3 carat diamond ring

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A 3 carat diamond is an excellent choice for a ring

If you want a diamond ring more special than what most people have, a 3 carat diamond is an excellent choice.

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Carat is one of the 4Cs that affects the price of a diamond. Many people think carat is a unit of size, but it is in fact a unit of weight. The word carat comes from the Carob seed, which was used centuries ago to determine the weight of precious stones as the seeds have a uniform weight. When diamonds are weighed, they are given a carat weight commonly rounded off to the second decimal place. One full carat weighs 200 milligrams, or 0.007 ounces.


How much does it cost?

Diamond Pricing: Starting at 3 carats, diamonds become increasingly rare to find.3 carat diamond size comparison for rings

That is why just one 3 carat diamond will be worth much more than three 1 carat diamonds. In fact, carat weight does not affect value or size proportionately. A 1 carat Round Brilliant Cut has a diameter of 6.5mm, whereas a 3 carat Round Brilliant Cut is 9.3mm. As for the price per carat, a 3 carat diamond weighing 600 milligrams ranges between $6,050 and $ 84,810 per carat.

What are the wholesale prices of a 3 carat?

To calculate the average final wholesale price of a 3 carat diamond, multiply the price per carat of the diamond you want by 3.

The average wholesale price of a 3 carat Certified GIA Diamond would range between $ 18,150 and $ 254,430.

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