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Best Action Camera Under 200 $

Here they are, some of the best cheap action cameras available on the market.

Scroll down to read more about every one of them.

For availability, more photos, full description, price and user reviews check them out on Amazon – just click on the name or image of the camera. If you want something cheaper, see the list of the best action cameras under 100$.

Best Best Budget Action Camera: Reviews

1. GoPro HERO7 Silver (click for more details)

A top-class, rugged beginner action camera.

Overall the best best action camera under 200 US dollars, our favorite.

If you’re ready spend a bit extra, though, go for the GoPro Hero 7 Black. It isn’t about the color this time, but the quality. Hero 7 Black offers 4K shooting in 60fps, which means smoother videos.

The camera is lightweight and tiny, you can easily put it in any pocket, it’s tough and fully waterproof. On the back of it you’ll find a touchscreen, but it is possible to control the camera with voice controls as well. Unlike many of its cheap alternatives, the GoPro shoots both horizontally and vertically, perfect for your Instagram stories. The biggest downside – when we compare it to the same cheap alternatives – is that GoPro comes with no accessories. Everything else costs extra.


WATERPROOF: Up to 33ft / 10m

2. AKASO V50 Elite (click for more details)

A native 4K action camera with touch screen.

Overall a great action camera under 200 US dollars.

Just like the GoPro the V50 has also voice control, and unlike the GoPro it comes with a remote control. The camera is fully waterproof and is shooting in 4K 60fps. It offers built-in image stabilization and features Wi-Fi, several shooting modes and adjustable shooting angle, between 70 to 170 degrees, so you can choose between wide and regular view.

Suitable for all kind of water sports, including snorkeling and diving.

Comes with 2 1050 mAh batteries and several mounts.


WATERPROOF: Up to 131 ft / 40 meters

3. AKASO Brave 7 LE 4K Action Camera Review (click for more details)

A budget all-weather action camera with 2 screens.

Just like most of the best action cameras in this price range if features several shooting modes, that includes burst shooting and time lapse recording, adjustable shooting angle, HDMI connectivity and a big touchscreen on the back of the camera. The camera has 6-axis electronic image stabilization for added smoothness.

Unlike most it has two, not one screen, which is a great feature for vlogging.

It comes with a waterproof housing and a set of mounts.


WATERPROOF: Up to 131 ft / 40 meters

4. Insta360 GO (click for more details)

An easy-to-use, super-lightweight action camera.

One of the best action cameras under 200 USD, if the weight and size of the camera matters the most for you.

At 0.7 oz / 18 grams it’s really lightweight and tiny. Actually it’s that small you can easily attach it to the backstrap of your hat, and film on the go as you’re running or walking around the neighborhood.

The camera is water resistant, and could be mounted on almost anything. It features image stabilization, slow motion, hyperlapse and timelapse shooting modes and auto editing functionality. If that’s what you want you can also let the Go edit make a movie out of your shots automatically.

The biggest downside – shooting times are pre-programmed. Your clips will always be 15s , 30s, 1 or 5 minutes long. And the battery time is also reduced, because of the size of the camera.

The camera shoots both vertically and horizontally.

MAX VIDEO RESOLUTION: 2720 x 2720 / 25 fps, 1080p / 25 fps

WATERPROOF: IPX4, can be submersed for up to 10 seconds.

5. CammPro 1296P HD Police Body Camera (click for more details)

A rugged action camera with 128 GB built-in memory.

It’s an action camera with longest battery life on this list.

Apart from that it also features large built-in memory, which is both a pros and cons, since the camera doesn’t have a memory card slot. So, not to lose anything don’t forget to save the videos you will need later on your laptop. The CammPro is waterproof and is built to withstand a lot. It features night vision.

Not an ordinary camera for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. It’s made with security guards and police in mind, but of course, can be used for different purposes.

When shooting in 720p it can run for up to 11 hours.


Best Action Camera Under 100 $

6. APEMAN A87(click for more details)

An easy-to-use action camera with 4K / 60 fps.

Overall the best action camera under 100 US dollars, our favorite.

What makes the deal even sweeter, is that it comes with a set of accessories – like the extra battery, bike and helmet mounting kits – all neatly packed in a carrying bag. The camera comes with a case, which makes it fully waterproof. The features include 8x zoom, several professional shooting modes, including slow motion and time lapse, a 2” touchscreen, built-in WiFi and HDMI output for extra connectivity.

Install the Apeman app on your phone, and you’ll be able to control the camera remotely from the phone.


WATERPROOF: Up to 131 ft / 40 meters

Me, in New Delhi, India

Choosing the Best Camera for Your Needs

Do I even need a camera?

In my opinion, that’s the first question you should be asking yourself. Do you really need a camera? Maybe all you need is a new phone. Lately I’ve been shooting with iPhone 11 a lot, and it’s doing just great. Also when it comes to filming.

1. If You Aren’t Sure, But You Want to Try

Then go for a compact camera or action camera.

Most of amateur photographers will be good with a decent compact camera. If you’re filming a lot or you’re into sports, think of an action camera.

Choose the best camera that fits in your budget.

Both of these are small and you can always take them with you.

2. Pay Attention to the Size and Weight

The best camera is the one you have with you.

If your camera gear is heavy, chances are you will not have it with you at the right moment. Chances are you will soon stop carrying with you at all. Then what’s the point in getting an expensive camera in the first place?

Aim for a small, lightweight camera, that you can always take with you.

Don’t forget about the ease of use and ergonomics.

The lightest camera isn’t necessarily the best choice for everyone. You know yourself the best. Choose the camera that feels the best for you.Woman shooting in the woods

Woman shooting in the woods | Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

3. Video Filming

How important is it for you?

Because some cameras are better at it, and have special features like 4K recording, external microphone port and tiltable screen, while others don’t.

4. Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connectivity is a very cool feature to have.

It allows you to transfer photos and videos directly to your phone or tablet without a use of a laptop. It’s very convenient when you’re off the grid and want to backup your footage. And also when you want to share your photos online right away.

5. Waterproof, Shockproof, Sub-Zero Temperatures

Think if you really need these features.

Generally speaking, the more features you want, the smaller is the choice.

If that helps, by far most of people are ok with a regular camera. Partly because that means you are getting better quality and more photography / videography related features for the same money, when compared to choosing a weather-proof camera.

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