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As always, Koboguide showcases simple beaded necklace patterns, latest beads necklace designs and last but not least 100 beaded jewelry designs. It can be daunting searching the internet for the latest information but we’ve made life easier for you by compiling and showcasing a range of choices for you to choose from quickly and easily. 

Additionally, you can also find on Koboguide seed bead jewelry ideas, beading ideas for beginners and beads necklace designs patterns. These are updated regularly so make sure to always check back regularly and share these with friends and family looking for this type of information.

Birthstone Bracelet

Type BraceletTechnique Bead Stringing

Birthstone Bracelet Project

This beautiful birthstone bracelet contains amethyst Swarovski crystals, white glass based pearls, white teardop glass based pearls, sterling silver caps, and sterling silver beads.

Bracelet measures 7 1/2 inches.

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Love Pendant – Wire Wrapped Turquoise Pendant

Type NecklaceTechnique Wirework

Love Pendant – Wire Wrapped Turquoise Pendant Project

This pendant was made from fine silver wire, copper wire and adorned with natural turquoise stones, sterling silver beads and copper beads, oxidized for an antique look, polished and treated with a sealer to stabilize the oxidation and preserve the color of the metals. They were wire wrapped, hammered and polished at every step.
Pendant length: 6 cm / 2.5”
Necklace length: 20”

Green Stone Memory Wire Bracelet

Type BraceletTechnique Wirework

Green Stone Memory Wire Bracelet Project

I had gone to a gem shop and found these wonderful stone beads that I thought would make great focal beads for a bracelet. I used memory wire.I mixed different fire polished beads and crystals and a few spacers. I loved the color combinations.

The end beads are glued on as I do not like the bent end that is often suggested for memory wire.

Bead Embroidered Cuff Bracelets

Type BraceletTechnique Bead Embroidery

Bead Embroidered Cuff Bracelets Project

This is a grouping of three bead embroidered cuff bracelets created using different types of fabric, leather, suede, glass seed beads, freshwater pearls, glass beads and semi-precious jade chips. I love bead embroidery because it feels like I’m painting with beads.

Guardian – Free Form Peyote Stitch Beaded Bracelet

Guardian – Free Form Peyote Stitch Beaded Bracelet Project

With this bracelet I used seed beads, nymo thread, vintage button, tiger eye, brass leaf and Czech glass.

Start by using size 12 needle, around 4 feet of beading thread and a stop bead at the end with a 8 inch tail.

Gather up 5 or 6 different size 8 and 11 seed bead colors, a focal and assorted accent beads of choice with a button for a closer.

String beads in a variety of colors until the string is 1/2″ shorter than the bracelet length you desire. Turn back and begin flat peyote stitch by entering the third bead from the end.

Turn and continue with flat peyote until you have your desired width. For the first few rows use matching beads. After the first few rows begin blending beads into adjoining beads. Make gradual changes of bead colors, and after a few rows start adding focal, accent beads, bridges to your desired width. Weave in any end or new thread to continue or finish your bracelet.

At the one end without the tail sew/anchor button on seed beads, its always best to use a button with shank.

With the tail end, with needle add enough size 11 seed bead to the tail to make a loop that will best fit the wrist and also fit over the button closer.

Choosing the colors, beads and when to add a bead and pattern some seed beads is the personal key to each bracelet, with free form there is no real pattern for your design accept for the one you have in your heart…have fun with making the bracelet, experiment with the layout and enjoy the mixing of colors and beads as you go around each row.

Summer Garden Bracelet

Type BraceletTechnique Wirework

Summer Garden Bracelet Project

I was feeling summery and wanted to make something to suit my mood. I came up with this bracelet which is made of vintage Lucite flower charms in various pastel shades. The charms are wire wrapped onto a silver plated chain. I have finished the bracelet with a classic silver plated heart toggle clasp.

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