air conditioner placement of outside unit

Suppose you want the Air Conditioner Placement Of Outside Unit guide, then this article is what you need. It contains best position for air conditioner in living room and best position for air conditioner in bedroom. Also, it includes how to install split ac in high rise building.

Installing the outdoor unit in a safe, dry and well-ventilated area is advised. Making sure your outdoor unit is clear of trees or a dusty area (like a driveway) can further help you keep your air conditioner’s filters clean and less likely to get dirty or blocked. Keeping the unit out of extended direct sunlight is also beneficial, as exposure to hours of the harsh Australian sun will mean your unit has to work much harder to combat its own internal temperature.

Finally, keep in mind also the location of your bedrooms and of course your neighbours, as the outdoor unit does make some noise when operating. If you have any questions, ask your Daikin Specialist Dealer for more information or consult your installation manual on where best to place the outdoor unit.

Air Conditioner Placement Of Outside Unit

Best Location for Outdoor Unit of AC
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best position for air conditioner in living room


One of the first things you need to decide when installing an air conditioner is the location of the indoor and outdoor units. When your air conditioning system is installed in a suitable spot, it can regulate your home temperature at an optimal cost. So, you should take your time to find a suitable location for your unit, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The following are a few tips on how to select the best spot for your air conditioner.

Finding a Location with Enough Space for Your Outdoor Unit


When installing an air conditioning system, many people focus on the indoor unit and completely ignore the location selected for the outdoor unit. However, finding a good spot for the outdoor condenser is very important for air conditioning performance.

In general, an air conditioning system works much better if the outdoor unit has plenty of room to operate. Therefore, you should ensure the outdoor unit has enough space to take in fresh air and release heat from inside your home. To achieve the best results, provide some clearance space around the condenser unit to encourage the free flow of fresh air.

Pro tip: You must also make sure that the location of your outdoor unit is easily accessible to carry out regular maintenance work.

Provide Shading for Your Outdoor Unit

When your outdoor unit is exposed to direct sunlight, the air conditioning system must work harder to provide sufficient cooling for your home. Moreover, shielding your outdoor unit from daylight is an excellent way to improve efficiency and lower your energy costs.

Adequate shading is one of the most important factors when looking for a suitable spot for installation. You can protect your outdoor unit in a shaded spot to avoid overheating, which has a detrimental effect on performance and service life. If the outdoor unit and the surrounding air are kept cool, the AC system can work more efficiently, reducing cooling costs and extending its lifespan.

Keep Your Indoor Unit Away from Heat Sources

Appliances that release heat inside your home can make your air conditioner work harder than it should. When your air conditioner senses heat the thermostat may respond incorrectly, affecting efficiency and temperature control.

Since the location of your air conditioner has a significant impact on efficiency, you should avoid placing your indoor unit close to heat sources. The heat produced by appliances can keep your unit running 24/7, even after reaching the preset temperature. The thermostat may not respond correctly if the AC unit is too close to appliances like refrigerators, TVs, lamps, etc.

Place the Condenser Unit High Enough


Cold air has a higher density, and for this reason it moves towards the bottom of the room. To achieve adequate cooling, you need to keep this factor in mind when installing your new air conditioning system.

If your unit is placed too close to the ground, it may not produce the desired outcome, making you spend more on utility bills. Therefore, you must keep your AC unit at sufficient height  to provide effective cooling. 

Unless you have a fan to complement your air conditioner and circulate cold air, installing your indoor unit higher can help cool the room more evenly. Look for a spot 5 to 6 feet above the ground, from where your unit can distribute cold air evenly throughout the room. 

Pro tip: You must also ensure that the indoor unit is positioned at a convenient place to clean and replace the air filters. When choosing an expert on air conditioning service in Jacksonville, Fl do some research and pick the one who better understands your needs.

To Sum Up…

When choosing spots for the indoor and outdoor units of your air conditioner, bear in mind that heat causes strain, increasing energy consumption and shortening the service life. Finding a reliable spot for your air conditioner is critical if you want to create a comfortable living environment inside your home.

Failing to find a suitable place for your air conditioner can lead to expensive repairs down the line. Since the ideal location is influenced by several technical factors, the best recommendation is getting a professional opinion!

best position for air conditioner in bedroom

Window AC uninstall

The installation of the split air conditioners is a crucial job. If the installation is done accurately your air conditioner will give optimum cooling, but if it is not done properly you won’t get the desired cooling effect. A poor installations also leads to frequent maintenance problems.

Several factors have to considered during the installation of split air conditioner.

1. Strength of wall to hold the AC

The indoor unit of split AC must be installed on a wall strong enough to hold the unit’s weight.

2. Proper spacing between wall and AC unit

The indoor unit of split AC requires at least 15 cm of open space surrounding its top and sides for proper air flow.

3. Appropriate installation height from ground

Mount the indoor unit of split AC at a height of 7-8 feet above the ground for adequate cooling inside the room

4. Correct tilt angle of indoor unit

While fixing the aluminum bracket on wall make sure that the bracket is given a slight tilt angle, so that the indoor unit of split AC, when fitted is also at a slight angle to enable unrestricted flow of the condensed water from the drain pipe.

5. Correct location of outdoor unit

For proper cooling, mount the indoor and outdoor units of split AC at location away from direct sunlight and water. Install the outdoor unit of split AC in open space so that there is no hindrance to the heat dissipated from the condenser.

6. Proper placement of outdoor unit

The outdoor unit of split AC must be placed on a flat and rigid surface. This unit contains key components of split AC like compressor, condenser, fan motor etc. If the unit is not on a flat surface then it will vibrate excessively, which can lead to the breakage of copper pipes, coolant leakage and compressor/condenser damage. Further, the vibrating unit makes lots of noise which could disturb you and your neighbors.READ ALSO:  It’s time to prepare your air conditioner for summer

Recommended Out Door Unit Stands available online:-

  1. AlexVyan Split AC Outdoor Unit Wall Mounting Bracket Stand for 1 Ton, 1.1 Ton, 1.2 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton Outdoor Units (Pack of 2) 
  2. Monitor Split AC Stand, White 
  3. Split AC Outdoor Unit Floor Stand 

7. Right distance between indoor and outdoor unit 

Correct distance between the indoor and outdoor unit plays a very important role in cooling. The coolant at very low temperature flows inside the copper tubes between indoor and outdoor units of split AC. There is always some loss of cooling effect to the atmosphere when the refrigerant flows between the units. Hence to reduce this loss, keep the distance between the indoor unit of split AC and the outdoor unit of split AC as minimum as possible. The maximum allowable distance between the indoor and the outdoor units of split AC can be about 15 meters.

A good quality Copper Pipes are always recommended for AC Installation. Here, we have some recommendations for you:-

  1. Godrej High Quality Air Conditioner Copper Pipe 
  2. Visiaro Soft Copper Pipe/Tube Pancake Coil, Outer Diameter – 1/4 inch and Wall Thickness – 23 guage 
  3. Visiaro Soft Copper Pipe/Tube Pancake Coil, Outer Diameter – 3/8 inch and Wall Thickness – 23(L) guage 
  4. Visiaro Soft Copper Pipe/Tube Pancake Coil, Outer Diameter – 1/2 inch and Wall Thickness – 23 guage 

We recommend these AC Covers to keep your AC dust free when not in use:-

  1. Stylista ac Cover Set of Indoor and Outdoor Unit for 1 ton Capacity Lattice Pattern Grey 
  2. Stylista Ac Cover Set Of Indoor And Outdoor Unit For 1.5 Ton Capacity 
  3. SVK Dream Air Conditioning Dust Cover Waterproof Folding Ac Cover for Spilt Ac for 1 To 1.5 Tone AC (Assorted Color & Design) 
  4. Stylista Split ac Cover Set of Indoor and Outdoor Unit 2 ton Capacity Surface Pattern Blu

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