All in one microwave oven price

Whether you’re in the market to buy your first ever microwave or need to replace an old model, we’ve reviewed the best microwaves to order for home delivery right now and the best all in one microwave oven price options also.

Microwave ovens have rapidly become more of a need rather than a treat these days. Gone are the times when microwave ovens were simply used to warm up and cook meals. Microwaving today has become the typical approach of preparing meals. But, there are several vital aspects worthy of taking notes before you pick microwave oven of your choice.

All In One Microwave Oven Price

The best all in one microwave oven price recommendations

Sharp R860SLM 900W Combination Microwave

Best for: Simplicity and effectiveness

This 25-litre, 900W combi microwave from Sharp ticks a crucial box that seems oddly to elude most other microwaves in 2020: it’s easy to operate.

The R860SLM’s usability is thanks in part to its clearly marked cooking time buttons (which add 10 seconds, 1 minute or 10 minutes); pre-sets for commonly cooked foods including jacket potatoes, pizza and rice; and refreshingly uncomplicated grill and convection oven modes.

It cooks evenly without the need for a rotating plate, which makes it possible to cook larger meals than most other microwaves of the R860SLM’s size would allow.

£139.95 | Amazon

Panasonic NN-DS596B

Best for: Grill, steam, microwave and oven options

When you turn the NN-DS596B on for the first time, the blue digital display urges you to ‘Refer to operating instructions before use’.

We think this is astute, and we say that because this microwave is a complex machine, operated with twelve buttons and a multifunctional dial. If you’re after a feature-rich combination oven that can fit on a work surface to use in place of a traditional oven, it would make a superb purchase.

An impressive array of grill, steam, microwave and oven options just a few button-presses away. Simply enter your desired function and cooking time settings and hit ‘Start’.

£359 | Amazon

Hotpoint ​Combination Microwave MWH27321B Ultimate Collection 25L​

Best for: Intuitive features

This smart-looking microwave from Hotpoint has loads of handy features that set it apart from the crowd. Add, Stir and Turn buttons allow you to programme in pauses during the cooking time, which triggers the display to remind you what you need to do to the food. You can also stop the turntable rotating, which is handy when it comes to accommodating large meals.

You’ll need a deep surface to place this microwave on – but if you have the space, it will make for a stylish and helpful addition to your kitchen. It also comes with a grill accessory.

£158 | Appliances Direct

Bosch Serie 2 HMT84M451B brushed steel

Best for: Metallic style

We love the brushed steel finish and red digital display on this quality Bosch microwave. Teamed with other metal appliances and surfaces, it could round off your kitchen with a real touch of class. The white metal interior is particularly easy to clean – if there’s any food left on it, you’ll see it.

Putting appearances aside for a moment, we’d also like to highlight this microwaves excellent usability. Alongside its standard microwave function, it also includes a range of automatic cooking and defrosting programs, which are easy to master using the microwave’s simple controls.

This excellent microwave combines style, simplicity and an effectiveness few others can muster. We thoroughly recommended it.

£149 | Amazon

Swan Retro 25L Digital Combi Microwave with Grill

Best for: Attractiveness

Did you know that the first microwave oven was made in 1947? That particular model – “the Radarange” – was nearly six-foot tall and weighed 340 kilograms.

For mid-20th-century style that comes with the welcome benefits of contemporary tech, you’d probably be better off purchasing the Swan Retro Digital Combi instead.

This remarkably easy-on-the-eye microwave provides a mixture of grill, convection oven and microwave functions up to 900W. It’s incredibly easy to use, and unlike so many other microwaves, it will be an asset to your kitchen’s aesthetic.

From the reflective glass panel on the front, to the stainless steel interior, this is a class act that marries function to fabulous form. Available in nine colours.

£109 | Currys

Sold out on Amazon

Miele M7140TC 46L Built-In Microwave, Clean Steel

Best for: Luxury seekers

Built to slot into your kitchen cupboards, this lavish luxury appliance works exceptionally well, glows with a homely light as it cooks and chirrups winningly when your food’s ready. These traits epitomise the M7140TC’s convincing combination of class and character.

Other selected highlights include its enormous 46-litre cooking compartment, 40 cm turntable, internal LED spotlight, and of course, its dedicated popcorn-making mode. We could go on…

If money’s no object, this may well be the microwave for you.

£1,006 | John Lewis

Samsung MC28H5013AK 28 Litre Combination Microwave

Best for: Keen cooks

This powerful, versatile smart oven from Samsung has healthy cooking presets for a wide range of vegetables, poultry and fish, it features dough-proofing and yoghurt-making modes as well as offering simultaneous microwave and grill combi cooking, which rapidly cooks and browns your food.

Clever, stylish and loaded with a huge array of features, this is a highly impressive microwave, capable of working wonders for chefs who wish to improve their efficiency in the kitchen – without losing quality.

The microwave also comes with a high rack and low rack, enabling you to cook to your taste.

£169 | Amazon

Bosch Serie 4 BFL523MB0B Built-In Microwave

Best for: In-built affordability

Simple, effective and reasonably priced for an in-built microwave, the BFL523MB0B could well prove to be the ideal choice for those seeking to fully integrate their kitchen appliances on a reasonable budget.

With a capacity of 20 litres and a turntable diameter of 25.5cm, the BFL523MB0B does its job without dominating the space – something you might consider another boon from a design perspective.

In terms of features, this microwave focuses on doing the basics well, with five power levels ranging up to 800W, plus a few additional tricks up its sleeve including 7 auto cook programs.

£319 | John Lewis

Samsung MS23H3125AK 23 Litre Solo Microwave

Best for: Smart features

Samsung has a knack for smart technology and sleek looks – and this microwave epitomises both of these virtues to a tee.

Its cooking capabilities are straightforwardly microwave-based, without the grill and convection oven settings offered by some of our other featured microwaves. If you already have an oven and you simply wish to add a microwave to your arsenal, you couldn’t choose a more equipped machine.

This microwave has an Auto Sensor mode that is particularly impressive. To cook vegetables perfectly, turn the dial to select which type of food you’re cooking, then press ‘Start’. The microwave will then adjust its mode and cooking time based on its measurement of the gases escaping the food. It can also self-deodorise, and has a Soften/Melt mode that will no doubt come in handy for the chocolate-lovers amongst you.

£98 | Amazon

Daewoo Retro Style KOR7LBKW 20 Litre Microwave

Best for: Cutesy kitchens

Forgive us if this sounds absurd, but isn’t this microwave adorable?

At a petite 20 litres and designed in a retro style that makes it look ever so slightly like an old CRT TV, this microwave has an unusual aesthetic that sets it apart from the exceptionally uniform crowd. This will doubtless divide opinion amongst shoppers – but in our eyes, it’s a virtue.

Of course, this microwave isn’t all about quirky looks. It also boasts automatic cooking programs, minute minder alerts, a serviceable 800W power output and a very reasonable price. The KOR7LBKW may well be an alternative option, but it’s also a smart one.

£84 | Wayfair *Available in other colours


Whilst we’ve been taken in by characterful microwaves at both ends of the price spectrum (that means you, the cutesy Daewoo KOR7LBKW) we have to stick with our guns and name the Sharp R860SLM our ES Best Pick. It’s simply the best at being a microwave.

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