best beginner trombone

If you’re interested in learning this brass instrument you first need to know what the best Beginner Trombone and best trombones for jazz for beginner and intermediate students entail

The brass family of instruments is known for their contributions to jazz music and is one of the most fun instruments to play in any band.

This guide is going to highlight some of the best trombones for students, so you don’t have to spend hours combing through trombone reviews.

Best Beginner Trombone

Yamaha YSL-354

The Yamaha YSL-354 is a quintessential student trombone. It has a relatively small bore, a detachable counterweight, and it’s a well-made instrument that can take a beginner student far.

It’s not our least-expensive recommendation, but it may be the most well rounded as far as your budget and the instrument quality.Image credit: YamahaCheck Price on

  • Yamaha quality is some of the best in the business.
  • The chrome-plated slide is quick and responsive.
  • Detachable balance weight suits a wide range of students, depending on their age and size.
  • Rugged construction can stand up to beginners “enthusiastic” treatment.
  • Includes mouthpiece and a case.
  • Not the cheapest model you’ll find on our list.
  • No F-Attachment.

If you don’t have time to read our whole article, stop now and buy this trombone. You will have a great instrument that can last for decades if well-maintained, and you’ll make both your budding trombonist and his band director very happy!

Selmer Prelude TB711

Another great trombone option for a beginner student is the Selmer Prelude TB711. Most of the specifications for the TB711 match those of the Yamaha YSL-354. However, there are two primary differences:

  1. The Selmer will often be a little bit less expensive than the Yamaha YSL-354.
  2. The quality control of Selmer can vary a bit more than Yamaha’s.

So, while this is a great first instrument for the money, you should have a teacher or repair person check out the instrument while it’s in the return window. Most instrument stores give you 7-30 days to try out a horn, and if there are any major mechanical problems, you can get a full refund (or a new instrument).Image credit: Conn-SelmerCheck Price on

  • The Conn-Selmer company has a long history of making some of the best instruments in the business.
  • Detachable balance weight suits a wide range of students.
  • Rugged construction holds up to younger students.
  • Includes mouthpiece, case, and a small jar of slide cream.
  • Quality control can sometimes be an issue.

A close tie for the top spot with the Yamaha YSL-354. The Yamaha edges out by its slightly better quality, but the Selmer TB711 offers almost the same features at a lower price point.

Bach TB301

Talk to any trumpet or trombone player over the age of 40 about Bach brass instruments, and you’ll hear stories of some legendary (and sought-after) horns.

The Bach TB301 is one of the few student trombones on this list that is American-made, and with that comes a level of fit and finish that’s rare for a student trombone.

Because it’s made in the USA, it’s a bit more expensive than the Selmer TB711, even though it’s made by the same company (more on that later). However, America manufacturing does mean it compares very favorably in consistency and quality to the Yamaha YSL-354.Image credit: Vincent BachCheck Price on

  • Bach is a legendary brass brand, and the quality of this trombone carries that pedigree.
  • Chrome-plated nickel silver inner slide tube for smooth action.
  • Includes case and mouthpiece.
  • A bit pricy compared to the similar Selmer TB711, but with superior quality control.
  • The balance weight is not removable and may make the instrument too heavy for young students.

An excellent instrument for a beginning trombone player. If you want a good instrument at a fair price, and want something made in the USA, this is your top choice.

Selmer King 606

Like Selmer and Bach, King used to be a powerhouse of brass instrument making.

The King 2B and 3B used to be found in jazz clubs around the world, and the 4B was a mainstay in a large orchestra. While there was a dip in quality, over the past 15 or 20 years, King quality has improved leaps and bounds, and their professional range of trombones is on the rise (again).

While not made to the exacting standards of their professional line, their student trombones have also improved as the general level of quality has risen.

The King 606 shares many of the same basic specifications as the Selmer, Bach, and Yamaha trombones mentioned above, along with the legendary King name.Image credit: Conn-SelmerCheck Price on

  • Like Bach, the King brand (and quality control) are on the rise.
  • Nickel silver slide and slide tubes for a smooth action.
  • It is sturdily made to stand up to the younger student.
  • Includes case and mouthpiece.
  • While quality control is improving, you still want to try out the horn before you buy it.
  • Not the most expensive trombone on the list, but this one is on the pricey side.


Although it does look like a toy, the pBone has quite a few fans in the professional trombone world.

It’s lightweight, very durable, and inexpensive. This means that parents that may be tempted to buy a $200 brass trombone ISO (Instrument Shaped Object) can get a quality plastic instrument, and save money towards the purchase of one of the quality brass instruments we mention here.

One caveat, though. If you’re buying a pBone for a beginning band student, talk to the band director first. pBones obviously stand out in a group of brass instruments, and the band director may want a certain color or provide a school instrument instead.Image credit: pBoneCheck Price on

  • A surprisingly good instrument at a very low price.
  • Very lightweight makes them suitable for any student.
  • Plastic construction is rugged and holds up well if banged around.
  • Includes plastic mouthpiece and lightweight carrying bag.
  • Some band directors will not allow plastic instruments in the ensemble (it still makes a great home practice instrument, though).
  • The plastic mouthpiece isn’t great – you should upgrade to a metal one (purchased separately).
  • Requires a bit more slide care to keep it moving freely.

It’s not for everyone or every ensemble, but the pBone brings a good instrument to a lot more people.

If your band director doesn’t allow plastic instruments, the pBone makes a great home practice instrument, and the student can use a school trombone in rehearsals and concerts.

The pBone certainly outshines the new brass instruments in its price range ($300 or under), and while it’s not perfect, it should be considered if a metal instrument is too pricey.

Yamaha YSL-350C

This model is a bit unique. The YSL-350C is ‘compact trombone’, which means it’s just a bit smaller than a regular trombone.

Its size allows younger students, or students with shorter arms a chance to play the trombone, without missing certain notes. The valve allows players only to use the first five slide positions. So the 6th and 7th positions – which can be very difficult to impossible for some students – aren’t needed.

However, this trombone is not an instrument that is designed to carry a student into high school or college. But if you have a very young (or small) player, this can be a great way for them to start learning trombone without constantly dropping a slide or missing notes!Image credit: YamahaCheck Price on

  • This horn is great for those of smaller stature.
  • Typical quality Yamaha build quality and consistency.
  • Includes case and mouthpiece.
  • While great for young students, this is not appropriate for most intermediate students.

The YSL-350C is a unique instrument, really only suited to very young or small players. However, if you need an instrument that meets these requirements, this is by far the best one out there.

Yamaha YSL-448G

The next few options are suitable for older beginners, or players returning to the trombone after a break.

These models all have F-attachments (explained below) that make them more versatile, heavier, and more expensive. If you’re playing moderately difficult high school or college repertoire, though, the F-attachment is almost a requirement.

In addition to the F-attachment, the Yamaha YSL-448G intermediate level trombone also has a slightly larger bore and bigger bell than the YSL-354. It also still carries Yamaha’s reputation for both quality and consistency.Image credit: YamahaCheck Price on

  • F-attachment makes more repertoire accessible.
  • The larger bell and bore promote better sound and are suitable for large bands or orchestras.
  • Good weight distribution makes this horn easier to hold than some other trombones with F-attachments.
  • Includes mouthpiece and case.
  • Although more versatile, the F-attachment may make the horn unwieldy for especially young or small beginners.
  • Since this is an intermediate-level instrument, it is more expensive than any of the beginner trombones. However, it will also easily carry a student into high school or even college.

If you’re a bit older or looking to get back into trombone after a few years away, go ahead and get a horn with an F-attachment. It will make things easier in the long run, and you won’t feel a need to upgrade to another instrument after 6-12 months, and the YSL-448G is an excellent step-up instrument. It easily outclasses some instruments costing hundreds more!

Bach TB200B

The TB200B is Bach’s version of the Yamaha YSL-448G – a step-up trombone with an F-attachment.

There are some subtle differences between these two instruments, though. The Bach TB200B has a slightly smaller bell and bore size than the Yamaha. This makes the Bach a little bit easier to play for younger students, at the expense of not being able to achieve the extreme volume of the YSL-448G. However, the Bach is certainly loud enough for all but the biggest bands and orchestras!

Like the Yamaha, the Bach also features a ‘traditional’ F-attachment wrap, which keeps the trombone nicely balanced and makes it easier for smaller students to hold comfortably.Image credit: Vincent BachCheck Price on

  • The F-attachment makes this instrument more versatile and can keep up with an advancing student.
  • The medium bell and bore require a bit less air to make a quality sound.
  • The traditional F-attachment wrap provides good balance and compensates well for the extra weight.
  • Includes case and mouthpiece.
  • Even though it’s well balanced, it may still be too heavy for some.
  • Like the YSL-448G, this is a more expensive instrument, but it’s well priced, and the quality is outstanding.

Very similar to the Yamaha YSL-448G. The Bach TB200B is a great step-up instrument for a progressing player or a wonderful first instrument for an older (or taller) beginner.

Some students sound better on this trombone than on the Yamaha because of the smaller bore and bell, but both of these instruments are great horns and can last a student for years!

Jean Paul TB-400

If you’re desperate for a trombone at a low cost, and the pBone is not an option, this is probably your best bet.

It falls dangerously close to the afore-mentioned ISO (instrument shaped objects) talked about earlier, but the Jean Paul brand is a bit above some of the other cheap brands you’ll find on Amazon and eBay.

It will not have the same quality you will find on a Yamaha, Selmer, or Bach instrument. It also probably won’t have the longevity of those instruments – so you can expect to need to buy another trombone in 1 to 3 years. But if the pBone won’t do, and the other instruments (even used) are out of reach, this is your best bet.Image credit: Jean PaulCheck Price on

  • A brass instrument that works for less than $400 new is a good price.
  • Trombones are relatively simple, so there aren’t valve issues to worry about. Trombones only have a couple of moving parts.
  • Even the good ones (generally) won’t last as long as some of the other brands we’ve discussed. It may save money upfront, but in the long run, these can be very expensive.
  • Although there is a 1-year warranty, the amount of support you can get from this company varies from person to person.

While this trombone seems like a good value, if you watch eBay or look for used instruments online or nearby, you can find a great used horn for about this much money.

If you do need a new trombone, have a very limited budget, and need it yesterday, though, this is probably your best option.

Most Popular Brands of Musical Instruments you should buy if you are Music Lover

An artist can improve his performance with the use of quality instruments. Here, we have enlisted the top musical instrument manufacturing companies in the world, that can help you select a trustworthy instrument brand.

1. Gibson

Image credits:

Gibson is an American manufacturer of Musical Instrument company founded by Orville Gibson in 1902 headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Gibson is most popular Brand in musical instruments industry. The company mainly produced musical instruments, and consumer and professional electronics. It was established in 1902 when Orville Gibson founded such musical instrument brand. Gibson sells guitars under a choices of brand names. The Gibson Memphis shop has mainly focused on producing building hollow, semi hollow body guitars and other musical instruments. It is regarded as 1st place in the Most Popular Brands of Musical Instruments.

2. Harman

Images credits:

Harman is an American company founded by Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon in 1980 headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, United States. Harman International Industries, is an American subsidiary of Samsung Group that innovates and engineers connected products for automakers, consumers and enterprises works in worldwide. The company mainly produced, connected car systems, audio and visual products, enterprise automation and connected services. Its a 2nd brand after Gibson in the Most Popular Brands of Musical Instruments and its International shareholders has voted in favor of the acquisition by Samsung, becoming a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics on March 10, 2017 and this time Harman is top 2nd brand in the world.

3. Shure

shure is an American audio products company founded by Sidney N. Shure in 1925, headquartered Niles, Illinois, United States. The company mainly focuses on produced microphone, wireless microphone systems, headphone, earphones, phono cartridges, mixers and conferencing system. Shure recently discover numerous series of microphones for various applications, including the, KSM, SM, Beta and PG series, as well as specialized in consumer microphones, wireless, Microflex, and other musical instruments. It is a most valuable brand after Gibson, Harman and Shure is 3rd brand in the world in musical instruments industry.

4. Yamaha

Image credits:

Yamaha is an musical instrument and street music retail store owned by Yamaha music retail store owned by Yamaha music in United kingdom. The person behind Yamaha’s foundation was Torakusu Yamaha. Yamaha is mainly focuses on predominantly musical instruments, electronics and power sports equipment. It has grown to become the world’s largest producer of musical instruments, pianos, “silent” pianos, drums, guitars, brass instruments, woodwinds, violins, violas, and vibraphones, its is regarded as 4th place in Most Popular Brands of Musical Instruments in the world as well as a leading producer of semiconductors, audio/visual, computer related goods, sporting goods, home appliances, specialty metals and industrial robots.

5. Fender

Image credits:

Fender is an American stringed instruments and amplifiers manufacturing company founded by Clarence Leonidas during the year 1946 headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. The company mainly focuses on produces acoustic guitar, bass amplifiers, public address equipment and other musical instruments. When Clarence Leonidas Fender founded such musical instrument company. It also rewarded as 5th most popular brand in musical instruments and it is also a Most Popular Brands of Musical Instruments. It has one of the world leaders by defining the sounds we hear, by meeting the needs of musicians, by discover quality products and by backing them up with products and services.

6. Steinway

Image credits:×172&!5&btvi=4&fsb=1&xpc=H7LSECiVny&p=http%3A//

Steinway is an American piano company founded by Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg during the year 1853 headquartered in Europe and international Hamburg, Germany. The company mainly production of grand pianos, upright pianos. It works in the worldwide. Its provide a largest number of musical instrument brand names and producing facilities. Now it is owns manufacturer of pianos, brasswinds, woodwinds, strings, and percussion under dozens of unique brand names. Its mainly notable goods include Steinway & Sonspianos, Bach Stradivarius trumpets, C.G. Conn French horns, Leblanc clarinets, King trombones, Ludwig snare drums, Selmersaxophones and woodwinds, it is regarded as a Most Popular Brands of Musical Instruments.

7. Sennheiser

Image credits:

Sennheiser is a German privately held audio company founded by Fritz Sennheiser during the year 1945 headquartered in Wedemark, Hanover, Lower Saxony, German. The company mainly focuses on manufacturing audio electronics, microphones, headphones, telephone, aviation headsets for personal, professional and business application. The company is represent in more than 50 countries worldwide. Sennheiser is mainly known for its production of nice sound of its headphones and microphones and also famous for its best products , it also a Most Popular Brands of Musical Instruments.

8. Roland

Image credits:

Roland is a Japanese electronic musical instruments, electronic equipment and software manufacturing company founded by Ikutaro Kakehashi during the year 1972 on April 18, 1972, with ¥33 million in capital. headquartered in Hamamatsu, Shizuko, Japan. The company mainly focuses on manufacturing electronic musical instruments, synthesizers, digital, pianoes, Electronic drums, Guitars, synthesizers and DJ controllers. It is a world’s famous leading manufacturer and distributor of electronic musical instruments because it is a Most Popular Brands of Musical Instruments.

9. Kawai

Image credits:

Kawai is a musical instruments manufacturing company founded by koichi kawai in 1927 headquartered in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. The company mainly focuses in manufacturing Grand piano and upright pianos. It is known for its best products like grand pianos, upright pianos, electronic keyboards and electronic synthesizers. The company control in business segments. This segments also gives tuning and repairing services for instruments. The products Processing segment produces and sells processed metal materials for electronic and electrical instruments, processed materials for automobile parts, pig and cast metal, soundproof rooms, acoustic and music related goods and its also a Most Popular Brands of Musical Instruments.

10. C.F. Martin

Image credits:

C.F Martin is an American guitar manufacturing company founded by Christian Frederick Martin during the year 1833 headquarters in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. CF Martin & Company Incorporation operates as a guitar manufacturing company. It is known for its steeel string acoustic guitars and is a leading producer of flat top guitars. The Company gives acoustic guitars, strings, and music products for the music industry. CF Martin & Company also offers distribution, manufacturing, and repair services and it is also in a Most Popular Brands of Musical Instruments.

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