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Despite all the technological advances that can be found in shiny new cameras the Canon 6D is still a great camera best mobile camera for night photography,best budget camera for video. And just because other cameras have advanced significantly since 2012 this does not automatically make the Canon 6D over the hill, past its sell by date, irrelevant or obsolete.

f you are looking for the Best Video Cameras for professional production quality that film in HD then this is a great place to start. Many of the professional video cameras on this list have a newer 4k Professional video camera that offers newer technology or a consumer 4k camcorder for better amateur film production. High definition camera sales are still having an impact on the market despite newer technology & for many, the need for any resolution higher than 1920X1080 is still unnecessary. These are the best video cameras for high-quality video suitable for broadcast and media distribution. If you are certain you just want HD then carry on, and you will see what’s available.

The main things people consider is connectivity and sensor size. For broadcasting, it’s important to have an SDI connection, for the best audio you need XLR and the sensor size would be 1″ which gives superior low light performance.

Professional HD camcorders have improved by leaps and bounds in recent years and are still being released.And yet, there are still those that stand out above the rest. With that in mind, let’s find out what is the best video camera out today.

Canon XA15 Professional Video Camera

XA15 Specification

  • 1/2.84 inch HD Pro CMOS
  • Dual XLR
  • HD/SD-SDI Live broadcast
  • DIG!C DV 4 processor
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • Dual SD Slots
  • 3.0-inch LCD display 
  • Latest Canon Technology

Whether you’re making a documentary or covering an event, you need a camcorder that can provide what you need. Run-and-gun situations can involve shooting one scene from a wide-angle and a tight close up on the next shot. This demands a versatile lens but also one attached to a not-too-heavy camera body. This is where the Canon XA15 comes in, it satisfies all these requirements and a lot more. This is the latest HD video camera to be released from Canon and is one of the most up to date HD camcorders out today. Have a look at the review to learn more or if you prefer to take a look at the 4 K version of the XA15 camera have a look here XA45

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Canon XA15 Review

SALE263 ReviewsSony HD Video Recording HDRCX440…

  • Refer the user manual below for…
  • 26.8mm ZEISS Lens w/30x Optical/60x…
  • View on 2.7″ Clear Photo Plus LCD…
  • Optical SteadyShot image stabilization…

$298.00 −$53.05 $244.95Check Price

Sony HXR-NX5R Professional Camcorder

HXR-NX5R Specification

  • 3-chips 1/2.8 Exmor Sensor
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • SD/HD/3G
  • XAVC S HD:MPEG4-AVC/H264 4:2:0 Long profile
  • AVCHD : MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 AVCHD 2.0 format compatible
  • Dual XLR Audio

The Sony HXR-NX5R sets the standard when it comes to broadcast quality filming. The NX5R is the upgraded version of the very popular NX5U which means it is a tried and tested staple for many professional filmmakers. With its three sensors it is able to capture more detail than many others in this range. To learn about the camera’s specifications and take a more detailed look at the review to see the test footage and a video overview of this professional video camera from Sony.

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Sony NX5R Review

107 ReviewsSony HDRCX675/B Full HD 32GB Camcorder…

  • Full HD with XAVC-S, 9.2MP, Exmor R…
  • G Lens 26.8mm, 30x optical zoom, 60x…
  • Minimum Focusing Distance:0.4 Inches….
  • 3.0″ LCD Touch panel, Wi-Fi/NFC, 32GB…

$379.90Check Price

JVC GY-HM620 Professional Video Camera


HM620 Specification

  • 3 X 1/3″ CMOS Sensors
  • 23x Optical Zoom
  • HD/SD-SDI Broadcast Connection
  • Dual XLR
  • Dual SD Slots
  • Optical image stabilizer

This is a next-generation hand-held professional HD camcorder that guarantees delivery of exceptional imagery whether for sports, news, or independent production. It’s lightweight and versatile with features designed mainly for the purpose of fast-paced ENG recording. Connectivity and transfer of files is the main selling point of this camera, it gives you the tools to upload video while in the field. This camera is used by the BBC and is approved for broadcast production. Have a look at the test footage in the review and you will see why these features in the top.

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JVC HM620 Review

Panasonic AG-HPX250 Pro Video Camera


AG-HPX250 Specification

  • 3 X 1/3″ 3MOS Sensor
  • 23x Optical Zoom
  • HD/SD-SDI Broadcast
  • Dual XLR
  • Optical Image Stabilizer
  • Dual SD Slots
  • AVC-Intra 100 / AVC-Intra 50 / DVCPRO HD / DVCPRO50 / DVCPRO / DV

If you’re considering buying one of the best camcorders on the market, consider the Panasonic HPX250 .If you take a look at its stunning features and capabilities in our review you will find out why we like this so much. Its been out for quite a few months now and has performed well is all the tests. The HPX 250 performs great in low light conditions and has superior image quality. This is one of the best video cameras produced by Panasonic and has been one of their best sellers over the past year. Please click the link to read a more in-depth review of the HPX250.

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Panasonic HPX 250 Review113 ReviewsSony FDR-AX43 UHD 4K Handycam Camcorder

  • 4K1 16: 9 video optimized 1/2. 5”…
  • Built-in gimbal – Balanced Optical…
  • 20x optical zoom and Clear Image Zoom of…
  • Fast Intelligent AF tracks focus to…

$948.00Check Price

Canon XF305 – Professional Camcorder

XF305 Specification

  • 3 X 1/3″ CMOS Sensors
  • Dual XLR
  • MXF Recording format
  • 18x Optical Zoom
  • HD/SD-SDI Broadcast Connection
  • Dual SD Slots

Weighing around 6.5 lbs with a solid and light body and easy-access buttons, this camera has a professional appearance without the bulk and hassle of large industrial camcorders. We also liked the fact that the Canon XF305 can go from being a run-and-gun shooting device to a shoulder-mount camera. It comes with dual XLR inputs and dual CF card slots. This camera meets the BBC’s standard for broadcast quality and is used by them with the HM650 from JVC. IF you take alook at the review you will see how professionals rate this camera.

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Canon XF305 Review

Canon XA35 -Professional Video Camera

older best video camera xa35

XA35 Specification

  • 1/2.84 HD CMOS
  • Dual XLR
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • HD/SD-SDI Broadcast Connection
  • Dual SD Slots
  • 3″ OLED Touchscreen

The Canon XA35 came out a few years before the XA15, the XA15 is the latest upgrade of this camera. This camera is still sold and used as it offers as it comes in at a slightly lower price as this has a lower shutter speed than the XA15. You are also getting newer design and technology in the XA15.

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Canon XA35 Review

What’s the Best HD Professional Video Camera No SDI

The video cameras in this section do not have a SDI connection but do still have XLR and other associated functionality. Many models are released in tandem with a SDI and a Non SDI coming out at the same time. A classic example of this is the XA range from canon, the XA11 has no SDI but the XA15 does. This is the only thing that separates many of the XA/XF video cameras. So these below could be considered the best video cameras available that film in HD.

Canon XA11 Best Video Camera HD

XA11 Specification

  • 1/2.84 inch HD Pro CMOS
  • Dual XLR
  • DIG!C DV 4 processor
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • Dual SD Slots
  • Slow & Fast Motion

The Canon XA11 is the Non broadcast version of the XA15. This is more suited to people who do not need the a HD/SD-SDI connection but still want the production sound quality of XLR audio connectivity. Lighweight and tested time and time again the XA11 from Canon follows on from the Popular XA10 which was Canons best selling entry level professional filming camera.

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Canon XA11 Review

Sony HXR-MC88 Professional Video Camera

HXR MC88 Specification

  • 14.2MP 1″ Exmor Sensor
  • Ziess 29mm Pro Lens
  • Enhanced Hybrid Autofocus
  • Dual XLR
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • Dual SD Slots AVCHD
  • HDMI + Micro USB

The MC88 is the entry level for professional filming from Sony. This camera is best for corporate or government presentations and outstanding for vlogging due to it’s great connectivity. The HXR-MC88 is very good in low light which is a reason many opt for this camera. This is a great professional video camera for learning about film too, it has been designed specifically to help teach new users about film. They have a lot apps and instruction on how to use this camera, and professional film production with this camera.

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Sony HXR-MC88 Review

1,985 ReviewsCanon VIXIA HF R800 Portable Video…

  • A 3.0-inch capacitive touch panel LCD…
  • SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer…
  • The 57x advanced zoom allows you to…
  • High-resolution HD CMOS Image Sensor…

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Canon XF200 XLR HD Video Camera


XF200 Specification

  • 1/2.84 Pro CMOS
  • Dual XLR
  • DIG!C DV 4 processor
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • Dual SD Slots
  • Wifi / Network Access

The Canon XF200/XF205 is a more advanced HD video camera from Canon. This is able to record in MXF format, a format used by professional broadcast corporations. This means any footage filming on this unit is good enough for TV. It comes with an ethernet lan cable and Wi/fi that makes files transfers fast and easy. Look at the review to see more on the specification and function. Take a look at the review to see how this performs in tests.

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Canon XF200 Review

Sony HXR-NX100 Professional Video Camera


HXR-NX100 Specification

  • 1″ Exmor CMOS
  • Dual XLR
  • ND Filters, Three lens rings
  • 12x Optical Zoom 48x Dgital
  • Dual SD Slots
  • Needs a HDMI-to-SD cable for SDI

One of Sonys flagship models is the NX100, this camera has been out a number of years and has been thoroughly tested in the field. We have had a lot of experience with this model and would recommend it thoroughly to anyone who is familiar with Sony and requires a pro hd camcorder. If you want to learn more detail about the NX100 then have a look at the full review to see all the test videos and reviews. It does not have a SDI connection but a composite connector. You can use a HDMI- to SD cable.

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Sony NX100 Review

What about Consumer HD Cameras?

HD Camcorder


If you just want a decent HD camcorder that can still achieve some pretty good results then have a look at our list of the current best HD camcorders out today. Sony Panasonic and Canon lead the way in this market, you will find the them at this link > HD Camcorders  or click the Best HD camcorders image.

What about Professional 4K with SDI ?

4k Professional Video Cameras


Even though you may not require 4k resolution at the moment it may be worth considering an upgrade due to the fact that you are getting a newer camera with newer technology. This is not true in all cases but it is something that needs to be considered. Take a look at the Pro 4K Video Cameras to learn more.

What about Consumer 4k ?

4k Consumer Camcorders


If you are a someone new to filming but would like to work with the latest technology then you can find all the infomation here > 4k camcorders

If you are on a budget look at the Best Camcorders instead, or if you want 4k look at the Best 4K Video cameras.

Discontinued Second Hand Pro Video Cameras

Sony PMW-300 One XDCAM

Pmw-300 Review

One of Sonys newest professional camcorders is listed first in our top ten. This camera is suitable for a wide range of applications and is already proving itself out in the field. The Pmw-300 has an EX mount lens system that is compatible with 1/2″ & 2/3″ lenses. This is the first semi shoulder mount camera to use both a 1/2″ sensor along with 50MPS recording capability. The Sony PMW range is ideal if you want a camera that is suitable for both shoulder mounting and normal ENG functions. This is the successor to the EX3 from Sony and they really have taken things to the next level this time. Take a closer look at the review to see why this is the camera of choice if you have the budget.

Video Camera Test, Review & Spec

BESTSELLER NO. 122 ReviewsKiorafoto Camera Camcorder Microphone…

  • Features a directional polar pattern
  • Electret condenser for low distortion
  • Attached cable with 3-Pin XLR connector
  • Includes a wind muff for minimizing…

$29.99Check Price

Sony HXR-NX5U Video Camera Filmaking


It’s excellent for shooting in low-light conditions, offering stunning shots with great definition. It also has a terrific Zeiss lens, which is considered to be at the ‘prosumer’ level. Its XLR inputs and preset buttons are varied and function rich. This camera Please click the link to read a more in-depth review into this camera and take a look at the test footage to see why it’s one of the best most trusted professional video cameras out.BESTSELLER NO. 1

Sony HXR-NX100 Full HD NXCAM Camcorder

Sony HXR-NX100 Full HD NXCAM Camcorder

  • 1.0″-type Exmor R CMOS sensor for a wide…
  • Active Steady Shot corrects camera sway…
  • Dual media slots for simultaneous/relay…
  • 2 x 3-Pin XLR Audio Inputs . AVCHD 2.0,…

$1,489.95Check Price

Sony PMW-100 One XDCAM HD


Pmw100 Review by sony

Despite its size, the Sony PMW100 is a pretty powerful camera with awesome features, which is why it’s part of our list in the top 10 professional video cameras. It is superb for field shoots, as it has XLR, SDI, and HDMI and supports 50mb/sec of transfer speed. In summary, it has outstanding portability and maneuverability as well as exceptional picture quality.

review of camcorders


Accessory USA 12V AC DC Adapter for Sony...

Accessory USA 12V AC DC Adapter for Sony…

  • Safety: Our Products are CE / FCC / RoHS…
  • This Adapter is a Brand New, High…
  • Compatibility: 12V AC DC Adapter For…
  • Note:please make sure the model of your…

$14.89Check Price

Canon XA25 Professional Camcorder HD


Canon Xa20 Price and Reviews

This unit from Canon can give you impressive optical performance with its wide-angle HD video lens at 20x zoom. Its pixel count is very effective due to its 1/2.84 HD CMOS Pro sensor. Simply put, the Canon XA20 is ideal for shooting professional content at almost any level. The XA20 is really beginning to blur the line between expensive Pro camcorders and more moderately priced video cameras. Please click the link to read a more in depth review of the Canon XA20.

Video Camera Test, Review & Spec

BESTSELLER NO. 130 ReviewsCA-570 Replacement Adapter/Charger for…

  • APPLICATION, AC adaptor for your compact…
  • ADVANTAGE, Compact, lightweight, and…
  • PARAMETER, Worldwide Input voltage: AC…

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Sony HVR-Z7U Professional Video Camera

HVR-Z5U Review and Price

The Sony HVR-Z7u doesn’t disappoint and is a great Camcorder for any professional who wants a light-weight trusted camera. It has duel XLR audio and records in 24p. It has a 1/3″ Exmore sensor . Click the read review button to see some test footage and more about this camera and how it can help you.BESTSELLER NO. 1492 ReviewsDSTE Replacement for 2X NP-F750 Battery…

  • Battery Type: Li-ion DC 8.4V(max) DC…
  • Battery Capacity : 37.0Wh/5000mAh
  • Info Function for Life Indication
  • A 12V Car Lighter Adapter Convenient for…

$28.99Check PriceBESTSELLER NO. 217 ReviewsDSTE Replacement for 2X NP-F750 + Rapid…

  • 2 Fully Compatible Extra Batteries: Two…
  • Charger Input: 5V 2.4A,Output: 8.4V…
  • Can charge 2 batteries simultaneously,…
  • LCD screen design, it can show the…

$35.99Check Price

Canon XH-A1S 3CCD Professional Camcorder


Canon XH-AIS Review

It has a genuine Canon HD video lens at 20x zoom, as well as a host of other cool features. Perhaps the best thing about this model from Canon is that it’s completely customizable, and the modifications can be made on the following: custom functions, image adjustments, display adjustments, as well as two custom keys and nine custom presets.Please click the link to read a more in depth review of the Canon XH-AIS and see today’s best priceBESTSELLER NO. 111 ReviewsPhoto BP-911K, BP-925, BP-975, BP-955,…

  • Battery Charger for Canon BP-911,…
  • for Canon XH-A1s, XHG1s, XF100, XF105,…
  • PhotoHighQuality BP-911K, BP-925,…

$12.99Check Price

Type : Pro HD

Canon VIXIA HF G21

The Canon G20/21 is a very good alternative to the Canon XA11/15. Although It has a slower shutter speed and no XLR audio capacity, the G21 does come with dual-band Wifi connectivity making it a good choice for news broadcast and capture. The weight of this camera means that carrying or running with it is easy, so its ideal for fast-paced situations. If you look at the videos in the review you will find more reasons to love this camcorder from Canon.BESTSELLER NO. 1286 ReviewsCanon VIXIA HF G50 4K30P Camcorder,…

  • 4K UHD 30p Recording
  • Genuine Canon 4K-compatible 20x Optical…
  • Advanced Full HD
  • Intelligent 5-axis Image Stabilization

$1,099.00Check Price

Video Camera Test, Review & Spec

Canon XA30/35 – Former Best Video Camcorder

canon xa30
Video Camera Test, Review & Spec

What is the Best Professional Video Camera ?

When it comes to working out what the best video camera is, it’s best first to understand what the client wants. The budget is also very important. This list is professional video cameras and maybe too much of an expense for new movie makers. If that is the case then you can look at the HD camcorders to get what you want. Here are the 4K video cameras that have SDI.

Epfilms recommends that if you are looking to do professional film production then you should look at a 4K professional Video Camera as you will be getting newer technology for broadcast in HD along with simultaneous live HD and 4K recording.

top ten professional video cameras

Thanks for reading our top 10 Pro Video camera’s we hope it helps you make a decision to get your filming career started.

Please leave us a message if you think a different camera should be included in this top ten. We are constantly updating as new cameras are tested.

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