best 17 inch laptop for watching movies

When choosing the best 17 inch laptop for watching movies and tv series, we first need to consider what parts of a laptop are important and which not that much for the best experience and without breaking the bank.

Nowadays it’s more and more popular watching movies and TV shows via video on demand (VOD) services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and such. Most of them (if not all) use H.264 or VP9 codec for streaming. For decoding this data stream we really don’t need a powerful processor. Also, 4 gigs of system memory are more than enough for the job. So RAM and processor power are not the main factors when choosing the right laptop for watching movies and series.

best 17 inch laptop for watching movies

 Lenovo Legion Y70

Lenovo Legion

Lenovo Legion$2,895.00CHECK ON AMAZON

  • Processor; Intel i7
  • Display: 17.3-inch FHD
  • RAM: 16 GB RAM
  • HDD: 512 GB
  • Battery Life: 6 hours
  • Warranty: 12 months

The Lenovo Legion Y70 is another big daddy of laptops when it comes to watching movies. The laptop sports a 17.3-inch FHD screen with an i7 processor. The bezels are thin and it makes for good viewing, but some machines offer thinner bezels. The display is bright and reproduces colors beautifully.

It has 16GB RAM that makes it an excellent machine for streaming as well as running movies locally. It also has a discrete GPU, which is a great help while streaming movies or watching them locally in high definition.

For ports, the laptop has a USB-C, USB 3.1 and an HDMI port. So, the user has enough connectivity options for connecting an external drive or connect the laptop to an external projector.PROS

  • Big, FHD and bright screen
  • Good RAM capacity
  • Good processor


  • Heavy
  • Mediocre battery life

MSI Creator 17M

MSI Creator 17M

CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H | RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666MHz | Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD | Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1660Ti | Display: 17.3″ (1920×1080) 120Hz

Creator 17M is specifically built for creatives, designers and for those who want to max out their productivity. Everything you get in this best 17 inches laptop is stunning, from display and graphics to its battery life you will be amazed at every step. And for making things even better, this 17 inch laptop is worth around $1300 which makes it an affordable option because of the specs and large display it comes with. More, not only the specs make a laptop powerful but there are other considerations which support it. Things like a portable chassis, cooling system and better than most battery backup is what makes it a remarkable one.

On this inside, the laptop houses Intel Core i7-9750H 9th gen processor backed by 16GB RAM and comes with 512GB of SSD storage. In addition, you get one of the latest GTX 1660Ti graphics card which actually is one of the top reasons for this large screen laptop being so good. This configuration is second to none, for tasks like video editing, photo editing or 3D animations etc. And for editing purposes, the laptop offers different viewing modes which further adds to your productivity so you get a nice touch of details like color accuracy etc. Obviously it rocks a 17 inches display which is what we are talking about but its not an ordinary one. It comes with FHD resolution and 120Hz refresh rate.

More, despite being one of the most powerful 17 inch laptop, it still comes in a minimal chassis. The laptop weighs 4.8 pounds is 0.8 inches thick only. You will definitely get better dimensions than these but those laptops won’t be this much powerful and will not pack the sort of heat this one has. For I/O, you get a USB-C, 3 USB-A, an HDMI port and an Ethernet port as well. This is a basic connectivity setup which is more than enough for all sorts of connections. Speaking of the battery, this beast here can go as high as 7 hours which is insane because very few laptops with such power can cross this limit.View on Amazon

LG Gram 17 Inch Ultra-Lightweight

best 17 inch laptop lg gram 17

CPU: Intel Core i7-8565u | RAM: 16GB DDR4 | Storage: 512GB SSD | Graphics: Intel UHD 620 | Display: 17.3″ (2560×1600)

LG Gram 17 is one the best 17 inch laptop because of its lightweight and a massive 17 inch display. It weighs just under 3 pounds which is an amazing engineering masterpiece. The fact that LG has placed such a big screen in the laptop, itself is a wonder. Moreover, the display quality is great as well. Besides, it has a superb battery life and indeed a user-friendly keypad.

The display panel of LG Gram 17 has a resolution of 2560 x 1600, well it can not be called 4K but it is pretty good. The colors are sharp and bright. You would love to use it for things like video editing, graphics designing or even watching a movie. This laptop rocks an 8th Gen Core i7 Processor and comes loaded with Windows 10 Home by default. You get a 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD as well. The GPU you get is default Intel UHD 620 which is enough for somewhat intensive tasks. Not to forget that under continuous use, the battery gives you a backup of 11 hours which puts it among the best battery life laptops.

Talking about the overall feel, it has a nice keypad with a fingerprint scanner embedded in the power button. It works really fast, just like any good smartphone these days. Its speakers are loud and clear, but the only thing which may become a problem for some is that they are bottom-mounted. So for people who use their laptops in their lap mostly, the sound may get rough or slow down a little. Finally the ports, besides all other necessary which an 8th gen laptop must have, you also get a USB 3.1 with Type-C, an HDMI and a Thunderbolt 3 as well.View on Amazon

Alienware M17 QHD

Alienware M17 QHD

CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H | RAM: 16GB DDR4 | Storage: 512GB SSD | Graphics: Nvidia RTX 2060 | Display: 17.3″ (2560×1440)

The new Alienware M17 shouts out loud to be considered the best 17 inch gaming laptop for 2020. It comes with a splendid design and powerful specs. Besides, its super amazing 17 inch display is simply enormous, it is bright, accurate and makes all your creative work even easier. Naturally, the design of it is something that a normal laptop user will find annoying but this is a matter of days only. Once you start using this powerful large screen laptop, you will get used to this new design. More, it might have been built for gaming use but there is no doubt that it can prove to be a best workstation replacement.

The only thing which one may not like about this laptop is that it runs hot when there is a lot of load and the battery of it is not very impressive. Now first thing first, when you have a laptop this powerful, you do not use it without your charger plugged-in unless you are only browsing the web or a word document. Second, the heating of it is not something which will break the laptop or its performance, it surely runs hot but is not that big of a problem. Speaking of internals, the laptop is home to Intel Core i7-9750H processor backed by a 16GB DDR4 RAM and a 512GB SSD accompanies you for storage. Then comes the powerful RTX 2060 GPU which is not only powerful but comes with ray-tracing too.

This configuration is insane, this will take you places for gaming and other creative tasks. OK now, the display of this laptop is 17.3 inches and comes with a resolution of 2560 X 1440 which again makes things more clear. Also, the display is bright at 400-nits and is pretty accurate with colors. Speaking of its I/O interfacing, you get 3 UBS-A ports, Ethernet port, Thunderbolt 3, HDMI and a mini DisplayPort. This is where Alienware always hits the top, it never leaves anything behind when it comes to ports. As mentioned earlier the battery of it is not so good which of course is because of the heavy specs, you get a battery backup of around 3 hours only.View on Amazon

ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX701 17.3 Inch

ASUS ROG Zephyrus S 17.3 inch

CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H | RAM: 16GB DDR4 | Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD | Graphics: Nvidia RTX 2080 Max-Q | Display: 17.3″ (1920×1080)

Zephyrus S by ROG is slim, lightweight, has thin bezels and comes housed with an amazing display. It is a gaming laptop by default, which means it comes housed with a dedicated GPU which we will discuss later. Being a gaming laptop and yet being so smart and lightweight is amazing quality. Design wise, it is a little different than ordinary laptops. This is because its keyboard is forward facing and its touchpad lies on the right side of the keypad. This may take a little time for getting used to.

The display panel here is 17.3 inches which is massive, up on the top it is FHD (1080p) which makes it a nice one. In addition to this, you also get G-Sync technology in it which makes sure the GPU and screen rate is synced. The laptop is housed with Intel Core i7-8750H Hexa-Core processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD and last but not the least RTX 2080 Graphics Card as Max-Q. For those who don’t know, Max-Q is a special technology which enables the manufacturers to put in a hardcore graphics card but still manage to design a thin and lightweight laptop.

Since it is a high-end gaming laptop which means the keypad is backlit and is super easy to use. Additionally, the touchpad here is a unique one. It is a touchpad and numpad at the same time. You can see the numpad highlighted within the touchpad whenever you need it. Among the ports you get USB 3.1 Type-C besides other conventional ports. And the good thing is that you can charge it through Type-C as well using any portable charger. Finally, it has a good battery backup as well, it will work easily for over 4 hours under intense use.View on Amazon

MSI P75 Creator

MSI P75 Creator

CPU: Intel Core i9-9880H | RAM: 32GB DDR4 | Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD | Graphics: Nvidia RTX 2070 | Display: 17.3″ (1920×1080)

MSI is an alternate name for power, all their laptops are powerful and astonishingly enough each laptop is manufactured keeping a specific set of uses as their target. For instance this one, the P75 Creator is a laptop highly suitable for creative people. Graphics designing, Video editing and film making etc are the sort of things which this laptop will handle like a piece of cake. Not only this, in fact the design structure and battery backup of it is something which will attract you even more.

This best laptop with a large screen comes with a battery backup of over 8 hours. This is actually impressive because any laptop with this sort of internal power and 8 hours of battery is a blessing. More, the laptop as a whole weighs around 4.8 pounds and is 0.74 inches thick only. These dimensions make it a portable one and so you can take it along for business travel or let’s say things get easy even when you take it around to your boss’ office. Speaking of power, the laptop packs gorgeous heat, you get an Intel Core i9-9880H CPU which is supported by 32GB RAM and a storage room of 1TB in the form of an SSD. No matter whatever load you put on this beast it will never let you down.

For graphical support, the P75 Creator sports and RTX 2070 graphics which not only is powerful but has ray-tracing too. This means you get to do your designing with even better accuracy and details. For ports, you get 2 USB-C ports one of which is a Thunderbolt 3, then there are 3 USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, HDMI port and MicroSD card reader. This configuration of ports makes the P75 no less than a powerful workstation. As for the keyboard it is very comfortable to use and even comes with white backlight. Moreover, as a whole this laptop is exceptional among its 17 inches competitors, the only thing which may resist someone from buying it will be the higher price of it.

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