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There are some brands that immediately convey a sense of prestige and exclusivity. Brands like Rolex, Gucci, Armani are identified as must-have pieces for fashion, while Mercedes Benz is what comes to people’s minds when it comes to cars.

Teutonic engineering, luxury, and performance are among the adjectives that can best describe a Mercedes. Its build quality, materials used, and design are all indicators that a Merc, in whatever shape or model is an exclusive vehicle, built to stand above the common cars in both form and function.

Expensive to buy, costly to maintain are another couple of adjectives that aptly describe Mercedes cars, because, despite their beauty, elegance, and other great features, the problems and challenges of owning one can sometimes be too much. This article examines the pitfalls of owning a piece of automotive luxury – Here’s why you shouldn’t buy a used Mercedes-Benz.

10.Immediate Value Drop

While all cars depreciate as soon as they leave the dealership showroom, the depreciation associated with a Merc can be termed as unfair. There is a disappointing and surprising disparity between the cost of acquiring a Mercedes brand new versus its resale value when sold a few years after. Several examples online have seen 5-6 year old models with their values dropping between 35-40%.

9.Specialized Servicing And Maintenance

With prestige comes challenges when it comes to servicing a Mercedes. While most auto repair shops in a town or city would be able to accommodate a wide variety of car brands,  Mercedes cars on the other hand required specialized tools and training of its mechanics which limits the number of places it can be serviced at.

8.Out Of Warranty Costs

Buying a used Merc, if it is still covered by a warranty, is already a risky proposition, as not everything that can go wrong on the car would be covered. Buying a Mercedes, with the warranty expired is even riskier, as the costs of its maintenance and repair would be fully out-of-pocket by its owner.

7.Parts Availability

With exclusivity comes difficulty – this is easily seen when an owner needs parts for a late model Mercedes and no shop in town sells anything like it. While eBay or other online stores can possibly have these in stock, it’s the difficulty in buying or sourcing parts that add to the frustrations of owning a Mercedes.

6.Resale Value

Owning a used Mercedes and the accumulated costs of its maintenance and repair, unfortunately, do not have much bearing when it is sold again. Repair bills that cost thousands of dollars would not add to its resale value and may sometimes negatively impact its appeal to potential buyers that may think it’s a lemon.

5.Over Engineered And Complicated System

When driving a Mercedes, one can sense, feel the different ride quality, this is because of its over-engineered mechanical, engine, and electricals. With engineering a lot more advanced than say a Kia, these make diagnosing, dismantling, and assembling Mercs a complicated exercise.

4.Brand Specific Parts

It is reasonable, that given its precise engineering, Mercedes-Benz would recommend that only OEM or official MB parts be used for its cars during maintenance or repairs, however, this same restriction is sometimes more of a pain given the costs associated with adhering to the recommended parts use.

3.Hi-Tech, High Cost To Repair

The amount of tech and gadgets in today’s modern Mercedes-Benz cars is amazing, from their driving aids, infotainment, and system monitoring software, their cars are fully computerized and integrated. This tech however is also it’s Achilles heel, as more fancy systems, make for more potential problems, and more headaches down the line.

2.There Are More Reliable Alternatives

Despite their vaunted reputation of solid German engineering, Mercedes-Benz, has in its history produced certain models that have been known to be prone to breakdowns or problems. This is in stark contrast to other cars in the same model category that are more reliable and less prone to engine or systems failures.

1.There Are Cheaper Alternatives

While the exclusivity given by the Mercedes brand is undeniable, there are alternatives, that carry the same level of prestige and luxury. These rivals (Lexus, Infinity etc.), through their own excellent level of engineering and build quality, have sometimes even surpassed Mercedes, yet are priced lower.

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