Best 36 dual fuel range 2019

We cooked on 10 of the top-rated dual-fuel ranges on the market. We recorded how evenly they broiled, whether their ovens had any hot spots or cool areas, how well they roasted, how fast they boiled, and how low they simmered. (If you want to know more, you can read all about how we test.)

Armed with that knowledge, we can recommend our favorite 36-inch dual-fuel ranges, the Thermador Pro Harmony PRD364GDHU. (available at AJ Madison for $7,599.00)

These are the best dual fuel range 2019 options we tested ranked, in order:

Serious home cooks like dual-fuel ranges because they combine the best of both worlds: Gas burners for superior control, and an electric oven for even baking.

That’s why high-end appliance companies—like Thermador, Wolf, Miele, and Monogram—specialize in dual-fuel ranges with pro-style looks. For an upscale remodeling project, most designers recommend at least a 36-inch model because they’re large enough to fit at least five pots and pans with room to spare, and offer enough oven space to prep for a dinner party.

Best dual fuel range 2019

Wolf 36-Inch Dual Fuel Pro Range DF364G  

Wolf Dual Fuel Pro Range

Wolf was independent until being purchased by Sub-Zero in the late 1990s. Known for their stylish looks, red knobs, and their twin convection-powered oven, Wolf is an excellent baking range.

They also have a rebate program with Sub-Zero and other Wolf appliances.

Hallmarks of a Wolf Professional Dual Fuel Range

Their burners max at 20,000 BTUs on two burners. Their grill and griddle are both infrared gas.

Infrared is a more intense direct heat than regular gas for grills. Its easier to clean because it evaporates the grease drippings as well.

Wolf’s dual convection is thermostatically controlled on both fans for the best temperature control.

Unlike other dual-fuel models, the fans can work independently or together for an ideal temperature.

Miele 36-Inch Dual Fuel Pro Range HR1936DFGD – $9,949

Miele Dual Fuel Pro Range

“Forever Better” was inscribed on the first products that the Miele founders produced.

They have the best controls with the MasterChef but have not invested in Wi-Fi yet. Miele will offer 10% rebates with the purchase of other Miele products.

Hallmarks of a Miele Professional Dual Fuel Range

Miele has incredible technology. You set the food and your specified doneness, and the range calculates the time and temperature. The grill and griddle are infrared and similar to Wolf.

You also have steam functionality(requires water line) to caramelize meats or bake bread. In fact, you have 16 automatic programs just for different types of bread.

The grill and griddle are both infrared.

It’s a cleanable range, and both the grates and burner caps are dishwasher safe. You can self clean the racks as well.

Miele has a combination of high output and lower output burners. Half is 19,500. The other half are two at 13,600 and 1 at 12,500.

So the output could be better.

Thermador 36-Inch Dual Fuel Pro Range PRD366WGU – $9,699

Thermador Dual Fuel Pro Range

Thermador, a division of the German Bosch company, is known for cooking. Their professional ranges feature the star-shaped burner and the lowest simmer.

Thermador changed their pro range to include Wi-Fi as well. However, they are the only single convection range in this comparison.

They offer two different ranges.

Pro Harmony Vs. Pro Grand
Thermador Pro Grand Vs. Thermador Harmony 36-Inch Professional Range

The Pro Grand has a clock, one higher output burner at 22,000, and a proof mode in the oven. The larger oven is due to depth.

This series is available with an induction burner as well.

The Pro Harmony is less expensive and more popular because its 24-inch depth is in line with your cabinets and doesn’t protrude into your kitchen.

Hallmarks of a Thermador Professional Dual Fuel Range

Thermador has a decent all-around burner. The Thermador Star Burner tops out at 18k BTU in the Harmony and 22,000 in the Pro Grand.

There are two burners capable of x-lo simmering(perfect for soups/sauces). The raised pedestal style also offers easier cleanup.

Wi-Fi allows you to start, pause, and abort oven programs remotely via the Home Connect app on a mobile device.

Great rebate program with free dishwashers and hoods with qualifying purchases.

However, they lowered half of the burners from 18,000-15,000 BTU, and we said the only single convection oven previously.

JennAir 36-Inch Dual Fuel Pro Range JDRP436HL – $7,699

JennAir Dual Fuel Pro Range

JennAir was well known for downdraft ranges and cooktops. The parent company, Whirlpool, finally invested 300 million dollars in cooking, specifically on their wall ovens and professional ranges back in 2007.

Their new range is laden with a serious amount of tech and connectivity, along with some great features.

They offer a clean chromium infused griddle, infrared grill, and 20,000 BTU max burner output.

JennAir now has two new different series, the Rise and Noir:

JennAir Rise & Noir 36-Inch Professional Gas Range
Hallmarks of a JennAir Professional Dual Fuel Range

Both series, the Rise and Noir, are beautifully styled.

The updated app allows for voice command and enhanced culinary center showing you the doneness before you cook.

It is Wi-Fi enabled and allows you to cook with Yummly and other cooking apps.

They now offer an infrared grill in addition to their easy to clean chromium griddle.

How many burners do you really need?

Two burners was the norm for the longest and no one needed more, but with the increasing kinds of dishes and vessels we use, and the kinds of food we cook, there is always a need to be frying something, while boiling something, while warming something else. Multi-tasking reduces time spent, even in the kitchen. Today, you can find gas stoves with three and four burners. Try to figure out for yourself how many you really need. Remember that choosing a stove with more stoves need more space. A stove with 4 burners needs depth while 3 burner ones are longer. Measure how much space you have before you buy one. The size of vessels you’re going to be using is another component, and if they will all fit together on the 4 burners might be worth thinking through too.

Knowing what size of burners you get

The common assumption is that all the burners produce the same sized flame, but they don’t most of the time. When you are buying a large, 4-burner gas stove, make sure you check the options available. If you’re someone who needs two large flames and one small, maybe a three burner model might offer you that. Make sure you read the fine print. Another factor is the burner construction and the materials used. Aluminium alloy burners are considered to be more affordable, but tend to get corroded faster than brass burners. They cool faster though but some might claim them to deform over time.

Do you need an automatic ignition feature?

One of the biggest innovations in recent gas stoves is the ignition. If you’ve used gas stoves from the 80s and 90s, you know we were used to having a gas lighter around. Firing up a burner means using the trigger over and over again. Today’s gas stoves, even the ones at affordable prices, may come with a built-in igniter. A simple rotation of the dial and the stove lights up.

Choosing the format – stove or hobtop

Stoves these days come in two formats, one the standard desk stove we’ve seen for decades and the modern, hobtop. Gas stoves are the usual design and they sit using small stands under the frame. Hoptops are different before they can be built into your kitchen rather than be placed on a table. This just helps with the aesthetics of the whole setup and is particularly handy if you’ve designed your kitchen to have a certain look and feel. The dials and controls on hobtops are also mounted differently and they tend to be a little larger too. Make sure you know the dimensions and the design standards before going in for a hob-top.

Gauging build quality and finish
Gone are the days of plain stainless steel designs, today’s stoves can have glass and all kinds of fiber-glass. These not only look better but also are easier to clean and maintain. Of course, this adds a bit to the price and make sure you find models that use glass that does not shatter.

Insist on ISI certification
The ISI mark is a certification that the product is safe to use. This standard is defined by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This is a must, for practically all products such as stoves, heaters, motors, appliances, and many others. Make sure the stove or hobtop you purchase has it. Besides this stamp, also consider the warranty offered by some of these models.

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