best bra for small breasts to look bigger

In this post, we will be discussing the Best Bra For Small Breasts To Look Bigger options. Our team has researched and reviewed these breast enhancement bras for small breast and best push up bra for small chest options to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying heavily padded bras for small busts.

Best Bra For Small Breasts To Look Bigger

breast enhancement bras for small breast


The main feature of t-shirt bras is the seamless edges that have no awkward lines showing underneath your top. The bras are very comfortable and functional and remain the top priority for most small chest women.

woman wearing a t-shirt padded bra

T-shirt bras are the best bras that will fit every casual event since they are very comfortable and will fit any event effectively. Do you want to look modest as you go for that event? Then the T-shirt bra is your choice.

Most T-shirts bra designs have molded cups plus padding that provide enhancement to your breasts just like the way a push-up bra would do. The bra improves on your shape by increasing the breasts roundness. The seamless cut provides enough comfort when you are wearing them.


  • They bring about the roundness of the breasts
  • They are close to invisible under tops
  • The bras are seamless and comfortable

In the T-shirt bra design, there are a lot of choices. However, the Calvin Klein Lightly Lined Wire-Free Bra remains to top of our preferences. The bra has extra comfort and is suitable for everyday wear.


The bralette is a trend that you don’t want to miss in your wardrobe. The brand was a design purely for women who have smaller breasts and chests, which are flat. The bra comes in several styles, and you will never lack the best for yourself. It is effortless to find one for yourself, especially that which has padding.

woman wearing a padded bralette

However thinner the bralettes are the padding in the perfect amount for the ladies who have smaller breasts. The padding provides more definition, and as such, you will not look flatter in the chest.

The bras have an added half-cup size for boosting of the size of the breasts. The provision for the addition of the padding makes it a very comfortable bra type.


If you miss out on these bralette trends, you have yourself to blame since it is the best. The bralette is a design for women who have smaller breasts and flat chests. The brand is the best as it comes in several designs and styles. The different designs make it easier to get one that includes padding to take care of your desires. The bras are thinner and smaller hence providing enough amount of space for additional padding for the women who have small chests.

Though not having more padding as compared to the push-up bras, bralettes will keep you comfortable all the time that you are in them since they have an addition of half-size cup boosting. They act to enhance your boobs rather than adding to the bust.


  • The bras provide a sexual appealing that is aesthetically pleasing
  • They perfectly fit in the trend and will be worth your shopping.
  • Improve your natural boobs look
  • They are cheaper in comparison to any other bra types

The Bralettes that are top on our list include:

  • V-Neck Padded Bralette with adjustable straps
  • Plunge Eyelash Bralette
  • Lace Deep V-Neck Bralette


That you have smaller breasts is not enough a reason to skip having padded sports bra. The bras will provide added comfort since they have extra padding. The extra padding will also act to provide additional support that is necessary when undertaking your exercises.

woman wearing a padded sports bra

For any bra, additional padding will give a boost to your breast size. For flatter chests, you need to pick a sports bra that will give your boobs the final shape will still providing the necessary support.


  • Provides enough support for the breasts
  • Makes your breasts to have a shape
  • Limits the uni-boob look, a characteristic of many sports bras

The favorite option in our list is the Moving Comfort Sports Bra from Fiona. It is a very stylish bra for all exercises that has cups with padding for shaping your boobs. The bra comes with an elastic band which provides support. The straps are thin, making them a perfect choice for girls who have smaller chest and boobs plus the straps are easy to adjust to customize for your size.


The bandeau bra is very stylish and is the best choice for girls who have flatter chests. The Bandeau is the best bra to go with a summer top and can also be in use with other different types of outfits that you might choose.

woman wearing a bandeau bra

The girls who wear this kind of bra always have nothing to hide as the bra itself is a source of confidence to them. The brand is the best in the market and will keep those wearing it very proud and with no worries of any drawbacks


  • It is stylish and comfortable to pair with other outfit choices
  • The bra is strapless and is super comfortable

For this bra, you must choose one that has removable padding. The best option from Boao will come in several color mixes that you have to choose.

From Briefs to Boyshorts: Your Definitive Guide to Women’s Underwear

Posted on Dec 08, 2018

From Briefs to Boyshorts: Your Definitive Guide to Women’s Underwear 

When asked what type of underwear they buy, 58 percent of 650 guys surveyed in this Huffington Post/AskMen survey said “boxer briefs.” That kind of makes us laugh… what about you, ladies—do you have a favorite kind for yourself? Not so easy, right?!

Not only do we have lots of options to choose from for women’s underwear styles, but some of them serve totally different purposes or have very subtle differences that you might not be aware of. Or, perhaps you’re less confused and more indifferent about underwear variances, having never given much thought to them before.

Either way, it’s good to be educated about these things so you can reach for the best underwear every time without hesitation. To make things easy, we’ve compiled a guide to types of women’s underwear and the purposes they serve to meet your underwear needs.

Bikinis vs. Hipsters

Bikini vs. Hipster

These two popular styles are undeniable in their versatility and go-to goodness. While they are similar in shape, bikinis sit right below the hips, while hipsters, as their name suggests, fit a bit higher—usually just above the hips and have a wider waistband.

Bikini cuts can include string bikinis and other variations with narrower sides, while hipsters typically offer a bit more coverage. You can easily find cheekier styles (or less cheeky styles) that fall into either category, depending on what you’re looking for.

When it comes down to it, both bikinis and hipsters are incredibly versatile and go perfectly with any outfit—especially when they’re seamless. So it’s really just a matter of personal choice. These Silk Panties are a great option for a bikini or hipster style. 

G-String Thongs vs. Regular Thongs

G String vs. Thong

Ah, the thong. What was once a racy lingerie item reserved for special occasions has now become a staple in any woman’s underwear wardrobe. A G-string thong has the most minimal coverage of all undie styles, featuring a single string of fabric down the back and usually around the sides as well. (V-string and T-string are similar to the G-string, with V or T-shaped fabric right at the tailbone).

A “regular” thong is really just any thong that is not a G-string. They can be found in varying fabrics—though we happen to prefer our VIP Seamless Thong made of our sweat-wicking Happy Seam fabric (perfect for the gym). Any type of thong-style underwear will have little to no coverage in the back, which makes them the ideal choice to wear with those leggings, linen pants, or a little black dress that hugs in all the right places.

Briefs vs. Boyshorts

Brief vs. Boyshort

Briefs are the most classic cut, often with a higher waist and more coverage than previously mentioned styles. They aren’t typically very cheeky and some brief styles are mid-rise, like our No Brainer highwaisted brief—which is also stretchy, tagless, and made without any stitched seams. Boyshorts are a feminine twist on a men’s classic boxer style, with coverage past the cheeks and a hipster waistline.

We tend to think briefs are an excellent choice if coverage is your concern, or if you just need something hassle-free to toss on during the morning rush. Boyshorts are a fun, flirty style that may not be best if you’re looking to avoid panty lines, but they’re great to wear for lounging with just a big t-shirt or a cute cami.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some info to use next time you’re shopping for new undies or digging through your drawer of current favorites. If you’re in the market, we’ve got a few lacy and seamless styles that are sure to fit right in to any wardrobe.

What are Cheeky Panties? 

A Cheeky panty is exactly what it sounds like! It’s similar to our silk underwear brief with a lot less fabric around the seat. A cheeky panty is our least favorite underwear style at Uwila Warrior. A cheeky panty is not designed to stay in place throughout the day. It is not designed to wrap around your bottom, so as you move around the fabric will not recover with you. This style of underwear will 9/10 times cause an uncomfortable wedgie and our team suggests you opt for a thong or a full coverage brief. The “in-between” styles are what causes unwanted underwear problems! 

40 Different types of Underwear and their names

You hardly need half a meter of fabric to sew up an underwear. Who would think that out of that fabric, designers would come up with so many different varients. Here are the different types of underwear for men and women.

English terms related to underwear : Panty is the general term used to refer underwear for women. Skivvies is the slang term for men’s underwear (trunks or briefs). Commando is the term used for going without an Underwear.

Different Underwear Styles

1 Bikini Panty  (Women)

underwear types

This is the panty part of a 2 piece bathing suit used for swimming. It is very brief and the top of the panty usually starts well below the waist and consists of a triangle shape in the front and the back. Bikini panty is made of an opaque waterproof fabric. A V cut bikini has a V cut in the front.

2 Boy Shorts /Boy short panties (Women)

boy short underwear

This is a type of innerwear for women that looks very similar to the boys’ underwear (boxer briefs) with the leg hem cutting straight across the thigh. It will be very short with the waist sitting by the hip but with full coverage on the back and the hem will be almost on level with the crotch. (Boy leg briefs/Boy cut panties)

3 Briefs (Men & Women)

different types of underwear panties

The regular underwear for men are called briefs. For women it is a modest underwear style that usually starts at the waist.

4 Boxers (Men)


This is a loose fitting underwear for men, usually made of cotton or silk and look like shorts. You can call them shorts worn as underwear. They have a comfortable relaxed fit with elastic waistband.

5 Boxer Briefs (Men)

Boxer briefs are snug fitting boxers. They may be of the same length of boxers but they will be more form fitting.

6 Booty Shorts / Hot pants / Short shorts (Women)

Extremely short shorts (with very low coverage)  that can be worn as underwear. Also called Daisy Dukes. Learn more about the 18 different types of shorts here.

7 Brazilian Back Panty (Women)

A skimpy panty style with a triangular shape on the back.

8 Butt lifter Panty

These are panty designed to give a lift to the buttocks

9 Camiknickers / Teddy (Women)

This is one piece garment that cover the upper portion of the body as well as the lower – a combination of a camisole and panty.

10 Control briefs /Control Panty

types of under wear

This panty is designed so that they give the appearance of a flattened waist, stomach and bottom

11 Cheeky Panty

different types of underwear

This is a Panty with an exposed back, cut high in the back.

12 C String

This is a micro bikini, the skimpiest of bikinis. 

13 French Cut Panty/Bikini (Women)

This Panty style will have high cut on the leg with a total coverage on the back. The Leg opening  will be extending higher than for other panties/bikini. (also called High Cut Brief )

14 French Knickers (Women)

This is a luxurious panty style made in silk or satin; it looks like short shorts but with wider loose fitting legs. Also called Tap pants

15 Flutter Panty /Knickers (Women)

This is a Vintage style panty (20’s) which is loose on the bottom and legs and has an elasticized waist. They can look like a frilly slip from the outside.

16 Full Cut Brief (Men and Women)

This is a category of panties /underwear that give full coverage on the back and front ; the waistband will sit on the natural waist (high waistline) and has a low cut leg line

17 G string panties (Women)

many kinds of underwear

The style of panties or Bikini with  a triangle of cloth on the front and held on by strings on the sides and back. The back will be exposed, with a small triangular shaped fabric. This style is used to avoid the panty line in tight fitting clothes

18 Gartini /Garter Panty (Women)

different types of underwear

In this a garter belt is attached to the Panty.

19  High Waist Brief Shaper (Women)

This is a Shape wear panty with a very high waist supporting the stomach and the waistline.  It is meant to tone and flatten the midriff and the tummy area. 

20 High cut briefs (Women)

underwear kinds

This is a panty cut high on the leg – this helps to visually lengthen legs and minimize panty lines.

21 Hikini (Women)

This is a Panty style similar to French cut bikini with higher cut legs

22 Hipster ( Women)

underwear types 3

A type of panty or brief with a waistband that sits on the hips (a few inches under the waist) and covers the entire hip area for a medium coverage. It is cut high on the sides, but has enough coverage. 

23 Jockstrap (Men)

Men’s underwear that consist of just a triangular shaped fabric to cover the bare essentials. It was used as a protection gear in sports , though today it is also used as a fashion underwear. 

24 Long Johns (Men)

LongJohns is an underwear with long legs extending up to the ankles. It is usually worn with a top with long sleeves and used as a thermal underwear. 

25 Mankini (Men)

It is a thong type one piece swimsuit worn by men with straps over the shoulder and a thin strip of fabric (T shaped) at the back.

26 Maternity panties (Women)

These are panties made to fit the growth during pregnancy, with good comfort. They usually have a fold over top edge to accommodate the growing belly.

27 Panty girdle (Women)

A type of control panty with an elasticized corset

28 Pant liner /Under liner (Women)

An undergarment that begins at the waist and extends down past the mid-calf. It is meant to be worn as a slip under pants

29  Post pregnancy panties (Women)

Post partum underwear meant to slim post baby belly.

30 Open Crotch Panty

Panty with an opening at the crotch.

31 Seamless panties

Knitted panties in one piece without seams

32 String Bikini / String side bikini panty

many types of underwear for women

This is a bikini style with only a small narrow strip of fabric or elastic joining the front and back panels. Tie-side string bikinis have strings that you can tie on the sides.

33 Skirtkini

underwear styles

A bikini panty with a short skirt on top.

34 Sports Underwear/ Athletic underwear

These are meant for workouts and sports activities.

35 Strapless/stick-on panties 

These are also called adhesive panty because  these are temporary adhesive underwear worn to eliminate the panty lines.

36 Thong (Men & Women)

This is an underwear with just a  center string /narrow strip of fabric or thong on the back, resting between the buttocks. It is meant to eliminate panty lines.

37 Tanga

A type of panty/bikini with thin straps across the hips and a narrow back coverage, just slightly larger than a thong. 

38 Teddy (Women)

Another name for camiknickers.

39 Tights /Pantaloons (Men & Women)

Compression Tights are close fitting pants  that cover the body from waist to ankle or thighs – they can be worn under trousers and shorts. Running tights can be worn for support. Thermal tights are worn for their insulation properties.

40 Trunks (Men)

These are underwear that look somewhat like boxers but will be a lot shorter(even shorter than boxer briefs) and tighter.

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After getting the knowledge of the best-padded bra for you, go ahead and try it on for perfect fitting. Your shopping for the best bra will be an advantageous experience. Try the three types of bras that we have discussed above to get some boost to your boobs.

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