250w monocrystalline solar panel price

What is the 250w Monocrystalline Solar Panel Price? Let us review in our solar panels for sale post below An important metric to consider when comparing solar panel options is the power rating of a panel, called wattage. 250 watt solar panel are close to the average wattage of solar panel available today and are a great panel option for many types of solar projects. It is comes under suitable cost also.

250 watt solar panel

250 watt solar panel

It takes up 18 sq ft of space in a single panel installation. It is commonly used with on-grid solar system, off grid solar system and hybrid solar system. And the solar panel price is reduced recently years.

Application for 250w monocrystalline solar panel

There are lots of applications in which 250 watt solar panel is used, but most common applications are-

  • Solar home lighting system
  • Off grid solar system
  • On grid solar system
  • Hybrid solar system
  • Solar water pump
  • Solar air conditioner

250w monocrystalline solar panel price

250 watt solar panel price starts from @ Rs. 7500 with Vikram Solar to @ Rs. 12000 in Tata Solar for home in India.

Price List
Vikram solar 250 watt panelRs. 6000
Patanjali solar 250 watt panelRs. 6500
Luminous solar 250 watt panelRs. 8000
Havells solar 250 watt panelRs. 8000
Tata solar 250 watt panelRs. 8500

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Types of 250w solar panel

Both mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline solar panel can be good choices for your home, but there are important differences between the two types of technology that you must understand before making your final solar purchase decision. The main difference between the two technologies is the type of silicon solar cell that they use: mono-crystalline solar panel consists of solar cells made of single crystals of silicon, while polycrystalline solar panel consists of multiple silicon icing solar cells melted together.

Panel efficiency up to 16%.Panel efficiency up to 19%.
It takes more rooftop space.It takes less rooftop space.
Cost EffectiveExpensive solar panel.
Looks bluish in color.Looks black in color.
Low efficiency in cloudy weather.Better efficiency even in low light.
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Specification of 250w solar panel

The 250 watt solar panel is a revolutionary combination offering high efficiency and an attractive, sleek appearance. There are 72 back tack solar cells and a black back sheet using a 200w solar PV panel. Here is the all specification like electrical information, mechanical information, dimension information, description information, price etc.

Power max250
Short circuit current8.95 A
Max power current8.35 A
Maximum voltage29.95
Open circuit voltage37.25
System voltage1000 VDC
TypeMulti crystalline
No of cells in series60
Frame typeAluminum
Y-Axis mounting hole946
X-Axis mounting hole6.9
Junction box cable4mm
Glass typeTempered 4mm

Complete 250 watt solar system

250W-500VA Luminous solar off grid system is a complete solar combo with 200 watt solar panel, solar inverter, solar battery, structure, wires, nut-bolts and complete accessories to run your basic load of your home, business, school etc.

250 watt luminous solar system

Solar system250 watt
Solar panel2 x 125 watt
Solar battery1 x 100 AH
Solar inverter1 x 500VA
Solar brandLuminous solar
Solar panel modelLum-125 watt
Solar panel rating100 watt
Solar panel volt12 volt
Solar panel typePoly-crystalline
Solar panel warranty25 Years
StructureGI (2 Panels)
DC wire meter20 x 4 SQM
Connectors1 x Y Connector
Area required4 square meters
Warranty5 Years
Delivery7 days
PriceRs. 30,000

250W Luminous Complete Solar Panel System (500VA) – Complete Luminous brand system with 500VA solar inverter, 100AH solar battery, 2 x 125 watt solar panel, GI structure and complete accessories as per standard and including tax, transportation, installation with no hidden charges.

 Recommended Load: 2 LED, 2 Fan or 2 LEDs 1 Fan 1 LED TV or any type of 200 watt load.

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