72v 200ah lithium battery pack

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72V 200Ah Lithium ion LiFePO4 Golf Car Battery Pack With BMS

Quantity(Pieces)1 – 12 – 5051 – 100>100
Est. Time(days)153035To be negotiated

COMBINE possesses technologies and experiences to provide fully-integrated products & solutions for lithium-ion based green energy applications, including Medical Device, E-mobility, Energy Storage System, Defense & Security, Industrial Electronics and many other applications.

Every battery COMBINE assembles is 100% tested for functionality before it is submitted to final inspection. This ranges from a voltage and polarity test for batteries to pull testing for any battery with wire leads and connector, and to a charge / discharge system test for rechargeable batteries.




Continuous Discharge CurrentContinuous Charge CurrentOperation Temp
Initial SOCShell MaterialCharge Temperature Range
CustomsizedMetal0℃ ~ 55℃


Voltage Settings (at 77°F/25°C)
System VoltageDischarge Voltage CutoffCharge Voltage Cutoff
Do not install batteries in a sealed or non-ventilated compartment. Constant under or overcharging will damage the battery and shorten its life as with any battery.


How to Custom LifePo4 Battery Cell / Battery Packs
1. Application: EV(Electric vehicle), E-bike, E-motorbike, Rickshaw, Yacht, UPS System, Forklift, Energy storage system, Mobile Tower Station, etc
2. Decide the Working Current and Peak Current Working Current/ Constant Current means the current the device draws in general, if you don’t have an engineer to know about it, let us know the watt of the device. Peak Current also called Max current, which is mostly used to describe current that may happen in seconds when device just start and may have a high drain current requirement(normally seen when there is motor inside)
3. Decide Working hours of the Battery
It’s really important that you let us know the capacity of the battery you want to make.Working hours are very important as that will decide the battery pricing, as well as battery size.
4 Decide Size Requirement
In some cases that you might have already wanted the battery to be in-house, let us know what room is left for the battery
5 Choose Battery Casing
There are mainly 3 types of outer casing: PVC, Plastic casing, metal casing
6 Select Connector Type
Popular types like JST, JSH. Others like 55*25 type

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