best ac under 25000

As the summer approaches in India, you might be looking for buying a new AC for you. However, it is not that easy to decide on an AC. Because you have to consider a lot of factors before you spend your money on an expensive unit. Lucky for you, we are here with the list of the best ac under 25000.

Yes, you have heard it right. You don’t need to spend a fortune on getting an AC anymore.

There are a lot of budget-friendly yet high-quality options out there. Added to that, we will also share a brief buying guide, so you can make a wise decision on buying your next AC unit.

And, let’s delve right in…

Best ac under 25000

Sanyo 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, SI/SO-10T3SCIA, White)

best ac under 25000

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Getting a split AC at a price of less than Rs. 25000 used to be a distant dream. But not anymore thanks to the recent launch of Sanyo ACs, which is an online brand of Panasonic.

This AC offers exceptional energy efficiency and low operational noise, thanks to the inverter compressor technology. With 1 ton capacity, you can comfortably use it for rooms less than 120 Sq. Ft.

The AC has an energy rating of 3 stars and an annual energy consumption of 742 units, which is pretty good compared to other ACs in the 1 ton segment. The ISEER value is 3.7 which is pretty good for a 1 ton AC.

Talking about the performance, as it has a variable speed compressor that adjusts the speed depending on ambient temperature, the power consumption is optimal. The copper condenser helps with better cooling and is low maintenance too. The appliance is fairly eco-friendly too as it uses R32 refrigerant gas that doesn’t deplete ozone layer or affect global warming.

If you want the room to be cooled quickly, you can opt for the Glacier Mode that runs the fan at 35% higher speed. In addition, the AC also has practical features like sleeper, timer, auto restart and a backlit remote that provides ample visibility when you want to adjust the settings at night.

Another distinct feature is the incorporation of air purifying filter to enhance the air quality. In addition to a dust filter, it has a PM 2.5 filter that captures dust, pollen and other particulate matter larger than 2.5 micron in size. The dehumidifier keeps the air sufficiently dry–thus removing the stickiness you find in coastal areas like Mumbai during the summers.

As for durability, being a newly launched appliance, user reviews are yet to be found. However incorporation of features like using copper condenser with low maintenance and water repellent fins on condenser to protect against rust and salt damage gives you a positive impression about the appliances’ longevity.

As for after sales service, again, user reviews are yet to be found. But, Sanyo promises 350 functional after sales service centres that attends to installation and after sales service promptly. Their after sales service in tier 1 cities are found to be quite prompt.

Overall, with 1 year overall warranty and 5 year warranty on compressor, this Sanyo split AC is one of the best budget friendly option to choose from.

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Daikin 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper, FTL28TV, White)

best air conditioner India 25000

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Daikin is a reputed brand when it comes to ACs. It is trusted by commercial establishments and domestic users alike.

This 0.8 ton air conditioner is apt for small spaces of about 100 Sq. Ft or even slightly larger spaces where ambient temperature doesn’t rise too high.

The air conditioner comes with a 3 star energy rating and an ISEER value of 3.65 which falls somewhere middle in the range of 3 star split ACs. Its annual energy consumption is 594 units. So, roughly about 0.37 units of electricity is consumed hourly in ideal conditions. Being a small unit, it doesn’t really incur a huge running cost, making it an ideal choice for small office cabins as well as for moderately sized bedrooms in cities where temperature doesn’t peak above 40-45 degrees in summer.

In addition to being an energy efficient unit, this AC from Daikin also boasts of numerous user friendly features. 

First of all, the Econo mode ensures protection of the appliance as well as smooth running of multiple appliances simultaneously by limiting maximum power it consumes. 

Next, the Coanda airflow operation directs the air flow upwards and thus air circulates in to every nook and corner for a comfortable ambience.

 Now, if you want to quickly cook down the room, you can opt for the Power Chill function too. And further, at night, your sleep won’t get disturbed due to excessive cooling as using the Good Sleep Off Timer, you can automatically stop the operation after pre-set time has elapsed. Combining the on and off timer, you can ensure that the AC switches off for a while and then again resumes operation for a pleasant temperature throughout the night. 

As with most ACs these days, Daikin FTL2TV also uses pure copper condenser for better cooling and durability. Also, R32 refrigerant gas is used, which is comparatively less harmful to the environment. 

Talking about the drawbacks, first of all, it is a non-inverter AC. So, the compressor shuts off on attaining a pre-set temperature and then again switches once temperature rises. This could actually affect the energy efficiency as well as durability of the compressor in the long run.

 A few users do complain about the inept installation. And also, you get just 3 metre long copper pipe and power cable along with the AC. Any additional supplies will cost you extra over the installation charges. 

Though it has a few flaws, Daikin is quite a reputed brand commanding extraordinary performance and reliability, making it quite a dependable option to consider.

Whirlpool 0.8 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, 0.8T Magicool 3S COPR Inverter, White)

best air conditioner India 25000

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The Whirlpool Magicool 3S COPR is yet another option suitable for small rooms of less than 100 Sq.Ft size or places where ambient temperature doesn’t rise too high.

Compared to the previous Daikin 0.8 ton AC, it has an inverter compressor which means the compressor adjusts the speed depending on the heat and never really switches off. So, this means less wear and tear due to constant switching on and off of compressor and also as speed keeps varying to optimize cooling, the energy efficiency is better.

But compared to Daikin, the difference in energy consumption is just marginal. This 3 star AC with ISEER value of 3.87 consumes 520.08 units annually, which means 0.33 units per hour, while the former Daikin AC consume 0.37 units per hour. 

Whirlpool cooling appliances use Multi Port Injection which is an evaporator circuit that facilitates quicker heat exchange. Thus, the unit is capable of quickly cooling the room. Now, if you are more keen on reducing the energy bill, you could opt for the Eco mode. 

Yet another pretty useful feature is the self-clean function that prevents bacterial growth and mold, thereby reducing maintenance and odor.

Talking about the refrigerant, the AC uses R410a which is the best in terms of environment friendliness. But on the flip side, the technicians should have fairly good expertise to refill it as it is a mixture of two gases.

The unit does have an in-built stabilizer. However, it is capable of withstanding fluctuation ranging from 160 to 284 V. The range is just about enough to withstand power fluctuations. But generally, many appliances have a much wider range. So, if there are frequent surges and dips in your area, you would be better off with a stabilizer.

Talking about the drawbacks, a few users cite that the unit makes a little too much noise in the beginning and then settles down. This is because it is an inverter AC. The compressor runs at higher speed in the beginning to quickly cool down the space resulting in higher noise and then, the noise is much subdued. As with most AC brands, a few do complain about installation woes too. However, it is not quite noted in tier 1 cities.

Overall, this option is definitely top notch and can be considered if you live in a place with frequent power fluctuations. But, if not, you could very well opt for Daikin which has better brand reputation in the Air Conditioner niche. 

Best 1.5 Ton Window AC Under 25000

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (Copper, 183 DZA, White)

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With basic features, this 1.5 ton window AC from Voltas is suitable for a room sized about less than 150 sq. ft. The annual energy consumption of the AC is 1339 units, which is of course higher than the previous Sanyo split AC.

Like most durable ACs, the Voltas 183DZA uses copper condenser which has better life, low maintenance and better cooling. The performance is pretty top notch that even when the outside temperature is 50 degrees, the AC cools down the room pretty quickly. The turbo mode adds to this convenience too.

As it has anti-bacterial and anti-dust filters, you can be rest assured that it removes allergens, odors, dust and other particulate matter to purify the air. The dehumidifier takes out the excess moisture during monsoon too.

Other user-friendly features include sleep mode, eco mode for energy saving, turbo mode and self-diagnosis feature that resets the AC in case any abnormality is found.

Overall, with 1 year product and condenser warranty and 5 year compressor warranty, the Voltas 183DZA is a decent buy. A drawback however is the lax  after sales service and installation delays.

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Godrej 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (Copper, AC 1.5T GWC 18UTC3-WSA, White)

best air conditioner India 25000

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If you are looking for a 1.5 ton window AC at a budget price, you could consider this option from Godrej. 

Being a 3 star Window AC, it is a bit high in terms of energy consumption. Annual consumption is 1265.66 units, which means hourly consumption would be roughly 0.8 units which could be a bit too high if you switch on the AC for long duration on regular basis. Their 4 star AC GWC 18UTC4-WTA, with similar features might look quite attractive for users who use AC for extended duration. But when you compare per hour energy consumption, the difference is just about 0.03 units, which wouldn’t amount to much.

Other advantages are that it has an anti-dust filter and uses twin-rotary inverter compressor. 

A twin rotary inverter compressor runs at varying speed throughout operation. While initially it runs faster to cool down the room, once pre-set temperature is attained, it runs at a slow pace to maintain the temperature and doesn’t shut itself down. This is quite optimal for performance, durability and energy efficiency when compared to conventional compressors.

Other features are just about standard. Overall, it is quite a good choice for those who need a budget friendly window AC.

If you are looking for 1 ton variant of the same AC, you could opt for the Godrej GWC 12DTC3-WSA. 

Best 1 Ton Window AC Under 25000

Voltas 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Copper, 125 DY/125 DZA, White)

best ac under 25000

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With lower capacity, but higher energy rating, the Voltas 125 DY/125 DZA has features and functionalities similar to that of the previous model.

If you are looking for a window AC for a smaller room, then, by all means opt for this option from Voltas with a slightly lower price tag.

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Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC (RAW312KXDAI, White)

best ac under 25000

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Hitachi undoubtedly is a reputed brand which sells durable high performing appliances. But unfortunately, the after sales service in many cities lacks promptness.

This 1 ton AC from Hitachi has 3 star energy rating consuming about 1167 units of electricity annually.

Equipped with rotary compressor, the AC is fairly efficient in cooling the room quickly, albeit, it lacks the energy efficiency of an inverter compressor. As it has a copper condenser, you can be rest assured of quick, even cooling even when the ambient temperature is high. The air vent flap also facilitates wide angle cooling that helps.

In order to ensure air quality, the air conditioner uses silver ion filter to remove bacteria, dust and microbes. The manufacturers also claim that the Vitamin C filter reduces stress and improves skin quality.

Other practical features include timer, auto restart feature, filter cleaning indicator, auto climate technology and turbo mode.

Overall, the AC is pretty top notch in terms of quality and performance. But the lack of prompt after sale service is quite disappointing. So, if you are open to the idea of getting the AC serviced through 3rd parties post warranty period, then by all means opt for this choice from Hitachi.

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Blue Star 1.1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Copper, 5W13GA, White)

best ac under 25000

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Blue Star is a reputed brand that is known for selling cooling and purifying appliances for commercial establishments. So, you can expect reliable performance and durability with their domestic products too.

This window AC with 1.1 ton capacity is ideal for a small room of 110 Sq. Ft. The features are fairly basic. But given the price, you really can’t ask for more.

Though the unit utilizes a rotary motor, it is high on energy efficiency and garners 5 star rating consuming just 878 units of electricity annually. As with most superior Air conditioners, the Blue Star 5W13GA also uses copper condenser for superior cooling and better durability.

The unit however doesn’t have PM filter or silver ion filter like the previous Sanyo and Hitachi ACs, and hence, you will have to be satisfied with the dust filter that comes along.

Other features include sleep mode, auto restart and self-diagnosis function.

Overall, given the price and superior quality of Blue Star appliances, this definitely is a wise option to choose.

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