Ankara fabric for sale us

In this Ankara Fabric For Sale Us guide, we will discuss the best ankara materials for sale and top ankara fabrics in nigeria. African fabrics and prints are worn with pleasure and it is every woman’s pride to be wearing an African print at an occasion. African fabrics have bright colours, idiosyncratic designs and patterns which give  a sense of a rich cultural meaning.

African cloths were worn for special occasions such as family reunions, weddings, and events. Uses in various category , bags, shoes, decoration,  dresses,shirt,quilt, and etc. African fabric forms part of a cultural identity and an emblem of cultural heritage.

Ankara fabric for sale us


Ankara materials for sale

Aso oke:

The aso oke, produced by Yorubas, is one of the rare local fabrics that have survived the extinction of indigenously produced Nigerian fashion. It is made from cotton and is sometimes combined with other materials like silk and metallic yarn. It is used in making agbadas and filas (Yoruba men’s gowns and hats) and wrappers (iro) and head ties (gele) for women.

Atiku:10 Types of Fabrics Available in Nigerian Markets -

Atiku Fabric, Photo: CitySpotOn

Like brocades, Atiku fabrics are cotton materials. Designs can be plain, stripped, or patterned and they come in grades. Atiku fabrics are sewn as fashionable native wears for occasions by Nigerian men who use it to make the senator and agbada styles, and styles for ladies have been adopted too.

Batik:10 Types of Fabrics Available in Nigerian Markets -

Batik Fabric, Photo: Hiraeth

Batik is made as adire in Nigeria. Patterns and motifs are created via a dye mechanism in which the cloths are made to resist dyes by tying (adire eleso) or by applying cassava paste (adire eleko). It is used to make buba gowns and dresses and contemporary fashion gowns, trousers and shorts. Chief Nike Davies-Okundaye who is the CEO of Nike Art Gallery, Lagos and who also has established art centres at ogidi in Kogi and Oshogbo in Osun is renowned for her adire style.

Brocades:10 Types of Fabrics Available in Nigerian Markets -

Brocades Fabric, Photo: African Premier

Brocades are embroidered cotton materials that are waxed stamped and beaten with clubs to create a shiny look. They are popularly known in Nigeria as Guinea brocade (or sheeda in Hausa) and are usually used to sew free style kaftans.

Chiffon:10 Types of Fabrics Available in Nigerian Markets -

Chiffon Fabric, Photo: Etsy

This fabric is light weight, slightly rough and comes in different degrees of transparency. Recent casual trends include combining them with Ankara to make gowns and tops or with lace materials for occasions.

Lace:10 Types of Fabrics Available in Nigerian Markets -

Lace Fabric, Photo: FindeXperts

Types of laces come in a long list some of which include tulle, cord, paper, guipure, sequined, beaded, jute, George, and French laces. Some come in combined colours, or in a combination of types for example tulle and guipure. A fabric of same or contrasting colour with the lace is commonly used as a lining.

Silk:10 Types of Fabrics Available in Nigerian Markets -

Silk Fabric, Photo: Tantric Goddess

Easily distinguished by its smooth, slippery and glossy nature, silk is a natural fibre and is a major fabric at an international scale. Though delicate, it is a choice material because it is gentle to the skin and a very comfortable thing to put on. In preference to buying ready-made silk fabrics, Nigerians now show up at their tailor’s with bespoke styles of what they want.

Tulle:10 Types of Fabrics Available in Nigerian Markets -

Tulle Fabric, Photo: AliExpress

Fine light weight tulle is commonly used in ballet dresses, wedding gowns and veils. Fashion designers in recent times have found a way to incorporate the netting into other materials like laces or in combination with other materials like Ankara to produce uncommon designs.

Velvet:10 Types of Fabrics Available in Nigerian Markets -

Velvet Fabric, Photo:

Velvet is still in vogue though it hit the fashion scene at a high rate about three years ago. It is shiny and has a furry feel.

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