Amazing home and garden dent puller

Have you just noticed a dent in your auto? You are probably stressing about how much it’s going to cost to take your vehicle to an automobile repair shop. Well, take a deep breath and read on to learn about the best DIY dent pullers and Amazing home and garden dent puller that can have your car and garden’s body looking like new in no time.

There are several different types of dent pullers. However, each one has been designed to effectively remove dents from your car. The devices are easy to use and perform wonderfully.

We will effectively review the best dent pullers and list their pros and cons so you can decide which one best fits your needs. You will discover how you can use a dent puller to have your car looking like new.

Types of Dent Repair Kits


The glue-pull PDR is a technique used on dents and dings. It involves using specialized glue to attach a tool or suction cup to the dented part of the surface and then pulling or twisting another tool to pull it out. When you’re looking for the best paintless dent repair tools, consider this method because most kits are sold all-in-one with everything you need to make your car’s exterior look new again. This method doesn’t damage your car paint, doesn’t require strenuous effort, and is environmentally-friendly. 


Push-from-behind PDR is completed by using specialized tools, including rods, to push the dent from the back of the vehicle’s panel. The deeper and wider the dent, the more time and manual effort it’ll take to fix. The more tools and rods you’ll have at your disposal, the more flexibility you’ll have to fix the particular dent.  


From the ease-of-use standpoint, the suction dent puller is the undisputed winner. The suction cup works with metal and plastic auto bodies. The cups are made of rubber and plastic. Depending on the size of the cup, it can lift upwards of 130 pounds. If you want one of the best suction dent pullers, consider whether the kit includes multiple suction cups. 

Top Brands of Dent Repair Kits


Anyyion is a brand made by China-based manufacturer Shenzhen Chixun International Logistics, Ltd. It bills itself as a professional manufacturer and an honest seller. One of its most popular products is the AI 92-piece Kit.


The company behind this brand is Shenzhen Gliston Technology Co., Ltd. Formed in 2015, this Guangdong, China-based firm specializes in PDR kits. One of its bestselling products is the GLISTON Pops a Dent Tool Kit. 


The company behind Super PDR is Shenzhen Zhi Zong Si Hai Technology Co., Ltd. Based in Shenzhen, China, the manufacturer bills itself as a leading brand of paintless dent repair tools and accessories. Among its most popular products is the Super PDR 41pcs Tool Kit.

Dent Repair Kit Pricing

  • Under $25: Choosing the best car dent remover is possible in this price range. Tools here feature stainless steel dent pullers and several plastic and rubber parts. Imported from China, even the cheaper PDR kits are sturdy and well-made.
  • $25-$100: The best dent puller kits you’ll find here feature additional accessories and parts. It’s not uncommon for packages to include 41 pieces or as many as 92 pieces. The larger variety of tools at your disposal means more versatility. These can help you tackle any dent with confidence. 
  • $100 and up: This higher price range is defined by better craftsmanship and materials used in the parts. You can expect to pay more for a set of removal rods made with stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant.  

Key Features


This workhorse of the kit is often made with a large plastic handle and metal components. If you apply too much pressure, the dent puller can crack or break. Many affordable PDR kits also include a dent lifter, which is made of steel and will hold up better over multiple uses. Choosing the best dent puller means you need to consider how well it’s made and what materials the manufacturer uses.


You’ll notice most glue-pull PDR kits are packaged with more than a dozen colorful glue tabs and sticks. Using the supplied glue gun, it takes only seconds to melt the glue down. While the glue is very strong, the tabs are easily and quickly removed using the supplied alcohol spray and rubber scraper.  


If you go with the push-from-behind PDR technique on your car, consider kits that include an assortment of removal rods. These tools are made with stainless steel and feature sharp, flat, round ends to get into the hardest-to-reach areas of your vehicle. Ranging in length from 10 inches to 30 inches, you can use a combination of rods to mend the dent.

Other Considerations

  • Warranty: Quality control is a known issue with dent repair kits. If your package is missing parts or has any defects, make sure your investment is protected with a comprehensive warranty. Kits come with warranties that allow buyers to receive a refund, for any reason, up to two years from the date of purchase. 
  • Weather. Even the best PDR kit is susceptible to the elements. Be wary of applying glue in extremely cold temperatures; the glue may not stick sufficiently to your car’s body. If your car sits in the sun, the glue will take longer to hold. It’s best for the glue to dry in the shade or near room temperature. 

Amazing home and garden dent puller

BEST OVERALLARISD 32Pcs Auto Body Dent Removal Kit


This affordable kit is comprehensive, reliable, and affordable–a trifecta that makes it a sound buy to repair the creases and dents that accumulate on your vehicle over time. The ARISD kit includes a steel dent lifter and dent puller, giving you two different tools and all of the necessary parts, including a glue gun and glue sticks.

Following the basic directions included in this ARISD kit, it’s easy and convenient to restore your car’s exterior. Everything you need is included here, such as a rubber scraper, a tap down pen, alcohol spray bottle, and a cleaning cloth. The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty as well. 

One of the most common issues with this PDR kit is the plastic handle on the dent puller, which can crack or break with light use. ARISD says it has addressed the issue by improving the quality of the materials and making tweaks to the design to make the handle more stable and durable.  


Manelord Auto Body Repair Tool Kit


For small- to medium-sized dents, this Manelord tool kit gives you a solid option at a low price. It comes with a sturdy dent puller and a collection of black and blue glue puller tabs. It is shipped without the glue sticks and glue gun, meaning you’ll have to buy these separately for the complete setup. 

Besides the inconvenience of having to supply the aforementioned parts to get started, the Manelord PDR kit comes with everything else you’ll need. There are multiple tabs of different sizes and an adjustable double-pole bridge that’ll allow you to reach difficult areas around the car. Detailed instructions are supplied to ensure that even a novice can get going quickly to complete the process. 

The Manelord kit is smaller than what many expect from a kit. It measures about 11 by 7 by 2 inches and weighs under one pound. The downside of buying a cheap PDR kit like this one is having to get additional supplies. In this case, you’ll need to buy alcohol to fill the small included bottle in addition to the glue sticks and a glue gun. HONORABLE MENTIONYOOHE Paintless Dent Repair Puller Kit


A low price and great versatility are hallmarks of this YOOHE Paintless Dent Repair Puller Kit. The PDR kit contains a slide hammer T-bar tool and 16 tabs that can be used to fix a variety of dents. The slide hammer is made out of stainless steel, and the tabs are made out of durable plastic and rubber for extra durability. 

In addition to the T-bar puller and the tabs, this PDR kit also includes glue sticks. It offers a convenient way to fix motorcycles, refrigerators, and washing machines. The kit is also a solid choice if you’re looking for a hail damage repair kit.

As is the case with most low-cost PDR kits, the glue gun is not supplied. The included glue sticks are designed for a small glue gun, which you can buy at a local arts/crafts store. Be prepared to apply some muscle with the T-bar, which may require strenuous and repeated pulling on some dents. 


Manelord T-Bar Dent Puller


Another solid offering from Manelord, this dent puller comes with a complete repair kit, including a rubber hammer, penlight, and full spread of attachments. Just pick the rubber grip attachment that’s right for the size of dent you’ve got, fit it to the end of the T-bar, attach it to the car using hot glue, and pull.

What stands out about this dent repair kit is versatility. It’s able to grasp and pull practically every sort of damage your car’s body might sustain, from collisions to door dings to hail, but it’s also suitable for anything else made out of metal, from boats to washing machines.

The biggest drawback of this kit is that it’s a bit overpriced, especially since it doesn’t come with a hot glue gun—you’ll have to supply your own. The glue itself is also finicky, and needs to get very hot and have a long time to set before you can start to pull.


IMT Pump-Action Vacuum Lifter


This is a bit of an unusual choice, as it isn’t actually designed as a dent puller. Instead, it’s a vacuum lifter, which is designed to suction onto loads of up to 70 pounds by means of a plunger-operated pump.

However, it works surprisingly well as a dent puller. Just attach the suction cup to a large dent on a flat surface of your car’s body, pump the plunger, and pull. Note that this isn’t a jerry-rig—the lifter comes with instructions for using it this way.

The downside of using a vacuum lifter as a dent puller is that it limits the size of the dents you’re able to take care of. They’ll need to be larger than the suction pad, which is six inches in diameter. It’s also not ideal for pulling dents on sharply curved surfaces.


Super PDR Pro Dent Removal Tool Kit


Super PDR’s 37-piece kit is yet another excellent way to render dents invisible. It comes with two different pullers: one for small dents and one for larger dents. It includes silicone tips, a hammer, a glue gun, and a glue scraper.

The bridge dent puller can pull out major damage until your car’s body looks as good as new. We also really like the range of attachments on the smaller pulling device, which makes it useful in tricky spots like the wheel eyebrows. The wide range of silicone attachments means there are hardly any dings or dents which this kit can’t at least improve upon.

While this gets most dents out eventually, don’t expect to be able to yank any dent out right away—using this kit takes a lot of elbow grease. The included instructions are also basically useless, so be prepared to learn how to use these tools by watching a YouTube video.

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