ankara skirt and blouse style for wedding

ankara skirt and blouse style for wedding

Stunning Ankara Skirt and Blouse Style For Wedding Ceremonies

Latest Skirt and Blouse Styles in Nigeria (2020)

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Looking for the latest skirt and blouse fashion styles to sew as aso-ebi for an upcoming wedding or any other Nigerian occasion? In this article, you will see pictures of over 100 latest skirt and blouse outfit styles in various trendy, in-vogue fabrics including ankara/ wax print and lace. You will also see pictures of the latest skirt and blouse combinations and designs – from colour combinations to skirt and blouse outfits made by combining 2 different fabrics.  Play the video slideshow below to see photos of the latest Nigerian skirt and blouse styles.


About Nigerian Skirt and Blouse Styles

Nigerians and Africans abroad are always looking for the latest outfit styles that women are wearing back home, because they know that English-style skirts and blouses (or any other outfit) are not like cut the way native Nigerian styles are.  Also, the type of fabrics  and fabric patterns and colours that appeal to Nigerians and Africans are very different from those that appeal to our Western sisters.  Hence, we all love our Nigerian styles of skirt and blouse outfits.

Nigerian skirt and blouse styles are similar to the styles we see on the red carpet, the fabrics are usually ankara or wax prints, lace, brocade or george fabric, and lots of other exquisite fabrics – sometimes tailors mix different fabrics to get a unique look for an outfit.

For occasion wears, with the help of talented tailors here, Nigerian ladies love to do their own twist of ‘the red carpet looks’ with our local traditional fabrics (such as ankara, lace etc.) and the finished outfits look really gorgeous and beyond simple. Popular occasion-wear skirt-and-blouse shapes and cuts Nigerian women sew with locally available fabrics include pencil skirts, skirts with slits or splits, peplum skirts, mermaid style skirts, flared skirt, Nigerian wrap skirt styles (aka Oleku/ Tulip skirts).


Photos of Nigerian women wearing skirt and blouse outfits

Go Slay in Your New Skirt and Blouse Styles

Hope you like the skirt and blouse styles we presented in this post. Feel free to tag us on Instagram with your pictures, when you sew any of the above occasion-wear Nigerian skirt and blouse fashion styles. Who knows, maybe you could be on the next edition of BellaNaija’s asoebi bella.  And, don’t forget to share this post with your friends – Instagram it /facebook it/ tweet it/ email it.

Stunning Ankara Skirt and Blouse Style For Wedding Ceremonies

Ankara skirts and blouses can be the perfect wedding outfit for you. Often, we are at dilemma on which cloth to use for wedding,  If you are in this shoe, we have some of the finest Ankara blouse and skirt that will solve your problem.


For those of us who would love to rock Ankara for weddings, you will fall in love with the styles that we have displayed here.  Your heart will be captured and your love for Ankara will double as you see these fantastic designs.


Wedding becomes more exciting when we rock Ankara skirt and blouse because we know that we are definitely going to be the unique ones in the crowd. Often, we see men and women overly dressed to be corporate during weddings. However, we can make a difference when we go for Ankara.


Ankara will definitely save you from breaking the wedding basic rules for outfits. A right combination of Ankara skirt and blouse can do a lot of good to our fashion style.  We are not held bounds by an outfit that is too formal to allow us dance with the celebrants or feel free, because Ankara is going to allow us enjoy our special moments. It is not overly formal or casual not to make us look matured and serious minded like the boss lady, it is an ideal variant for our wedding, any day and any time.


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