Baby jewelry for baptism

In the market for the best Baby Jewelry For Baptism picks? Our team has researched and reviewed these baby bracelets and personalized baby jewelry to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying baptism jewelry for baby boy or baptism jewelry for baby girl.

You have two new additions to your family and you are now having both a baby girl and a baby boy. What better way to celebrate than with baptism jewelry? You must be wondering what you should be searching for that will not only make the baby happy, but you as well. Should you opt for the same kind of bracelet or a necklace? Should it be made of silver or gold? Just how much should it cost?

Baby Jewelry For Baptism

What is Baptism?

This simple act of being sprinkled with water, or gently immersed, holds significant meaning for those who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Many Christians believe baptism to be a sacrament, or a critical aspect of their faith, bestowing upon the receiver the “mark of God.” This is because, according to the New Testament, Jesus instructed his followers to go forth, spread his name, and baptize them in the name of the Father, referring to the paternal aspect of a 3-headed God (the other two consist of the Holy Spirit and the Son). Therefore, the act of immersing parts of or the whole body of a converted believer has come to represent alliance with Christ, a bond with fellow members of the faith or a specific church, and is intended to set the believer apart from the rest of the world.

Baptism is usually conducted within a church as part of a service, and includes fellow church-goers and family members. Christening is a similar ritual, but involves the official “naming” of the infant. Known as their “Christian” name, receiving an official name while being baptized reconciles the child with their Christian family and registers them as an official member.

Family members often attend the christening or baptism if the new member is a child or infant, and meaningful gifts to welcome the new one are often exchanged. The type of gift varies with personal taste and the child’s or parents’ lifestyle, but traditionally, a special piece of symbolic jewelry is given to the infant or child. Generally containing a religious symbol pertaining to the Christian religion, the jewelry helps to identify the child to others, serves as a keepsake they’ll treasure for years to come, and commemorates the special occasion.

Types of Baptism Jewelry

Christening or baptism jewelry for babies, both boys and girls, is a long-standing tradition that has its roots in the Catholic church, whether a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet. A cross pendant, representing the structure used to torture Jesus in his last hours, represents the symbol of unconditional love he expressed by offering himself for punishment for the sins of the world.

Jewelry featuring the cross symbol is the most widely recognized as a special baptism gift for the boy or girl. An appropriate piece of infant baptism jewelry for girls could range from a sparkly cross pendant to a dainty set of earrings. Some might prefer a medallion pendant necklace with other spiritual symbols, such as saints or angels. For boys, a simple cross or medallion pendant is considered appropriate.

Another common gift at christenings or baptisms of boys or girls is a special piece of religious jewelry to wear during the ceremony. This imbues the decoration with even more meaning, as it was given with the sacrament in mind, and would be physically present when the child was bestowed with the mark of God. Whether a dainty bracelet for the girls or a simple pendant for the boys, jewelry as a part of a religious ceremony like baptism or a christening has been a long-standing tradition.

Which Infant/Child Baptism or Christening Jewelry to Buy

If your child or a friend or family member’s little one is being christened or baptized soon, it can be overwhelming knowing which gift to give to mark the special occasion.

When shopping for religious jewelry an infant or little girl, keep in mind whether or not she’s had her ears pierced.

If so, a dainty set of child-friendly pearl earrings are the perfect thoughtful gift. A similar bracelet would complete a matching set.

For a general baptism gift of religious jewelry, a sparkly cross pendant or medallion in a precious metal is something she’ll definitely cherish for years to come.

When shopping for religious jewelry for boys, keep it simple and masculine. A subdued cross or medallion pendant makes the perfect choice. These especially work well for christenings, as the baby boy can wear it during the ceremony.

personalized baby jewelry

Best Baby Bracelets

1. Hersey Child’s Silver Expanding Bangle

Hersey Child's Silver Expanding Bangle.
Image © Hersey

This classic sterling silver bangle is the top of our list of first jewellery gifts. There are a selection of fonts to choose from for your personalised message of up to 25 characters, it costs an extra £10 but we think the price of this bracelet is very good to begin with. It also includes a nice gift box and cleaning cloth so the bangle can really look its best as special christening jewellery.

Main Features

  • Price: £35
  • Expands from 45mm to 55m
  • Can engrave personal message (for extra £10)

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Best For Families On A Budget

2. Hurley Burley Personalised Silver Christening Bracelet

Hurley Burley Personalised Silver Christening Bracelet.
Image © HurleyBurley

We picked this as our budget buy for a silver baby bracelet, and it’s a beautiful piece of first baby jewellery. We love that the personalisation is free and if you include the cute teddy bear charm, it’s only £21. It comes in a lovely box so would make an ideal new baby or christening present.

Main Features

  • Price: £19 (without teddy bear charm)
  • Bracelet is 13.5cm long but clasp can be hooked into any loop
  • Comes with free personalisation and gift box

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Best For A Christening Present

3. Diamond Affair Sterling Silver 925 Baby Christening Bracelet

Diamond Affair Sterling Silver 925 Baby Christening Bracelet.
Image © Diamond Affair

If you’re shopping around for christening bracelets, this is a lovely classic design made of high quality sterling silver. We particularly love the tiny feet design, though the makers do have other variations available. Note that the personalisation option is a bit pricey, an extra £20 for up to 20 characters, but we think this is a great premium choice for a newborn or young baby.

Main Features

  • Price: £69
  • Personalised jewellery engraving costs extra £20
  • Measures 45mm

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Best Luxury Bracelet

4. Noa Mini Yellow Gold Baby Bracelet

Noa Mini Yellow Gold Baby Bracelet.
Image © Noa

If money is no object and you want to buy a really special new baby or christening gift, then Noa are a stylish brand to look at. We love the simple yet stylish design of this 18ct gold bracelet, which comes with a beautiful plush elephant and gift box. The makers do offer other (much more expensive) baby bracelets but we think this is a perfect luxury gold bracelet for baby girl or boy.

Main Features

  • Price: £500
  • Adjustable 13cm to 15cm chain
  • Comes with plush elephant toy and gift box

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Best Diamond Bracelet

5. D For Diamond Silver Diamond Set Star Expandable Baby Bangle

D For Diamond Silver Diamond Set Star Expandable Baby Bangle.
Image © D For Diamond

Buying a child their first diamond is a really special gift, and this is a great way to do it without overspending. We love the classic design of this bangle and the cute star with little diamond accent. It doesn’t come with a personalisation option, but that just means that you can get a beautiful piece of baby jewellery that can be passed down the generations.

Main Features

  • Price: £49
  • Expandable up to 55mm
  • Includes diamond

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Best Gold Bangle

6. Molly Brown Gold Vermeil Heritage Bangle

Molly Brown Gold Vermeil Heritage Bangle.
Image © Molly Brown

If you’re looking at gold bangles for a baby boy or girl, we think this is a lovely design. It’s a classic bangle that will expand until the child is about three years old, and we love the intricate edges that makes it stand out from the rest. The premium gift box also matches the high quality of Molly Brown’s baby jewellery.

Main Features

  • Price: £86
  • 18ct gold vermeil
  • Expandable from 48mm to 52mm

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Best Birthstone Bangle

7. Molly Brown Personalised May Birthstone Christening Bangle

Molly Brown Personalised May Birthstone Christening Bangle.
Image © Molly Brown

Birthstone jewellery makes the perfect gift for babies and young children, and we love this personalised silver bangle. There are different birthstones available depending on when the baby was born, and personalised engraving is available for up to 13 characters. We think this makes a perfect christening gift or present for a new baby.

Main Features

  • Price: £90
  • Includes personalised engraving
  • Expands from 50mm to 55mm

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As well as all of these gorgeous baby bracelets, there are many out there on the market for toddlers and older kids too. If you want bracelets for older children, see these three great choices.

Best Charm Bracelet

8. Mini Bloom Mini Create Your Own Personalised Sterling Bracelet

Mini Bloom Mini Create Your Own Personalised Sterling Bracelet.
Image © Bloom Boutique

Charm bracelets are particularly popular pieces of jewellery thanks to brands like Pandora, and we love this one from Bloom Boutique. We love how you can personalise this jewellery, right from the bracelet (ivory or pink pearl) to the charms (choice of birthstone, letter, animal, and heart or star). Obviously we wouldn’t recommend children under 36 months wearing this because of its small parts, but it’s a lovely first charm bracelet for young children.

Main Features

  • Price: £21
  • Choice of two bracelet styles and includes four charms
  • Bracelet is 160mm

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Best For Under 5s

9. Lily Belle Girls’ Personalised Glitter Stretch Bead Bracelet

Lily Belle Girls' Personalised Glitter Stretch Bead Bracelet.
Image © Lily Belle

Toddlers and young children may want to be more involved in choosing jewellery, so we think these personalised bracelets are a fun way for them to pick their favourite design without breaking the bank. They’ll love choosing either glitter or velvet materials in different colours, as well as the metal and shape for the tag, which can be personalised for no extra cost.

Main Features

  • Price: £22
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Choice of materials, metals and shape

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Best For Under 10s

10. Cotton Twist Personalised Wildflower Bracelet Making Kit

Cotton Twist Personalised Wildflower Bracelet Making Kit
Image © Cotton Twist

This one is a bit different! It is definitely one for older children, but can be given as a gift to younger kids if they are supervised at all times (as the beads are a choking hazard). We think this is a great value piece of kit as up to 10 personalised bracelets can be made, so it could be a great party activity. The beads themselves are high quality too with a lovely floral theme.

Main Features

  • Price: £16.95
  • Kit makes up to 10 bracelets
  • Box sticker can be personalised

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