Aircon price philippines abenson

Today we will be discussing the Aircon price philippines abenson, multi split inverter air conditioner philippines price and dual split type aircon price philippines in the post below.

Aircon price philippines abenson

1. Panasonic Standard Aero Series

Panasonic Standard Aero Series best aircon philippines

Energy saving

With more than 50 years of experience, Panasonic introduces its Panasonic Standard Aero Series, one of the reliable aircons in the Philippines. Designed for the perfect cooling, this Aero series has Direct and Indirect Cooling technology to produce both gentle breeze and cool blasts of air. With 9,550 Btu/h and 2.8 kW of cooling capacity, it will keep you cool during the hottest days and works great for even a large room. 

Inverter system

Furthermore, the Aero series use the inverter system, which is more energy-efficient due to its ability to vary the compressor rotations when maintaining the desired temperature. These inverter ACs can cool your space up to 1.5 times faster than non-inventor air conditioners! You can ensure that the air conditioning is always optimal even when the room is more crowded than usual, thanks to the Constant Comfort feature. 

Why buy this:

  • Large cooling capacity
  • Inverter system for energy savings
  • Constant Comfort feature
  • Precise temperature control

2. Haier HSU12TSV13 Aircon

Haier HSU10TSV13 Aircon philipppines

Self-clean technology

The Haier HSU12TSV13 is an energy-saving air conditioner with a unique self-cleaning ability. This is a useful feature for busy people or anyone who finds cleaning ACs a hassle (sounds like everyone) but would like to maintain its quality and get a fresh breeze of cool air. The self-clean technology uses air moisture to freeze the evaporator and get rid of dirt as it melts. It also has a nano-silver ion coat which kills 99.9% of bacteria to ensure clean and healthy air. While cooling your room faster and cleaning itself continuously, it still manages to save 63% more energy!

Turbo mode for faster cooling

This Haier model is equipped with Turbo Mode for 47% faster cooling. This means you can get home after a hot day and immediately enjoy the cool air! Meanwhile, special Blue Fin material is used to coat the evaporator and condenser so that corrosion is kept at a minimum. Hence enhancing the durability of your air conditioner. For a 2HP Haier model, check out the Haier HSU-18TSV13(DC)-SC 2 Hp Split Type Inverter Aircon.

Why buy this:

  • Self-clean technology
  • Energy-saving
  • Turbo mode for faster cooling
  • Anti-corrosion Blue Fin material for coating

3. Chigo 1.5hp CHG-S156I150A

Chigo 1.5hp CHG-S156I150A

Fast cooling technology and intelligent sleep mode 

The Chigo CHG-S156I150A features 1.5 HP and is one of the best aircons in the Philippines. Its advanced technology and innovative design ensure a high-performing air conditioner unit. This includes fast cooling technology and an intelligent sleep mode function for energy savings. Equipped with a split inverter, the aircon unit has a 14,000 kJ/h cooling capacity.

Featuring a cold catalyst filter to decompose formaldehyde and remove odour, it also has an antibacterial silver ion filter to help prevent the growth of germs. What we like about Chigo is that it has a special Vitamin C filter which provides an anti-oxidant to improve immunity, skin, and ease mental stress. Meanwhile, the condenser is coated with the anti-corrosive Gold Fin, which is also resistant to dust, to improve efficiency and durability.

Why buy this:

  • Fast cooling
  • Sleep mode
  • Anti-bacterial, remove formaldehyde and odour
  • Vitamin C filter for anti-oxidants
  • Anti-corrosive with Gold Fin

4. AUX 1.5 HP FF Series Split Type Inverter

AUX 1.5 HP FF Series Split Type Inverter

4D airflow

The AUX FF series feature split-type inverter air conditioners that are most prominent for their 4D airflow feature. This system will create a more balanced airflow and precise temperature control for more comfortable cooling. In addition, it also has a 6.3% bigger air inlet structure which helps to cool the compressed gas faster. The dual side installation design means that you can connect the piping and draining hose on either the left or right side of the AC.

Strong air outlet

This AUX air conditioner has an exceptionally strong air outlet, which helps boost the outflow of cooling air and cools your space faster. The FF series also include a variety of power output options, ranging from 1 to 2.5 HP, to suit your specific needs.

Why buy this:

  • More balanced 4D airflow
  • Bigger air inlet
  • Dual side installation
  • Strong air outlet

5. Daikin Cooling King Series

Daikin Cooling King Series

Quiet operation

The Daikin Cooling King series is an excellent non-inverter air conditioner. Perfect for bedroom use, this model boasts quiet operation so you can sleep well without noisy disruption. Their newest technology has reduced the sound level to only 23 dBA compare to other conventional aircons in the Philippines with a typical level of 48 dBA. Its Instant Comfort feature also means that your room will feel cooler in a short period of time.

5 different fan speed

This Cooling King air conditioner has a smart feature to gradually adjust the temperature and enhance your sleep experience. Meanwhile, the vertical automatic swing feature coupled with 5 different fan speeds helps to ensure that every corner of the room is cool.

Why buy this:

  • Quiet operation as low as 23dbA
  • Instant comfort for faster cooling
  • Gradual temperature adjustments for a good sleep
  • 5 fan speed settings

6. Mabe MEI12VR Aircon

Mabe MEI12VR Aircon Philippines

Inverter window aircon

If you are looking for window aircons, the Mabe MEI12BR is an inverter aircon that checks that box. Featuring 1.5 hp and 13300Btu/h cooling capacity, it also has several smart features such as soft start, auto fan, auto cooling and a sleep timer.

Dehumidifier feature

Moreover, the dehumidifier and horizontal auto swing help to ensure fresh and breezy air throughout the entire room. Equipped with a self-diagnosis capability, the Mabe aircon can help you to diagnose any problems in the machine. The startup filter and dirty alarm will also make maintaining your air conditioner an easier task.

Why buy this:

  • Inverter system for window aircons
  • Low energy use
  • Auto swing and dehumidifier
  • Filter alarm

7. Hisense Aircon AS-09TR2S

Hisense Aircons philippines AS-09TR2S

Affordable inverter aircon

For those with a limited budget yet still want something that looks pretty good, check out the Hisense AS-09TR2S for an affordable air conditioner. With a split type inverter, it will help you save energy and money in the long run. This Hisense model features a 1.0 horsepower and 2370 to 11763 kJ/h of cooling capacity, an excellent solution to make your space feel more comfortable and cooler. The Hisense team recommends this AC for 9 to 18 sqm room size.

Why buy this:

  • Cheaper price compared to other brands
  • Good cooling capacity for medium size room up to 18 sqm

8. American Heritage AHAC-6204

American Heritage AHAC-6204 aircons philippines

The cheapest option

For the cheapest and most popular aircon in the Philippines, the AHAC-6204 is a high-performance air conditioner great for small rooms. At 0.6 horsepower and 12.4 energy efficiency ratio, it provides great value for money if you do not need the fanciest looking AC with very powerful capacity. This energy-saving AC is not only cost-effective in terms of cutting down your electricity bill, it is also quick to cool down rooms. With an efficient airflow system, the American Heritage model also produces a low level of noise. However, if you want something with a bigger cooling capacity of up to 1.0 hp, check out the AHAC-6025 series from the same brand.

Why buy this:

  • Cheapest price and popular option with over 800 units sold on Shopee
  • Quick cooling
  • Low noise

9. Dowell PA-312K18 Air Conditioner

Dowell PA-312K18 Aircons Philippines

Portable aircon

The Dowell PA-312K18 is a portable aircon that can be easily moved around your house. It has a powerful 1.5 hp and 12000 Btuh/h capacity to cool up to a 12-sqm room. Its features include 3 cooling modes, 3 fan settings, a 24-hour auto shut-off timer, and an LCD display for control. This Dowell model also provides a floater sensor with an LED indicator and inclusive remote control. For easy transport, this AC has side handles and 4 wheels on its base. Its pre-filters are also washable so you can always have cool and clean air.

Why buy this:

  • Easy to move around with 4 wheels and side handles
  • 3 cooling modes and 3 fan settings
  • 24-hour timer
  • Washable filter

10. Arctic Air Ultra Mini Air Conditioner

Arctic Air Ultra Cooler portable aircon philippines

Personal air cooler

One of the extremely affordable and popular options on Shopee, the Arctic Air Ultra is a great portable mini aircon in the Philippines for cool, clean air anywhere. Running up to 8 hours per fill, you simply fill up the device with water, and plug it into any standard wall outlet or USB port. Furthermore, it is lightweight and convenient for travel.

Why buy this:

  • Portable and easy to bring around
  • Quiet fan with soothing night light
  • Cheap and good

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