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Here for our Baby Boy Jewelry Gold review? Our team has researched and reviewed the 14k gold baby jewelry and personalized baby bracelets 14k gold to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying a gold chain for baby boy or gold jewelry for newborn baby boy.

Kids jewelry is not a new concept even though it may seem like it at first. Actually, the tradition of young children and even newborns wearing their own jewelry has deep roots and dates back to ancient customs. Bracelets and anklets are definitely the most popular types of jewelry for children, but in some countries, necklaces and earrings are also a common gift for small children, both boys, and girls. 

Baby Boy Jewelry Gold


In ancient times, gifting children with jewelry has been a globally practiced custom. It was thought that these particular jewelry pieces will guard the kids against evil spirits – together with the decorative aspect of it all. At first, this jewelry was made from animal hair and shells only to evolve into elaborate gold and stone designs that have been found in areas of ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, Byzantine, and so on. Even the Bible mentions the instances of children wearing jewelry.

Every part of the planet and every nation has its own approach to kids’ jewelry but the indisputable fact is that the tradition existed and is still going strong. For instance, Cambodian parents would often tie silver strings with bells on their children’s ankles to ward off evil and keep track of their movement. According to African tradition, the stretching of the earlobes begins with baby jewelry. From the early 14th century, a big custom among Italians was to gift their newborns small cross necklaces made of coral to protect them from the “evil eye”, and so on.

During the 17th century, jewelry craftsmanship became very popular in Europe, which also included making special diaper/bib clips made of gold or silver for the babies at the time. And during the Victorian period, this trend boomed into plated baby bracelets and necklaces specifically designed to carry the child’s name or simply have the word “baby” inscribed. Jeweled brooches were a popular baby ornament for the wealthier families. These trends have soon traveled to America as well, where parents would use baby pins instead of common buttons for baby clothes as well as gift the children coral-bead necklaces for protection.

Furthermore, in some cultures such as Latin American and South Asian, it’s actually expected that baby girls have their ears pierced. Namely, buying the first set of earrings for the baby is one of the most special moments for the parents and/or grandparents in these cultures.


In this day and age, we are much more knowledgeable about health and safety, which poses the question of whether baby jewelry is a good idea at all. That said, it’s important to mention that there are no medical statements that label baby jewelry as dangerous, as long as the materials used are hypoallergenic and all the safety measures are taken, especially in regard to ear piercing.

Aside from potential allergies that can be prevented by choosing the right jewelry material suitable for a child’s sensitive skin, the biggest concern is the choking hazard. In that sense, the most important thing is to simply listen to common sense when giving a child a piece of jewelry to wear.

That said, it would be best to avoid necklaces completely until the child is old enough to know not to put foreign objects in their mouth. But the choking hazard is not only present with the necklaces but also anklets and bracelets that are too dangly or have loose clasps. In that respect, make sure to purchase jewelry that doesn’t have charms and beads, keep the bracelets and anklets tight-fitting, and ensure that the pieces always have a safety clasp. If you take care of these issues and choose adequate jewelry according to the child’s age, the question of whether baby jewelry is a good idea or not bottles down to the matter of aesthetics, and nothing more.


There are plenty of different choices when looking for the best baby girl jewelry gift.

Bracelets are very popular as a baby jewelry gift for a little girl as they don’t bother the baby too much and look absolutely adorable on her tiny wrist. What’s more, they can be passed down through generations and serve a nice decorative purpose for the family once the girl overgrows it. A very popular bracelet style for baby girls involves a string with the child’s birthstone or a plate with her date of birth inscribed.

Anklets have become more popular in recent years as far as the modern trends go in baby jewelry as they pose the least danger to a child when it comes to a potential choking hazard. They can be found in various styles, often labeled as “baby’s first anklet”. The best selection of baby anklets is available at Asian jewelers and merchants.

Necklaces are not the most popular baby girl jewelry and it’s more common to find necklaces suitable for toddlers than infants. However, it’s possible to find clunkier necklaces of a suitable size for babies that are actually meant to help with teething. Still, those are not as decorative and fashionable as regular necklaces.

Earrings are definitely in abundance when one is looking for suitable baby girl jewelry. In general, the earrings are always made as tiny studs but they come in a variety of shapes such as stars, hearts, butterflies, flowers, or even have one delicate cubic zirconia as a nice detail. Of course, it’s essential that a specialized professional performs the ear-piercing so that there’s no risk of infection. The ideal material is 14-carat gold to prevent allergic reactions.

Religious jewelry pieces are also very popular as both baby girl and baby boy jewelry. In general, these are typically bracelets symbolizing baptism and christening. As mentioned, necklaces with crosses, Star of David, and so on, are better left for toddlers.


Baby girl jewelry may be more common, but nowadays there are more options for baby boy jewelry as well. As mentioned, religious bracelets are gender-neutral. In that sense, there are more choices when it comes to other baby boy bracelets as well that are a bit more masculine in style, with bangles or names spelled in blocks. Furthermore, popular necklaces for boy toddlers involve dog-tag style pendants as well as pendants featuring the religious aspect of the family, and so on. It’s true, however, that baby boy earrings are still not taking off and it’s difficult to find earrings specially made for boys. But if you like the look and want your boy to have pierced ears, there are still plenty of simple stud earrings to find.

Things to Consider Before Buying Baby Jewelry

Written by Savaş Ateş  in Buyer’s Guide

Picking jewelry for yourself is one thing, picking one for your baby is another. You need to be ten times more careful, because the jewelry you choose may pose a safety threat for your baby. The baby can swallow it, accidentally choke herself with or be simply allergic to the material of it. For that reason, we have collected 3 main points to consider before buying your baby a new piece of jewelry.

1) Material

The first thing that comes to mind while buying baby jewelry is whether your baby would have an allergic reaction to it or not. In order to prevent this from happening, you should stay away from cheap pieces of jewelry and try to buy the pieces that do not contain nickel. According to MayoClinic, you should search for jewelry composed of materials such as stainless steel (nickel-free), titanium, high-karat gold, or solid gold and sterling silver. Moreover, you can buy some other metals if they are plated well. In any case, do not forget to ask the seller to be sure. You should not take any chances when it comes to the health of your baby.

Likewise, the material that is holding the pieces should not be made of something elastic, that can be ripped apart easily. If the baby manages to break off a bracelet with a lot of small stones; there is a possibility that she swallows those stones.

2) Size

Your jewelry pick for your baby must fit her tiny wrists, ears, and necks well, in order to prevent possible accidents.

If you do not want your baby to take off her ring, earrings or bracelet and swallow them; or do not want any trouble that can come from a loose necklace, you need to find the perfect pieces that will not create any danger.

3) Design

If you have eradicated all possible dangers that can come from the jewelry, now it is time to pick what type of jewelry you want for your baby. Even though it doesn’t look like, there are lots of options to choose from for babies. There are products listed down below as many as possible:

Baby Rings

The baby rings are quite small considering their fingers, and it is a must that they should fit perfectly. As they are very small, and on the finger where the babies can reach easily, it is one of the most dangerous pieces of newborn jewelry. For this reason, if you have to buy a baby ring, please find one that suits the finger very well.

If having a baby ring is some kind of a tradition within the family, like a family heirloom, you can also prefer turning the ring into a necklace, by adding a chain to it. In this way, you will have reduced the possible dangers coming from it. Or, if the baby ring has to be shown to others on a special occasion, just make an exception for that event and remove it immediately as soon as the event is over.

Identification Rings

If you want to have a unique ring, inside which there is a message or a saying, the name of her parents or the birthdate of the baby. It would be a great memory to keep this ring until your baby is grown and imagine the days when she was a little one. Some parents keep the pictures drawn by the baby, her little socks and clothes, etc.; and you may decide to keep her jewelry instead.

If the message engraved inside consists of the family name, or a famous family motto like “A Lannister always pays his debts,” this ring can be transmitted to the younger generation as a tradition and become a precious family heirloom.

Baby Bracelets

If you want to buy some jewelry for babies, baby bracelets would be the safest option. If they are made from a solid, endurable material; the possible health risks will even get lower.

Gold Bracelets

Gold bangle bracelets are one of the most common types of baby bracelets that you can see around. As most of the parents buy gold baby jewelry to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction, gold bangle bracelets are a good choice. Moreover, gold jewelry does not only come in yellow gold. There are many other options such as white gold and rose gold pieces.

The only downside of gold jewelry is that you need to get it cleaned from time to time. You can either go to a jewelry store or do the cleaning yourself. I recommend the first one.

Silver Bracelets

Silver is the first choice of people who do not want to wear gold. They are cheaper, and they look great as well.

In order to refrain from any possibility of an allergic response on your baby’s skin, you should find a real sterling silver material. Sterling silver means that it is consisted of at least %92.5 silver in its essence. To understand whether you buy a ‘real silver’ or not, the ultimate tip is to examine the jewelry and check out whether there is a ‘sterling’ stamp or the number 925.

Identity Bracelets

Just like identity rings, if you want to have unique jewelry for your baby, you can consider getting an identity bracelet.

They are nothing new and have been given as a gift for decades; therefore, it will be a traditional choice if you buy one.

Beaded Bracelets

If you do not want the classical type of bracelets, such as single gold and silver pieces, you can consider buying a beaded bracelet instead. As they come in with different materials and colors blended into one, they have a more dynamic and modern look.

Do not forget to buy a tight one which your baby cannot open easily, because we do not want your baby to accidentally choke on it.

Pearl Bracelets

What is better than a stone that has been symbolizing purity for centuries? Both in term of what it symbolizes and the way it looks, a pearl bracelet is a good choice for your baby girl. If you are not a fan of white pearls, you can easily find them in various different colors.

Bracelets with Flowers

They are not one of the common bracelets chosen by parents. The thing is, most pieces of baby jewelry have a rather boring design. The manufacturers do not really get too creative as I believe the demand is not that high.

Here, flowers come into play. They look more stylish, more modern, and more suitable for kids. You can find flower-designed bracelets made from many different materials, and choose one of them according to your taste and preferences.

Chain Bracelets

You may want to buy a bracelet for your kid, yet do not want something that is too visible. If you are one of those parents, you should think about buying chain bracelets. They are simple, not heavy, and would not disturb the baby too much.

Wooden Bracelets

A wooden bracelet somehow sounds more safe and comforting, right? If you don’t want your little baby wearing metal jewelry, wooden ones will be a good option. Even though they are generally cheap and easy to find, there are also some jewelry makers that use tropical or hard-to-find trees to make jewelry. In that case, you would have something both luxurious and unique.

An advantage of picking wooden jewelry is that they are easy to carve and shape. Whether you want a unique design or a simple identification bracelet; it will be easier to find or to be made fast enough.

Indian Traditional Baby Bracelet

These are basically black beaded bracelets. They are known for coming from India and believed that they bring somehow protection and good luck in life. Therefore, if you want to have something that is believed to have some ‘powers’, you can buy these bracelets.

You are most likely to find them in gold with black stones around it.

Charm Bracelets

In order to buy or create bracelets, charms would be good opportunities. It is a type of bracelet that can be made from any material, from gold to silver, and has various symbols on them. They can be united with different gemstones and unique pieces if you want to create something special.

For example, if you want your kid to be a free spirit, you can have birds on the bracelet. If you want her to be lucky, you can add some clover symbols. You are very liberal with your choices of customization when it comes to a charm bracelet, and I guess that is the beauty of it.

You can even have two personally customized charm bracelets, for the parent and the child, and carry them with you all the time. Just like a friendship bracelet, it will symbolically connect you with your little one.

Bracelets with Gemstones

Many gemstones are believed to provide spiritual healing to the person wearing them, according to legends and tales all through history. Each stone has a different meaning. It is completely up to to you.

To help you with your selection, I can provide guidance about some well-known gemstones.

Onyx – Onyx is known to help with emotions, the way you balance and control them.

Pearl – Pearls are known for their relaxing effect, and it is believed that they bring purity, truth, commitment to its owner.

Sapphire – One of the most beautiful gemstones of all, sapphire is known to help achieve inner peace, reduce pain and foster personal expression.

Ruby – Rubies are believed to help with the emotions and enhance happiness and loyalty.

Amethyst – This beautiful stone helps reducing pain and insomnia, as well as fostering inner peace and strength.

Amber – Amber is believed to help with headaches and heart problems and reducing stress and pain. Aquamarine – Aquamarine brings mental clarity, courage, and calmness. Moreover, it is known to aid the liver and stomach, as well as teeth, eyes, and ears.

Turquoise – Turquoise is known for its balancing and healing effect.

Baby Anklets

In my opinion, these are the cutest pieces of baby jewelry. They are less dangerous comparing to baby rings and earrings, and more fun!

As soon as your baby takes her first steps, you can get one of these as a gift. If you buy a jingling, noisy one, she will love the sound the anklet makes.

Traditional Indian Anklets

The Indian traditional anklet which is called the Panchdhatu is a piece of jewelry that is made of a combination of 5 different metals.

It is believed that this anklet would bring sanity, health, money, and balance.

Baby Necklaces

What I will say about necklaces is not very different from bracelets. As you know well, there are numerous different types of necklaces, and what you expect from them is up to you. You can get gold ones, pearls ones, silver ones, wooden ones… You can even get religious ones such as necklaces with Christ symbol on them. Yet, I believe that the necklaces should only be worn for special occasions, as there have been too many choking hazards and accidents because of it.

Still, there is one more type of necklace I should mention.

Amber Teething Necklace

Amber teething necklaces are made of fossilized resin and have an orange color. They have been very popular recently, as parents wanted a solution for their baby’s tickling and itching teeth.

These necklaces are said to activate succinic acid, unleashed by the body heat. This acid then absorbed into the blood through the skin, and allegedly it improves the immune system and reduces the pain. At least, that’s what people think while buying it.

On the contrary, Forbes Magazine stated that there was no scientific study or a shred of evidence proving how the succinic acid is released with body heat. In fact, they argue that this acid would only set loose under 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, they argued that it was a waste of money to buy one.

Related Questions

Can newborns wear jewelry?

The question is, do they really have to? Knowing the risks of choking and other incidents, it is best not to wear one at all. Yet, if you insist on making the baby wear one, try to avoid necklaces and jewelry with small pieces such as a ring and earrings.

When should my baby start wearing an amber necklace?

Your baby can wear one if her age is between 2 months to 3 years.

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