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If you’re looking for the best Beginner Banjo, without compromising on the quality of sound, then the Kmise Concert Size banjo offers a very accessible way to get into the instrument. In terms of bang for your buck, however, you might be look at both sound quality, durability, and the overall package deal you get with the instrument.

For that reason, the Pyle 5th-string geared banjo might offer the best best banjo for you buck. Coming with a slew of accessories, a good sound, stable tuning, and a light-weight, thinned necked shape, it’s a great banjo for beginners even if you might want to invest a little more to replace the tuning peg.

Best Beginner Banjo

1. ADM 5-String Banjo

The ADM 5-String Banjo

A 24-bracket 5-string banjo featured a closed wood back and geared 5th tuner, this banjo comes with a comprehensive set for beginners, featuring a bag, strap, picks, and extra set of strings. As such, it’s one of the more expensive items we’re looking at, but arguable feature packed enough to justify it.

ADM specializes in creating instruments for musical students and beginners, and the material quality of their 5-string banjo fits their reputation well. The strings are nice and responsive, meaning they don’t take too much pressure to push down on, which makes them much easier to produce the sound you want with. The inclusion of a geared 5th tuner on this relatively inexpensive banjo (compared to those built for more advanced players) makes it much easier to tune, as well.

The lack of a beginner’s guide for new players is a slight downside, but tutorials are easier to find on the net than ever. Otherwise, adult male players might not find much use out of the smaller picks provided, but otherwise there are few reasons to complain.SALE148 ReviewsADM 5-String Banjo 24 Bracket with Closed Solid Wood Back and Geared 5th Tuner, Banjoe Beginner Kit with Gift Package 1

  • 5 String Full Size Banjo with Geared 5th Tuner
  • Features 24 brackets, a maple bridge, an adjustable hinged tailpiece and a chrome plated arm rest
  • A mahogany resonator and neck with a 7 ply maple and mahogany shell brings great sound
  • Perfect for anyone who has always wanted to learn to play this iconic instrument
  • Bundle includes: gig bag, tuner, extra set of strings, strap and 3 picks

$139.31More Details

2. Vangoa 5 String Banjo

The Vangoa 5 String Banjo

A solid mahogany 5-string banjo with a tuner, strap, picks, an extra set of strings, and an add pick up, this banjo comes in at around the same price at ADM, but with added pick-up to give it a touch more value, too. But how does it compare in terms of quality or tone?

Mahogany’s a good material choice, creating a more durable instrument not likely to warp over long periods of use with a nice, glossy surface that makes it very comfortable to hold and play, as well. The removable resonator can turn it into an open-back banjo at will, so if you want to play songs outside of the bluegrass style, this might be a key feature for you.

If there are any issues to bring up, one of them is the lack of a beginner’s player guide which is, again, easily circumvented with the help of the internet. It is one of the smaller banjos we’ve looked at as well, so larger adults might find it not quite as comfortable as some of the other options we’ll look at.180 ReviewsVangoa 5 String Banjo Remo Head Closed Solid Back with beginner Kit, Tuner, Strap, Pick up, Strings, Picks and Bag

  • 1. REMO DRUM HEAD It uses high-quality Remo drum head as Banjo panel that can produce a sweet tone. You can also gently beat the head to fusion different timbres in your melodies.
  • 2. ADJUSTABLE STRING HEIGHT It equips a truss rod that can adjust the string height, so that you will feel comfortable and perform fluently.
  • 3. DURABLE MATERIAL Mahogany neck, sides and back have beautiful wood grain, hard and not liable to warp or corrode, making the banjo durable.
  • 4. SMOOTH DECENT TOUCH It has a fine bright paint, glossy and smooth, giving you a comfortable playing experience.
  • 5. ECONOMICAL KIT Coming with bag, guitar Tuner, Strap, Pick up, Strings, Picks, you can get these accessories which is suited to beginner one-off at a cost-effective price.

$198.95More Details

3. Jameson Guitars 5-String Banjo

The Jameson Guitars 5-String Banjo

Jameson presents a high-quality 5-string banjo with a solid closed mahogany back, and a slender maple bridge with 24 brackets. Like the ADM, it has a geared 5th tuner, but is slightly less expensive, making it perhaps even a better deal. However, it does lack many of the extras that come with both the ADM and Vangoa, with an added cost to add a gig bag. As such, you might end up spending a little more to make your own complete kit.

One of the best features of the Jameson for beginners is that it comes complete out of the box, no need to install the bridge or fix the strings, simply tune them a little and they’re ready to go. Like the Vangoa, the resonator can easily be removed, making for a more versatile sound, as well. The stability of the tuning is impressive, too. With beginner banjos, a common problem is that they can get further out of tune the higher up the fret board you get, but that wasn’t a problem with the Jameson.

This banjo is slightly heavier than the others named here, so it might not be the best fit for younger players, but it is well sized for beginner adults.1,099 ReviewsJameson Guitars 5-String Banjo 24 Bracket with Closed Solid Back and Geared 5th Tuner

  • 5 String Full Size Banjo with Geared 5th Tuner
  • Amazing Low Price on Best Selling Banjo
  • 24 Bracket with Closed Mahogany Back; Nut Width – 1.25 inches
  • Made by Jameson/Davison Guitar Company. Overall length – 38 inches
  • Ships Fast – Top Seller – Customer Favorite

4. Pyle 5-String Geared Tunable Banjo

The Pyle 5-String Geared Tunable Banjo

Around the same in price as the ADM and the Vangoa, this 5-string mahogany banjo is built with beginners in mind, lightweight, smooth and with a slim neck that makes for comfortable use. The weight makes it much easier for beginners of all ages to get started with, and to bring your new instrument on the road or to the campsite with you, as well.

The quality in texture of the materials is a plus when it comes to comfort, too. The layered wood rim makes for a nice difference compared to the aluminum you might find in other banjos of a similar price range. The added arm rest and adjustment tools make it a lot easier to get comfortable with no matter where you want to play it, as well.

One slight sacrifice is the lack of a geared peg for the 5th string tuner, instead coming with a friction peg. However, it’s not too difficult to replace if you’re so inclined. It also requires a little assembly, so if you’re not thrilled with that thought, some of the others reviewed here might be a better option.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – The rich wood and high-gloss finish are accented with white jade machine head tuner key pegs and chrome-plated hardware. Crafted with mahogany neck, back, and side, plus a rosewood fingerboard and Maple Wood bridge
  • FABULOUS TONE – Brings you all the classic tones of a traditional 5 string banjo. Perfect for country, folk, bluegrass, and even some modern rock. It’s designed to sound as good as it looks
  • GEARED 5TH TUNER – Important for both tuning and playability. A premium feature usually found only on more expensive banjos this geared 5th tuner is an important upgrade over the common friction tuner
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Full scale & lightweight ideal for traveling, camping, hiking, taking to the beach. Whether you are pro, a weekend warrior, a hobbyist or a beginner: Start playing your favorite songs right away
  • CLASSIC TRADITIONAL STYLE – Styled after the innovative models of the early 20th century, these new/old banjos are true players that exude undeniably providing a vibrant singing banjo tone in any situation

$139.99More Details

best banjo

5. Kmise Concert Size Banjo

The Kmise Concert Size Banjo

One of the more inexpensive items that we’ll be looking at, the Kmise 23-inch banjo comes with an additional bag, tuner, strap, picks, extra strings, and a few more accessories that make it an even better deal. The polyester drumhead might turn off a few beginners who are looking for a more “authentic” sound, but it doesn’t sacrifice any percussiveness of clarity, so it may be worth the drop in price for some.

As a banjo ukulele (or banjolele), this is a particularly good instrument for those who want to get experimental with their sounds. As a concert-sized banjo, this is built for adult hands, so children or smaller players might find some difficulty in managing the size. However, it is lightweight so if you can get used to the size, it’s relatively comfortable to play.

One slight issue is that it’s a little less stable when it comes to tuning than some of the other options, so frequent retuning may become a hassle. However, that doesn’t get in the way of the overall quality and workmanship. With a good size, weight, and sound quality, it’s a good fit for beginners.

1. The drum head of Kmise banjolele made of polyester with great elasticity has a quick response. Equipped with superior Aquila String from Italy and high quality closed geared tuners, this banjolele can not only produce a bright and percussive tone but also be in an accurate intonation and stay in tune well.

2. Compared with other banjoleles, Kmise banjolele with action 3mm at the 12th fret is very comfortable for beginners to learn because players do not need to press too hard with such a low action. Preset with truss rod inside the neck, players can adjust the action with the wrench as needed. Smooth fretboard and neat fret wires also offer comfortable touch and protect hands from being scratched.

3. Multifunctional strap with an adjustable length from 45.6” to 66.1” can release the pressure of the banjolele and set hands free to play. The strap equips with two hooks can allow players not to drill a hole on the banjolele but fasten the hook on the metal frame and tie the leather belt on either headstock or strap lock.

4. Kmise banjolele has various playing methods. It can be in a traditional resonator style or an open back style by detaching its back. Traditional resonator style produces a mellower, softer sound while the open back style has a brighter sound. The package also comes with a piezo pickup that can connect the recording equipment for stage performance, which makes Kmise banjolele a super playable and multifunctional musical instrument.

Kmise responsible for every item we sold and do our best to offer the best solution if your product has any problem.



Holidays are over… It’s time to back to school! October has arrived and, with it, the desire of facing new challenges, starting new projects and, of course, learning new things. That’s why they are increasingly those who dare to learn to play an instrument in this season of the year. No matter if they’re parents that want to introduce their kids or grownups that think that is never too late to start something new… the case is that the choice can be difficult if one doesn’t know which are the best instruments for beginners… Let’s not panic! We tell you so you can start the new school year at the music rhythm!


Before anything, you must know that learning to play an instrument -no matter which one is- it is not a single day thing. It takes patience, effort and dedication… but the benefit that you got cannot be paid! As we already told you once before, the music improves:

1) Our intelligence, creativity and concentration capacity.

2) Our social skills.

3) Our motor ability, coordination and corporal expression.

4) Our sensorial perception.

5) Our nervous system and stress levels.

The best thing? The younger we are, the bigger is the impact of the music in our learning and progress, so if you’re thinking to introduce your child in this exciting trip… don’t think twice!


When we choose an instrument to start practicing, it is normal to feel oneself overwhelmed by the huge number of options that there are… If you are clear about what you want, it’s too easy: you just have to contact the MusicNexo team and they will advise you about what are the more appropriate models for you. If, on the contrary, you’re more undecided, below you have a small guide with suggestions about the best instruments for beginners. We hope you find this useful!


Of the instruments for beginners, this one is –undoubtedly- the most popular. Affordable, easy to carry on and with a quick learning, it’s usually the previous step to the acoustic guitar and, later on, the electric guitar. The strings –made of nylon- are noticeably softer, which turns it an interesting option also for kids.

MusicNexo Advice: The adaptation period which a beginner is subject requires the instrument to be nice to play, so don’t be afraid of spending a few more euros for a quality guitar. Besides, in the case of children, to use low tension strings in this period as it can be a relief until the fingers get used to the pulsation.




Its size is according with its versatility and possibilities: it is –for sure- the instrument for beginners that can go through more styles and the most appropriate to learn musical language and harmony, as it is very simple to start interpreting basic musical compositions. Without any doubts, is ideal for music students of all ages (even little children).

MusicNexo Advice: For the ones who play the piano, alternating with the keyboard is always an option; so don’t forget to contemplate this option if you’re looking for an instrument more comfortable to practice at home (it allows to study with headphones and not annoying the neighbors or family and counts with many voices, accompaniment styles, recording possibilities…).






It is the most attractive option for the young people and those who want to improve their coordination skills. In case of kids, it is not recommended to start until their height allows them to reach all parts of the drum kit without taking forced or uncomfortable positions, but, once it started, fun is a sure thing!

MusicNexo Advice: of the instruments for beginners, the drum set is, undoubtedly, the noisiest and the one that can cause more inconvenient to be played at home. That’s why, a good option are the electronic drum sets.





We love it especially for the children, as it is easy to carry on and favors the group practice (although it can be also for the solo practice). Of all the instruments for beginners, theviolin is without any doubts the most exigent, as it requires to have a musical ear developed in some level (the diapason do not have fretless and any change on the pulsation causes an off-key sound that must be appropriately corrected).

MusicNexo Advice: violins count with many measures according to the player’s height, so get advised to always buy the most appropriate for your size. Besides, there are also options to practice at home with headphones to not annoy anyone else: the Silent violin.




These are the most demanded instruments for beginners in schools and music bands. In this case, diversity goes further starting from the most versatile (and also noisiest), like the saxophone, to others more traditional (and, of course, simpler to learn), as the clarinet.








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