6.5kw solar system price

Let us review the 6.5kw Solar System Price. Did you know that 6.5kW solar power systems can consist of a different number of panels depending on the size of the solar panels? Here are some common panel sizes which could make up a 6.5kW system:

  • 240W (27 x solar panels to make 6.5kW)
  • 250W (26 x solar panels to make 6.5kW)
  • 260W (25 x solar panels to make 6.5kW)
  • 300W (22 x solar panels to make 6.5kW)

How Much Does a 6.5kW System Produce?

Depending on where in Australia (or around the world) you are, a 6.5kW solar system will produce a different amount of energy each day. As an average amount, you can see here how much this system will produce in some of the major regions in Australia by switching between each tab.

  • Brisbane
  • Sydney
  • Perth
  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • Hobart
  • Canberra
  • Darwin

A 6.5kW solar system in Brisbane is expected to produce around 9,965kWhs each year (on average). This takes into account cloudy days, rainy days and the like.

How Much Space Does a 6.5kW Solar System Need?

Again, this depends what type of panels you use (in part). This is because as panels get large (in Watts) they also become a little bit more efficient. A 6.5kW system using 250W panels will require about 11.1 square meters of roof to be installed. Each 250W panel measures about 1.7m x 1m.Get 6.5kW Solar Quotes Now – Click Here

6.5kW Solar System Applications

6.5kW solar power systems are mostly suitable for higher energy users (3 people or more). This size of solar power system is classed as “Commercial”.

6.5kw Solar System Price

A 6.5kW solar system will certainly cost a different amount depending on the solar business you buy it from. Prices also vary from city to city due to logistics, taxes etc. To give you some indication though, we believe that the “market price” for a 6.5kW solar system at the moment is between:
$7,500.00 (on the lower end – e.g. cheap Chinese) to…
$11,400.00 (on the higher end – e.g. tier 1 solar panels and a German inverter – such as SMA).

NOTE: The Prices above are “after-rebate” prices and are only a guide to what you might expect as at November, 2015.

How Much Does a 6.5kW System Cost?

The cost of 6.5kW solar power systems varies. On the lower end, you might expect to get Chinese inverters such as Sungrow, Growatt, JFY, Samil etc. and Chinese (lower-tier) panels such as Hannover, Munsterland, ZN Shine etc. You might expect to pay $7,500.00 for such a system.

On the higher end of the spectrum you might be looking at a premium, European inverter like SMA, ABB, Fronius etc. and a tier 1 panel like SUNPOWER, TRINA, WINAICO etc. You might expect to pay $11,400.00 for this type of 6.5kW solar power system.

Finance Repayments on a 6.5kW Solar Power System

You could expect to pay somewhere between $242.19 and $361.66 per month as a repayment for your 6.5kW solar power system.
Note: This figure could vary drastically. It is based on some common solar power finance rates for residential size systems.
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Do I Need A 6.5kW Solar System?

Whether or not you need a 6.5kW solar system will depend on many things.

If you are a Commercial customer and you use between 24.7kWhs and 39.3kWhs then a 6.5kW solar system could be a good choice to help reduce power bill costs.

6.5kW Solar Power System Quotes

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