4 carat oval moissanite ring

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Oval Cut

Rivalling the Brilliant Round, the Oval shaped Moissanite contains 70 facets for sensational sparkle and light reflecting properties to boast brilliance and give the illusion of a larger stone. The perfectly symmetrical cut provides a modern yet timeless style and elongates hands creating a stunning appearance on the finger.

The oval cut design was developed over the last century until the 1960s when the final refined appearance of the modern oval cut was perfected by master Russian jeweller, Lazare Kaplan. The shape is oval from above and below, and cone shaped from the side.

Cut grading: when correctly cut, oval gemstones can reflect light to make the stone appear larger than it really is. Whether it is mounted portrait or landscape, oval cut stones make ideal centrepieces for moissanite engagement rings.

Elongated vs Bowtie: when oval cut gemstones are more circular than oblong, you often end up with a bowtie effect where light bounces around the centre. With longer, less circular oval cut gemstones the facets often appear much longer than they really are.

Blake Lively’s 12 carat diamond ring features a stunning oval cut gem on a simple rose gold band engagement ring. It’s a beautiful example of how an oval cut engagement ring can be very romantic with a classical vibe, yet utterly unique and modern in style. If inspired make sure to take a look at our Macy petite pavé white gold shoulder set ring, featured below. This sensational solitaire ring exquisitely showcases the Oval Moissanite diamond by a delicate micro petite pave 4 prong mount designed to secure the largest of stones.

An oval cut engagement ring can also be vintage and chic – like Kirsten Dunst’s engagement ring. Set on a simple, yellow gold band, her oval cut engagement ring has a subtle elegance. As you can see in the Isabella engagement ring (also from Charles and Colvard’s Forever One range), yellow gold works particularly well with simple, timeless designs.

Here at Lily Arkwright, we have a fantastic selection of oval cut loose gems, moissanite earrings and moissanite engagement rings. Compare the dimensions to see how the size and shape of different oval cut stones create different visual effects. Regardless of your budget, we can assist you with finding a delightful oval cut engagement ring. For more information regarding oval cut moissanite engagement rings, or to place your order, contact us at hello@lilyarkwright.com.

Macy Oval Moissanite engagement ring

Photo Reference: Macy Oval Cut Moissanite White Gold Shoulder Set Ring


AUGUST 18, 2017

Oval Trend on a Budget

No matter what the budget, the oval cut can be incorporated into your very own custom design and here are a few ideas on how to maximize this look without breaking the bank! The oval cut is the one top trending shapes for this year and for good reason! It’s elongated appearance looks flattering on many hand types and they have a big face up look to them making them a great value option. However, oval diamonds are also one of the more expensive diamond cuts available due to being rare- simply not as many of them exist as they have only been around since 1957! We’ve compiled a list of five ways to hop on the oval trending train without breaking the bank. The oval shape + a high quality setting are the most important parts of this equation. There are plenty of stones available in an oval shape other than diamond


Moissanites are one of the best diamond alternatives out there. Known for their brilliance and their sparkle, oval moissanites make a budget friendly option for your engagement ring while still keeping you within . We also have an extensive diamond video gallery and you can view videos of diamonds and moissanites being compared side by side to get an idea of just how similar they appear: Here we are featuring a fuller oval shape from Charles and Colvard set in three row micropave band. Another option is opting for a more elongated oval shape such as this ring featuring a Harro oval moissanite center on a three row micropave band and diamond halo design. These ring designs will cost a fraction of the price of their diamond counterparts and give off a ton of shine!


Morganites come in a variety of colors, sizes and qualities, just like diamonds. However, unlike diamonds of fine quality, they come in at a fraction of the price! Take a look at this beautiful oval moragnite set in a three row micropave designFor a 5+ carat center this stunning model comes in under $7000!


Sapphires are a classic precious gem and come in a multitude of colors. Most notable would be a blue sapphire. Sapphires can be quite expensive  depending on their qualit and color saturation however, will come in at a lower price tag than a diamond of equal weight or face up appearance. Check out this stunning oval sapphire center stone set with half moon and tapered baguette diamonds all in one! For an even more fun look, try a hot pink sapphire oval center such as this one set in a rose gold halo. This beauty comes in at under $5000 for a 2 carat center making for an awesome deal and huge look!  Read more about sapphires here. 


While white oval diamonds are quite pricey, Natural X-Y-Z color range oval diamonds are definitely going to save you quite a bit! The color scale for diamonds start at D-E-F being Colorless and go all the way down through to X-Y-Z. An X-Y-Z color oval has a distinct yellow color to it, without looking murky. Many love the look of fancy yellow diamonds- while X-Y-Z color diamonds may not be as intense you can definitely set it in an amazing setting to give it the appearance of being a fancy yellow diamond while still saving a lot! Check out this stunning oval halo design with split band and 2.2 carat oval center. If this were a white diamond the ring could easily be over $20,000 however this one comes in at below $13,000 for a great savings!


Marquise cut diamonds have been around for centuries therefore making them more readily available. If you happen to already own a marquise cut diamond or have one as an  heirloom this shape can work really well in an oval shape halo! Our halo designs are custom crafted to perfectly wrap around the center diamond for a seamless appearance. We are easily able to craft an oval shaped halo for a marquise center stone to give the illusion that your center is an actually an oval! How is that for repurposing your marquise cut center! Check out this model featuring a marquise center diamond in an oval shape haloContact us today to discuss your oval cut design for any budget! We make every setting by hand to accommodate the exact shape and measurements of any center stone, guarenteed to give your custom design the seamless and delicate look that Lauren B has become so well known for. For more information about our custom design process, we welcome you to reach out today: https://www.laurenbjewelry.com/contacts

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