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Beach Dresses Cheap

What to Wear to the Beach

  • Dress for the occasion, be it a leisurely day at the beach or a glamorous beach wedding.
  • Choose the style you’re aiming for, such as a sexy beach look or a boho babe appearance.
  • Select garments that match this style and that work together to create a cohesive and cute outfit.
  • Start by choosing your swimsuit and go from there, adding matching overgarments and accessories as you go.
  • Keep things looking beachy with lightweight fabrics, light and bright colors, playful prints, loose silhouettes and simple accessories.


Ready for some fun in the sun?

It’s time to start planning your summer beach outfits. Whether you are going on a beach vacation, beach date, or just spending a lazy listening to the waves crash on the shore. I’ve put together a long list of stylish and cute beach outfits that will give you some ideas for various beach events and activities so you will know what to wear to the beach!

Beach outfits that are a little dressy are great for dates at the beach or beach events like a concert or evening cocktail gathering. Casual beach outfits are for those days when you want to go to the beach but not get into the water because you’re admiring it from afar. You could be enjoying a good book or just hanging out with friends. Then there are those cute beach outfits that you would wear at beaches in California walking the boardwalk in Santa Monica or Venice Beach.

Continue reading to get some beach outfit inspiration and style tips, so next time you go to the beach, you know what outfit to wear.

For each of the following 21 cute beach outfits, I share one outfit photos and a little explanation about the outfit, if you want to see more pics from that specific outfit click on the image.


When it comes to cute beach outfits, the options are endless so start by narrowing your choices down to the occasion. What you wear to the beach with your friends on the weekend will be entirely different from what you wear to the beach for a cocktail event. Appropriate attire will not only help you look stylish, but it’s also respectful to the person putting on the event.

After identifying the occasion, it’s time to decide what type of outfit you want to wear. Do you want to look classically chic, boho, young, sexy? What do you want your beach outfit to say about you? Because our clothes speak for us before we do, you want to make sure you’re getting the right message across.

The last component in putting together your perfect beach outfit is the actual items themselves and making sure they all go together to create a stylish and cute beach outfit. Read this post on How to Look Stylish Everyday – Your 5 Step Checklist for tips on how to put together a balanced outfit. If you’re going to the beach for a dinner date, you most likely want to look stylish but still keep the beach vibe in your look.

For example, in the beach outfit below I paired a printed chiffon maxi dress in blue and white with a pair of blue wedges and a matching handbag. I kept the beachy essence by selecting a thin fabric, a fun print, light colors, and coordinated my accessories to the occasion.

The 21 beach outfits below cover a variety of looks for different occasions. These outfits are not just bikinis or dresses. I wanted to make sure this resource is something you could use when you need a dressy beach outfit or something to wear strolling the boardwalk. These do include some beach outfit essentials like a pretty beach coverup, a stylish hat, super cute sandals, and of course sexy swimsuit!

Use these beach outfit ideas for your inspiration, a jumping off point in putting together your outfit.



This is a beach outfit I wore in Mexico during our vacation. So for this beach vacation outfit, the accessories were a must, hat, and sunnies for sun protection because the sunrays were intense. The simple breezy top has little patterned details which match the style of the bracelets I’m wearing. Simple green classic chino shorts, the chino shorts I’m wearing are from J.Crew, and a boho bag completes this beach outfit.

stylish summer fashion - Visit to read all 11 summer fashion style tips

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For your time in the sun, nothing beats a bikini but if you want to add some pizazz and make it extra boho add a flowy floral beach coverup, beaded accessories and a hat. The floral embroidery matches the floral pattern on the coverup which helps create a cohesive beach look. The coverup I’m wearing this beach outfit is from Sole Society if you’re looking for something cute and affordable they have a lot of great options.

Cute beach outfit California Fashion Blog- Visit to see how to put together the perfect summer boho beach outfit

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This summer beach outfit has one piece that I love wearing in the summer, white shorts! This summer beach outfit can go from brunch to a bike ride to the beach, all in the same day. Under the beautiful blue spaghetti strap shirt, I wore a yellow bikini if I get the itch to take a dip in the ocean! The hat is a must to protect your hair and face from the sun, and the bracelets add a bit more color for fun. You could opt for denim white shorts but I prefer shorts that are a little more laid-back and loose. I’ve rounded up some options below this outfit pic!

cute beach outfit ideas - Visit to view more style photos and read style tips on cute beach outfits

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For a day spent on the sand, this tie-dye bikini with denim shorts is the perfect combo. Remove the shorts if you are tanning so you don’t get the crazy tan line. I like to add on a pair of shorts for those transition periods. Walking from the car to the beach, the beach to lunch, from the beach to grab a cocktail, etc. Add in matching bracelets and a sun hat, and you’re ready for the sunshine.

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Do you have a romantic summer date coming up? Or are you planning on having a nice date with your significant other during your vacation? This calls for a summer date outfit! Make sure this beach outfit is a little dressy, cute and flirty. For this summer date outfit, I wore an off the shoulder dress, some cute strappy sandals, fringe bucket bag, and hat! This is an outfit I wore on our vacation to Mexico, in the Riviera Maya.

Cute Outfit for a Beach Vacation - Visit to view more cute outfit photos and pin your favorite beach photo

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Wearing a mismatched bikini is not just because you forgot to pack to correct combo, it’s a cute and fun way to get more use out of your bikinis and create cute and unexpected combinations. I love to mix it up with beachwear, and this is the perfect example. The frilly style of the top is completely different from the traditional material and wrap bottom bikini. You can mix solid colors, like I do here, or have one piece be print and one solid. You can even mix prints if they are done right to create a unique beach outfit!

Mismatched Bikini - California Fashion Blog - Visit to read the style post and view more photos


I love this beach outfit because of the array of blues and fun prints. If you have not noticed yet, you will, that my favorite color is blue and that is also one of my favorite colors to wear to the beach. The two distinct patterns work so well together because they are in the same color scheme. This outfit is the perfect example of mixing prints and creating somewhat of a monochromatic look. I’ve decided to add a little more pattern to this outfit with the striped shoulder bag! To complete this cute vacation outfit, my hair has the cute beach waves look. You could also braid your hair which would be great to keep your hair out of your face and braids also look very cute at the beach! If you need braid ideas view 21 Braids for Long Hair with Step by Step Tutorials!

Wearing two patterns in one outfit- Visit Stlylishlyme for Summer Beach Outfit for SoCal


What is more simple and stylish than wearing a beautiful printed dress in the summer. This is a great example of a simple summer outfit with a beach vibe, with the vibrant blues reminiscent of the sea and sky. I’ve paired a blue print dress, with blue wedge sandals, a fedora, and a lightweight denim jacket. Perfect for a summer date, girls brunch, romantic beach dinner, or even a beach party.

what to wear to the beach - hat and printed dress - Visit for more outfit inspiration and style tips


Everyone has their idea of the perfect summer bikini, and this one is mine. I like that the top is a bit different, while the bottoms are classic. It’s comfortable, wears well in the water, and looks good under a beach cover-up! I know this is simple but I say it still counts as a beach outfit.

Beachwear essential - cute bikini - Visit for more outfit inspiration and style tips


Do you need to wear a beach outfit that is a little more dressed up? Why not opt for a maxi dress! A maxi dress is a great example of stylish beach attire. A beach maxi dress can be dressed up with heels or depending on the length of the dress you could wear cute flat sandals. I love this Donna Morgan dress, it’s got a beachy vibe but is classic in style with accordion pleating and the stark white top. Think about trying a dress with an ikat print, floral, tie-dye or stripe!

What to wear to the beach - blue white maxi dress - Visit for more outfit inspiration and style tips

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Are you going paddleboarding along the California coast? Or hanging at a SoCal beach like Venice, Santa Monica, or somewhere in San Diego? Opt for easy going beach attire and if you think your beach outfit is too relaxed then you’re probably right doing it right. I’m wearing a black print bikini with acrylic detailing on the straps, brightly colored shorts and, of course, a California Love tank (from Billabong).

Paddle Boarding Newport Beach, California -


Wondering what to wear to the beach? Why not a maxi beach cover-up! This is a simple, sexy and stylish beach option if you want to show off your bikini but still feel like you need something for a little coverage. To be honest, I love beach cover-ups, they are such an easy way to look dress and feel appropriate when walking around or just hanging out by the hotel beach lounge. Make sure to put on sunscreen! This type of material will not provide protection from the sun, so keep slathering on that sunscreen so you don’t end up with weird tan lines.

White Lace Coverup and Large Sunhat -


If lying on the sand is not the primary activity you will be doing for your beach day then you’ll need a beach outfit that is a little more versatile and appropriate for strolling the beachside stores eating at a restaurant. Opt for beach attire that is comfortable for exploring; like many of my cute beach outfits, one my favorite item is white shorts! In this beach look, I paired the white shorts with a chambray top, printed Sperry Top-Sider shoes, hat, and a denim jacket in case it got cold in the evening.

what to wear with white shorts - love these white shorts outfit tips and the post really helps me on deciding what to wear with white shorts!


This is a beach outfit I wore while exploring Santa Monica Beach in California. (If you planning to visit this California beach make sure to read my guide: The Best Things to Do in Santa Monica & Venice Beach.) In this cute beach outfit, I paired a printed tank top with crochet shorts, a lightweight cropped jacket, and sandals.

Cool Beach Outfit Summer


Like I mentioned above, I love a beautiful beach coverup and this is one of my favorite. A crochet beach romper to wear over your bikini is just stylish enough and also very different and stylish beach outfit!


Reminiscent of the Breton sailors of old, this blue-and-white striped tee is a classic item you can wear to the beach! While I paired this striped shirt with crochet shorts you can easily wear it with denim, linen or chino shorts. I added a pair of fun sandals to bring some color to this outfit and a hat for sun protection!

How to Wear Stripes to the beach - A Cute Beach Outfit -


Do you want to go from the beach to a restaurant to boutique shopping then to the beach again? Then a transitional beach outfit like this would be a great option. I’m wearing a beautiful one-piece swimsuit and wore denim shorts over it. So when I want to jump in the water I just remove the shorts, cute sandals, and hat. I dry off in the summer sun and then put everything back on and I’m ready to go! This also saves you from having to find a place to change.

casual outfit - Visit to view more photos of this casual outfit for the beach

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For a cute summer outfit with shorts go casual and relaxed with neutrals. For this cute outfit, I a classic denim jacket with a white linen tank top, white shorts, and the only color comes from the sandals. This cute summer outfit works for a weekend hanging out with friends or just enjoying the view with a drink in hand!

casual outfit for the beach - Visit to view more cute and casual summer outfits


If you have a very pretty bikini top that could pass off as a cut off shirt then wear it as one! In this outfit, I wore a bikini top as a shirt because I really loved the relaxed and pretty style of it. I paired it with forest green chino shorts, a denim jacket, and a cute striped bucket bag.

beach look for a beach date - visit to view more photos and read some style tips on stylish beach looks


I love stylish beach attire and summer beach vacation clothing is the best! This is where you can really have fun with your beach outfits! You’re on vacation! I love experimenting with different styles of beach coverups and this printed one is so much fun! The knotted ends and crazy print really adds character to this outfit!

cover ups for the beach - visit to read why you need beach cover ups and view more photos


One of the most well-known beaches in the world! Miami beach! Who doesn’t get excited just thinking about this epic beach vacation! This is an outfit I wore while in Miami and yes a beach coverup is a necessity! I tanned on my first day there and need this printed coverup to protect me from the sunrays! As I mentioned in my previous outfits, have fun with your beach coverup!

Stylish beach Attire- Visit to see more pictures and read about stylish beach attire

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