African american human hair curly wigs

African American Human Hair Curly Wigs, african american short kinky curly human hair capless wigs and the african american curly lace front human hair wigs 14 inches are in more demand now as our schedules get tighter.  In the black community, great hair means sleeker and well-kept (aka never nappy).  But the time you need to put in sitting in a salon chair is a big demand on a busy schedule (which we all have!).  Last year there were over $950 million on African American hair products.  Needless to say… we take great pride in our hair!

However, you don’t always have to spend the time in the chair.  A wig is the best option as it is a quick way to get a perfect hair style that only looks like you spent hours at the salon.  Will look just like your hair… even better!   Besides the convenience factor, wigs allows great flexibility in allowing you to change your hairstyle overnight!  This is a good option for women who prefer having new looks every day or week.

Wigs for African Americans have improved in quality and range of choices in the past few years.  Brands like Vivica Fox, Motown Tress, and Forever Young have grown as the demand for quality products has increased by women of color. But the many traditional brands are expanding their lines to include hair that is a bit more textured… and who says you have to stay with textured hair anyway?  We can have any hair we want… if the wig fits… wear it!

African American Human Hair Curly Wigs

Here are some great trends in the African American wig market we are seeing diversity at its most beautiful as these wigs for black women and women of color are right on trend:

Short Wigs for Black Women

Short Hair Wigs for Black Women

The Moore Wig by Vivica Fox is a hot short cut. This is one of the best short wig hairstyle for any woman. It looks good on all face shapes and has a smooth and sleek texture. Due to its short length, ladies who want to look younger find this style perfect! Even though it is a synthetic wigs… you can play with the style.  The volumized layers on this natural pixie cut wig can be worn slick and chic or play up the texture with holding product to get an edgy modern look.  Short hair cuts will keep you as cool as you look all day.  There are so many great short wigs in the African American section to choose from, but you don’t have to stay in one category!  Short hair style wigs in most any brand can work as they are generally more texturized and with a little bit of product… you can create the look you want!

Long and Luscious Layers

Long Lace Wigs for African American

Long sexy hair will never go out of style (pun intended;) These days long hair is not just for the young vixen anymore!  Women of all ages and color can rock long locks.  Just make sure to add some layers in and you will always look fresh and young in your long hair style.

Urban Gypsy by Forever Young is a perfect long wig with great layers throughout.  Forever Young is a fashion forward brand which is uniquely focused on hip on trend styles for African American women and other women of color at affordable prices. The perfectly textured wigs are fun and easy to manage… and did we mention great prices?

Long hair style wigs are hot sellers all year round.  You’ll be turning head and looking hot… just make sure you stay cool… look for a wig that is open wefted which means COOL!

Open Wefts

Short Wig for Black Women

Many black women complain about excessive heat when wearing wigs. This usually happens when you wear a lesser quality wig… yes… cheap wigs are hot (and not the kind of hot you want to be!)  But like this Bori wig by Motown Tress you can choose a open wefted cap also called traditional or basic wig cap.  This means each of the wefts of hair are connected but not completely sewn together in order to leave space to stretch and breathe between each weft.  This allows air circulation with-in the wig… cool head… cool style! Actually you might even forget that you’re wearing a synthetic wig.

Curls for Days!

Afro Wig for Black Women

Every girl needs curls.  No exception!  But make sure you are getting the right look from your curls.  Most black women love curly hair however, the best curls are not a hairstyle that is easy to achieve or maintain. So the best option is to buy a curly wig like the one featured in the photo above. The Jozefina by Vivica Fox

Don’t forget to keep your Curls looking soft and conditioned.  Its super important to use great products for synthetic hair as the fiber is not like human hair at all and needs products formulated especially for keeping synthetic hair looking natural and well-conditioned.  A great soft curly wig will give you a fresh and new look. Keep your curls in check… by placing it on a wig stand when not in use – this will preserve its style!

African American Lace Front Wigs

Human Hair Lace Wigs for Black Women

Lace front wigs are the absolute best if you don’t want anyone to know you are wearing a wig.  Unless you are going to wear bangs… your forehead is going to show.  That is the place where a wig seam will show too. So lace fronts like this Queenie Remy human hair wig by Vivica Fox will keep everyone guessing!  With a lace front wig, you will have a lace section at the forehead area and the hair will be sewn in to the tiny holes in the lace (by hand)  this gives the illusion the hair is growing straight out of your head.  Totally natural.  Because the lace section is hand tied, it will be a bit pricier… but well worth it when the compliments start rolling in.

Blonde Wigs 

Blonde Human Hair Wig for Black Women

Blonde looks gorgeous on black women.  The light honey tones against darker skin is eye-catching!  This H-157 by Vivica Fox is a fun style.

Smooth and straight with banging fringe! Of course this and most all wigs come in several colors to choose from, but we are all about the Blonde for spring and summer this year.

 Human Hair Wigs for Black Women

Curly Black Wig for African American

Human Hair wigs are the bomb… like this HH-Whitney. Nothing quite like human hair…  Of course, they are usually a bit more expensive but well worth it as you have choices.  Style it anyway you like and get that soft feel and movement that only human hair can give you.  African American human hair wigs are popular among women of color because the texture tends to be a little more coarse.  But you can choose from any human hair wig and style as you like.  If you want a bit more texture… Indian human hair or Chinese will be a better choice for you!


Think Outside the Box

Afro Human Hair Wig for Black Women

African American wigs are great and made with a very specific woman in mind.  But women of color don’t have to stay in that box.   Branch out!  Try the mainstream brands as many of the styles are more texturized.  This Sunny wig by Ellen Wille is gorgeous and amazing quality.  You can explore different brands across the board. You’ll be surprised at the hot styles you will love!

Long African American Lace Front Wig

All women treasure their hair.  It is our crown and glory.  Make the best of it. Whether you want to go natural or take the smooth paved road of convenience.  You  have the right to choose your style.  But always remember… beautiful hair is at your fingertips and just a click away!


Having specialised in hair extensions in Milton Keynes for as long as we can remember, we’re lucky enough to be filled with a whole host of super easy tips on how to keep your extensions looking 10/10. Whether you’re new to the world of extensions or have been a loyal member of the extension club for years, it’s always worth familiarising yourself with the best habits to help your locks to last longer. There is nothing worse than matted, tangled extensions! So girls, we’re here to fill you in on the top seven tips that we swear by:

Brushing Hair


Okay, so first things first, let’s take a look at your hair washing routine. While it is true that your extensions can be treated just as you would do so your natural locks, there are a few things that you need to remember on your next hair wash day.

When it comes to the shampoo and conditioner that you use to wash your hair, we would always strongly recommend investing in the products that your hair extension technician recommends. Each hair extension type, whether you opt for micro rings that use small, silicone lined copper rings or pre-taped wefts, comes alongside different requirements to ensure that the bonds remain secure. They also need to include the right ingredients to not only keep your extensions in good condition but also allow your natural hair to continue growing healthily. This means avoiding products that contain ingredients such as sulfates and alcohol, which are known for stripping your hair of its natural oils and in turn, making your extensions more likely to get matted. You can find more information on the shampoo and conditioner ingredients that you should always avoid on Pure Natural Cosmetics.

Once you are stocked up with the right products, you’ll then be free to wash your hair without having to worry about how the shampoo and conditioner may react against your extensions. We’d recommend, if possible, washing your hair in the shower, allowing the water to flow down your hair. While it may be easier to flip your hair over the bath to clean quickly, this does make the extensions more prone to tangling, meaning that you’ll have to spend ages afterwards brushing out knots. When washing, always ensure that you focus your shampoo on the roots to remove excess oil and conditioner on the ends to keep them nourished. Putting conditioner anywhere near your roots may cause the extensions to begin slipping down your hair, making them last far less long. Also, try to use warm water rather than scorching hot as this, again, will strip the natural oils from both your hair and scalp.

Washing Hair


Now that you’re a pro at washing your extensions, its time to move onto drying. Although it may be tempting to head off to bed with your hair slightly damp, we cannot stress enough the importance of thoroughly drying your locks before going to bed. Never sleeping with wet hair is a rule of thumb when it comes to caring for your extensions. Trust us; we have seen so many clients in the past coming back for their maintenance appointments with tangled and matted roots or extensions that have fallen out, simply down to not following this advice.

Your hair is at its weakest when it is wet, which means that the tossing and turning while you sleep can take its toll on both your natural locks and extensions. It also means that when you wake up in the morning, you’ll have serious bedhead which forces you to spend what feels like an eternity detangling. Even when taking extra care to brush out knots, you will be putting the bonds under immense pressure, pulling at your scalp and loosening the bonds.

If you’re yet to invest in a good quality hairdryer, then we suggest heading over to Expert Reviews for a guide to the best-rated options for this year.

Blow Drying Hair


Although we briefly mentioned it in the tip above, we thought that we most definitely needed to include a section dedicated to extension brushing etiquette.

So, just like when you brush your natural hair a little too harshly, and you see strands begin to fall out, your extensions will start to become loose if you fail to take care. It is inevitable that your extensions will experience some tangling, but it’s how you tackle it that counts. Firstly, you need to invest in a quality brush – we suggest taking a look at the range available on Beauty Works (they’re practice and cute!). Then, you need to follow the sequence of starting to brush at the ends of your hair before working your way up. This method will cause the least strain on your hair, extensions and scalp, keeping them all healthy.

When it comes to how many times you brush a day, as long as you are gentle, the more, the better. However, if you’re looking for a precise recommendation, we’d always say first thing in the morning, before you go to bed, before washing and after washing. Many of our lovely clients who have their hair extensions in Bedford and the surrounding areas keep a second brush in their handbag, so it’s always at hand, even when they’re on the go!

Combing Hair


Girls, are we right in saying that greasy hair is everyone’s biggest pain? But, while it can be super frustrating waking up to oily roots, it does mean that your hair is being fed with a constant supply of natural oils, keeping it nourished even if you have more of a laid-back haircare routine. However, as your extensions are only bonded to the root, it does mean that, unfortunately, they do not receive any of these natural oils. So, to keep them filled with moisture, super smooth and to maintain that gorgeous shine, you should always schedule a weekly conditioning treatment.

There are so many different ways that you can do a deep conditioning treatment on your extensions, and as long as you do not apply it near to the root, you can use any products that you wish. Natural products are always a sought-after option because not only are they affordable, but they also guarantee complete hydration. Argan oilcoconut oil and macadamia oil are all perfect for keeping your hair smooth and shiny. Alternatively, if you’re looking to get a little more creative and try your hand at making your own hair mask, there are hundreds of great recipes out there to experiment with. Why not take a look at Bianco Beauty’s guide to making natural DIY hair masks?

Applying Hair Mask


Just like your natural locks, hair extensions become damaged when you overuse heat on them. As all of our extensions are made using 100% human hair, they can become brittle and split ends will accumulate. This means that no matter how many conditioning treatments you apply, once the extensions are damaged, you may have no choice but to replace the hair. However, luckily, there are many different ways that you can keep heat damage at a minimum. Here are our top tips:

  • Use Heat Protectant – Before using any heated styling tools, don’t forget to apply a protectant. There are hundreds of fantastic heat protectants out there, some that you use on wet hair and others that are sprayed on just before you begin styling. Take a look at Cosmopolitan for eight of the best protecting products!
  • Turn Down The Temperature – When you are using heated tools, try to keep the temperature as low as possible. Of course, you do need some level of heat to achieve your perfect style, so experiment with different settings to see what works best for you without burning your extensions.
  • Take Regular Breaks From Heat – If you’re guilty of straightening your hair every day or curling with lots of products each weekend, then while it may look gorgeous, you are reducing the lifespan of your extensions. So why not take a break from using heat every now and again? Experiment with overnight heatless curls or try an updo complete with cute accessories.
Straightening Hair


Although there is no way of stopping yourself from tossing and turning throughout the night, there are a few handy ways that you can avoid waking up to a birds nest of hair the following morning. In keeping knotting at a minimum, you won’t have to put as much pressure on both your roots and extension bonds while trying to brush them out.

One of the best ways to keep your extensions under control overnight is to tie it back very loosely before going to bed. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, putting your hair in a low ponytail with a silk scrunchie or spiral hairband is perfect. Alternatively, while it may take a little practice, a loose French braid is another excellent way to prevent tangling and even better, you’ll wake up with beautiful beach waves. Take a look at Real Simple for a super easy French braid tutorial.

French Braiding Hair


Last, but most definitely not least, you must ensure that you take the time to separate your bonds each day. While this may sound super tedious and time-consuming, it actually only takes a few minutes and if you do it daily, will take even less time. You won’t need any tools to do this; simply use your fingers to feel each of the bonds and check that none have started to become tangled. If they have, carefully try to separate them – you might sometimes need a small brush or comb to do this. In ensuring that bonds are always seperated, you can stop the extensions from becoming matted against any loose or shedding hair.


Nothing beats seeing your new locks for the first time after having extensions fitted, but without care, they most definitely will not last as long as you’d hoped. Through adding our above steps to your routine, as well as scheduling regular maintenance appointments, your hair will stay flawless for months to come.

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