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Adani solar  is one of the biggest solar companies in the world So let us look into the Adani Solar Panel Price. It produces multi crystalline and mono crystalline PV modules with high efficiency. Adani solar is one of the India’s top project developers, in terms of solar cumulative installations. This company produce solar panel using latest technologies . The company aims to become completely integrated solar panel manufacturer within 2020 with a capacity of 3 GW . Adani solar comes under the 15 largest solar manufacturers in the world .

Cutting edge technology, scale of operations, and reliability like features of Adani solar keep it different from other competitors. The company produce hi tech solar panels with the help of latest technology. One of the most trustable brand of solar .Adani Solar

Adani Solar

Types of adani solar panel

  • Mono crystalline solar panel
  • Multi crystalline solar panel

Mono crystalline solar panel 

This panel can also be named as single crystalline silicon solar panels. It comprises of mono crystalline solar cells. They collect and turn sun energy to produce electricity. When the sunlight reflects on the silicon semiconductor, enough energy is absorbed from the light to knock electrons loose, allowing them to fly freely. They are slightly expensive as compared to multi crystalline solar panel . Mono crystalline solar panel are more efficient than the multi crystalline solar panel .

As well as mono crystalline panels performance is low in the high temperature . These solar panels are more efficient as they are cut from single silicon.Mono pecr solar panel

Mono pecr solar panel

Adani Solar Panel Price

ModelPricePer watt (Rs.)
355watt  solar panelRs. 8875Rs.25
360 watt  solar panelRs.9000Rs.25
365 watt  solar panelRs.9125Rs.25
370 watt solar panelRs.9250Rs.25
375 watt  solar panelRs.9375Rs.25

Poly crystalline / Multi crystalline solar panel

The solar panel acts as the temperature co-efficient of solar panel. Multi crystalline consists of cells which are produced from multifaceted crystalline material – a crystal that has grown in multiple directions. Multi crystalline solar cell is cut into the square shape rather than the round shape of mono crystalline solar cell. Due to square shaping of this solar panel more area is used to produce solar power as the available solar panel can be used with the great perfection. As comparison to mono crystalline solar panel it is less efficient.

Poly crystalline is a latest technology and its manufacturing process can differ. Poly crystalline are very near to multi crystalline in efficiency . Multi crystalline solar are cheaper than mono crystalline solar panels .Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

adani solar panel price 2020

Multi crystalline solar panel price list

ModelPricePer watt(Rs)
100 Watt  solar panelRs.3400Rs.34
150 Watt solar panelRs.5100Rs.34
260 Watt solar panelRs.7800Rs.30
270 Watt  solar panelRs.8100Rs.30
315 Watt solar panelRs.7875Rs.25
320 Watt  solar panelRs.8000Rs.25
325 Watt solar panelRs.7475Rs.23
330 Watt  solar panelRs.7590Rs.23
335 Watt  solar panelRs.7705Rs.23
340 Watt  solar panelRs.7820Rs.23
345 Watt solar panelRs.7935Rs.23

Additional specification

Maximum power330-350wp
Types of solar panelMulti crystalline
Warranty10-25 yrs
Open circuit voltage44.86-45.87v
Short circuit current8.9 – 9.4 A
Maximum power voltage35.61-37.21V
Maximum power current8.71-8.87 A
MNRE provedYes
BrandAdani solar
Call orientation72 cells
Application classClass A
SuperstrateHigh transmittance ARC glass
SubstrateTri layer backsheet
FrameAnodized aluminium frame with twin wall profile
Mechanical load test as per IEC & UL400 Pa – front , 2400 Pa-backpack
Maximum series fuse rating 15 A
Temperature range-40Degree C -85DegreeC
Module efficiency15.30-6.84%
Length1976 mm
Width992 mm
Height35 mm/40mm
Weight22 kg/35 mm/27 kg 40 mm
Junction boxIP67
Cable length1200 mm
Minimum order quality5000 watt

 Features of Adani solar panel

  • Reduced failure risk, panel warranty till 25 years.
  • Leading edged solar panel made in India.
  • Great panel performance under extreme weather conditions.
  • Good at class conversion efficiency.
  • Extreme wind load resistance. Adani solar have strong frame.
  • Adani solar panels made from latest and advanced technology.
  • Great reliability for the future.

Benefits of Adani solar

  • Saves lakhs of rupees by producing own electricity.
  • Solar energy is the renewable resource
  • Good for increasing need of the electricity.
  • Generates income as we can sell electricity to the govt.
  • Less expensive compared to other non renewable sources of energy.
  • Power to the residential in remote locations.

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