Bed lamp price

The best bedside lamps are a ‘must-have’ for anyone who desires to read and enjoy his time on the bed all along. That is why finding the most suitable one for the job is a sensible step to take. How else can you do this save for receiving the appropriate guidance to that end? We have prepared this review and buying guide to aid with just that. The review endeavours to examine ten of the best bedside lamps, the best Bed lamp price options and a further buying guide to that end. We hope that you shall get to know about the one that would suit you, at the tail end of the discussions.

Bed lamp price

Best-rated bedside lamp

Aukey Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

Aukey Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp4.2 stars, 2,056 reviews$30

“I would trade my favorite worn out Levis before I give this up,” says one reviewer of this bedside lamp, adding, “I don’t know why I’m so attached to this thing. The color of the white light is what I’d imagine would be produced when unicorns rub their horns against each other. It even has three brightness levels; as if the light could summon the angels.” And many more mention how pleasant the soft lighting is. “This lamp is one of my ‘can’t live without’ nursery items,” writes a mom who “wanted a light with dimmer settings for nighttime feedings and diaper changes.” She particularly loves the touch sensor, which is also mentioned by 500 other reviewers. A few say they thought it would look cheap in person, but as one reviewer puts it, “I wouldn’t recommend this product if you’re trying to have a robust, very formal aesthetic, but honestly if you’re looking at a plastic multicolor lamp and your goal is to put some authentic touches on your 1800’s colonial house, then I think you have your priorities wrong in the first place.”$30 AT AMAZON

Best-rated (less expensive) bedside lamp

Simple Designs Home Shades of Gray Ceramic Stone Table Lamp

Simple Designs Home Shades of Gray Ceramic Stone Table Lamp$22$49 now 55% off4.1 stars, 892 reviews

More than 10 percent of reviewers describe this lamp as small, but for many that makes it the perfect size. “They are a little small, but I needed something to fit the bedside tables and they were perfect,” writes one reviewer. Another says, “It is small and fits perfectly on my jewelry-chest drawers.” Even though it’s small, one reviewer says it gives off “plenty of light.” On top of that, reviewers like the look of the stacked, off-center “stones.” “It’s a great conversation piece. Everyone who has seen it thinks it’s adorable,” one says, while another user writes that it “looks very elegant sitting atop a high-end table, even though the lamp is bargain cheap.”$22 AT AMAZON

Best pull-chain bedside lamp

HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamp

HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamp$28$32 now 13% off4.6 stars, 336 reviews

More than 75 percent of reviewers give this lamp five stars, and many say it’s perfect for a bedroom. “I read my Kindle white page in the evening before I shut down. This lamp has just enough light, with a 60-watt long-life bulb, to luminate [sic] my room,” says one reviewer. Another agrees that it does “give off a warm light — ideal for bedrooms,” but people are really in love with the pull string that’s used to turn this lamp on and off. “I don’t know why all lamps aren’t equipped with it. SO easy to locate in the dark,” writes on reviewer. Another says, “I like the pull-chain feature of this compared to the kind where you twist the little knob in the base where the bulb plugs in.” And luckily, “Its base is strong enough to hold a sturdy chain that you just pull on to turn on or off.” Even with continuous yanking, reviewers say the cord holds up too.$28 AT AMAZON

Best bedside lamp with glass lampshade

Simple Designs Bronson Antique Style Glass Desk Lamp

Simple Designs Bronson Antique Style Glass Desk Lamp$60 now 50% off4.7 stars, 665 reviews$30

“A great lamp for areas where you don’t want or need a large lamp with a shade,” writes one reviewer, though they also warn, “It took me several tries to get the right bulb for it, since the shade is clear and most bulbs don’t work well without feeling like you’re being blinded.” Another says she’s “had many compliments on this lamp,” adding, “Its simple design looks so clean. I think it would look great with the recommended vintage bulbs but I actually put a Philips Hue light in here.” Another “chose an amber Edison bulk for it,” explaining, “I wanted an industrial type look.” And one customer just loves that because the glass shade is “easy to dust and keep clean.”$30 AT AMAZON

Best ceramic bedside lamp

Stone & Beam Round Ceramic Table Lamp

Stone & Beam Round Ceramic Table Lamp4.7 stars, 278 reviews$68

Though dozens of reviewers agree that this ceramic lamp is sturdy, there’s a lot of debate around the actual color of the stand. One reviewer says “it’s actually a much darker blue than shown in pictures,” but another reviewer describes the color as “between a pale robin’s egg blue and pale turquoise,” adding, “Not sure exactly what you’d call the color but it is stunning and exactly what I was looking for.” A few mention that the lamp looks slightly ombré but as this reviewer clarifies, “The lamp is NOT ombré. It appears that way in one picture due to the light being on.” And despite the color confusion, one more reviewer just appreciates that “the base is heavy which makes it difficult to knock over.”$68 AT AMAZON

Best touch bedside lamp

Kira Home Lucerna 13” Touch Bedside Lamp

Kira Home Lucerna 13” Touch Bedside Lamp4.5 stars, 1,064 reviews$25

Nearly half of all five star reviewers mention the touch function on this bedside table. “I wanted a simple, attractive touch sensor lamp, and this fills the bill,” writes one reviewer who appreciates that this lamps has “no colored lights, no four taps to get from on to off, no annoying blue power on light. One touch, it’s on, one touch it’s off.” Many more love the simplicity, including one who calls the touch button “fabulous,” noting, “Great for the bureau on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night!” Aside from the touch button, many more love the soft light this lamp emits. “If your goal is to light up a room this isn’t the lamp for you,” says one. One more adds, “It has a calmative feel to it. The finger touch on/off base is far better than having to flip a cord switch. It works every time and is very sensitive.”$25 AT AMAZON

Best stained glass touch bedside lamp

OK Lighting Touch Lamp With Tiffany Glass Floral Theme

OK Lighting Touch Lamp With Tiffany Glass Floral Theme$36$40 now 10% off4.1 stars, 971 reviews

About 20 percent of reviewers describe this lamp as beautiful. One says it has “beautiful graphics that set the right light as a lamp for that time between dusk and bed in our room.” Another describes it as “beautiful and well made — they’re the perfect addition to my bedroom.” Even more impressive than the stained-glass shade is this lamp’s touch design. “They are perfect for bedtime reading, easy to assemble, and I love the three brightness options and that you don’t have to fumble for a switch in the dark,” one explains. Another notes, “You can touch it anywhere on the metal to turn on.” On the lowest setting, one reviewer says the light is pretty dim, and “the highest one is very bright.” And while the lampshade does require assembly, one reviewer says it’s pretty easy: “I have been the one to assemble these, and it usually takes, at the most, 15 minutes.”$36 AT AMAZON

Best bedside lamp with built-in USB port

Brightech Grace LED USB Bedside Lamp

Brightech Grace LED USB Bedside Lamp4.5 stars, 1,194 reviews$25

Nearly 300 five-star reviewers appreciate the USB plug on the base of this lamp. One reviewer owns four of these Brightech lamps and calls them “perfect for the bedside,” explaining, “It is also so nice to have the USB plug in each one. I always have my phone, Kindle, and iPod Touch fully charged.” Another reviewer “actually didn’t care about the USB charging port” at first, but now describes it as “convenient. Very cute little lamp; bright enough for my whole bedroom that I stopped using my ceiling light. The soft color is very soothing.” A third reviewer writes, “They brighten and warm up the room. The USB ports are priceless. My wife joked ‘Our whole living room looks better…heck, even you look better!’”$25 AT AMAZON

Best leather bedside lamp

Elegant Designs LT1025-AQU Modern Leather Table Lamp

Elegant Designs LT1025-AQU Modern Leather Table Lamp$50 now 20% off4.4 stars, 1,849 reviews$40

“This lamp is darn snazzy,” writes one reviewer of this leather lamp. Another describes the finish as rare, adding that it “Matches beautifully with my faux leather headboard and other leather accents. Looks very rich and expensive.” One customer does warn that the base isn’t made of real leather, but they write, “I must say that it looks like the real thing and anyone not knowing any better would not be able to tell the difference.” As for the logistics, one reviewer writes, “Since the switch is on the cord, there’s no constant adjusting to keep the shade straight. Especially nice for the price.”$40 AT AMAZON

Best sports-themed bedside lamp

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Sports Table Lamp

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Sports Table Lamp$99 now 54% off4.6 stars, 207 reviews$46

Lots of reviewers this for their kids’ sports-themed rooms, like one reviewer who bought this for her 12-year-old’s “all-star sport themed room.” But lots of adults bought this for their game rooms. “The colors are somewhat muted and it has a matte finish, which just adds to the overall beauty of it,” one customer writes. A third reviewer says that they, “Bought this as an early Father’s day gift for my husband to decorate his sports room. He loved it and it looks great.”$46 AT AMAZON

Best three-way bedside table lamp

Catalina Lighting Transitional 3-Way Mercury Glass Gourd Table Lamp with Linen Shade

Catalina Lighting Transitional 3-Way Mercury Glass Gourd Table Lamp with Linen Shade4.3 stars, 195 reviews$63

“I’m obsessed with these lamps,” says one reviewer who “ordered two for each side of the bed.” Many more purchased multiples of these lamps because they appreciate the three-way settings. “It is a three way lamp, which comes in handy when watching TV, doing crafts (I knit, which requires a good light source), or reading, where varying light levels are required,” notes one reviewer. Another explains, “The three different settings are a perfect transition from a warmly lit soft light to one that is bright enough to read by.” One more calls the metallic finish “so beautiful and rich-looking,” but warns, “The only thing is that you must purchase a special bulb for the 3 light settings.”$63 AT AMAZON

Best mountain-themed bedside lamps

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Derek Antler Table Lamps

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Derek Antler Table Lamps4.5 stars, 477 reviews$96 for 2

This mountain-themed lamp stood out to reviewers looking to illuminate their woodsy homes. “We have a lodge-theme in our house, and these go great with everything in our living room,” writes one reviewer, adding, “I love that you can only see the trees when you turn on the light. It kinda gives it an extra ‘wow’ factor for an already beautiful lamp.” One more, who thinks the horns on this lamp look real, also loves the subtle lamp-shade design, adding, “The shade looks drab, no trees showing until you turn it on! Magically pop! They appear. It’s cute yet not over done.” A third reviewer explains that “being hunters, having fake antler lamps that look like the real thing is important, and these met our expectations.”$96 FOR 2 AT AMAZON

Best stained glass bedside lamp

Chloe Lighting Liaison Tiffany-Style Victorian 3 Light Double Lit Table Lamp

Chloe Lighting Liaison Tiffany-Style Victorian 3 Light Double Lit Table Lamp$173 now 6% off4.5 stars, 267 reviews$163

“These are more than light, they are a form of art. Just beautiful, a real conversation piece when you have company over,” says one customer. Another writes, “I love this beautiful turquoise stained glass lamp. It took a few minutes to put together and the shade is gorgeous.” A third reviewer mentions that the shade doesn’t allow for a ton of light, but adds, “It is so gorgeous when it’s on. I get so many compliments on them (I have two).” But another customer who bought these to match her “peacock themed bedroom” sees the dim-light as a positive: “These had all the peacock colors without being too cutesy. They are like stained glass. They emit the perfect amount of light to add soft light to my bedroom.”$163 AT AMAZON

Best mosaic glass bedside lamp

BOSPHORUS Handmade Swan Neck Turkish Moroccan Mosaic Glass Table Desk Bedside Lamp

BOSPHORUS Handmade Swan Neck Turkish Moroccan Mosaic Glass Table Desk Bedside Lamp$494.6 stars, 543 reviews

Reviewers love the effect of this mosaic lampshade. “I turn it on in the evening, after the sun’s gone down, and it transforms my work-a-day living room into a mysterious, exotic indoor grotto infused with an unusual, enriching kind of peacefulness,” one says. Another writes, “ I am in love with the colors, and they throw a beautiful light on the wall.” To get the best effect, many reviewers recommend using low-wattage bulbs. One, who used a seven-watt, says it “gives off just enough light to appreciate the glass and beads but not too much where it hurts to look at it.” Many reviewers, when they first ordered it, admitted they were worried about it coming with the right prongs since it’s made in Turkey, but it comes perfectly wired for American outlets.$49 AT AMAZON

Best crystal bedside lamp

Ore International Deco Glam Table Lamp

Ore International Deco Glam Table Lamp$51 now 45% off4.3 stars, 472 reviews$28

No, the crystals on this lamp are not real, but many reviewers think that they still look authentic. “Don’t get me wrong, they don’t feel like real crystals, they are definitely plastic. But for the price, I do love the look of it,” writes one customer. Another notes that “for those who want something to look more expensive, you’ll pay more for real crystal.” Glitz and glam are also mentioned in many reviews. “It doesn’t have a shade per se; just a ring of dangling crystals that make a pretty pattern on walls and table when lit,” one reviewer explains, which is also why they suggest using a chandelier bulb instead of a traditional one. “It was prettier than a white lamp bulb.”$28 AT AMAZON

Best bedside lamp with paper shade

Adesso 8021-12 Dune Table Lamp

Adesso 8021-12 Dune Table Lamp4.2 stars, 264 reviews$39

“I was pleasantly surprised at the sturdiness of the shade,” writes one originally skeptical reviewer, who adds that it’s, “Not flimsy or easy to tear, but stiff yet still flexible paper. General look of the lamp is very nice, as it is modern and striking without drawing undue attention to itself.” One reviewer has owned other paper lamps in the past and thinks this option from Adesso is higher quality, noting, “It is substantial, tall, and sturdy. Warm light, just beautiful.” And lots more appreciate the warm, subdued light that this lamp gives off. “The shade is more of a very pale yellow color and gives off a very warm color light when on,” describes one reviewer who purchased four of these bedside lamps.$39 AT AMAZON

Best ceramic cut-out bedside lamp

Stone & Beam Ceramic Geometric Cut-Out Table Desk Lamp With LED Light Bulb

Stone & Beam Ceramic Geometric Cut-Out Table Desk Lamp With LED Light Bulb$55 now 7% off4.7 stars, 330 reviews$51

This white, ceramic lamp is described by many as versatile, and the cut-outs in the base make the whole thing feel even lighter. “The white glazed ceramic is light and airy looking, especially because of the open design,” writes one reviewer. “I like it so much, I ended up with two of them and they are very airy and brightening. The daylight goes through the open design of the base, making it look a lot less weighty and it lets the window light through.” One more even thinks, “They look like they cost way more than they do. They are a true white and the lampshade is white.” Another reviewer notes that because the base has cut-outs, the electrical cord runs down the middle of the lamp, but “it’s not even visible.”$51 AT AMAZON

Best nursery bedside lamp

Little Love by NoJo Separates Collection Lamp and Shade

Little Love by NoJo Separates Collection Lamp and Shade4.3 stars, 252 reviews$45

This sculptural bedside lamp that also comes in navy and grey to suit multiple color schemes. But reviewers were mostly impressed with the quality of this kids lamp. “This lamp is worth every penny,” says another customer, adding, “It completed our nursery beautifully and we have used it more than anything else in the room. It has been great for late-night feedings, diaper changes, a lower-light option for bedtime routine. Also, while it is a children’s decor lamp, it is not overly ornate.” Another reviewer thinks “every room needs a lamp so you don’t have to use the overhead light,” and this little lamp worked well for her needs, “This lamp is great because it matches the nursery bedding but doesn’t look like a baby’s lamp; it will still be useable as she grows into her teenage years.”$45 AT AMAZON

Best kids bedside lamp

Fantasy Fields - Sunny Safari Animals Thematic Kids Table Lamp

Fantasy Fields – Sunny Safari Animals Thematic Kids Table Lamp$65 now 8% off4.6 stars, 230 reviews$60

“This was one of the most attractive kids lamps we could find after searching for hours,” says one parent of this bedside lamp that comes in many more themes,like outer space and Swan Lake. They also appreciate how kid-proof this lamp is. “I don’t worry about it accidentally getting pushed off the table. In addition, I wasn’t sure my toddler would be able to turn it on and off himself but he can, and has a great time doing it.” Another thinks this lamp is such high-quality that, “it’s a piece you would keep to pass down from generation to generation. Young and old would love this lamp.” This lamp also emits a very dim light, but that actually benefits parents at night, as one reviewer explains, “The light is just bright enough for late night changes, so you can see but baby stays asleep.”$60 AT AMAZON

Best zen-style bedside lamp

Elegant Designs LT1036-BLK Rectangular Dual Stacked Stone Ceramic Table Lamp

Elegant Designs LT1036-BLK Rectangular Dual Stacked Stone Ceramic Table Lamp$70 now 40% off4.3 stars, 222 reviews$42

Many reviewers refer to this bedside lamp as “zen.” One reviewer calls it a “very unique lamp,” noting it “fits great with my zen style.” One more thinks “This lamp gives the perfect touch to my very bohemian, zen living room.” And another calls it “stone-age chic. Yabba dabba doo! It’s like a lamp from the Flintstones.” For one very specific reviewer, “I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is wanting an earth touch with an elegant feel.” Another writes that they were initially worried that the ceramic stones would look cheesy but are pleased with the final look. “The shade filters light enough you won’t be blinded regardless of the wattage of bulbs used.”$42 AT AMAZON

Best natural bedside lamp

Kenroy Home 32227SL Free Fall Table Lamp

Kenroy Home 32227SL Free Fall Table Lamp$173 now 38% off4.6 stars, 127 reviews$108

This rustic lamp that features a suspended piece of slate appealed to reviewers looking for a natural, earthy-looking lamp for their bedrooms. “The lamp works beautifully with my rustic decor and is bright enough to properly serve as a reading lamp,” explains one reviewer. One more customer has “received many compliments,” adding, “I like that the slate is natural, and not completely smoothed over or glossed up.” Another originally skeptical customer thought the slate would look like a “heavy, outdated Mediterranean design,” but he came around, writing, “This is a much more modern look for these natural elements. I love the variations in color of natural slate. The longer I look at the color variations in this one the more I like it.”$108 AT AMAZON

Best simple bedside lamps

HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamps

HAITRAL Bedside Table Lamps$37 for 2$50 now 26% off4.5 stars, 447 reviews

More than 10 percent of reviewers love the basic design of these lamps. “I bought these lamps for my bedside, and they are perfect,” one writes. “Very minimalist and sturdy — super-easy to assemble.” Another says, “While they are not super-elegant, they are perfect for kids or guest bedrooms.” One reviewer, who bought them for their daughter’s bedroom, says, “She really likes it since the bottom base is heavy enough for it not to tip over, and our cat doesn’t knock it off when she rubs against it.”$37 FOR 2 AT AMAZON

Best shadeless bedside lamp

Boncoo Touch Control Table Lamp

Boncoo Touch Control Table Lamp$264.6 stars, 563 reviews

This shadeless lamp just comes with the base — and does not come with the Edison bulb pictured — but even so, more than 80 percent of reviewers give it five stars. “I purchased two of these for my nightstands, and I love them,” one writes. “I wasn’t aware that they don’t come with the bulbs, but that’s my fault for not reading the description; nothing a separate order can’t fix. Anyway, they are weighty and made very well. The dimming feature works great, and I highly recommend them if you’re going for a vintage look.” The weight of the base is a selling point for other reviewers. “It’s great because it doesn’t slide around when I go to touch it and put it on and off during the night,” one explains. And the design is super-simple, with no switches. “At a gentle tap, you can cast low, medium, or bright,” one says. “The lamp is aesthetically pleasing by itself and, when on, it gives the room a nice mood. Sends me back to days gone by and, in the early morning, when no other lights are on, it casts beautiful shadows.”$26 AT AMAZON

Best Places to Buy Lighting Fixtures in 2021

Shades of Light

Buy on

From flush mounts to wall sconces, chandeliers and pendant lights, Shades of Light carries a huge variety of figures in just about every style and trend you can think of. You’ll find modern chandeliers that look like stars, Mid-Century Modern drums and brass and glass sconces for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Prices vary, with sconces starting at $21 going up well over $200, and chandeliers starting at $100 and topping out at more than $5,000.

Lamps Plus

Buy on

The largest and most egalitarian source for all things lighting, Lamps Plus does indeed carry more than just floor and table lamps. Frequent sales online mean you can often find a great deal on many of its sconces and mini pendants, as well as fun, artful shade wall lamps. We love that you can find a shade pattern you like and shop it in a variety of styles like pendants, sconces, and table lamps. Prices start under $25 and get up into the multiple thousands for major chandeliers.

Home Depot

Buy on Home Depot

Home Depot can be great for all of your home renovation needs, but even if you’re not going through a full gut remodel, you can use its selection of lighting fixtures to spruce up the bathroom, your vanity station, kitchen, and more. Many of Home Depot’s items ship free, or can be picked up in-store, and the prices are some of the lowest and most reasonable, with things like four-light chrome mounted fixtures for under $100 and track lighting fixtures under $150. You can even find chic, industrial chandeliers for less than $200.The 8 Best Closet Lighting Units of 2021


Buy on

Lumens is a great choice if you’re searching for stylish name-brand lighting fixtures from brands and designers like Jonathan Adler, Kartell, Herman Miller, and Knoll. With so many high-end brands, Lumens tends to be on the pricier side. Expect prices to start around $200 and go up from there.


Buy on Lowe’s

Like Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond, Lowe’s is a great resource for practical shoppers who want lighting fixtures that look cool, do their job and don’t cost a fortune. Do-it-yourself home renovators will find all the cabinet lighting, recessed fixtures and track lighting they could dream of, and those who want to play more in the design space will find pendants, chandeliers and wall sconces to fit their vision. Lowe’s has a great online feature as well that allows you to shop by trend inspiration like industrial, vintage and French country.The 8 Best Bedside Lamps of 2021


Buy on

For exciting, interesting and unusual lighting fixtures, Arhaus should be at the top of your list. Pendant lights with shades woven from rattan or wire, elaborate brass sconces, and cut-crystal flush mount fixtures are all created in partnership with family-run businesses and using centuries-old techniques. Due to the handcrafted nature of their products, prices are on the higher end.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Buy on Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath and Beyond is an amazing brick-and-mortar and online resource for all things home. They offer a great selection of basic lighting fixtures at affordable prices, including wall lighting, sconces and even playful, colorful chandeliers for less than $80. BB&B is a great option all around, some online digging will reveal all kinds of trendy and classic lighting fixture options for much less than some other home retailers.


Buy on

Horchow has some of the most artful and interesting lighting fixtures you’ll find. They have a particularly excellent selection of luxe sconces—sprays of gold metal, crystal waterfall designs, and antique-inspired deco pieces, which run the gamut from about $300 to nearly $2,000.

Vintage Hardware

Buy on

If you’re looking for a piece of truly vintage lighting, Vintage Hardware has a curated collection of fixtures that have been restored from the 1930s, 1960s and more iconic decades. Due to their rare status, these vintage and antique fixtures start at about $350 and go as high as $1,450.

Olde Good Things

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In the market for a 1970s crystal chandelier from the Waldorf Astoria? For $22,000, it can be yours, thanks to one of our favorite “window shopping” sites, Olde Good Things. Of course, you can find tons of more affordable vintage and antique lighting fixtures too, but you should still be prepared to pay for the high-quality and rare status of these pieces.

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