20 watt solar panel price

Our team has researched and reviewed the 20 Watt Solar Panel Price and the 20 watt solar panel specifications to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying solar for indoor or outdoor use.

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20 Watt Solar Panel Price

Rs. 2,500Rs. 1,300

20 watt solar panel specifications

Loom Solar launches 20 watt solar panel for 12 volt battery charging using sun light. The panel is specially designed to charge small batteries up to 10 Ah or 10,000 mAh. Loom Solar is India’s premium solar brand that sell solar system including solar panels. 


Output Power20 Watts
Operating Voltage12 Volt
Panel TechnologyPoly Crystalline
Manufacturer warranty5 years on Manufacturing defects
Performance Warranty25 Years
Additional FeaturesA+ Grade, anti PID Poly Crystalline cells
Cell Conversion efficiency > 16%
Compliance to IEC standards

Technical Details 

Wattage (Wp)20
Voltage at Max Power 18.20 volts
Current at Max Power1.10 amps
Open Circuit Voltage22.40 volts
Short Circuit Currrent1.45 amps
No. of cells36

Poweradd™ Foldable and Portable High Efficiency Solar Charger

If you need an energy source while in the middle of nature, you should give a good amount of consideration to the Poweradd solar charger. The Poweradd 20 watt solar charger is definitely an useful item to have around when you are camping in the mountains or BBQing at the beach. Slim and compact, it gets its ultra portable characteristics by folding up smaller than a spiral notebook and only weighing 4.3 pounds. You can slip this into a backpack and hardly use up any space. When unfolded and ready for use, the 20 watt model comes with two high efficiency panels that give it a really nice look that have a rated 23.5% solar conversion. This is particularly nice as most consumer panels average around 18% solar conversion.

Loops on the polyester case make it easy to hang the Poweradd from nearly any angle and from anything you want. Attach a carabiner clip to a loop and hang it from your tent, back pack, or a low hanging tree branch. The polyester case creates a fair amount of durability from general wear and tear, while the panels themselves are water and dust resistant. The case also has a strong Velcro pouch that can hold small electronics or charging cables.

Poweradd™ Foldable and Portable High Efficiency Solar Charger

20 watt solar panel with charge controller

Most solar chargers in the market are only 15%-18% conversion efficiency, but Poweradd high efficiency version solar charger can achieve up to 23.5%.VIEW ON AMAZON

Since this is purely a solar charger, there is no internal battery to save a charge. When the sun goes away, so does your power source. However, the Poweradd has an included voltage regulator that puts out a constant 5 volts – 2 amps of electricity. In ideal conditions, the 2 amps are equivalent to a wall plugged AC adapter and will charge your devices fairly quickly. The 14 watt be perfect for tablets, cell phones, and GPS devices. For the best of both worlds, it would be a good idea to pair this solar charger up with a portable external battery pack. Charge it during the daytime and then utilize that stored energy after sun down.

One minor drawback to the 20 watt solar charger is that there is no induction as to how much energy is being produced, or if it is even working. The larger models have a small red light near the USB slot that lights up when the solar panels are producing energy, but this light is missing on the smaller model. Another drawback is that for the solar charger to work well, ideal weather conditions are pretty much always required. A bright day during mid to later afternoon is considered an ideal condition, which can be a rare thing in certain regions. Do not fear, though. Even in low natural light conditions the solar charger will work, but at a much lower rate.


  • High efficiency solar panels
  • Ultra portable
  • Durable and water/dust resistant
  • Charges device extremely quickly


  • Requires ideal conditions to work well
  • Lacks an internal battery
  • Lacks power indicator

For the price, the Poweradd 20 watt solar charge is one of the more affordable mid-size products. Small and easy to take places, this is best for people who live places with a good amount of sunny days and regularly head out to the mountains, the beach, or just like hanging out at the park. If you enjoy this product but want some extra juice, Poweradd also makes a 40 watt and a 60 watt version. Who needs the grid when you can take it with you!

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