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Compact, waterproof binoculars designed for traveling surfers, birders on a budget, curious campers, and everyday outdoorists

Affordable, Sustainable Outdoor Optics by Nocs Provisions

Peruse any outdoor retailer’s offerings of optics and you’ll likely find options from only a small variety of brands, and in any color you want–as long as it’s black. For those not satisfied with such otions, theres Nocs Provisions, founded in August of 2019 by San Francisco’s Chris McKleroy to offer outdoors lovers a product that was affordable, compact, rugged, and fun.

McKleroy first cut his teeth in the outdoor lifestyle product space as the co-founder and designer of Boombotix, a wearable Bluetooth speaker launched from a Bay Area roll-up garage a la Apple Computers. While living in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood McKleroy found a pair of cheap binoculars to keep tabs on the ocean’s swell from his porch. Soon after, he saw the benefit of having them on him for a number of outdoor activities.


Enter Nocs Provisions.

During the extensive R&D phase, over twenty prototypes were created by McKleroy using a hand built 3D printer before arriving at the final shape for Nocs’s flagship product, the Standard Issue Waterproof 8×25 Binocular ($89).

Weighing in just under 12 oz with a pocket-friendly size means the Standard Issue is the binocular you’ll want to take on every adventure.


The exterior is covered in a pattern of ridges for grip that pull equal inspiration from classic BMX handlebar grips and the abstract works of legendary artist Sol LeWitt. The binos are also fully waterproof with an IPx7 rating—so go ahead and bring em on your next SUP adventure.

Though the looks are an easy selling point, attention was not at all diverted when selecting the optic components—Swiss-designed Bak-4 prisms provide blissfully sharp views of birds and distant swell alike. The oversized eyepieces were designed to allow smartphones to shoot directly through them, effectively adding a whopping 400mm focal length to your Instagram photos. How’s that for modern innovation?


As an outdoor lover through and through, Chris has taken steps to use as little plastic as possible by developing packaging made from a single piece of 100% post consumer cardboard and printed with soy ink. Outside of environmental impacts, Nocs has also partnered with Trips For Kids Marin to provide local Bay Area kids from underserved communities consistent access to mountain bikes, both by providing 1% of their profits to the organization and volunteering directly.


The Standard Issue Waterproof 8×25 Binocular is available directly from Nocs Provisions as well as Huckberry for $89; a standard strap is included but a handsome woven option is also avaialble for upgrades. Rumor has it that a monocular model will also be coming later this year, so keep your eye peeled for that.

To be honest I have never been to watch people surf, but I would say that the principals would be similar to watching sea birds or even boats at sea and you also have to add into the equation that surfers will be fast moving, and so similar to watching many sporting events and again birds.

So what we are looking for is basically a binocular that:

  • Is powerful enough to enable you to identify the surfer
  • Has a wide enough field of view to make following them simple
  • Is water and fog proof to protect them from the elements
  • Offers a good quality image with great contrast to help with the haze and glare

Marine Binoculars to Watch Surfing
In some ways, I think that your idea to use marine binoculars for surfing is a pretty good one:

Most binoculars that have been designed to be used on board a yacht, boat or ship tend to have a pretty low magnification to help ensure that the image is as easy as possible to hold still on a moving platform (the boat). This has the effect of increasing the field of view that you get whilst looking through them. Which as we have already discussed is important when viewing fast moving objects.

Other benefits of using a marine binocular are obviously that they will easily handle pretty much any of the conditions that you experience from the shore, including any sand, spray or even rain.

My slight concerns would be the slightly smaller magnification (usually 7x) which helped with the field of view, but will obviously make it just that bit more difficult to pick out your son at further distances. I personally would opt for a 10x magnification to get you really close to the action, however you will be sacrificing the width of the view and if that is a major concern for you, you could opt for an 8x magnification.

So I think we can get a more all round pair of binoculars that are fog and waterproof that have a more powerful magnification AND a field of view that equal to or even greater than that of most marine binoculars.

As you did not mention price or if size was a concern, I will also suggest a few in different price categories as well as different sizes for you to take a look at:

Top of the Range

Kowa 10.5×44 Genesis XD Binoculars

  • Full Sized Binoculars
  • Water & Fogproof
  • Field of View – 324 ft at 1,000 yds or 108 m at 1,000m – not bad considering the 10.5x magnification
  • One of the best full sized binoculars I have ever reviewed, with a super high quality as well as bright image

Swarovski 8.5×42 EL Binoculars

  • Full Sized Binoculars
  • Water & Fogproof
  • Wide Field of View – 399 ft at 1,000 yds or 133 m at 1,000m excellent considering the slightly more powerful 8.5x magnification
  • One of the best full sized binoculars on the market using the highest quality optics, coatings available.

Very High Quality

Minox 8×33 BL Binoculars

  • Mid Sized Binoculars
  • Water & Fogproof
  • Wide Field of View – 421 ft at 1,000 yds or 140 m at 1,000m
  • Excellent quality optics and coatings that include fully multi-coated lenses for bright, clear images and BAK-4 prisms with phase correction coatings
  • One of the best mid sized binoculars I have ever reviewed

Vanguard 8.5×45 Endeavor ED Binoculars

  • Full Size Binoculars
  • Water & Fogproof
  • Field of View – 340 ft at 1,000 yds or 114 m at 1,000m
  • Slightly more powerful 8.5x magnification
  • Excellent value for money with very high quality optics including phase coated prisms

Mid Range

Nikon 8×42 Monarch ATB Binoculars

  • Full Size Binoculars
  • Water & Fogproof
  • Field of View – 330ft at 1,000 yards, for an 8x magnification this is not the best, but should be enough
  • Tough with good quality optics and coatings that include fully multi-coated lenses for bright, clear images and BAK-4 Precision-aligned optics

Vortex 8×42 Diamondback Binoculars

  • Full Size Binoculars
  • Water & Fogproof
  • Wide Field of View – 420 ft at 1,000 yds or 140 m at 1,000m
  • Tough binoculars with excellent field of view at a great price

I personally would not advise going to far below this price level as remember image quality as well as contrast were important features that we were looking for in a good surfing binocular, to help with the haze and glare. Lower cost binoculars tend to use lower quality glass and prisms as well as less anti reflective coatings on them to save costs. This has the effect of reducing the quality of the image produces in most areas including brightness, sharpness, colour definition, depth of view and contrast.

Binoculars for Surfing – More Options
Most of the binoculars for sports should also work well, just make sure that they are both fog and waterproof.

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