Best brand of castor oil for hair growth

In the market for the best Best Brand Of Castor Oil For Hair Growth? Our team has researched and reviewed the best brand of jamaican black castor oil for hair growth, and castor oil for hair side effects to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying the best castor oil brand.

Thick and full hair cuts a striking figure in almost everyone’s life. Out of all the hairstyles, there is none more eye-catching than that of long and thick hair, which immediately draws attention to its owner. Who hasn’t tried any possible method to acquire it? For many women, acquiring stunning hair is often a very trying process because the market is filled with numerous products that promise abundant hair growth in just one week. This leads us to jamaican black castor oil for hair growth.

Best Brand Of Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Best Castor Oil 2019

With all these amazing benefits of this oil, it may be worth looking into our top 10 best castor oil in 2020 reviews presented below. Check out the benefits and features of each item and select the right one that matches your needs the most.

1Castor Oil (16oz) USDA Organic Cold-Pressed 100% Pure, Hexane-Free Castor Oil – Moisturizing &…$13.94View on Amazon
2Castor Oil (2oz) USDA Certified Organic, 100% Pure, Cold Pressed, Hexane Free by Kate Blanc….$8.99View on Amazon
3NOW Solutions, Castor Oil, 100% Pure Versatile Skin Care, Multi-Purpose Skin Softener, 16-Ounce$4.97View on Amazon
4Organic Castor Oil for Hair (16 oz) – 100% Pure Eyebrow & Eyelash Serum, Natural Skin Moisturizer…$14.95View on Amazon
5Organic Castor Oil (16 oz) USDA Certified, Cold Pressed, Hexane Free, 100% Pure, Amazing Moisturizer…$9.95View on Amazon
6Castor Oil 64 oz Cold Pressed | 100% Pure Hexane Free | for Hair Growth, Skin & Eyelashes |…$20.79View on Amazon
7Pure Castor Oil, 2 oz. Best 100% USDA Organic Cold Pressed Moisturizer For Hair, Face, Skin and Nail…$6.99View on Amazon
8NOW Solutions, Castor Oil, 100% Pure Versatile Skin Care, Multi-Purpose Skin Softener, 4-Ounce$2.80View on Amazon
9PURA D’OR Castor Oil (4oz) 100% Pure Natural USDA Organic Carrier Oil for Body, Hair Growth,…$12.99View on Amazon
10Handcraft Pure Castor Oil – 100% Pure and Natural – Premium Quality Moisturizes and Protects Dry…$13.95View on Amazon

best castor oil brand

10. Namskara Organic Castor Oil

What you will love most about this product is its organic and pure quality. It is free from hexane and harmful chemicals that jeopardize your health. The oil is packaged in a small bottle with two applicator brushes, which make it easier for you to target specific areas such as your browlines and lashes. Aside from using the oil for lash growth, you can also apply castor oil to your skin to give it a more radiant and smoother quality. It also works as a conditioner, skin moisturizer, and a hot oil treatment all in one product.

Unfortunately, this specific product seems to be very oily, according to several users. It may also take a while before significant improvements may be observed in your lashes and eyebrows.
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9. Pure Castor Oil

This cold-pressed and organic castor oil is made with the finest ingredients to ensure total customer satisfaction. There are no additives or fillers, so it is 100 percent pure and natural. It is great for use on your hair to address split ends, dry scalp, and dandruff, as well as to promote thicker growth of hair. When applied on the skin, this oil can help moisturize and soothe dryness due to its vitamin E content. Even dark circles and hyperpigmentation are reduced over time.

Many people loved how effective this oil has been in treating various skin issues or even in making the hair grow thicker and smoother. But be aware that this oil has a very thick consistency, so it tends to run out too soon with just a few dips of the applicator brush.
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8. Home Health Cold Pressed Castor Oil

A natural and pure emollient oil, the Home Health castor oil soothes, nourishes, and hydrates your skin. It can even be used as a massage oil for your aching muscles and joints. Most importantly, this is a hexane-free oil, so there are no risks to your health as you use this oil. This product also penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to offer maximum benefits.

Some people complain that this oil is too thick to their liking. It also has a sticky quality to it, so when left overnight on the hair, it can be hard to rinse it off or even pass a comb through the hair’s surface.
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7. NOW Castor Oil

Made with just a single ingredient, which is the castor seed, this product is proven to be pure and all-natural. It is also expeller-pressed and has no odor at all. Whether you use it on your hair, skin, or lashes, you will love the fact that it is fragrance-free or has no offensive scent at all. It even comes in a large bottle, which means this oil can last for a long time. People also comment on how effective it is in growing their hair back and moisturizing their skin.

It is one of the best brands of castor oil in the market because of the absence of fragrance. But it is quite thick, so be sure to use just a small amount on your hair to make sure the oil comes off without any problem.
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6. Sky Organics Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

Packaged in a nice, sturdy bottle, this castor oil from Sky Organics is cold-pressed to retain the nutritive components of the castor seed. It is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, which all work together in nourishing the skin and facilitating hair growth. No matter what your skin type, this oil should work well for you as it is free from artificial ingredients or additives that are known to irritate the skin. With its easy to absorb properties, this oil penetrates deep into every pore of your skin to ensure superior and fast results.

There were a few complaints on the thick quality of the oil. One customer developed acne on the eye lids because of applying too much of the oil. So, it is best to use the oil in smaller amounts.
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5. Majestic Pure Organic Castor Oil

An outstanding serum for lash and eyebrows growth, this castor oil from Majestic Pure is natural, pure, and organic. It has been used by many customers to address their thinning hair while reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks. Another good thing about this product is the glass dropper and applicator included in the package, both for your lashes and eyebrows. With daily use of this castor oil, you can receive a good amount of vitamin E and omega 6 essential fatty acids that will benefit your overall health, as well.

This is a good quality oil, as observed by several users. But be sure to wipe the excess off your eyebrows and lashes because of the thickness of the oil.
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4. Mary Tylor Naturals Cold-Pressed Organic Castor Oil

Made from all natural and organic castor seed, this product from Mary Tylor Naturals is cold-pressed to keep all the nutrients intact for maximum benefits to your skin and hair. It is ideal for use when you suffer from hair loss, or you simply want to make your lashes and eyebrows thicker. No matter what your skin type is, this castor oil should work well for you because it is free from chemicals and allergens. It also helps boost circulation, kill ringworm, treat inflamed skin, and support the lymph system.

You will love this organic castor oil because of its pure and organic ingredients. But some people are a little concerned with the scent that is too strong for them.
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3. Aria Starr Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Made from premium grade castor seed, this product has undergone a hexane-free and cold-press method of extracting the oils. There is a dispense pump that helps you get the content out of the bottle with ease. Whether you need a natural product for removing make up, moisturizing the skin, conditioning the hair, reducing acne scars and pigmentations, and fading stretch marks, this cold-pressed castor oil from Aria Starr is for you. It even comes with a 100 percent full refund guarantee, so there are no risks when purchasing this product.

It is great that the oil is not too thick or sticky unlike others. However, the smell is a little bit strong for others, which can be off-putting for those who prefer a milder scent.
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2. Tropic Isle Living Castor Oil

An all-purpose hair growth and skin moisturizing oil, this castor oil is proven to repair breakages and split ends on your hair. It can also work as a natural hot oil treatment or give your hair a good amount of moisture that it needs. Packed with minerals, vitamins, and omega fatty acids, this castor oil is an all-around product for your hair, skin, and overall health.

A few people complained about the sticky and thick feeling each time they apply this oil to their skin and hair. The smell is also too strong, which may not be suitable for those who prefer a fragrance-free castor oil.
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1. Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil

Certified as organic by the USDA, this castor oil is guaranteed as authentic, pure, and free from hexane. It aids in treating dry scalp, brittle hair, dandruff, and hair loss. You can also benefit from this oil as it reduces acne, scars, pimples, and other blemishes naturally. Backed by a 1-year warranty, this is a totally risk-free product to buy.

The only thing some people dislike about this oil is the thick quality it has. But other than that, it works in promoting thicker and longer lashes, as well as smoother and more supple skin.

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After reading our top 10 best castor oil in 2020 reviews, we hope that we have helped you make an informed decision before you head out to stores and buy this product for your needs. Just be sure to check the features we have presented and some drawbacks to each item to help you determine which among these brands are worth a try.


Having specialised in hair extensions in Milton Keynes for as long as we can remember, we’re lucky enough to be filled with a whole host of super easy tips on how to keep your extensions looking 10/10. Whether you’re new to the world of extensions or have been a loyal member of the extension club for years, it’s always worth familiarising yourself with the best habits to help your locks to last longer. There is nothing worse than matted, tangled extensions! So girls, we’re here to fill you in on the top seven tips that we swear by:

Brushing Hair


Okay, so first things first, let’s take a look at your hair washing routine. While it is true that your extensions can be treated just as you would do so your natural locks, there are a few things that you need to remember on your next hair wash day.

When it comes to the shampoo and conditioner that you use to wash your hair, we would always strongly recommend investing in the products that your hair extension technician recommends. Each hair extension type, whether you opt for micro rings that use small, silicone lined copper rings or pre-taped wefts, comes alongside different requirements to ensure that the bonds remain secure. They also need to include the right ingredients to not only keep your extensions in good condition but also allow your natural hair to continue growing healthily. This means avoiding products that contain ingredients such as sulfates and alcohol, which are known for stripping your hair of its natural oils and in turn, making your extensions more likely to get matted. You can find more information on the shampoo and conditioner ingredients that you should always avoid on Pure Natural Cosmetics.

Once you are stocked up with the right products, you’ll then be free to wash your hair without having to worry about how the shampoo and conditioner may react against your extensions. We’d recommend, if possible, washing your hair in the shower, allowing the water to flow down your hair. While it may be easier to flip your hair over the bath to clean quickly, this does make the extensions more prone to tangling, meaning that you’ll have to spend ages afterwards brushing out knots. When washing, always ensure that you focus your shampoo on the roots to remove excess oil and conditioner on the ends to keep them nourished. Putting conditioner anywhere near your roots may cause the extensions to begin slipping down your hair, making them last far less long. Also, try to use warm water rather than scorching hot as this, again, will strip the natural oils from both your hair and scalp.

Washing Hair


Now that you’re a pro at washing your extensions, its time to move onto drying. Although it may be tempting to head off to bed with your hair slightly damp, we cannot stress enough the importance of thoroughly drying your locks before going to bed. Never sleeping with wet hair is a rule of thumb when it comes to caring for your extensions. Trust us; we have seen so many clients in the past coming back for their maintenance appointments with tangled and matted roots or extensions that have fallen out, simply down to not following this advice.

Your hair is at its weakest when it is wet, which means that the tossing and turning while you sleep can take its toll on both your natural locks and extensions. It also means that when you wake up in the morning, you’ll have serious bedhead which forces you to spend what feels like an eternity detangling. Even when taking extra care to brush out knots, you will be putting the bonds under immense pressure, pulling at your scalp and loosening the bonds.

If you’re yet to invest in a good quality hairdryer, then we suggest heading over to Expert Reviews for a guide to the best-rated options for this year.

Blow Drying Hair


Although we briefly mentioned it in the tip above, we thought that we most definitely needed to include a section dedicated to extension brushing etiquette.

So, just like when you brush your natural hair a little too harshly, and you see strands begin to fall out, your extensions will start to become loose if you fail to take care. It is inevitable that your extensions will experience some tangling, but it’s how you tackle it that counts. Firstly, you need to invest in a quality brush – we suggest taking a look at the range available on Beauty Works (they’re practice and cute!). Then, you need to follow the sequence of starting to brush at the ends of your hair before working your way up. This method will cause the least strain on your hair, extensions and scalp, keeping them all healthy.

When it comes to how many times you brush a day, as long as you are gentle, the more, the better. However, if you’re looking for a precise recommendation, we’d always say first thing in the morning, before you go to bed, before washing and after washing. Many of our lovely clients who have their hair extensions in Bedford and the surrounding areas keep a second brush in their handbag, so it’s always at hand, even when they’re on the go!

Combing Hair


Girls, are we right in saying that greasy hair is everyone’s biggest pain? But, while it can be super frustrating waking up to oily roots, it does mean that your hair is being fed with a constant supply of natural oils, keeping it nourished even if you have more of a laid-back haircare routine. However, as your extensions are only bonded to the root, it does mean that, unfortunately, they do not receive any of these natural oils. So, to keep them filled with moisture, super smooth and to maintain that gorgeous shine, you should always schedule a weekly conditioning treatment.

There are so many different ways that you can do a deep conditioning treatment on your extensions, and as long as you do not apply it near to the root, you can use any products that you wish. Natural products are always a sought-after option because not only are they affordable, but they also guarantee complete hydration. Argan oilcoconut oil and macadamia oil are all perfect for keeping your hair smooth and shiny. Alternatively, if you’re looking to get a little more creative and try your hand at making your own hair mask, there are hundreds of great recipes out there to experiment with. Why not take a look at Bianco Beauty’s guide to making natural DIY hair masks?

Applying Hair Mask


Just like your natural locks, hair extensions become damaged when you overuse heat on them. As all of our extensions are made using 100% human hair, they can become brittle and split ends will accumulate. This means that no matter how many conditioning treatments you apply, once the extensions are damaged, you may have no choice but to replace the hair. However, luckily, there are many different ways that you can keep heat damage at a minimum. Here are our top tips:

  • Use Heat Protectant – Before using any heated styling tools, don’t forget to apply a protectant. There are hundreds of fantastic heat protectants out there, some that you use on wet hair and others that are sprayed on just before you begin styling. Take a look at Cosmopolitan for eight of the best protecting products!
  • Turn Down The Temperature – When you are using heated tools, try to keep the temperature as low as possible. Of course, you do need some level of heat to achieve your perfect style, so experiment with different settings to see what works best for you without burning your extensions.
  • Take Regular Breaks From Heat – If you’re guilty of straightening your hair every day or curling with lots of products each weekend, then while it may look gorgeous, you are reducing the lifespan of your extensions. So why not take a break from using heat every now and again? Experiment with overnight heatless curls or try an updo complete with cute accessories.
Straightening Hair


Although there is no way of stopping yourself from tossing and turning throughout the night, there are a few handy ways that you can avoid waking up to a birds nest of hair the following morning. In keeping knotting at a minimum, you won’t have to put as much pressure on both your roots and extension bonds while trying to brush them out.

One of the best ways to keep your extensions under control overnight is to tie it back very loosely before going to bed. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, putting your hair in a low ponytail with a silk scrunchie or spiral hairband is perfect. Alternatively, while it may take a little practice, a loose French braid is another excellent way to prevent tangling and even better, you’ll wake up with beautiful beach waves. Take a look at Real Simple for a super easy French braid tutorial.

French Braiding Hair


Last, but most definitely not least, you must ensure that you take the time to separate your bonds each day. While this may sound super tedious and time-consuming, it actually only takes a few minutes and if you do it daily, will take even less time. You won’t need any tools to do this; simply use your fingers to feel each of the bonds and check that none have started to become tangled. If they have, carefully try to separate them – you might sometimes need a small brush or comb to do this. In ensuring that bonds are always seperated, you can stop the extensions from becoming matted against any loose or shedding hair.


Nothing beats seeing your new locks for the first time after having extensions fitted, but without care, they most definitely will not last as long as you’d hoped. Through adding our above steps to your routine, as well as scheduling regular maintenance appointments, your hair will stay flawless for months to come.

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