best airtight containers for cereal

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Best Cereal Storage Containers


In a Hurry ? Quick Look at our Top Picks:OXO Good Grips Airtight POP Medium Cereal…Buy on AmazonSALERubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organization & Food…Buy on AmazonCereal Container Storage Set – Airtight Food…Buy on Amazon

Our breakfast feels incomplete without our favorite bowl of cereals. 

Cereals are packed with nutrition that gives you an energetic start to the day. However, it is essential that your cereals stay fresh and crisp. Excessive air and moisture will not only dampen your cereals but also your spirit to take on the day ahead. 

With the right cereal storage container, you can prevent your cereals from getting soggy.  A storage container will also keep mold and pests away, as well as add to the aesthetics of your storage shelf. There is a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to storage containers. And the material, color, and lid options can be a tad bit confusing. 

Let us help you find the perfect match for your cereals so that your mornings feel as fresh as your cereals.  

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Best Cereal Storage Containers

1OXO Good Grips Airtight POP Medium Cereal Dispenser (3.4 Qt)Buy on Amazon
2Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organization & Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids, Set of 10…Buy on Amazon
3Cereal Container Storage Set – Airtight Food Storage Containers, Kitchen & Pantry Organization, 8…Buy on Amazon
4Airtight Food Storage Containers,Vtopmart 7 Pieces BPA Free Plastic Cereal Containers with Easy Lock…Buy on Amazon
5Wildone Plastic Cereal Containers Set | 6 Large (16.9 Cups, 135.3oz) Airtight Food Storage…Buy on Amazon

OXO Good Grips Airtight POP Cereal Dispenser

OXO Good Grips Airtight POP Medium Cereal Dispenser (3.4 Qt)

Buy on Amazon

The OXO Good Grips POP cereal dispenser makes storing and dispensing cereals very easy. Being one of the most highly-rated products on Amazon, the build quality of these containers has been appreciated globally. 

Its sleek shape helps you fit it easily on shelves and cabins. The container comes with a pop-up lid that enables you to operate it with a  single hand. Fitted with two airtight silicone seals to keep out moisture, you can be assured that your cereals stay fresh for longer periods. What we liked the most is the contoured design that is immensely comfortable to hold. 

Each container comes with the OXO Better Guarantee, wherein the company guarantees that if you face any issue, they’ll repair or replace the product.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Storage Containers with Airtight Lids

Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organization & Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids, Set of 10 (20 Pieces Total)

Buy on Amazon

Rubbermaid’s Brilliance series of storage containers offer some of the finest designs and functionality. Built with snap-tight lids, each piece can be latched on the sides helping you store and transport your favorite foods without any fuss. The corners have a smooth fillet finish that makes it easy to clean and scoop food from

You can stack these containers compactly on storage shelves and cabinets, for efficient utilization of space. The thick walls are crafted from crystal-clear, non-toxic Tritan plastic that is certified BPA free. Being freezer and dishwasher-safe, you can wash these containers easily.

Chef’s Path Airtight Storage Containers

Cereal Container Storage Set - Airtight Food Storage Containers, Kitchen & Pantry Organization, 8 Labels, Spoon Set & Pen, Great for Flour - BPA-Free Dispenser Keepers (135.2oz) - Chef’s Path

Buy on Amazon

These beautifully designed storage containers by Chef’s path can add an elegant touch to your kitchen. Along with the pleasant aesthetics, these storage containers are extremely sturdy and durable. Made from ABS plastics, the lids are very strong and impact resistant.

Every container comes with a lid-lock mechanism is designed for 100% airtightness, thus making them ideal for storing and dispensing pasta, cereals, nuts, snacks, coffee, and much more. With a simple push down the handle, you can also store liquids without causing any spillage. 

The set is delivered in a bundle that consists of add-ons such as chalkboard markers, a 4-pc measuring spoon set, and reusable chalkboard labels that allow you to organize your pantry efficiently.

Vtopmart Food Storage Containers

Airtight Food Storage Containers,Vtopmart 7 Pieces BPA Free Plastic Cereal Containers with Easy Lock Lids,for Kitchen Pantry Organization and Storage,Include 24 Free Chalkboard Labels and 1 Marker

Buy on Amazon

Vtopmart is well-known for creating high-quality pantry containers that are made from shatterproof, BPA-free plastic. Featured as Amazon’s choice in pantry storage, this set is highly rated and offers great value for money. 

The transparent design allows you to identify the content without having to open your container.  One set includes tall, medium, small, and mini sizes making room for all types of food in your kitchen. Vtopmart’s containers are equipped with a special sealing mechanism, making it easier to open or close a container with just two fingers. 

With 24 free reusable labels, forget the days where you confused flour with baking powder or chose the wrong ingredients.

Wildone Plastic Cereal Containers Set

Wildone Plastic Cereal Containers Set | 6 Large (16.9 Cups, 135.3oz) Airtight Food Storage Containers - Leak-proof, BPA Free Cereal Dispenser | Flour, Sugar, Dry Food Storage Containers with Blue Lids

Buy on Amazon

This stylish cereal containers set has a stylish blue lid and an added silicone ring on the pour spout which makes it the perfect blend of style and functionality. Made from premium, food-grade plastic, these containers are free from harmful substances and offer maximum durability. 

The 4 sided locking lids with silicone seal ensure that no air or water enters these containers. An indented back with a smooth pouring spout allows you to fluently and precisely pour the content, even when the container is full to the brim.

Further adding to its convenience is the slim and easy-to-carry narrow body that requires minimum storage space. 

Komax Biokips Original Airtight Cereal Container

Komax Biokips Original Airtight Cereal Container (2 Pack) | 16.9 Cups 135 Ounce | Airtight Food Storage Containers - BPA-Free Cereal Dispenser | Flour, Sugar, Dry Food Storage Containers with Lids

Buy on Amazon

Komax is one of the pioneers of plastic cereal storage containers. Being in the business for over 47 years, the brand has served millions of customers worldwide. The container’s impeccable quality, and exceptional precision results in a product that is engineered to last.

Manufactured from FDA-approved, eco-friendly Polypropylene, these containers keep your cereals safe from pests, moisture, and oxidation. One of the best features that you get is the etched measurement scale that helps you monitor and control your food portions with ease. The 2.4-inch pouring hole diameter ensures that your food flows easily and does not stick on the sides.

Oggi 9322 Acrylic Canister

Oggi 5pc Clear Canister Set with Clamp Lids Airtight Containers in Sizes Ideal for Kitchen & Pantry Storage of Bulk, Dry Foods Including Flour, Sugar, Coffee, Rice, Tea, Spices & Herbs

Buy on Amazon

If you’re a fan of glassware, but not a fan of the fragility of glass, then this one’s perfect for you. The Oggi 9322 is fabricated from high-quality acrylic that looks just like glass. These containers have specially designed see-through lids that feature chrome-plated clamps and silicone gaskets. The airtight lid prevents the entry of air and moisture keeping your cereals from becoming soggy.

Available in 28 oz, 38oz, 59oz, 72oz, 150oz, and tall 58oz sizes, you can smartly store culinary ingredients and cereals in your kitchen. What makes it even better is that you simply wipe clean your containers with a damp cloth.  

Sistema KLIP IT Utility Collection Cereal Container

Sistema KLIP IT Utility Collection Cereal Container, 17.75 Cup, Clear/Blue | BPA Free

Buy on Amazon

The Sistema KLIP IT Cereal Container is the best choice for the ones who love a clear, no-nonsense approach to design. These containers feature minimal aesthetics with a distinctive clip engraved with the Sistema logo. With flexible seals that retain the freshness of your food, you can even freeze your food and use it another day. 

As these containers are top-rack dishwasher-free, freezer-free, and microwave-free, you can say goodbye to your kitchen hassles. The modular design allows for easy stacking and saves space in your pantry, shelves, and freezer. They also have a flip-top lid that allows you to conveniently pour your food whenever required. 

Simple Gourmet Cereal Container Set

Simply Gourmet Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids Pantry & Kitchen Storage Set of 3

Buy on Amazon

Simple Gourmet offers a 3-pc container set that will end your storage woes. The deft locking system, ergonomic grip, built-in measurement system, and a flip-top lid makes it a must-have for your pantry. With a tall body that’s slim on the side, you can easily fit in multiple containers on your shelf.

The carefully selected color of the silicone seal complements the overall design of these containers. Each container has a capacity of 3.6 quarts which means that you can easily store one family size box of your favorite cereals. You also get 16 reusable labels and a chalk pen free with this collection for marking the content, expiry date, calorie content, and a lot more.  

TBMax Cereal Storage Containers

TBMax Rice Storage Bin Cereal Containers Dispenser with BPA Free Plastic + Airtight Design + Measuring Cup + Pour Spout (Red)

Buy on Amazon

If you’re tired of opening and closing the lids of your cereal storage container, then have a look at this fantastic design by TBMax. It has an innovative pour spout at the opening which a measuring cup screwed on the top. Forget the days where pouring your cereal would cause spillage as pouring with these containers is extremely clean and orderly.

If you desire functionality, then this is the one for you. Packed with handy features such as a portable handle, double sealing rings, and a grooved grip, storing your cereals has never been more convenient. Cleaning your containers would be a cakewalk, as they are dishwasher-free.

Shazo Cereal Container Storage Set

Cereal Container Storage Set - 100% Airtight Food Storage Containers, 18 Labels and Pen, Great for Flour - BPA Free Dispenser Keepers (135.2oz) 4PC - Shazo

Buy on Amazon

Finally, let us introduce you to the container set that is not only ideal for storage but also a great gifting option. Shazo’s cereal storage container set is very pretty and highly functional. It is lightweight, practical, and created from the best materials using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

With a removable lid on its top, you can simply put on the lid when you wish to pour cereals or remove it when you wish to clean the interiors. The 4-sided locking lid and a leak-proof silicone system ensure that your cereal stays safe from unwanted air and moisture.

If you’re trying to organize your kitchen, this one’s a lifesaver as you also get 18 labels and a pen with this collection to mark your food.

How to Choose the Best Cereal Storage Container?

Despite the fact that all cereal containers may feel the same, there is a huge difference in their qualities. Even with similar features, some containers work better than the others.  Simply due to the reason that multiple factors influence the final quality of the product.

Some containers focus more on the looks while some try to pack many features. A container that offers high durability may not look very aesthetic. While an aesthetic container may get damaged due to fragile components. Hence, it is strongly advised that do not judge a container solely on one factor.

You might have noticed the varying ratings. It is clearly because those cereal storage containers did not perform as per the expectations of that user. So before you choose, first decide what you exactly expect from the container. Do you live in a location with excessive humidity, are pests your primary cause of concern, or do you simply wish for a good-looking container? 

Once you have decided clearly, understand that certain features should be present in every good storage container. Let’s look at the some of the must-haves, and the characteristics that matter :  


First and foremost, you want a container that’s made up of a material that is safe for food. Since most containers are made of plastic, you must take great care in ensuring that the right kind of plastic is used.

The plastic that is used for making storage containers must be food-grade and BPA-free. Ideally, look for items marked with numbers 1,2,3,4, and 5 as these are the safest plastics for storing food. If your plastic is not safe for the dishwasher or microwave, avoid it as you do not want to spend unnecessary time cleaning and heating food. 

Sealing System

If the weather around you is too humid, your cereals might get soggy in one day as well. Hence, we would always recommend containers with a leak-proof, airtight sealing. The seal of your container must be made from materials that don’t wear out too soon. You’ll notice that the best cereal containers are always locked with silicon or rubber seals. 

Design and Ergonomics

A bulky design is difficult to hold and even more difficult to store. When your container is full, there are chances that you drop too much cereal or the container falls from your hands. 

Thin, tall containers marked with indentations or grooves at the back are much easier to hold and provide a good grip. Some containers even have a handle at the top. Such designs also help avoid cluttering by saving a lot of space in your kitchen.

Pouring and Dispensing

We love containers with a flip-top lid. Such containers can be operated with one hand and make pouring cereal easy. A pour spout also helps pour your cereals into the bowl without spilling or making a mess. 

Volume and Size

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to picking the right size. Everyone has different needs. Our frequency of buying and storing cereals also differ significantly.  Assess your requirements. 

Depending upon how frequently you visit the store can easily help you understand how much you require to store. If you have enough space on your shelf, go for bigger containers that can reduce your trips to the store. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to store cereals?

The best way to store cereals is to pack it in an airtight, moisture-free container. Always store your container in a cool, dry location away from excessive heat and humidity. 

Do cereal containers keep cereal fresh?

Cereal containers have an airtight lid that keeps cereal fresh by blocking air and moisture. If you wish that your cereals stay fresh for a longer period, transfer it into a cereal container as soon as you remove it from the bag.

Is it safe to store cereals in plastic containers?

If your plastic container is food-grade quality and BPA-free, then it is completely safe for storing cereal and other food items. Containers printed with #2, #4, #5 are considered good quality plastic. Ideally, ensure that the lid is tightly secured to prevent the entry of air and moisture.

How many quarts are a standard box of Cereals?

A 3.5 quarts container is enough to contain a standard box of cereal. An average size cereal box is approximately 14 cups. 1 cup is equal to 0.25 quarts

Does cereal last longer in the fridge?

Cereals stored in an airtight, leakproof container last longer in a refrigerator. Keeping the box as it is in the refrigerator may make cereals soggy as the air inside can be too moist. 

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