aliexpress standard shipping vs epacket

Today, we compare the Aliexpress Standard Shipping Vs Epacket and the aliexpress standard shipping time. Are you bothered about your product not being delivered within stipulated time frame and want to choose the most efficient aliexpress shipping option? Well, you have come to the right post. It goes deep down into various scenarios that affect AliExpress shipping time and how you can leverage it to ensure order is delivered without delay.

aliexpress standard shipping vs epacket

here are two commonly known shipping methods on AliExpress: Standard Shipping or ePacket service.

But which one is better? Which one is more reliable for dropshipping?

People may wonder about the differences between these two as well.

Which is why, we’ll be taking a closer look into these two shipping methods. We will help you figure out which one is better, when both are available to you during fulfillment.

What Is AliExpress Standard Shipping?

AliExpress Standard Shipping is a logistics provider under Alibaba Group. This is the default shipping method when ordering from AliExpress and other Alibaba websites.

Using this method may cost more for dropshippers, but rest assured that packages are delivered to customers safely. This is thanks to the company collaborating with renowned couriers from around the world.

AliExpress Standard Shipping vs ePacket - Which One is Better? - Reconnify  Blog

What Is ePacket?

Meanwhile, ePacket is an optional shipping method. It allows dropshippers to ship orders to their customers in light packages in a faster and more affordable way.

This is offered by third-party logistics providers in China and Hong Kong, in partnership with national couriers such as United States Postal Service‘s First Class Mail Service.

Now, while both shipping methods offer key features such as tracking numbers and a 15 to 45-day delivery timeframe, they couldn’t be more different with each other.

Differences Between AliExpress Standard Shipping & ePacket

For one, AliExpress Standard Shipping only acts as a medium. As mentioned before, the company works with other couriers when delivering packages, so as to increase their service range around the world.

In some countries, it actually partners with very fast courier service such as DHL eCommerce for delivery. So by using AliExpress Shipping you tap on a faster shipping method without paying for the full price of it.

Because of this and depending on the destination country, AliExpress Standard Shipping has no fixed format for its tracking numbers.

On the other hand, an ePacket tracking number has a fixed prefix (usually, an L). This shipping method’s availability however, depends on a country’s postal agreement with the third-party logistics provider in China or Hong Kong and the destination country’s default courier.

In countries such as Dubai, Philippines, or Mexico, ePacket is unavailable. AliExpress Standard Shipping becomes the go-to shipping method.

Also ePacket has a restriction of max 60cm length, and max 2kg weight, while AliExpress Standard Shipping does not.

AliExpress Standard Shipping: The Advantages and Disadvantages

AliExpress Standard Shipping is a shipping logistics owned by the Alibaba Group, the company that also owns AliExpress. It works in a similar way as Amazon FBA in which the products for shipment are sent by the supplier to AliExpress warehouse. As the shipping terms and the tracking numbers are controlled by AliExpress representatives, dishonest suppliers cannot give fake tracking numbers. AliExpress Standard Shipping is a postal service that works with intermediates like Correos, Direct Link, Posti Finland, Singapore Post, and others. AliExpress Standard Shipping would typically cost $2 – $3 depending on the shipment destination.

The Advantages:

  • Free shipping to some destination countries like the USA
  • Can track packages with tracking numbers
  • Most AliExpress dropshipping suppliers have this option
  • Products are packed in good quality packaging
  • It is a reliable shipping service wherein packages usually arrived within 15 to 45 days

The Disadvantages:

  • Packages are delivered to the Customs office and have to be picked-up sometimes
  • Customers might need to pay Customs duties
  • Packages can get lost among the hundreds or thousands of packages
  • Only ideal for smaller items

ePacket Shipping: The Advantages and Disadvantages

The ePacket shipping option being subsidized by the U.S. Postal Service made through special agreements with the national postal carriers of China and Hong Kong in 2011. In this arrangement, light-weight, tracking-enabled packages can be sent to the USA from China at very low rates. The rates are so low that shipping the same packages within the US cities will cost more than shipping from China. However, not all packages are qualified for ePacket shipping.

The Advantages:

  • ePacket is faster than other standard shipping methods being used in China
  • Cheaper than other shipping/delivery service
  • Shipment delivery confirmation and tracking number are provided
  • Estimated shipping time is 7 – 30 days

The Disadvantages:

  • There is a limitation as to the size and weight of packages
  • ePacket delivery of certain items is exclusive to specific countries only
  • ePacket is not available worldwide
  • Customers might need to pay Customs duties

Which Shipping Method Should I Go With?

ePacket is faster and more reliable. You should choose this as your shipping method whenever it’s available in the country. But if it isn’t, then AliExpress Standard Shipping should be your next best choice for affordable shipping and package delivery.

From our experience, AliExpress Standard Shipping generally has a slower delivery timeframe than ePacket. However, it is more reliable than other shipping methods with the same rate.

aliexpress standard shipping vs epacket 2020

China-based AliExpress has been the go-to platform for dropshipping business owners looking for great products to sell in their dropshipping stores for years. Although many countries also offer to drop ship like the USA, Canada, and India, China remains to be the most popular hub for dropshipping in the whole world. Despite the long shipping times with AliExpress compared to domestic dropshipping suppliers, many dropshippers still prefer the former because of the low-priced products and cheap shipping costs. It’s no wonder why dropshipping beginners with a small budget prefer to source products from AliExpress suppliers than anywhere else.

Although many AliExpress dropshipping suppliers offer fast shipping, most dropshipping business owners choose the cheapest ones or the free ones. This way they can get higher profit margins with the products they’re selling than they do with faster yet more expensive shipping methods. However, cheaper shipping means longer shipping too and customers might not be happy if it will take weeks for their purchases to arrive.

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