At James Allen

james allen online diamond earrings store

James Allen is probably the leading online diamond retailer when it comes to purchasing all diamond jewelry. They offer the biggest selection in both loose diamonds and gemstones.

When it comes to diamond stud earrings, James Allen has you covered. 

You can customize the sliders to adjust the carat weight, color, and clarity grades. Additionally, you can select what type of cut as well.

I will say they have plenty of excellent and ideal cut diamonds as well, which is pertinent to diamond quality. 

James Allen offers you another type of cut in their selection, called True Hearts. True Hearts is their version of hearts and arrows diamonds, allowing you to see the symmetry and proportions from above the diamond.

To see high quality symmetry, you can view the pattern by looking through a jewelry loupe or microscope.

dangle diamond earrings from james allen
stud diamond earrings from james allen

This online diamond store offers GIA certified diamonds, so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

James Allen also offers you a lifetime warranty where all routine metal work is done for free. Some of those include prong tightening, polishing, rhodium plating, and deep cleaning.

You can either send it to James Allen, or one their participating Jared retailers. 

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Now, if you’re wanting to purchase fashion earrings instead of high quality diamond studs, I have to say that James Allen does not have the latest and greatest in diamond fashion earrings.

Upon checking out the different styles, I can say that the selection will only appeal to particular tastes, rather than a trendy look. 

Click here for our full James Allen review.


  • 360 view of loose stones
  • GIA certified
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 30 day returns
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Lacks in diamond fashion earrings
  • No trending styles

Buying Diamond Earrings At Clean Origin

Clean Origin is the leading online diamond retailer when it comes to selling lab diamonds. If you’re not familiar, lab diamonds are diamonds just man-made in a lab.

Lab diamonds can be 20-30% cheaper than their natural counterparts and are 100% ethical given they are made in a lab and not mined out of the ground.

When it comes to diamond stud earrings, Clean Origin has an entire line of lab diamond earrings, which can save you a TON of money and still give you all the fire and scintillation you’d get from a real diamond.

With Clean Origin, they offer 3/4 CT to 2 CT weights at 14kt white and yellow gold settings.

The specs you can expect with Clean Origin are SI/VS1 for clarity and I/J for color ranges (near colorless).

Just to show you the price differential between James Allen’s diamond studs and Clean Origin’s diamond studs, below you can see James Allen’s studs are nearly 2x the price for similar specs!

james allen vs clean origin studs

If you want natural diamonds I love James Allen’s selection and pricing, but if you’re okay with buying lab grown diamond studs online, then I really like Clean Origin.

They certify their diamonds with IGI, which isn’t our favorite certifying body as they’ve had integrity issues. Personally, I recommend GIA or AGA certified diamonds only, but with lab diamonds the certification process is a bit different.

In fact, both James Allen and Clean Origin use IGI to certify their lab diamonds, so I wouldn’t be too worried here.

Really, the only downside with Clean Origin, is they don’t have a TON of selection when it comes to buying diamond stud earrings.

Just white or yellow 14kt gold settings, 3 or 4 prong set and 8 different carat weights. That’s it. 

So if you just want a decent pair of stud earrings at the lowest price with minimal customization, then I recommend Clean Origin.

Click here for our full Clean Origin review.


  • 20-50% Cheaper Than James Allen or Blue Nile
  • 100 Day Return Policy
  • 24/7 customer service
  • High quality product


  • Not a lot of selection

Buying Diamond Earrings At Blue Nile

blue nile online diamond earrings store

When you buy diamond earrings with Blue Nile, I know you’re picking from the best.

While other retailers in our top 5 have top quality loose diamonds, Blue Nile is my favorite place to buy diamond earrings from because no other retailer compares to their selections. Not only do they offer high quality studs built from loose stones, they have a killer section of diamond fashion earrings as well. 

Like all the other retailers, Blue Nile offers a section where you can build your own diamond earrings and pick out the specific qualities of the diamonds using filters.

Their Astor Collection is their own branded collection that has been certified by the GIA and has better brilliance than your average diamond and you can get Astor diamonds in earrings as well. 

diamond earrings from blue nile

Astor diamonds come with an additional Gemex Light certification specializing in the brilliance of diamonds. 

I really like how their options differ from most of the other guys on the list. Most of the build-your-own earrings are limited to the round diamond and sometimes the princess cut, but Blue Nile has added the Asscher cut as an option.

Nobody else on our list offers that. Additionally, you can also opt for build your own gemstone studs too, which no one else has either. 

What I don’t like is that you can’t look at both diamonds from the pair you pick out. I try to switch between the two, but the 360 view does not change.

You don’t get to see the exact diamond characteristics like you can with others on our list. But that may not bother everyone.

diamond earrings from blue nile

Blue Nile gives their customers a lifetime warranty, but it only actually covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear issues like prongs or polishing do not fall under this “warranty.”

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They do offer 30 day returns and the return shipping is free. They also have 24/7 customer service and a special line for military customers. 

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  • Wide selection of diamond earrings
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Asscher cut option
  • Free returns
  • Gemex certification with Astor
  • GIA certified


  • Warranty could be better
  • Can’t see characteristics of both stones

Buying Diamonds At White Flash


White Flash is another great online jeweler in the realm of loose stones and diamond jewelry. Their collection of diamond fashion earrings is one of my favorites.

They have some really beautiful and unique pieces, as well as name brands like Ritani and Simon & Co.  

Looking through the collection, there are a lot of styles I haven’t seen at any of the other competitors. Check out these earrings below from White Flash to see what I mean.


What’s even more exciting about White Flash and their diamond earrings is their prices.

The prices are more affordable than most of the guys on this list. White Flash allows you to select diamond pairs based on filters as well.

They also have a patented collection called A Cut Above. This collection has four sub-collections, including a hearts and arrows with perfect optical symmetry. 

They offer a 360 view of your diamond pairs and even include additional ASET and ideal scope imaging of the hearts and arrows under a gemscope. I don’t like the way they let you view the stones though.

The diamonds are put under a special light to make them sparkle against a black background, making it very difficult to see the diamond characteristics in any grade. But if that doesn’t bother you, then don’t worry it. 

White Flash offers you a one year free service guarantee, where you can get normal wear repairs done through them for free.

They also will do 100% trade-ins, 30 day warranties, and custom diamond jewelry. However, there are certain items from the virtual collection that have a 10 day return policy, so keep an eye out for that. 

stud diamond earring style from white flash


  • Affordable prices
  • Unique designs
  • Brand collections
  • Custom jewelry


  • Bad diamond lighting for viewing characteristics
  • No gemstone jewelry (or loose stones)

Buying Diamonds At Brian Gavin


Diamond earrings at Brian Gavin are both beautiful and beautifully priced. This is another affordable online diamond retailer.

There is a fair selection of diamond fashion earrings, though it looks like most of them are diamond hoops.

I do like that they carry diamond earring jackets as well, which allows you to fit over a pair of studs. And of course I have to show you these gorgeous gemstone/diamond hybrid earrings. Simply dazzling. 


Out of all of the ways to view loose diamond characteristics, Brian Gavin has the best viewing filters.

Initially, you can slide the camera around the diamond to view it, which is something I don’t like. But, when you click on the additional imaging videos, it allows you to segment angles of the diamond by repeating the same motion, allowing you to really get a look for any inclusions. 

When you look at the earring builder, I really like that they offer a bunch of different settings besides the classic prongs, scalloped basket, or martini look. Instead, you can select the diamond for unique settings, which I think is really cool.

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The earring diamond pairs come in four different shapes: round, princess, cushion, and emerald. 

Brian Gavin offers their customers one free resizing if needed, but all other repairs are chargeable. 


They offer a “lifetime warranty”, but it only actually covers manufacturing defects. They also offer both a lifetime trade up and a buy-back program within the first year, but it is only on their signature collections. 


  • Best 360 viewer
  • Fair prices
  • Unique settings
  • Free resizing


  • Dismal lifetime warranty
  • No trade in for diamond jewelry

Buying Diamond Earrings At Leibish & Co


When you buy diamond earrings from Leibish & Co, you are purchasing top quality unique diamond jewelry. This online retailer specializes in fancy color diamond earrings, unlike any of the other ones on the list.

Similarly, they also have the Asscher cut earrings, but only in the colored section. 


Leibish & Co doesn’t have many sets of colorless diamond earrings. But, if you are looking to brighten your ears with a pop of color or draw attention, this is the store for you.

The fancy colored diamonds are gorgeous, and they cost a pretty penny as well. You will pay over $500 for a setting of any kind in addition to the stone when you design your own earrings. 

In addition to the unique colors, the colored diamond earrings come in all sorts of diamond shapes. I mentioned before that most only carry round customizable diamond pairs, but Leibish and Co. colored diamonds offer many diamond shapes.

Some of the different options include radiant, trapezoid, triangle, and marquise

They do offer a no-questions-asked money back guarantee with the shipping label already paid for, so that’s good. Lastly, they have a nice lifetime warranty where normal wear repairs are done for free. 



  • Best colored diamond earrings
  • Top of line quality
  • More shapes
  • Lifetime warranty covers normal wear


  • Dismal collection of colorless diamonds
  • High in price

Buying Diamonds At Abe Mor


Abe Mor is an diamond wholesale company geared toward retailers and family owned jewelers rather than commercial customers.

It is a supplier, not an actual jewelry store. However, individuals can purchase Abe Mor diamonds and sell with them too. 


Abe More has a beautiful selection of diamond earrings, but you’ll have to inquire within for prices. Because these pieces are geared for retailers, the loose diamonds and diamond jewelry are very expensive and unaffordable for most.

However, if you can afford it, they are well worth it.

Abe Mor specializes in the finest jewelry and can obtain rare or unique pieces from diamond sources that most retailers don’t. Additionally, they do not offer repairs or warranties. 


Abe Mor is great at being able to sell your diamond jewelry from home. They offer the most money out of diamond buying and will even sell it for you and send you your commission.

Or, you can sell your diamond and they work behind the scenes for you. This is their partnership program. 


  • Great place to sell diamonds
  • Unique sourcing (still conflict-free)
  • High end jewelry


  • No warranties
  • Expensive
  • No prices displayed
  • No pictures of loose stones

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