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To understand the best Baby Grand Piano options, first you need to appreciate the different types of piano on the market. Pianos can be sorted into two different categories – horizontal and vertical.

A vertical piano, also known as an upright, has a box shaped body and is a typical choice for people with limited space. The upright is a piano that is easy to fit into your home, and so makes it a good type to learn on.

You can get different types of vertical pianos that are various sizes and come in different styles. The four types are spinet (height 40″ and shorter), console (41″ – 44″ tall), studio (45″ and taller) and standard upright.

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Horizontal pianos are also known as grand pianos, but there are varying styles for this size of piano, too. While a concert grand, measuring about 9 feet, is what usually springs to mind, few people can enjoy having such a large instrument in their home.

As such, grand pianos of different sizes have been developed so that more people can enjoy learning on a horizonal style. From biggest to smallest, horizontal pianos are ranked as such: concert grand, ballroom grand, living room/parlor grand, professional grand, medium grand, baby grand and petite grand.

The petite grand is typically made to a size of 4 feet 5 inches to 4 feet 10 inches, whereas the baby grand measures more like 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 6 inches. While only marginally larger, the baby grand is considered superior in sound quality, and is an affordable option for the quality you get.


Horizontal pianos are superior to the vertical because they produce finer tones and have a responsive key action, making them much better quality for aspiring professional pianists.

Most models will have 88 keys, although you sometimes find older models that have only 85. While European pianos usually have just two petals, American pianos are equipped with three: una corda, sostenuto, and damper.

While the concert grand piano may be the most respected instrument for professional players to use for major performances, the baby grand piano is probably the most popular piano size available today. Unlike its bigger brother, the baby grand can easily fit into the tighter living quarters in many homes while still retaining it’s signature elegance and shape that we have come to expect from a grand piano. Experts say that the sound of a baby grand is smaller to a concert grand, and they are partially right due to the fact that the strings inside are shorter, but a baby grand can still provide deep, rich and magical tone that is sure to excite, entertain and captivate any audience.

Best Baby Grand Piano

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A baby grand piano is a beautiful piece of furniture that is both functional and practical. Even though a baby grand is significantly smaller than a concert grand, it still takes up a good amount of space so be sure to measure your space properly if you are thinking about a baby grand in your room. Bring the dimensions of your room with you when you so shopping so the experts in the piano dealership can help you select the right size. They are experts in this field. So many people shop for a piano and then after picking one out realize they have to measure. MEASURE FIRST.

Buying an item like a baby grand piano is often a long process simply because of the cost and the desire to have the perfect piano for your home. But if you want the best in baby grand pianos, check out Hollywood Piano Company.

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Baby grand pianos come in every possible color and can be ordered in custom made finishes that are completely unique or with custom designs that set their particular piano apart from the rest. Artists like the late Elton John or the late Liberace made this part of their signature style by having their own custom made grands with them every time they perform.

One of the most popular options on our Los Angeles Baby Grand piano models today is the CD player. With this option your baby grand piano can re-produce the world’s greatest musician in your home on command. When you are looking at baby grand pianos ask to see a player CD demonstration. These new systems even integrate with a ipod and your home entertainment center audio and video system.

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The baby grand piano is one of the most powerful yet beautiful instruments in the world. It allows for people who may not have the room for a concert grand the ability to own another, very similar, instrument. It is safe to say that a baby grand piano will make an incredible addition to any household.

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