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Searching for ideas on how to stylishly dress for church on Sundays? Then you are in the right place as we have excellent outfits that would inspire you on how to dress for church and still look stylish! Today, we will review the best African Wear Styles For Church, church dress styles 2020, beautiful african dresses styles 2020 and african wear styles for church growth.

African Wear Styles For Church is the best way to describe African clothing that is largely influenced by the African culture and African traditions. African wears are known for their boldness, bright colors, simplicity, and sophistication. Over the years, African wear styles have evolved to meet the needs of women and men who want to look stylish without going overboard.

church dress styles 2020

African Wear Styles For Church

When it comes to dressing, it is important that the top and the bottom are appropriate. Even at that, you always need to make sure that whatever you’re wearing looks good. As someone who is into fashion, being knowledgeable on the exact attire to wear on every occasion adds more credit on your part.

One of the easiest places to show off your fashion skills and rock those dresses is in the church. Unfortunately, not everyone shares this same opinion because they believe that since it’s the church there are some limitations on particular attires.


Are they right? Yes, if it means putting on clothes that are too open or short. To sum it up, clothes that are not right for the function,  in this case,  church.

There are various approaches you can take to dress the look for church. You can dare to do something different, dress up differently.

For example, instead of putting on your regular white shirt and black skirt, you can change your style to something similar to the look below. The blend of color adds more life and it is undeniably fun and exciting.

However, the church you attend has a big effect on the manner at which you dress to church. In some churches where scarf is a ‘must’, there are some attires that won’t turn out perfect if you put that scarf on and vice versa.

There are important things you must take note of in dressing up. Modesty is not measured in careless or disorganized dressing, it is measured by the way you make a dress no matter how cheap it may be, look as priceless as add rare gem.

You don’t and should not expose areas of your body to look cool, no. Remember that it is a church and getting people distracted with your immodest dressing only speaks poorly of you and your family.

Also, when shopping for or selecting attires for church, one key factor you have to consider is comfort. There is nothing worse than not being comfortable in the particular attire you’re wearing. At that moment, you lose focus on the things that really matter and start trying to adjust your dress.

Sometimes, you see some ladies walk out to the restroom at several intervals and they miss out on the things that are going on in the church. To add to this, you aren’t only distracting yourself but others around you as well.

As you fuss over your outfit, people’s attention would be geared towards you and because of that you would’ve successfully caused ruckus.

How To Dress For Church and Still Look Stylish

Dress for church

For a lot of people, Sundays are a good time to relax.

But for most Christians, before the relaxation starts they usually go to Church in the morning for Sunday service. Depending on your church, Sunday services only last a couple of hours or less and you want to look your very best.

As much as you love your sneakers, graphic print t-shirts and ripped jeans – when it’s Sunday morning, it’s time to fold those and keep them somewhere because you can’t and shouldn’t be attending church with them  not unless your church is Rockstar Ministries Intl.

Contrary to popular opinion, there’s no harm in trying to look good for God – I’m sure God wouldn’t mind. But you have to do that in a more modest and subtle way instead of looking like a rainbow on a sunny day.

As far as most churches are concerned, the appropriate style for the church is conservative, modest and subtle as opposed to the clothes that are overly colorful and flamboyant.

As a stylish gentleman, first – you have to make sure that what you are wearing is not going to distract others in the church and two – you must avoid anything that exposes an unnecessary amount of skin.

For Sunday church service it’s all about the need to worship gracefully but how can you do that without compromising your love for fashion or style?

While modesty is the motto of the church, there are ways that modest fashion can also be super stylish. Even though clothes like shorts and ripped jeans wouldn’t be making it to this list, there are still other stylish rather than outlandish pieces that you could try out.

Here is our style guide on how to stylishly dress for church on Sundays!



These are simple and stylish tips to dress for church on Sunday!


How To Dress for church

You can never go wrong wearing a business casual outfit for a Sunday church service irrespective of the type church – oh sorry, we’ve got to add – with the exception of AladuraIt’s on Wikipedia, so don’t ask us for the meaning.

For a business casual look, you should opt for a Sportcoat or Blazer jacket, coupled with a light colored shirt and dress pants or chinos, khaki, and jeans.

Add a pair of Oxford, Derby or Chelsea boots, finish the look with a nice wristwatch or tie if you want.



Dress for church

Native attire is a very common way to dress for church in Africa, especially Nigeria where I come from. For a native attire, whether it’s your Agbada, Dashiki, Senator Style, Niger-Delta traditional attire or a simple Ankara/African Print style, it should be sewn to fit you properly without being too tight or too loosely fitted.

A good stylist, tailor or an image consultant can help you with this. By the way, it’s one of the services we offer at KOBI KOACHMAN FASHION.

Dress for church





For us, this could be a little bit too much for a Sunday church service except you are a Church Worker or a Head, Usher in the church. However, if your Church Dress Code allows Business wear and it’s your preferred style, who are we to say NO to this dress code? After all, you won’t be found guilty of any fashion sin.

For this look, wear a dark, solid colored or pinstriped suit, pair it with a white dress shirt, a conservative tie, and black leather Oxfords. You can also mix and match a three-piece suit look and add accessories to elevate the look.




1. It is advisable to choose your best clothes and make sure they are clean and neatly pressed. While standards on clothing for church have become more lax over time, it is still expected that you dress in your best Sunday wear.

2. Avoid drawing too much attention to yourself by wearing inappropriate clothes that would stand out in a bad way. Clothes such as deep V-neck T-shirts, Shirts With Hood Ripped Holes, Yeezy clothing etc.

3. Wear a neatly pressed suit and tie or a button-down shirt and dress pants that are free of stains or wrinkles and remember to tuck it into your pants.

4. Wear wrinkle-free slacks. Black dress pants are the best option if you’d like to keep it simple when attending a church service. If you don’t have a pair, you can wear clean and wrinkle-free casual slacks or khakis as an alternative.

5. Shorts are a no, no for a Sunday service. Even if it is a very sunny day, you should refrain from wearing shorts.

6. Jeans are too casual for Sunday morning service except you plan to dress up the look (by introducing a blazer, sports coat or an appropriate suit jacket and layering it with a classy Turtleneck top). And we must warn you – if you do wear jeans, do not wear the “crazy” ones.

how to dress for church

7. Remember to wear a black or brown belt with your pants, at least when not pairing your pants with a sportscoat or blazer. Ensure they complement your outfit perfectly, we know you are fashion forward – but we don’t want you looking like a Clown wearing a green shoe and a red native attire!

8. Wear leather loafers, dress loafers, oxfords, or slip on dress shoes.  These are appropriate shoe style options for you.

Ensure they complement your outfit perfectly, we know you are fashion forward – but we don’t want you looking like a Clown wearing a green shoe and a red native attire!

9. Avoid wearing white socks because they don’t match with many outfits and can be tacky. Leave white socks for the gym.

10. Be aware of specific traditions and customs in certain faiths:

We know we’ve said that the hat is certainly a striking addition to every stylish gentleman’s gait –a statement piece which makes a great impression. However, wearing a wearing a hat in some churches is a sign of disrespect.

For it is written in 1 Corinthians 11:7 – “A man should not wear anything on his head when worshiping, for man is made in God’s image and reflects God’s glory.”

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Thank you so much for stopping by. Now you know how to dress for church and still look stylish.

We strongly believe that these tips we’ve shared here today will keep you in check when dressing for church on a Sunday morning.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Until next time gentlemen – Stay Stylish!

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