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Most of the time, beards grow quite curly. Due to the hormone-stimulated growth, facial hair is often more coarse and harder to tame than the hair on top of your head. What are the best Beard Straightener For Short Beards, beard straightener in store and best beard straightener 2020 options?

And to help you out, beard straighteners come into play. What I’m talking about are the beard straightening brushes (such as the original Kuchelbar from Jeff Chastain), mini beard irons, and heated beard press combs.

Sure, you could try the classic way of straightening a curly beard which involves taking a shower, applying some beard oil, and combing it down with the help of a blow dryer. You could even get one of our reviewed best beard brushes and try if that helps.

best beard straightener 2020

However, at the end of the day, the aforementioned tricks don’t work for all beards (they only work for the lucky fellows with naturally soft beards)…

And although the classic way of straightening a beard is the least damaging routine to do, it’s also time-consuming and not all that effective.

You could also try a keratin-bond breaking beard relaxing cream, which is extremely effective for straightening a curly beard, but also the most damaging option of them all (and definitely not recommended by us).

The easier way out is to use a heated beard straightener, one of the best beard products a man can own.

Specifically, I’m talking about tools like these:

  • Heated Beard Straightener Brushes
  • Electric Heat Press Combs
  • Beard Straightening Irons

So that’s why today, we are teaching you everything you ever wanted to know about beard straightening tools, how they work, how to use them safely, which type is best for your beard style, and we will finish off with a review of the seven best beard straighteners of 2020.

Right off the bat, I can tell you that heated beard tools do work exceptionally well.

If you’re willing to suffer from a bit of extra beard damage caused by the high heat, you will be getting even the most coarse and curliest beard perfectly straight with proper heated beard straightening tools.

So, what are your choices then?

  • Electric Heat Brush which is just like a normal beard brush, but instead, there’s a heating element inside that heats the ceramic anti-scald bristles to 300-375°F (150-190°C). Heated beard straightening brush is by far the easiest, safest, and fastest tool to use in removing the beard curls.
  • Heat Press Comb which is a gold-ceramic comb with a heating element inside, capable of producing up to 450°F (232°C) temperature for beard straightening purposes. Due to its high heat and small teeth spaces, it’s extremely effective, but also most likely to cause damage to the beard hairs.
  • Mini Flat Iron Beard Straighteners are basically the exact same thing that women commonly use to straighten their curly hair, but instead, we are using a mini version to do the same for our beards. With up to 410°F (232°C) heat, a mini beard iron is also much more likely to damage your beard than a heated beard brush would be. It also takes a quite long beard to properly use one.

Beard straightener brushes are the fastest and safest way to straighten your beard, followed by the mini beard irons and heated beard combs, which are both super effective, but also come with a higher risk of damaging and burning the facial hair.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Beard Straightener

man with freshly straightened beard

Before you rush into buying a beard straightener, you should consider whether you even need one, or if your beard has what it needs to benefit from one.

Below, we have listed the most important factors to consider before purchasing a beard straightening brush, mini iron, or a heated beard comb. ↓

1. Could you Get Away with Just Shower + Blow Dry?

Not every curly beard needs to be straightened with a heated tool. In some cases, you can get away with just taking a shower, applying some beard oil & beard balm, and then blow-drying the facial hair straight down with the help of a comb.

This obviously isn’t too effective if you have a coarse beard that just curls no matter what you throw at it and it’s pretty time consuming so you might want to opt for electric brush or straighteners instead.

2. Price

The beard straighteners we will be listing below are all relatively cheap and come with good value in terms of quality.

However, if you’re loaded on extra money and want to get the best of the best, know that there are some professional tools out there that are really expensive, but can provide you with marginally better results.

The price for the straightening irons, for example, can range from $10 all the way to $200.

3. Your Beard Length Matters

It goes without saying that you need a bit of length on your facial hair before it’s reasonable to straighten it.

Let’s say you have a short 1-inch beard; it would be useless to try and straighten that with a straightening iron (as there wouldn’t be enough facial hair to put in between the plates).

Using a heat press comb would be dangerous as you would be pressing so close to the skin. And lastly, a heated brush wouldn’t have much surface area to work with at all.

We recommend that you only start considering heated beard straightener tools after your beard length reaches 2″+, it’s likely not even properly curling before that.

4. Let’s Not Forget the Ease of Use

When trying to decide between the three options, an electric brush, heat comb, or mini iron, one of the first things to look at is their ease of use.

Sure, you will always have easier and faster time just using something like one of our best beard combs (normal beard combs) but you will also never achieve the same straightening power you’d get from a heat tool.

Heated beard brushes are very quick to use, with just a few minutes of brushing being enough in most cases.

Heated beard press combs are the second fastest option, also taking just a few minutes to fully straighten a curly beard.

Mini beard irons, on the other hand, are quite tedious to use, taking anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your beard length.

What makes the flat iron straighteners so slow to use is the fact that you have to take a few beard hairs on your hand, put them in between the plates, run it through, find another bunch of hair, and repeat the process multiple times over.

Beard Straightener For Short Beards

1. Tame The Wild Heated Beard Straightener Brush

tame the wild heated beard brush

After testing the Tame the Wild’s heated beard straightener brush for a while, I can comfortably say that it’s currently the best beard heat tool available.

Sure, there are dozens upon dozens of different brushes out there, and these straighteners are absolutely blowing up in popularity. So far after testing four different heated brush models; this one takes the cake.

It’s sturdy and very well put together. Even though almost all of these straightening brushes are manufactured in China, it doesn’t really show in this one.

“The brush has has dual-voltage, the usual anti-scald design, and a whopping 12 different temperature settings between 250°F to 400°F.”

The 360° swivel-cord makes your beard straightening job much less of a hassle, and the simple to use buttons (power, increase heat, decrease heat) is extremely easy to use and understand.

It takes about a minute for the brush to heat up from zero to its max temperature, and the built-in ionic generator feeds negative ions to the bristles which helps reduce the heat damage that is unfortunately caused by all heated beard tools.

All-in-all, I can highly recommend this beard straightener for all men who have beards of over 2″ in length (the ceramic bristles will be too long for shorter beards), and you can read more info about this great brush from their Amazon listing.

Key Features

  • Time to Heat: 60 seconds
  • Anti-scald design: Yes
  • Dual Voltage: Yes
  • Heat Settings: 12 (200-400°F)
  • Size: 9.5″ x 2.0″ x 1.0″
  • Price: Medium-tier


  • Currently the best beard straightener available.
  • Quite safe to use thanks to the anti-scald design.
  • The negative ions emitted mitigate some heat damage.
  • Clear instructions for use and a solid 1-year warranty.


  • Made in China, like almost all of the beard heat tools.
  • Your beard needs to be at least 2-inches for this straightener.

2. Aberlite Beard Straightener

aberlite heated beard straightening brush

The Aberlite Beard Straightener Brush held its place as the #1 on this list for quite some time until I eventually had a chance to test the Tame the Wild straightener above.

Don’t get me wrong. This heat brush is still amazing, and almost on par with the one above, it’s relatively safe to use thanks to the anti-scald design and negative-ion generator.

There are adjustable heat settings that don’t go too far up so that you would fry your whiskers (though, there are only three choices compared to the twelve that the above straightener has)

The tines are ceramic and the display and buttons are very simple to use and learn. There’s a 360° swivel-cord which makes your life easier, and it takes about a minute to heat up as well, which ain’t bad at all.

Bottom line: I can recommend this beard straightening brush easily without losing my sleep. It’s almost identical in effectiveness and quality to the Tame the Wild one, with just fewer heat settings and a bit of a bulkier design. You can read more reviews and information from their original Amazon listing.

Key Features

  • Time to Heat: 60 seconds
  • Anti-scald design: Yes
  • Dual Voltage: Yes
  • Heat Settings: Three (300°F, 340°F, 375°F)
  • Size: 10.2″ x 2.2″ x 1.8″
  • Price: Medium-tier


  • Effective, safe, and simply well put together.
  • Safer than hair straighteners or heat press combs.
  • Very easy to use with clear instructions.


  • Made in China, like about 99% of these tools on the market.
  • Not usable for men with shorter beards.

3. BeardClass Premium Beard Straightener Brush

beardclass beard straightener brush

I know the guys over at BeardClass work really hard to create good quality beard tools for men, and they were actually one of the first ones to enter the market with the now well-known beard shaping templates.

Recently, they have added a heated beard straightening comb (or brush?) into their arsenal of products, and I must say that it’s quite a competitor for Aberlite and Tame the Wild.

“Like the other two, it has ceramic tines, the anti-scald design, negative-ion generator, 360° swivel-cord, and as most of the beard straighteners; it’s made in China.”

Where they differ from the pack is that the straightener has a design that features shorter tines, which makes it more suitable for men with shorter beards (as short as just 1″ in length).

It also heats up faster than the competitors; in just 40 seconds, if you’re really in an insane rush (in which case you probably shouldn’t be straightening your beard).

For some added value, BeardClass throws in a free beard grooming accessory kit that contains a boar-bristle brush, a wooden beard comb, a smaller mustache comb, and beard scissors.

You can check out their (mostly positive) reviews and more information from their Amazon listing here.

Key Features

  • Time to Heat: 40 seconds
  • Anti-scald design: Yes
  • Dual Voltage: Yes
  • Heat Settings: Five (248-410°F)
  • Size: 8.7″ x 2.2″ x 2.0″
  • Price: Medium-tier


  • Unique design with shorter tines.
  • Five heat settings on a good scale for beard use.
  • Simple to use and definitely doesn’t feel like a Chinese product.


  • Claims “no hair damage” but all heated beard tools do cause some.
  • May not be the best choice for men with long beards.

4. CNXUS Electric Hair & Beard Straightener

cnxus beard straightening brush

CNXUS straightener brush is your basic Chinese heat brush, except that it also has pretty good quality compared to the average heat tool.

Do note that this brush is designed for women’s hair primarily, but it can be used for beards as well. Just remember to never use the highest heat settings and stick to less than 375°F.

“Many Chinese heat tools for beard use are questionable at best, but the CNXUS straightener seems to be a pretty great quality product with fantastic reviews.”

This beard straightener brush is stupidly simple to use with its LCD display and three buttons (power, heat up, heat down).

The heat settings range between 300 to 450°F, and here it’s crucial to stay below 375°F when you use the straightener for beard hair, otherwise, you risk damaging the facial hair and possibly even burning your face.

Similar to the Aberlite Beard Straightener, the XNCUS has anti-scalding ceramic iron teething and ability to create negative ions, which in turn neutralize the hairs atoms, eliminating static and frizz.

There are currently over 400 mostly positive reviews on their Amazon listing but do keep in mind that 99% of the reviewers are women who use it on their heads.

I would say that it’s almost comparable to the Aberlite one, and if you have seen any of the Beard Tubes videos on YouTube, you have probably seen the one where he compared a $100 “Kuschelbar” straightening brush to this one (which is 3x cheaper) and found this to be far superior.

Key Features

  • Time to Heat: 60 seconds
  • Anti-scald design: Yes
  • Dual Voltage: Yes
  • Heat Settings: Five (300°F-450°F)
  • Size: 10.6″ x 2.7″ x 2.3″
  • Price: Medium-tier


  • Great quality for a Chinese beard straightener
  • Pretty safe to use as long as you avoid the highest heat settings.
  • Negative ion technology to prevent static and frizz.
  • The cord rotates 360-degrees, which is surprisingly useful.


  • Made for women’s scalp-hair so the highest heat settings are too hot.
  • Men with shorter beards can’t use this as the bristles would hit the face.

5. Lovani Ceramic Mini Beard Straightening Iron

lovani mini flat iron for beard

A lot of long-bearded guys prefer using the beard straightening iron to make their curly beards straight again.

Straightening iron is far more time consuming to use compared to a heated brush, and the risk of burning your beard is also considerably higher.

“However, some men still like to use mini flat irons to do the job, maybe it’s out of old habit, or maybe they feel like it gives better results.”

For this purpose, a mini flat iron such as the Lovani Ceramic Mini should be used. Big and bulky normal-sized straighteners tend to be too much for facial hair use.

Note that it will be difficult to use a beard straightening iron if your beard isn’t at least 4″ in length, as you have to manually pull out a bundle of beard and run the straightener through it.

Also, note that this type of straightening iron heats up straight to its maximum temperature of 410°F which may be necessary for truly rough and curly beards, but is also close to the limit of damaging the beard hairs.

The quality of this mini iron is excellent considering its low price, and it has all the perks you would expect from a more expensive iron, such as the negative-ion technology, anti-scald heat plate, 360-degree swivel cord, dual-voltage, and a heat-resistant travel bag.

To see 200+ verified reviews (mostly from women using it on the scalp-hair though) check their Amazon listing.

Key Features

  • Time to Heat: 30-50 seconds
  • Anti-scald design: Yes
  • Dual Voltage: Yes
  • Heat Settings: One (410°F)
  • Size: 7.8″ (length)
  • Price: Low-tier


  • Best choice for men with truly long and curly beards.
  • Really good value considering the perks it has.
  • Negative ion technology to prevent static and frizz.


  • The 410°F heat is close to being too hot for beard use.
  • Takes a lot of time to straighten your beard with this.

6. Andis Heated Hair & Beard Straightener Comb

andis heated beard comb

So we have looked at heated brushes and mini beard irons, what’s next? A heated comb of course.

This one is also designed for hair, but perfectly usable on facial hair as well.

Heat press combs like this have been used for hundreds of years (they used to be metal combs with a wooden handle which were heated up in a stove or fire) but this Andis beard heat comb takes the old idea and applies some new tech into it.

As a brand, Andis has been at the top of the professional barber and beauty industry for 80-years.

This product too – is a professional use heat comb – sold for home use. If you’d ask how it compares to other heat combs, I’d say it’s the best one out there in its own niche.

“Still, a lot of reviewers note that the fine teething of this heat comb makes it really easy to get it stuck to your hair or beard, and guess what happens then? That’s right, it burns.”

It has some nice specs though for sure, such as the 360-degree swivel cord, easy to use on-off buttons, a whopping 20 heat-settings, and overall the heat is evenly distributed throughout the tines.

The heat press comb is best suited for beardsmen who want their facial hair to be insanely straight. While this product has the highest chance of scalding your face and burning your beard, it’s fine teething and high-heat mean that you will be getting excellent results straightening-wise.

To read reviews and learn more about the product, check their Amazon listing.

Key Features

  • Time to Heat: 30 seconds
  • Anti-scald design: No
  • Dual Voltage: Yes
  • Heat Settings: 20 (up to 450°F)
  • Size: 14.5″ x 6.0″ x 1.8″
  • Price: Medium-tier


  • Heats up really fast and provides even temperature across the tines.
  • Not that expensive and gets the job done really effectively.
  • Trusted brand with a whole host of respected grooming products.


  • Some say it heats up too much for beard use.
  • It’s easy to get your curly beard stuck on the fine teething.
  • No anti-scald design makes this bit risky to use close to the face.

7. Cordless USB Beard Straightener

cordless usb beard straightener

Some of you might recognize this USB Cordless Beard Heat Brush as the one sold by “The Beard Struggle” for $100.

The funny thing is that they back-order these from AliExpress and the Chinese sell them for about 20-bucks. You can also find this brush from Amazon for around 20-60 bucks.

So why is Beard Struggle selling it for $100? Simply because they think they can get away with it.

“It’s the same brand that tries to scare people into believing that minoxidil would not work on facial hair while selling “beard growth oils” themselves, which is 100% certainly not going to do a damn thing.”

But back to the beard heat brush; it’s actually pretty good, Really simple to use with clear buttons for on/off and the heat settings, and you can charge it with USB.

It’s hard to make any comments on the brand because there are many different sellers for these heat brushes.

I can guarantee you that “The Beard Struggle” hasn’t had any involvement in creating the product, even though they claim that it was “designed by their best beardsmen for other beardsmen” or something like that.

In reality, this brush comes from China, it loads up with USB, has three good heat settings for beard use, LCD display, and is very convenient to use.

Most of the sellers on Amazon have it for around fifty bucks, this is a bit more than you’d pay if you get it from AliExpress, but the upside is that you will likely get the product much sooner.

Key Features

  • Time to Heat: 60-90 seconds
  • Anti-scald design: Yes
  • Dual Voltage: Yes
  • Heat Settings: Three (300-380°F)
  • Price: Medium-tier


  • Really convenient to use due to being cordless (for travel, etc)
  • shorter bristles than other brushes mentioned, good for short beards.
  • Great heat range for beard use with 300, 340, and 380°F.


  • Made in China and most sellers are drop-shippers.
  • Shorter heat bristles may make it harder to use for men with big beards.

Does Straightening the Beard Damage it?

man looking at damaged beard hairs

Using heated beard straighteners will always result in a little bit of damage to the facial hairs.

The more you straighten your beard with hot tools, the more damage you will cause to the beard hairs and facial hair follicles underneath.

What type of damage specifically and can it be mitigated at all?

The high heat will eventually cause some protein loss to the facial hair fibers and result in something called “lipid peroxidation” where the natural oils of the face will get rancid due to unnaturally high heat exposure.

The beard straightener-related damage can’t be fully avoided, but you can mitigate a lot of it by making sure that you:

  • Wash your face well before using any type of heated beard comb or straightening iron. This removes most of the volatile oils that would fall victim to the lipid peroxidation and free radical damage.
  • Apply beard oil or moisturizer after the straightening process. This prevents drying up the skin under the beard and reduces hair fiber protein loss. I would personally use coconut oil, as it has been studied for its anti-protein-loss benefits.

You can’t fully protect your beard for the damage caused by excessively straightening it, but you can mitigate a lot of it by only straightening your beard when its clean and moisturizing it with coconut oil afterward.

How to Use Heated Beard Tools

man with a curly beard

Mini Flat Irons

  1. Wash your beard and properly dry it.
  2. Avoid using any products (beard oils, balms, etc) before straightening.
  3. Plug-in the straightening iron and wait for it to heat up.
  4. Start grasping isolated bundles of beard hairs to put in between the plates.
  5. Run each bundle of facial hair through in a quick 1-2 second motion.
  6. Repeat the process until all of the curls have been removed.

Straightening Heat Brushes

  1. Make sure to properly clean the facial hair with water and beard shampoo.
  2. Be sure to not use any beard oils or other products on the facial hair at this point.
  3. Dry your beard up and plug in the heated beard brush.
  4. in quick 2-4 second motions, brush through your whole beard area.
  5. Make sure to brush from top to bottom and straight down.

Electric Heat Combs

  1. Clean the facial hair with beard shampoo and dry it up.
  2. Make sure you are not putting any oils or balms on your face now.
  3. Use a normal beard comb to go through your beard, removing all snags.
  4. Plug-in your heated press comb and wait for it to heat up.
  5. Once heated, carefully comb through your beard from top to bottom.
  6. Move constantly with the comb and never stop when in touch with the beard.
  7. Stop when you’re satisfied with the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have a curly beard?

It’s genetic and a result of the facial hair follicle shape; an oval-shaped follicle tends to sprout out curly hairs, while round follicles sprout straighter beard hairs.How can I straighten my beard naturally?

If you don’t wish to use any of the electric beard heat tools (understandable), you may try the classic method of getting a shower, applying beard oil and balm, and then combing your beard down while simultaneously blow drying it.What is the best beard straightener for short beards?

I would go with the cordless USB beard straightening brush mentioned as #5 above. It has short enough heat bristles to not scald your face when used on a shorter beard.What is the best beard straightening tool for long beards?

I would go with the XNXCUS heat brush. It’s easy to use and has a large

surface area to work well with bigger beards. It also has quite long heat bristles, making it optimal for long bushy beards.

Some old-school guy also likes to use beard straightening irons, which are fine if you like that, but in my humble opinion, they are a bit too slow to work with.


Using beard straighteners – the specific heated tools, not the chemical relaxers and other nonsense – has picked up in popularity in these past few years.

We hope that our above guide helped you in choosing the best beard straightening iron, heated beard comb, or electric brush.

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