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10 Affordable Perfumes That Smell Expensive and Amazing

These budget-friendly perfumes smell super luxe.

BY SHANON MAGLENTEJul 23, 2020best cheap perfumesULTA

good perfume can boost your mood and confidence by tenfold, but often we’ll find that quality signature scents are costly. However, affordable perfumes can be just as long lasting as more expensive ones, according to Gabriela Chelariu, senior perfumer at Firmenich, a Swiss fragrance and flavor company.

“The construction of the fragrance is the key to a long-lasting fragrance,” Chelariu says. She explains that the way the ingredients are mixed and the quality of ingredients used all relates to scent longevity, and some cheap perfumes accomplish this. To get the most of your inexpensive perfume, the following tips might help:

  • Know how to apply it: Rollerball perfume can last longer on the skin, but sprays can show great longevity when sprayed directly on clothing. 
  • Pay attention to sizing: Start small with a new fragrance. “I like purchasing minis or rollerballs as an inexpensive pick when I am trying to find a new fragrance,” says Danusia Wnek, chemist at the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab. 
  • Layering is key: Pairing a perfume with a complementary body wash or lotion can really elevate the scent. The scents don’t even have to match — just make sure the both are light enough to layer together.

Here are the best affordable perfumes for women that smell expensive yet actually make inexpensive perfume gifts. Each pick was carefully selected by GH’s beauty team and rave reviews online. 1BEST OVERALL AFFORDABLE PERFUME Pleasures Eau de Parfum SprayESTEE LAUDERESTEE LAUDER$32.00SHOP NOW

Pleasures is a solid budget-friendly option from a well-respected brand. It’s a clean, floral scent that contains notes of white lily, violet leaves, and green leaves, mixed with subtle hints of lilac, rose and sandalwood. It’s apparently designed to capture the scent of fresh flowers caught after the rain, making it a light and airy perfume that can be used every day. Reviewers call it “a lovely soft scent” that’s not overwhelming and claim that it lasts all day long. 

  • Clean scent that can be layered
  • Lasts all day long


This scent is one of Sephora’s best-sellers — the travel size alone has over 1,000 reviews. It’s a warm and spicy floral scent featuring jasmine and orange blossom notes. Not only does it come with a completely filled mini bottle, it also comes with refill liquid and a funnel for easy transfer. 

  • Great price for the brand
  • Comes with extra refill

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below3BEST AFFORDABLE PERFUME FOR SPRING AND SUMMERMy Happy Perfume$100.00SHOP NOW

Beauty director April Franzino loves Clinique’s fresh fragrance, My Happy, which has notes of orange blossom, amber, and vetiver. She points out that its star note, neroli, is high-end and a rare find in inexpensive fragrances. Reviewers love that the scent is light and “sweet, but not too sweet.” Just note that reviewers mention the fragrance lasts for about three hours.

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  • Light and not overpowering

  • Not as long-lasting as other perfumes


Rose, lily, and jasmine are among the top notes of this romantic fragrance, mixed with notes of pink pepper and mandarin orange. It’s a sensual balance of musky and floral, perfect for date night. Reviewers rave about the perfume’s long staying power, to which Chelario credits the use of rose oil, rose, and its long-lasting base of natural ingredients like moss accord and patchouli. 

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  • Nice evening scent

  • A little strong


If you’re a fan of gourmand fragrances, Franzino recommends this Tahitian vanilla scent. “It’s warm and sweet, but not overpowering,” she says. According to reviewers, just two or three spritzes is enough for the scent to last all day long. They like that the scent “isn’t too sugary” nor too strong. The spray works best when paired with the coordinating body butters and sprays.

  • A little goes a long way


Featuring a smooth balance of citrus, tea, mint, and musk, this green tea fragrance gives off a truly one-of-a-kind scent. Reviewers adore the smell, which they describe as refreshing and energizing. It’s a subtle fragrance that “smells like nature and everything green and lush.” Reviewers love to wear the scent year round.

  • Appropriate for year-round wear

  • Staying power is weaker than others

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below7BEST AFFORDABLE CLEAN PERFUMEPure Grace Rollerball FragrancePHILOSOPHY$27.00SHOP NOW

Reviewers back the brand’s claim that this fragrance smells like soap and fresh laundry. It’s a cozy and crisp scent that contains notes of water lily and lavender, infused with what the brand calls “cool greens,” resulting in an inviting and invigorating smell. Note that reviewers admit the the perfume won’t last more than a few hours.

  • Smells like laundry


Reviewers love the creative packaging for this perfume and rave about its distinct smell. It hints notes of white pear and wild raspberry mixed with creamy coconut and rose petals. One reviewer describes the scent as the “perfect amount of sweet with a pinch of floral.” It’s balance of musk and sweet, suitable for wearing day and night. Reviewers just complain about the scent not lasting all day.  

  • Beautiful packaging

  • On the pricey side

Advertisement – Continue Reading Below9BEST AFFORDABLE PERFUME TRAVEL SETMy Burberry Blush Mini Duo Set$29.00SHOP NOW

Fruity floral is the best way to describe this scent: it contains notes of pomegranate, apple, rose, and jasmine. This feminine scent is carefully packaged into two mini spray bottles for on-the-go, so you’re getting two perfumes for the price of one. Keep in mind that since this is a designer brand, you’re shelling out a little more money for what you get (0.42 ounces).

  • Includes two perfume sprays

  • Price is steep for the amount


One reviewer describes this scent as initially “smelling like honeydew melon and then fades to literal rain.” This agrees with the brand’s description, claiming that it smells like “dewy flower petals.” Since it’s so light and aquatic, this perfume makes is suited for layering with other fragrances, as desired. The packaging is simple and clear, letting users see how much is left during use. The spray is supposed to last longer than the rollerball. 

  • Smells like fresh rain

  • Spray lasts longer than the rollerball

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