Beach wedding attire for groom

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Beach Wedding Attire For Groom

What Should I Wear To A Wedding On The Beach?

First, we’ll start with a quick hit list in case you’re pressed for time. If you want to go in-depth, we have plenty of information throughout this article.

  • Think linen or cotton, not wool.
  • Ties are optional.
  • “Casual” still requires attention to detail.
  • You don’t have to wear dress shoes, or any shoes for that matter.
  • Waistcoats offer dressiness & comfort simultaneously.
  • Keep the colors light.

While we associate beaches with summer, folks getting married on beaches aren’t necessarily getting married in the summertime. There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you’re planning a destination wedding to a tropical locale during your home country’s winter.

If so, good on you! It’s essentially a built-in honeymoon, and your guests will appreciate the opportunity to get out of dodge for a while.

Getting married or even just being in a wedding is an exciting time, and getting to do so on a beach just adds to the fun. Beaches make for wonderful photographs and videos, not to mention good old-fashioned memories.

But deciding what to wear to a beach wedding can be confusing for grooms and guests alike. Typical beach gear is as casual as can be. Men often wear bathing trunks, flip-flops, and sunglasses. That’s generally the end of it.

As you might imagine, this simply won’t cut it when you or your friends are getting hitched. Let’s explore some different options.

Beach Wedding Ceremonies


Beach weddings are just about the most informal weddings around. As such, it’s not really necessary to discuss formal versus informal dress codes as we did in our other wedding guides. The vibe is, by default, dressed down.

With that said, you still have plenty of options at your disposal. Some things to consider when making your decision as to what to wear are:

  • Just how casual is the event going to be? Some men want to wear a suit even with waves crashing at their feet. Others give that idea side eye for days.
  • Have you ever been described or described yourself as “sweaty?” If the answer to either of these questions is “yes,” then you might want to consider comfort above all else.

Beach Wedding Suits: Tips To Stay Cool & Look Good


It’s not at all uncommon to wear a suit to a beach wedding, especially if the reception is in a nearby location with air conditioning. It is a very special occasion after all, and a bit of sartorial decorum to signify this is always a good thing in our book.

The question is, how do you look awesome in your suit while maintaining at least some semblance of comfort? Here are a few tips:

Linen and cotton are your friends: While you can certainly wear a wool suit in a tropical weight to a beach wedding, linen and cotton are better choices. Not only do they tend to be better suited (pardon the pun) to warm climates, but they will both acquire a bit of wrinkle to them with even minimal wear.

Seersucker is also a great choice but if you don’t like stripes, consider solid seersucker instead. You can compare the differences between these fabrics in our guide to linen and seersucker.

This look of being slightly rumpled, elegantly disheveled, or whatever you want to call it, is perfectly suited (ahem) to a beach wedding’s casual nature. Furthermore, every guy can benefit from owning a summer suit (lots of folks get married in the summer), so it makes sense from a long-term investment standpoint too.

Colors & Accessories


Ditch the tie & roll up your sleeves

We suggest linen or cotton suits in khaki, light blue, light grey or white. If you’re a groom thinking about wearing a white suit, make sure your fiancé is cool with it.

Lots of guys nowadays aren’t letting their fiancés look at their suits in the same way that grooms aren’t allowed to see the dress until the day. Naturally, you do not want your wife-to-be to be furious for wearing what has traditionally been her color and her color only.

  • Lose the tie: Even if you’re wearing a shirt with a perfectly-fitted collar (which is to say, one that doesn’t strangle you to death), forgoing the tie is a good idea for the beach. This again hearkens back to beach weddings’ laid-back vibe, and you will simply be more comfortable.
  • Avoid dark colors: Dark colors attract sunlight (and therefore heat), whereas lighter colors reflect them. This isn’t to say that wearing all white is like walking around in your own personal air conditioner, but it will be much less stuffy and far more appropriate than a dark navy suit, for example.

Regarding color: color decisions for the groom and wedding party will likely be dictated by the wedding colors, a set of colors that determines the color theme of the event. This influences just about everything from floral arrangements to cake icing.

More relevant to this discussion, it can also influence what you wear in terms of your accessories. We have a guide for color coordination if you need help with it.

Guests should not worry about adhering to wedding colors.

Casual Wedding Attire Options


Suits aren’t the only acceptable clothing options for weddings. One reason that folks decide to have beach weddings in the first place is that it’s more casual, so it makes sense that grooms and their groomsmen would dress down.

Here are a few ideas as to how to do that while keeping things stylish.

  • Shorts: Well, not shorts per se. Roll up your trousers like you would shirt sleeves. You’ll be cool and comfortable, and your groomsmen and guests will surely appreciate following your sartorial lead.
  • Head-to-toe linen: It’s very popular to wear linen shirts and trousers. It’s casual but still smart, and it’ll keep you reasonably cool.
  • Wear a waistcoat: A vest with trousers and a shirt will add a dash of rakishness to your ensemble, and they can also be found (or made for you, either bespoke or made-to-measure) in linen. Being a sleeveless garment, it will also be cooler than a full suit. An added bonus is that wearing a vest affords you a place to put a boutonniere, as you can see above.

Best Beach Wedding Shoes For Men

Beaches pose particular issues regarding footwear for guys. For many of us, it’s difficult to picture wearing anything but a dress shoe with a suit. Being on a beach, however, changes the game a bit.

Here are some of the best footwear options for men involved in beach weddings:

The following sections include more information about men’s beach wedding shoes and our top recommendations for each style of shoe.

Dress Shoes

Beckett Simonon Cohen Penny Loafer On Wall

Beckett Simonon Penny Loafers

If you’re adamant about wearing dress shoes, we completely understand. Furthermore, the whole ceremony may not take place on a beach and it would look odd for you to stroll up the aisle of a local venue with flip flops!

We’d generally suggest loafers over other styles of shoes. Firstly, it’s likely going to be summer so they’d be more fitting. Similarly, if you’re taking your shoes on and off, laces would be inconvenient. You could also consider monkstrap shoes instead as they’re dressier and equally easy to remove in a hurry!

There are many different types of loafer and we cover them all in separate guides. We’ve listed them here in order of formality:

Since they’ll likely be taking a beating in the sand, avoid shoes that are too luxurious as you might regret damaging them. You can also protect your shoes beforehand with some wax or dubbin. Additionally, tan is a safe color as it works well for the setting and scratches won’t be as visible.

Nevertheless, don’t feel like you have to wear something cheap. Beckett Simonon is an excellent brand that offers superb value as well as a 20% discount with the code BU20. Meanwhile, Ace Marks is a little more expensive but shipping is quicker as the shoes aren’t made-to-order.

Finally, a tough call is whether to opt for Blake-stitched or Goodyear-welted shoes. Goodyear welts offer additional water resistance but can be stuffy. However, Blake-stitched shoes have slimmer profiles and breathe better in the heat.

Since Goodyear welted shoes are more expensive, it’s your call!

Our Top Recommendations: Beckett Simonon & Ace Marks

Flip Flops

OluKai Ohana Flip Flops

Quintessential beach footwear, flip-flops are great particularly if you’re wearing shorts or just trousers and a linen shirt. Make sure that they’re on the dressier side (insofar as flip-flops can be dressy). Nothing athletic-inspired, nothing super bulky.

Just slim, streamlined, and (ideally) with leather straps. Most importantly, ensure that your toes are not gross. Get a pedicure or even medical treatment if you have to. Another alternative is Birkenstocks, which can embody a wonderfully Bohemian feel to the event.

Our Top Recommendation: OluKai Ohona Flip Flop

Boat Shoes

We know, you won’t be on a boat during your ceremony. But boat shoes are a great hot-weather shoe whose nautical heritage speaks directly to the huge body of water next to which you’re getting married.

Our Top Recommendation: Allen Edmonds Maritime Boat Shoe

No Shoes

Going shoeless is an option. It is the beach, after all…

If you go this route, make sure that you’re standing on a blanket or something. There’s no pain in the world like bare feet on hot sand!

Driving Shoes

Oliver Cabell Driver Sole

Oliver Cabell

Another misnomer, driving shoes are made for driving but are barely ever worn for that purpose exclusively. Comfortable and casual but still slim and handsome, drivers are great for beach weddings.Aurélien Suede Leather Sole Detail


We’re quite fond of the Oliver Cabell driving shoes, which have a more structured and formal design. However, if you want something laidback, Aurélien has a more artisanal aesthetic.

Our Top Recommendation: Oliver Cabell


Apoint Brand Espadrilles Shoes Wide

We used to feature slides in this space and while there are some attractive leather options, they don’t quite have the same carefree Bohemian vibe as classic espadrilles!

Indeed, espadrilles are wonderful to wear on the beach and a great alternative to sandals. Fold the back down and wear them like slippers or pull them up and wear them like loafers!

Our Top Recommendation: Soludos Dali Espadrilles


Beckett Simonon Morgen Classic Sneakers GAT Shoes

A cream-colored linen suit with white Chuck Taylors is perhaps a bit trendy, but it’s also fun. If you’re the kind of guy who lives in sneakers and is getting married on a beach, consider this option.

Our Top Recommendation: Beckett Simonon

Dressing Your Groomsmen For Beach Nuptials


Our advice as outlined in our general wedding guide still stands for beach weddings. A couple of common themes are:

  1. Have everyone dress identically: It’s simple, it’s easy, and it makes for continuity in photos. Everyone in matching suits, everyone in matching vests, everyone in matching shorts, whatever you like. The choice is yours.
  2. Dress your groomsmen identically with you dressed a bit differently: If you prefer to have a bit of a spotlight on you as the groom, then this is definitely the way to go. A couple of ideas here are:
  • Groom in a suit, groomsmen in trousers and a vest in a matching color
  • Groom in matching trousers & waistcoat, groomsmen in trousers & shirts the same colors as the groom’s
  • Everyone in matching vests, trousers, & ties, but groom in a different color tie.

For instance, the groom and groomsmen can wear the same suit, but the groom’s shirt, tie, and pocket square are all different. The suits could certainly benefit from some alterations, but the color story and general aesthetic theme are all there.

Finally, consider a boutonnière to unify the wedding party with a pop of color!

How Guests Should Dress

Beach Wedding Altar

As we’ve stated, beach weddings are inherently casual. It’s reasonable to assume that your guests will want to look nice but also still be comfortable, so giving them some guidance is helpful.

It’s wise to say “beach formal” on your invitations. This will indicate to guests that they should dress up but still keep in mind that they’ll be contending with sun, sand, and water.

For men, this means a summer suit, with a tie being optional. It can also mean simple linen slacks and a button-down shirt. The best thing to do is think of what you’d wear to a nice restaurant in the summertime and use that as a guide.

If the dress code is “casual,” then you’re safe in slacks and a button-down or even a polo shirt. Don’t wear jeans, t-shirts, or other street clothing to a wedding. “Casual” in this sense means, “Hey, come celebrate with us and have a good time.”

Best wedding guest dresses: The stylish wedding guest dresses and outfits to shop now

Banish your RSVP woes

edding season has taken on a whole new form this year with lavish functions of hundreds of people swapped for more intimate affairs, but there’s one question that remains unwavering – what are you going to wear?

Our loved ones are getting creative with their nuptials during the Coronavirus crisis. Whether you’re attending via Zoom, with just your nearest and dearest in their back garden or planning ahead for the celebrations that have been postponed to next year, there’s one thing that’s for certain. There are festivities to be had and the perfect outfit needs to be purchased.

If you’re anything like us, over the past few weeks, there has been a seemingly never-ending flow of engagements that have started filling up our previously vacant lockdown diary for this year and 2021. While plans may still be uncertain, the mini sartorial panic is real as you search frantically in your full-to-the-brim wardrobe with nothing to wear.

Wedding guest dressing is an art. After wearing nothing but loungewear and pyjamas for the past four months or so, this gives us all the perfect opportunity to finally dress up to the nines in a number that’s still comfortable enough to dance the night away in.

You want to look your best so you can treasure the photos for years to come as well as feeling confident as you reunite with old friends. There’s also the possibility of a wedding romance – but it goes without saying that you can’t upstage the bride herself. Dress code, time of year and location are all worth considering, along with musing over the wedding guestwear taboo of wearing white

We have gathered our favourite party dresses to help you nail your wedding guest woes.READ MOREBest shapewear for the tummy, hips and thighs

Sigmund Dress

Summer to winter, this midi number is the ultimate wedding guest all-rounder. It has a lightweight construction but is fitted with long sleeves to withstand any weather. It is demure yet sexy with the ability to show some leg thanks to a perfectly placed slit and it nails this season’s square neckline and puffed shoulder trend. It’s the total package and a yes from us.

£275 | Reformation

Short sequin dress

Up the glitz and the glam of any festivity with this sequin number. Bringing all the disco ball vibes, this is the statement-making piece you need to dance the night away – and it has elegance in spades. The dress has a short length, long sleeves and a flattering v-neck knotted design.

£79.99 | Mango

Josephine – Large Rose Black Polka

We have had this Rixo number on our wish list since we first spotted it at the brand’s presentation and what better excuse to finally invest in the piece than to celebrate your friend, family or loved one’s wedding. It is adorned with a polka dot and floral pattern set on a long dress with a sweetheart neckline. Fun and feminine.

£335 | Rixo

Primrose Dress in Dulcie Ditsy

Oozing with timeless elegance, this is the kind of dress that you’ll reach for time and time again – no matter the occasion. Weddings, of course, but really any warm weather function as you can easily dress it up and down with the right accessories. It takes an even more elegant twist on a classic slip dress with an ethereal floral print. When winter arrives, slip a t-shirt underneath and you’re good to go.

£195 | Ghost

ASOS Design satin maxi tea dress

No matter whether their nuptials are accompanied by a heatwave or a storm, this dress brings the sunshine and positivity with its vivid floral design. This may just be the only piece where you can include white as the pattern on top is bold and eye-catching. Invest in this dress now to get your wardrobe ready for a whole host of summer soirees.

£45 | ASOS

Floral Diamond Ruffle Gown

Answering your froufrou dressing dreams in the most elegant way possible, Needle & Thread is on hand with this romantic piece. It is made up of tulle that has been embellished with an early 1990s vintage floral print, frill detailing and voluminous sleeves.

£360 | Needle & Thread

Jenna Neck-Tie Detail Midi Dress Teal

Move away from your all-black wardrobe by investing in this Tiffany-hued number from Reiss. The dress falls to a flatterin midi length and is balanced by a sleeveless construction with a high neck and open back with a handy, well-placed insert to avoid bra-related drama.

£225 | Reiss

Balloon-sleeved dress

Nail effortless style with this leopard print piece from H&M. It may have a different feel from the traditional wedding colour palette but we’re encouraging you to go bigger and fiercer with the animal design. Big ticks for us include an A-line silhouette, balloon sleeves and a subtle flounce.

£17.99 | H&M

ASOS Design halter neck ruched waist midi dress

Mint green has been the undeniable colour of the season and it’s surprisingly subtle enough to suit even the chromophobes. For boho dress codes or to suit a softer venue like the beach or countryside, one onf our favourite designs is this knockout piece from ASOS. It has a halterneck style, flattering shirred waist, sophisticated pleated and romantic ruffle detailing. Love.

£45 | ASOS

Delphine Dress in Roscoe Rose

Giving us retro feels, this vintage-inspired dress from Ghost is feminine, chic and elegant; solving your sartorial stresses in seconds. The frock has a v-neck line, button front and a gathered detail around the shoulder with a gentle empire-line silhouette. It has a sumptuous soft satin fabric that feels lovely against the skin.

£225 | Ghost

Max Mara Leisure Teoria slip dress

A slip dress may have been originally synonymous with 90s fashion but they are the timeless, wardrobe staple that have become quintessential wedding wear. This elegant iteration from Max Mara Leisure nails the minimalist and refined aesthetic with a buttery brushed satin and cowl neckline. It is also available in black for those who prefer to slink around in darker hues.

£145 | Matches Fashion

Belted Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

Whether you are attending nuptials home or abroad, this dress covers all the bases. For more casual dress codes, this floral number is meets all requirements. It feels special enough for those garden or day celebrations without drawing attention away from the lady of the day.

£85 | & Other Stories

Josie Zip-Detail Bodycon Dress Berry

Black-tie dress codes have met their match with this sophisticated piece from Reiss. A bodycon with a twist, it has an elegant knee-length design and flattering draped neckline. It is offered in this transitional burgundy shade or white for those non-wedding functions.

£185 | Reiss

ASOS DESIGN panelled satin midi dress

Slip into this elegant satin dress from ASOS and watch all wardrobe-related worries melt away. The stunning feminine piece has a floral print set on a lovely lilac backdrop. If you’re a fan of the front, you’ll swoon even more for the open back with cowl design.

£30 | ASOS

ASOS DESIGN tiered smock mini dress

The psychedelic 70s called with this frock, and we very much answered. We love the floaty tiered style and the floral print that has universal appeal. When you don this dress, you will be well and truly ready to party, be it a wedding, BBQ or Saturday night at your local.

£30 | ASOS


Anna Blue Ditsy Print Midi Dress

A winner year-round, this versatile piece nails wedding dressing. From the stunning cornflower blue hue to the posey floral design, this frock rocks with a summertime feel that can be worn in colder weather with the simple addition of a pair of tights. It has a midi fit, chic full sleeves, and on-trend gathered detailing at the sleeves.

£145 | Kitri

Puffed sleeves dress

Mango’s effortlessly chic frock has a satin-like construction and playful organza puff sleeves that together, nail some of the biggest trends this season in one. Depending on how you style, you can work it for all dress codes from cocktail to casual as well as formal.

£49.99 | Mango

Norma Kamali Diana jersey one-shoulder midi dress

Nail any formal dress codes with this head-turner from Norma Kamali. This one-shoulder dress oozes elegance and won’t fail to make a style statement. It is constructed with a ruched design for an extremely flattering look and offered in a pleasing bold red hue.

£215 | My Theresa

Rick Owens Lilies knit dress

Giving us real nostalgic 90s feels, this halterneck dress from Rick Owens can be styled anyway you want to suit all occasions from weddings, to heading to the pub on a Saturday night. It’s so versatile you’ll find yourself looking for reasons to slip into this understated design.

£244 | My Theresa

Hope & Ivy maxi cami dress with open back

This red carpet-worthy frock will bring a sultry and elegance look for your warm weather weddings this season. The slip-like piece has a tie-back with a floral design and stunning lace inserts.

£59.50 | ASOS

Eva Dress

Feel party ready with this mini halterneck dress from Seren. The stunning piece has a loose-fitting design with a flattering tiered hem. You can easily style it up and down to suit your dress code be it black-tie or cocktail. Just add strappy sandals and statement earrings and you’re good to go.

£300 | Seren

Masha Dress

This floaty fuchsia frock deserves its place in your summer wardrobe for wedding season and beyond. Whether the nuptials are at home or abroad, it has a lightweight feel to suit warmer climates and will keep you cool when you’re throwing some shapes on the reception dance floor.

£325 | ba&sh

ASOS EDITION volume sleeve midi dress

This dreamy blue number has a unique cut that brings a new dimension to summer formalwear. We’ve fallen hard for the retro oversized shoulder design and vintage-inspired floral print combo.

£76 | ASOS

Square Neck Floral Midi Dress

Set to be one of the standout dresses of summer 2020, & Other Stories is offering this floral design set on a universally flattering square neck silhouette. It has subtle puff sleeves and a side slit to add drama and elegance.

£95 | & Other Stories

Aria Floral Print Midi Dress

From weddings in the city, country or further afield, this floral frock from Kitri is the perfect purchase to have ready and waiting in your wardrobe. It has a silky satin-like fabric with a versatile navy hue to firm its status as the ultimate transitional piece. Finished with a stunning floral design and a puff sleeve embellishment it will look gorgeous in wedding snaps.

£145 | Kitri

Beatrice Maxi Dress

Taking inspiration from vintage designs, this maxi dress offers an effortless option. Styling is made easy thanks to the lustrous fabric, plunging v-neck and flutter sleeves. It comes in a range of colourways but we’re quite taken with this radiant sandy hue.

£228 | Free People

Ganni Floral-print crepe midi dress

If you find yourself lacking in wardrobe inspiration, look to Copenhagen-born brand Ganni. Its floral frock is ideal for wearing to all kinds of formal events and is a reliable go-to for warm weather dressing.

£99 | The Outnet

Balloon-sleeved dress

Make a statement without spending a small fortune with this seriously on-trend frock from H&M. The high street hero is offering the midi-length piece with oversized balloon sleeves in this fun floral print, or a neutral all-beige colourway for those who shy away from pattern.

£39.99 | H&M

ASOS DESIGN floral organza mini dress

Soothe your sartorial panic with this easy, breezy frock from ASOS that taps into this season’s ubiquitous organza trend. The floral print piece has a high neck, puff sleeves and sits at a mini length.

£35 | ASOS

Rat & Boa Magnolia floral-print georgette maxi dress

Elegant yet easy, this floral-print maxi dress from Rat & Boa nails retro glamour and will give you a sultry edge as you glide into the wedding venue. Already a fan favourite with the like of Emma Louise Connolly, it has a sweetheart neckline and daringly deep side-slit.

£145 | Matches Fashion

Baum und Pferdgarten Atena tiger-print maxi dress

Channel beach wedding vibes in this midi number, which can also be styled just as easily for autumnal nuptials. Animal print is the new neutral, so amp up the effect by going wild with your accessories or keep it minimal with just a gold chain and contrast heels to make it work for formal dress codes. A blank canvas of a frock, the styling possibilities are endless.

£199 | MyTheresa

ASOS DESIGN maxi tea dress

If you are on the hunt for a more modest number, may we introduce you to this polka dot piece. It has long-sleeves, a full-length skirt and high neck silhouette. The timeless print works for all occasions, from smart, to casual and everything in between.

£38 | ASOS

Rae – Abstract 60’s Floral Swirl

This playful floral print takes inspiration from the Swinging Sixties and we’re so here for it. The genius design duo at Rixo know a thing or two about wedding guest dressing and this is the perfect piece to wear as you watch the happy couple say ‘I Do’.

£305 | Rixo

Belted Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

& Other Stories’ oh-so flattering mint-coloured frock taps into another big trend – puff sleeves – and has a floral embossed design. The high neckline keeps the whole thing looking demure – match with pearls for extra style points.

£95 | & Other Stories

ASOS DESIGN maxi dress in floral print

For a lower cost alternative on a certain Rixo dress, this maxi from ASOS comes in tops. It is flattering, fun and can be upgraded with the right accessories and a chic little clutch. Consider your wedding attire woes well and truly sorted.

£36 | ASOS

Puff-sleeved dress

There’s no such thing as having too many LBDs in our book. They’re so versatile and can be prevented from looking too sombre with the right finishes; think chandelier earrings, a jewelled headband and sky-high heels that make the most of your pins. The genius in H&M’s design lies in its simplicity – a clean silhouette, mini length and v-neck – with a few quirks, like the catwalk-worthy puffed sleeves. As well as block black, it comes in stop-traffic red with a floral print. A steal at this price.

£17.99 | H&M

16 Arlington Michelle feather-trimmed mini dress

One of fashion’s favourite partywear labels, you can always count on 16Arlington for frothy frock that is in equal parts stylish as it is opulent. The classic LBD is turned on its head with the Michelle dress that has a fanciful feather-trimmed embellishment.

£850 | Net-A-Porter

Batsheva Ruffled plissé cotton-velvet mini dress

Red is one of the cleverest colours on the palette: not only is red a natural stand-out by nature, but the colour maintains an air of sophistication and luxe as perfectly demonstrated with this Batsheva number.

£172 | Matches Fashion

Whistles Vilimina Silk Mix Velvet Dress

‘Tis the season to swap your linen for velve and after seeing this pretty pink piece, we relish the prospect of the switch-up. The feminine piece has puffed sleeves and a bow tie detail at the back.

£135 | Whistles

Rixo Antoinette ruffled-trim crepe maxi dress

As Dusty Springfield once sang “The look of love is in your eyes…” You may only be a guest at the wedding but you’ll fall head over heels in love with Antoinette, Rixo’s romantic midi.

Available in sizes XS to XL, the high nip at the ribs flatters the waist and the delicate ruffles create a playful movement.

£315 | Rixo

Palones Aurora Angel Sleeve Maxi Dress​

Palones is the new British brand to fall in love with and we’re starting our affair with the Aurora dress. Consider it for AW20 weddings, pair it with a contrasting clutch and minimal jewellery – or save it for spring where the elegant print will pop alongside a pair of embellished sandals.

This is an eye-catching, cultivated dress to wear across the seasons.

£59 | Palones

ASOS WHITE raw collar maxi dress with godets

This dress from ASOS is the reliable wardrobe addition your future self will be so thankful you had the good sense to purchase. In a seasonal favourite burgundy hue, it has a full length sleeve and maxi silhouette that firms its status as a luxe party staple.

£47 | ASOS

Hamaji The Nomad African Night Dress

Made to order, this stunning Italian silk crepe dress by Hamaji The Nomad via Akojo Market, has been embroidered with eye-catching botanical designs and decadent details.

The craftsmanship of this piece is truly exceptional – each dress has been embroidered by a group of skilled artisans the designer works closely with in Nairobi, Kenya.

Expertly stitched at the Hamaji studio at the base of Mount Kenya, this is the artisan showstopper for wedding season and beyond.

£269 | Akojo Market

Kitri Serafina floral-print satin midi dress

Have you ever looked at an object of desire and in Liz Lemon’s voice thought “I want to go to there”? Because we want to go to there.

Produced in limited quantities, this floral-print satin midi is one of the most dreamy dresses of the season. Get it while stocks lasts.

£59 | Kitri

Liquorish satin slip dress in multi abstract animal print

This attention-hogging dress is just the ticket for winter wedding season. The unique piece can equally be dressed up as it could down depending on your event’s dress code.

It has a clashing print design that features an enduring leopard print, a trend that shows no sign of slowing down.

£23 | ASOS

Self-Portrait Lace-trimmed pleated chiffon midi dress

You can always depend on Self-Portrait for an extensive collection of wedding guest-worthy dresses. This romantic chiffon piece features an underwired bust for support and a flattering ruffle detail at the waist.

£320 | Self-Portrait

ASOS DESIGN pleated shoulder pencil dress

While the design of this monochromatic spot print dress from ASOS is classic, the silhouette brings an interesting twist to the piece. It has an asymmetric neckline and a flattering ruched detail that ensures you can feast away at the wedding buffet without worrying about a skin-tight fit.

£21.85 | ASOS

LF Markey Olan Dress

This drop-shoulder beauty is made from 100 per cent heavy drape textured rose linen and features a pleated waistline giving way to two sets of pockets – in dress terms, this is nirvana. Say goodbye to carting your bag around all night just to keep track of your phone and lippy.

An occasion chameleon, this dress is so versatile we think it’s an all-year winner.

£175 | Young British Designers

Reformation Gavin Dress

Often simple is best, and LA hit brand Reformation know this all too well. Balancing a high neck against a high silt—this is a thoroughly sophisticated dress with a real come-hither appeal.

Available in multiple prints and colours.

£235 | Reformation

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Richard Quinn Navy One Shoulder Dress

With an asymmetric design, this 80s inspired knee-length dress is sure to turn heads at the party. The dark navy colour, wide mesh strap and sophisticated silhouette means this dress can take you from the morning ceremony to cake-cutting at the reception without a hitch.

Available from sizes 6 -18. Play up the polka-dot lining with matching accessories.

£160 | Debenhams

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Whistles Eleanor Dress

We’re majorly into the Baroque-worthy print on this Whistles mini dress. The shorter option remains wedding-appropriate with a high neckline and hem that falls right above the knee. Plus, it makes the perfect party dress for when heels are abandoned under the reception tables at the end of the night.

£89 | Whistles

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KITRI Roxanne embroidered frilled crepe midi dress

The embroidery on this playful crepe midi is a sunny-summery motif that is perfect for both formal and informal weddings. The asymmetric neckline and flared skirt will suit any shape and you can dress it up or down with simple or OTT accessories.

£29 | Kitri

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