best betting tips for soccer matches

It is about time you were brought up to speed with Best Betting Tips For Soccer Matches so you can see which one is best for you. And that is precisely what we aim to do in this article; to give you a compelling insight into theBest Betting Tips For Soccer Matches we could find upon examining the modern market. We have picked them based on their utility, mobility, reliability, and durability.

Best betting tips for soccer matches help you to find the best free football picks out there, while providing you with the most important sport news and betting tips for all relevant soccer matches around the world. betting tips  are calculated using a range of information, including team form, player availability, head-to-head records and motivation, which is a tried and tested formula, offering the best chance of beating the bookies. most betting tips sites help with football predictions calculated by a developed algorithm while offering best tip of the day, best football tips for today and hot football tips.

best betting tips for soccer matches

Have you ever wondered what the most popular sport in the world was? Wonder no longer because we have the answer you’re looking for! Soccer ranks number one in a variety of countries around the world, with their matches always attracting large audiences. Soccer blows all other sports out of the water.

Even in the United States, soccer is starting to grow in popularity. In fact, it was about twenty years ago that the World Cup was held there. Major League Soccer has become a genuinely good quality league, and many Americans watch overseas soccer. The English Premier League, for example, is covered extensively by NBC Sports.

Commonly referred to as football in most countries outside the US, soccer is also a popular sport for betting purposes. In fact, it attracts more betting interest globally than any other sports. This is perhaps not surprising when you consider just how many matches take place. There’s so many different leagues and competitions around the world that it would take forever just to list them all.

There are many reasons why soccer betting is so widespread, with one being that’s it’s quite simple to get started. With just a little bit of knowledge, it’s possible to have a good chance of making some money. There is, of course, a lot more to learn if you want to make consistent profits. This soccer betting guide can help. Both beginners and skilled bettors alike can find what they’re looking for here.

hot football tips

Betting on soccer doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t even have to take it particularly seriously, as there’s nothing wrong with just betting for fun. Regardless of whether your primary goal is profit or entertainment, forming good habits will be beneficial. We can make this easy for you. Just follow the below tips and you’ll be on the right track.

Always Have a Budget & Bet Responsibly

Soccer is unpredictable. Betting on it is difficult. The one thing you do have control over is how much money you invest into it. Set a budget, and don’t ever bet with money you can afford to lose. We put this advice at the top of our list for a reason; we know how valuable it is!

It doesn’t matter how good you are, or think you are, you should always have a clear budget for betting with. You should also have some defined rules for how much of this budget you’ll stake on any one wager. This is known as managing your bankroll, and it’s a vital skill for all forms of gambling.

Stick to What You Know

There are a myriad of soccer leagues and competitions around the world. We consider ourselves very knowledgeable on the sport, but even we don’t have any idea exactly how many there are. And we certainly wouldn’t want to bet on any of the leagues and competitions that we don’t know anything about. Many people do though, and it’s a mistake.

It might be tempting to back a team that you’ve never heard of when they’re playing another team you’ve never heard of, although we can’t really imagine why you’d want to. Regardless, it’s not something you should be doing. Betting on teams within leagues your familiar with is difficult enough. Let’s not make it even MORE grueling.

You’ll get far better results when concentrating on leagues and competitions that you’re familiar with. You shouldn’t be afraid to expand your knowledge and learn about other leagues and competitions around the world, but don’t start betting on them until you’ve gained some insight about them.

Ignore Tipsters

There are hundreds of self-proclaimed soccer betting tipsters, possibly even thousands. Twitter in particular is full of them. Only a very small percentage of them could genuinely be considered experts though. It’s hard to distinguish between the two. The majority of these tipsters rarely provide useful advice, but instead they just give suggestions for what to bet on. There’s no harm in what they do, but they’re not really offering a valuable service. We haven’t discovered any that win often enough to make their tips worth following on a regular basis.

No offense, but following tipsters is the lazy approach anyway. You’ll do much better in the long run if you learn how to form your own opinions about what to bet on, based on solid reasoning. This is the direct path to success.

Read Blogs & Forums

We’ve just stressed the importance of forming your own opinions, so this tip might seem slightly contradictory. We’re not referring to betting blogs and forums here though, we’re referring to blogs written by soccer fans and forums where fans discuss their teams. Reading these can be very enlightening, and help you learn a lot more about individual players and teams as a whole.

With the vast amount of blogs and forums out there, it’s impossible to read them all. There’s a lot of poor quality content that should be ignored anyway. But there are some very good soccer bloggers who offer real insight into the game, and many forums that feature knowledgeable posters whose opinions are valuable.

Invest Time as Well as Money

If you take your betting seriously, then it’s fair to consider the money you stake as an investment. Investing your time is also important. It’s not enough to just spend a few minutes each week looking at the upcoming fixtures and then selecting a few wagers to place. Even if you’re only betting for fun, putting in more effort will benefit you.

We’re not suggesting that you spend hours and hours analyzing every possible aspect of every possible game. That’s not strictly necessary. However, you should certainly spend a reasonable amount of time doing some research into the relevant factors, and trying to identify the opportunities which provide the most value.

football betting tips

In addition to the above tips, this betting guide also has a dedicated strategy section. This will improve your soccer betting skills, which will in turn give you a greater chance of making some money. Please note that none of the strategy advice we offer is guaranteed to turn you into a winner, but it will certainly help.

Our strategy section features some basic strategy advice which is primarily aimed at beginners and recreational bettors. It’s not very complicated, which makes it a good place to start if you are new to betting or just starting to take it more seriously. The advice will help you to approach your betting in the right way, and teach you about the thought processes you need to go through.

We have some more advanced strategy advice too, for those that want to expand their knowledge even further. The following are some of the most popular strategy articles in the section.

Still not sure about how you stake your bet, how do you stake on football matches or how you understand football odds? But, first you need to learn on how to bet on sports in general by studying a beginners betting guide and then move on to the more advanced topics, such as the asian handicapping betting prediction and the likes of fraction and decimal odds. Then you can start to learn how to bet on football and win once you’ve got the online betting tips. But the good news is that at amazingstake we have prepared and analyse on all types of market that will suit your needs.
The fewer selections you include in your bet, the more chance you stand of winning. If you’re betting to make money think small, not big.

best football prediction site free

The biggest part of using more than one sports betting website is that you can stake your bet with the best market among them. If you’re a newbie to online sports betting, it’s better that you understand that all betting company are not equal when it comes to odds comparison. There can be many reasons for this, but it often comes down to what the betting site expects the outcome will be and how much money they have coming in on either side of the bet.
This always happened and the changes are slightly differences, Since there are differences in lines across different online sportsbooks, it’s a great idea to shop your betting by using this betting strategy, you’ll make sure that you’re getting yourself the best odds to stake. That means that you’ll walk away with a higher profit when you pick correctly. If you decide to use multiple sports betting sites to shop your lines, it will help you increase your long-term sports betting profits by making sure that you’re not leaving money on the table. By using more than one online sport betting site, you can benefit more and more.

Should i trust preiction sites?

Yes! This is a good question. But Are you wondering if football prediction sites really works?. If you have been through football prediction sites, you surely want to make some good money without hassle on checking and analyzing the tips. When looking for best football prediction sites out there, you will see many of them look so genuine and legitimate. But you must notice one thing. If they focus on aggressive marketing strategies, you should put a yellow light on the site before rushing. That means you need to be really careful in assessing their offers. Such aggressive marketing can be looked by their words, and other things such as promising and how much they offer.

Although the fact is true that many bettors have made great cash, the question here is exactly how to proof the free football predictions? Majority of the soccer prediction sites try to approach their visitors by showing their credibility mostly on providing images of won tickets such as fixed matches and so on. But how do you know if the site is really not fakes website? Most of punters failed into this trap because they don’t cross-check. Although it takes some times, it is wise to cross verify these kinds of websites through a trusted third party sites and spot them on the list of recommended websites.

If you can’t find any, then you can take your own conclusion. The more you browse, the more chance you clear your doubt. The thing here is that internet is a sanctuary of good things and bad things. That’s why you will need take time to research and reassure yourself before trusting one site. Do a little research and read customer reviews and public positive feedbacks on the internet. The websites which have received favorable reviews are your best bet. It is safer to trust what other people say. You could also join some niche forums related to football betting and interact with other members with the same interests. You will be surprised that there are many like-minded people are willing to help you. Check the football prediction website track record. Most trusted websites are transparent about their history and company profile. If you are not really sure, check their website data through See who is the contact representative of the website. You will know whether or not the football prediction website is legit. Don’t be tempted with “too good to be true” offers from certain websites. Some of them are fake websites which pure intention is to steal your personal information and other modus. We can save your time. With Sure Amazing Stakes you can get the best football betting tips site without hassle and fuss.

Which leagues do our football predictions cover?

If you don tire to lose money betting on matches wey no join, is here to help you to recover financially. We are renowned for football predictions with a high chance of winning. Our betting tips are meticulously drafted for different leagues across Europe – also international friendlies, champions league and europa league tips are included.super eagles football betting tips nigeria


Beside Champions League and Europa League our football predictions will cover the following leagues:

  • Bundesliga (Germany)
    Bayern Munich’s dominance of the German Bundesliga has caught the eyes of online bookmakers, so there’s little value in picking the Bavarians for the win. But there are lots of other selections with amazing odds that have a great chance of winning, and intends to keep you posted on these winnable bets.
  • Eredivisie (Netherlands)
    The Eredivisie is always good for goals – everyone is aware of that, including the betting platforms. So finding value might be a tough one for those unfamiliar with this league, but not We provide betting tips that are likely and at amazing odds.
  • La Liga (Spain)
    In La Liga, matches involving Barcelona and Real Madrid might be tempting to bet on, especially with players like Messi, Modric, Arturo Vida, and others in top form. However, will rather provide you with football predictions that have a great chance of winning and at reasonable odds than dancing to the gallery and offering betting tips on Barcelona or Real Madrid to win at 1.10 odds.*
  • Ligue 1 (France)
    Leave people make them dey yab Ligue 1, you fit use the ‘farmer’s league’ dey cash out. Beyond PSG’s hold on the league, the bookmakers are still unsure of what’s likely and what’s not. This makes the Ligue 1 to be a punter’s dream league as you can get the best odds for bankable bets, if you rely on betting tips of
  • Premier League (UK)
    Ever the competitive league, the English Premier League can be a punter’s nightmare or a bookie’s delight. Considering how upsets tend to happen a lot in this league, premier league tips need to be hinged on more than just favorites – even form could be thrown out the window here. Fortunately, provides football predictions that are based on a lot of factors, which you’ll find out soon enough.
  • Premier League (Egypt)
    This is another football league that can be hard to place. Many football prediction sites offer premier league tips with a poor win rate, which can jeopardize your stake if you don’t carry out your research. Unlike other football prediction sites, provides you with selections that are very likely to win as we have tipsters with an unbiased knowledge of the Egyptian Premier League.
  • Primeira Liga (Portugal)
    The Portuguese Primeira Liga is often considered a three-horse race with Sporting Lisbon, Porto and Benfica slugging it out. But unlike the average soccer prediction site,’s betting tips go beyond backing the favorites. While we want you to win, we’d rather you win big, but those odds of 1.10 often offered by the sportsbooks for favorites to win in a match are not going to help.
  • Seria A (Italy)
    Seria A is suddenly competitive once again following long spells of Juventus holding sway. Nigerian punters might be aware of Cristiano Ronaldo’s current stint at Juventus, but even the Old Lady have let sports bettors down in many matches. To win bets placed on matches in the Seria A, you need to stick to the betting tips offered by Our in-house Seria A expert has a win-rate that’s unrivaled.
  • Seria B (Italy)
    The Italian 2nd division can be a minefield if you are not familiar with the teams. Bookmakers often judge teams wrongly as indicated by the generous odds available. At, we intend to provide you with betting tips that identify those selections that are mostly to happen, and at those stunning odds, you suppose cash out big time.
  • SuperLig (Turkey)
    The Turkish 1st division is another league that could serve as the perfect cash cow for those familiar with the teams. Bookmakers appear to offer outrageous odds for certain events in the SuperLig, and you can take advantage of this opportunity. With the expertise of, you can get betting tips with a high win rate.
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Do we offer daily predictions?

At, we offer daily betting tips before the commencement of each match. Also, to ensure you don’t miss out on any match and the betting opportunity that comes with such, predictions are updated daily with all the relevant info considered. You’ll find all betting tips for today in the list of predictions above.betting tips french championship ligue 1


The best prediction site isn’t judged on the fees attached to the football betting tips provided, but the content of its bet prediction. And is all about delivering excellent betting tips at zero charges. Yes, you read that right, will never charge you for soccer tips – whether now or in the future.

While other football prediction sites often focus on the 1X2 bet prediction – for reasons best known to them – we at beam our searchlight on all markets including goals bet, double chance, goal-goal, and others, depending on the match in question. Due to the versatility of our betting tips, picking winning bets are much more likely.

How is different from other football prediction sites?

As a Nigerian sports bettor, you will have come across football prediction sites that charge as much #44,000 naira monthly for betting tips. Just reason am o. And nothing is guaranteed – the prediction fit still cast. Also, many of these soccer prediction sites only offer 1X2 soccer tips – nothing else.


Unlike those football prediction sites with outrageous fees, offers free betting tips that are all-encompassing. The football betting predictions will touch different markets, but this will depend on the nature of the match and the information available.

It will also interest you to know that offers hundreds of betting tips in a week across the major leagues in Europe. And you don’t have to pay a dime for such. Our only interest is to see you win. Find here your best football tips for today!

What is the best prediction site?

What makes a good prediction site? Football prediction sites are a dime a dozen, so there’s always the likelihood of doubt springing up regarding the efficacy of our soccer tips. But is a breath of fresh air – one of the reasons why we are the best prediction site out there. Also we don’t attach sentiments to the betting tips provided, which isn’t the situation with other prediction sites. Sports bettors and tipsters aren’t supposed to allow favoritism becloud their better judgment on the likely selections in a match. This is one of the reasons why people lose money. With, you are guaranteed of getting betting tips that are based on a wide array of factors and not favorites or emotions.

One of the reasons why is the best prediction site is that we provide betting tips based on statistics, artificial intelligence, and team news, so there’s no room for sentiments or emotions. Every soccer tip from is a product of what matters – stats!

How do we create a football tip?

Many football prediction sites are fond of looking at just the odds and basing their football tips on the favorites. This is not acceptable as football is much more than the odds on offer – a lot can influence the outcome of a game.

At, we understand that the outcome of every football match is tied to a string of factors, and this is reflected in how we arrive at our betting tips. The football predictions offered on are made possible through a well-designed algorithm that takes a lot of factors into consideration.

Does odds comparison count in betting predictions?

best odds guaranteed betting icon

At, we carry out an extensive odd comparison across 25 – 30 different betting platforms that are licensed to operate in Nigeria. This odd comparison is geared at providing Nigerian punters like you with the best odds on the betting tips provided. We want sports bettors that utilize our football predictions to enjoy the best odds, increasing the winnings when their bets are victorious.

Aside from the betting tips, how do I win when punting on football?

Betting predictions aren’t the only things required for a sports bettor to win. There are lots of things involved, and this explains why many punters in Nigeria rarely break even – they just keep wallowing in losses with the occasional win.

To ensure you stand a great chance of winning big, here are valuable tips to adhere to:

check mark betting tipsYour betting should have a target

Many punters make the mistake of betting for the fun of it. Fun doesn’t make money, so they lose. Don’t belong to this group of sports bettors.

If you want to win betting on football, you have to look at it from a business perspective. Endeavor to have a target for your betting.

Betting tips, regardless of how winnable they appear to be, will come to naught if you don’t bring a winning mindset along – and this reinforces the need to have a target.

When you have something you intend to achieve via betting, you won’t attempt the scattergun approach, which is notorious for being the downfall of many sports bettors.

check mark betting tips

Expand your horizon

To survive the murky waters of football betting, you need to have the necessary information at your fingertips. Research is a punter’s tool towards winning in this business.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend valuable hours visiting numerous sites to collect the necessary information. Our betting tips section is there for you. It offers way more than just suggesting soccer tips.

All the information you need regarding a football game is captured, so you’re fully informed about the reasons for specific football betting tips.

check mark betting tips

Keep a bankroll as well as a history of it

Of course, you’ll need money to stake on bets advised in our betting tips section. But this isn’t just about the funds for a single stake. Having a betting bankroll is imperative if you intend to win at betting. Yes, 9ja hard, and you never chop, but betting no be Moi Moi. You will need sufficient resources to have a bankroll and keep records.

One problem that’s common among Nigerian punters is the lack of accountability in the betting routine. If you are serious about hitting it big just betting on football, you need to have a staking plan. What do we mean by a staking plan? It’s one where you have different staking levels.

For instance, large stakes are pegged at #1000, medium stakes are set at #500 and small stakes are pegged at #200. Yours could be different, but there has to be an order guiding your stakes. And you shouldn’t just use your stakes as the spirit leads – it’ll end in tears.

check mark betting tips

Have a long-term betting system

Most punters err by thinking that betting on sporting events like football is a short-term plan, and they can just get out whenever they want. Betting doesn’t work like that.

If you’re going to succeed at betting, you have to think long term. What better way to actualize such a plan than a long term betting system. If you stick to the system, you are bound to achieve those defined targets in the long-run.

check mark betting tips

Be realistic about your betting tips expectations

The average Nigerian sports bettor is in a haste to win big, so their expectations for betting are always incredulous. With every passing day that their bet slips are yet to deliver the millions of naira they dream about, hopes are dashed, and many quit. In such situations, the bookmakers are the winners.

To avoid ending up in this category of punters, you need to set reasonable expectations, so you’re not chasing the wind. In essence, expect less!

Are there any preparations required to maximize the betting tips?

To win big just betting on football games, you’ll need to make some necessary sacrifices. Totally relying on betting tips wouldn’t suffice. This can be achieved by going out of your way to gather information.

Football matches are played by several players, and their conditioning could change the outcome of any event. You need to learn everything there’s to know about each player’s physical state, the suspended players that aren’t available for selection, recent form, and other attributes that can alter an upcoming fixture.

You need to remember that betting on sporting activities takes into consideration the welfare of each player, which is typical of every team sport. BEST BETTING SITE IN TEST 

  • International Sportsbook
  • Competitive odds
  • Excellent in-play markets

50% up to ₦20.000 Welcome BonusRating:99/100


Are our betting tips free?

Yes, the betting predictions are available to all Nigerian punters for free – we want you to win big. And you don’t have to worry about the future charges as we will never start charging anyone before they can view our betting tips. Our only desire is to ensure punters are fully equipped with the necessary information regarding a particular match before a ball is kicked and at no charge.

How good is’s football prediction success rate?

The best prediction site doesn’t have a 100% strike rate – that’s an ideal situation. Unless you have a crystal ball that keeps you posted on the outcome of events, you can’t get every football prediction right. There will be bad days mixed in with the good days, so be ready for it.

Also, you shouldn’t swallow all betting tips provided hook, line, and sinker. Carry out your research before you place a bet. This way, you understand the reason behind a set of football betting predictions, and the blame game doesn’t come up if things fail to go as planned.

Over the years, the betting tips offered on have around 70% hit rate on the average, which is more than you’d get with any other bet prediction site. Our football predictions cover different kinds of bet including handicap bets, goals bets, 1X2 bets, and others, depending on the match.

Why follow the football betting tips on

If you’re still skeptical about’s betting tips, we understand. There’s always that trepidation that overcomes people when someone is giving out some value at no expense – it’s normal.

For us at, we are enthusiastic about helping the Nigerian punter to win big just betting on football. And this is shown in the setup of our daily predictions that allows punters make money regularly by betting.

Our soccer tips are validated based on the assessment of available information regarding each match. We don’t just provide betting tips based on sentiments or emotions, everything is based on stats – no exceptions. Considering statistics rarely fail in football, our betting tips do exceptionally well.

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arrow betting tips nigeria
arrow betting tips nigeria
arrow betting tips nigeria
arrow betting tips nigeria
arrow betting tips nigeria
arrow betting tips nigeria
arrow betting tips nigeria


What are the betting tips for wagering on football?

The mistake many punters in Nigeria make is that they bet without doing their homework. The outcome is a bet that falters badly, resulting in losses. Bets shouldn’t be placed aimlessly. They should be tied to vital information regarding the teams and others. Here are some betting tips that should serve as the bedrock of your punting plans:

Learn about the motivation of each team going into the match

Ever seen underdogs come out victorious against the favorites? It’s down to the motivation of the teams. Remember that season when Sunderland thrashed Manchester United both home and way in the Premier League? Well, Sunderland wanted it more as they were relegation bound unless they could do the double against the Red Devils.

In essence, team motivation could alter the nature of a game, and you should always consider that before placing your bet.

Stay updated on news regarding the teams

Team news can be decisive in how a match proceeds. If the coach wants a slow start, his selections will always reveal his hand.

For instance, if Pep Guardiola prefers winning a football match, he can decide to leave players like Raheem Sterling, Kun Aguero, and Kevin De Bruyne on the bench. On seeing a line-up without these ‘star players’, it’s clear that the first half would be about the teams feeling each other out, but the second half of the match will be a hammer and tongue affair – if those players are brought in. Don’t joke with team news.

Is the team on a losing streak?

As much as we like to believe performance of a team in a football match is independent of what happened in the previous football matches, losing streaks or winning ones can affect the confidence of the team.

If, for instance, Arsenal has been lethargic in attack from the last two games, the status quo might continue into the next match as long as they continue to lack confidence in their offensive strategy.

Sometimes, a rude awakening like the sacking of managers can end a losing streak, but the situation could worsen depending on the mentality of the players.

Favorites don’t always win

Those odds of 1.05 on PSG or Bayern Munich winning might be tempting, but we’d like to consider such to be a trap. Favorites, regardless of how lowly priced, don’t always win. And it could be the very day you decide to add them to your accumulator that they end up losing or drawing.Iwobi soccer tips super eagles win over Lesotho


Rather than back short-priced favorites, pick out the gems in the match. For instance, you might have found that Manchester City hasn’t had a clean sheet in 10 games, and they are up against lowly Norwich City, backing Norwich City to score – which could be as much as 1.70 – is bound to represent value, especially if they do score often. Values like this are scattered around football matches, so stop looking at that 1.05 odds for a favorite to win.

Don’t bet out of frustration

This is common when you’re on a losing streak. Betting out of frustration isn’t just about the losses, but it alters your staking plan, and you could end up in a really deep hole.

If it’s clear that your bets aren’t exactly on a purple patch, take a break. Breathe, live, and do anything else besides betting. Avoid adding to the gambling disorder stats.

Follow the Matchday weather

A cold rainy night in Stoke is often used to describe the effect of bad weather on football matches – any ardent observer of the English Premier League can attest to that. But it’s not just Stoke City that has benefitted from the weather.

Any team with the right preparations for such a situation can take advantage of unpleasant weather conditions. This could be underdog winning the supposed favorites or just keeping them at bay. You’ll need to keep your eyes on the weather report for that location, so you’re sure of what to expect.

Utilize great odds when you find them

Placing value bets isn’t as easy as it used to be. The bookmakers continue to underprice markets at every chance they get. Of course, there are occasions when certain sportsbooks have priced certain selections wrongly.

When you find such, you shouldn’t hesitate as long as you have done some research on the possibility of the outcome. Remember, those are great odds only if they win.

Discipline is crucial when betting

If you’re going to win from placing bets on football games, then you need more than just betting tips. Discipline should be your mantra. Don’t bet aimlessly!

Stick to your betting system as much as possible. Anyone that has cashed out big time from betting must have maintained a level of discipline, and you should too.

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