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Nowadays more and more Chinese young people choose folding electric scooters as an alternative to bus and walking. Especially in urban cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, you can often see youngsters riding these eco-friendly devices on the street. Today, we review the best chinese electric scooter 2020, and top electric scooter manufacturers in china.

Concerns of the rapidly diminishing levels of irreplaceable fossil fuels have prompted people to look for cleaner alternatives that are eco-friendly. One such option that is economically viable and already hit a buzz among commuters is the niche of electric scooters. They’ve become both a fashion statement and also a good affordable mode of transport. To know of the various innovations brought about in this market, here’s a list of the Best Chinese Electric Scooters .

Manufacturers from China are key leaders who have shown all the zeal to develop products that fit into this market and it isn’t any wonder if they aren’t the leaders in this small and emerging sector. This list of the Best chinese e scooter Models includes products that have been on the market for a while and are the best made available till now from Chinese companies.

top electric scooter manufacturers in china

Best chinese e scooter

Today we will discuss the top 5 best electric scooter from China.

Gotrax GXL electric scooter

Gotrax electric scooter

Gotrax is obviously a famous brand in US market, but their electric scooter is actually made in China.

With durable and compact frame, Gotrax gxl scooter is a price-worthy model with great quality.

The scooter features double brake system, front throttle electric brake and rear disc brake.

Top speed can reach 15.5mph. It needs about 4hours to charge. The 250W front brushless motor will guarantee you to ride 12.5miles smoothly for a single charge.

Speedometer is integrated at the top of the stem. You can check the real-time speed and how much battery left while riding.

Smooth riding experience. The 8.5 inflatable tires will allow you to not worry about small bumps on road anymore.

Portable design, convenient to carry with weight of 12kgs. Folding down easily and front hook can lock with rear mudguard. Size is compact to put into car trunk.

Pros: Affordable price

           Easy to assembly

           Unique stylish design

           Excellent performance in mileage

Cons: A little heavy to carry around

Xiaomi M365 Mi electric scooter-Best selling electric scooter in China

Xiaomi M365 Mi electric scooter

Xiaomi is undoubtedly a well-known brand of electronic device in China. Their electric scooter is assembled by top-class manufacturer in China. When referring to choose the best folding electric scooter, Xiaomi M365 Mi electric scooter seems to be a good model for quality and value for money.

Reasonably priced, the scooter showed unparalleled performance in mileage among its competitors.

With top speed of 15.5mph, Xiaomi electric scooter can go about 18.6 miles in one full charge. You can ride it as long as one hour even if speed set at max level.

It is equipped with kinetic energy recovery system. This function will convert kinetic energy into electric energy when you press the brake or let go of the acceleration throttle, which will extend the battery life greatly.

Xiaomi scooter also comes with an app which is very useful in controlling the smart device. If you download the app you can upgrade the firmware and always keep your scooter away from bugs.

Pros: Simple design

           Affordable price

           Ultra-long range

Cons: Charging time is too long(5.5 hours)

Citycoco Harley electric scooter


Citycoco Harley electric scooter is a new big monster emerging in China market. It is more like a cool two wheeler/motorcycle.

Charging for 4-5hours you can go 50 miles, totally enough for city ride and short commute. Speed is limited to 25km/h at max when producing. Top speed can reach 45km/h if and you release the speed limitation.

Removable lithium battery is easy to take off for charging. You can buy an extra battery as backup. Built-in speedometer will tell you how much charge you have left on the battery. Big front headlight enables pedestrians to see you at night.

An important note is that all citycoco Harley electric scooter needs to come with EEC/COC certification. Those certificates are compulsive to apply for license plate, so you can cruise it legally on public road.

Attractive looking, It is fun and comfortable to ride this vehicle. Some citycoco have two seats, allows you to go with your friends or loved ones. Powerful motor, usually coming with 1000W-2000W, good torque to climb on hill or steep slope.

Pros: Powerful motor

           Cool looking and design

           Street legal

           Amazing speed and range

Cons: Heavy and not portable

Segway ES2 Scooter

ninebot-segway-es2-electric kick scooter

Segway ES2 electric kick scooter is an upgraded model from ES1. Both of them sold very well in 2018.

Powered by 300W front motor, ES2 can reach max speed of 15.5mph. You can ride the scooter up to 15.5miles with one full charge.

It is equipped with Ninebot app. You can adjust parameter like max speed and cruising mode on it.

Rear suspension mechanism and front shock absorber will let you feel comfortable when riding on rough surface.

Built-in front and rear led light, also with led light underneath the footplate. It is safe to glide the scooter even at night.

The scooter can be folded and unfolded in seconds. Folding system can be hidden, which is an improvement from previous version. With weight of 28pounds, it is easy to carry it around to wherever you want.

A distinguishing advantage about ES2 is that you can upgrade the scooter by adding an extra battery to it. Scooter range and max speed will be greatly enhanced in this way.

Pros: Good performance on top speed and Mileage

            Better performance with additional battery installed

Cons: Hard tires will make you feel bumpy when riding on the road.

            No handlebar adjustment for scooter height.

Inmotion p1 electric bike


Inmotion P1 electric bike is another good choice for city commute.

Beautiful and slim design, this electric scooter comes with seat and footpad on each side of front wheel. You can put your feet on the footpad comfortably when riding.

Foldable handlebar and 13kg lightweight allows you to carry the E scooter to anywhere you want. Max speed is around 25km/h. One full charge can last about 30km depending on riders’ weight and terrain condition.

Twist-grip for acceleration on the right and brake throttle on the left, it is super easy to control the scooter. Big size air-filled tire-12inch front and 10inch rear, which will let you ride comfortably on rough terrain.

Other features include front and rear led light, warning horn, rear disc brake, mobile APP application, USB port and so on.

Pros: Electric scooter with seat design

           Quick speed and long range

           Big size pneumatic tire

Cons: Folding size is a bit larger compared with other electric scooters

As an experienced electric scooter importer in Europe, we selected above 5 models as the representative of best electric scooter in China. 


The focus of this site has always been to help scooterists find the best machine. This entire site is designed to be a comprehensive resource on every scooter from all the main manufacturers, but it still can be difficult to get started. This article will help you do just that by asking some of the key questions.

What displacement is right?

To get started, ask yourself what sort of power or engine size you’re after. Small scooters (50cc) will be good for 30-50mph, which means around town use only unless you’re crazy. There aren’t many scooters between 50cc and 125cc, which is where the mid sized scooter market starts (125-170cc). Mid-sized scooters add enough power to hang with traffic on backroads and slower highways (i.e. 50-70mph), but you have to move up to 250cc+ to be fully capable of cruising on highways with 60-70mph speed limits.×193&!2&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=4s1k4HsKUz&p=https%3A//

Opting for a bigger motor certainly adds power, but it also means a machine that is more expensive to buy, insure, maintain and fill with gas. Bigger scooters are also a bit more of handful for smaller riders looking for something light and nimble. So carefully consider what size of scooter meets your realistic needs, and then ask yourself if such a scooter also meets your budget. The challenge is might be finding the right balance between what’s practical economically and what gets you excited. Opting for a scooter that is impractically too small in a bid to save money often ends with dissatisfaction, while selecting a bigger machine than you need ends up being a costly lesson.

Why are you buying?

Consider what your main motivation is. If you’re buying because you’re a scooter enthusiast looking for a blast on two wheels then you probably already have a favorite brand and you’re not reading this article, so if you are reading this then maybe you’re buying a scooter for practical reasons.

The danger if you are buying a scooter to save money is to wrongly assume all scooters are economical and then purchase some attractive machine which might end up costing more to operate than you planned. I did just that when my wife and I purchased two mid sized scooters – a Vespa LX150 and a Yamaha BWS 125. We figured it would be a fun and cheap way to travel but once we actually got the scooters I realized that our combined gas usage was the same as just taking our car, plus any money saved by diverting wear and tear off the car was lost because we were spending an extra $70 per month on insurance for the scooters plus they were depreciating. Our car only cost us $2500 a few years earlier and the total depreciation on these two scooters by the time we sold was over $3500.

To put it simply, any scooter will save money if you’re buying it instead of a car. But if you’re buying a scooter in addition to your car then only a 50cc will really save enough money to be worthwhile. Even then you have to use it a decent amount. So the take away lesson here is that if you are buying a scooter for practical reasons then make sure it’ll really save money. To do that, you’ll want to think about which brands hold their resale value and what scooters cost the least to own and maintain. To answer that, start by mulling over the next question.×193&!3&btvi=3&fsb=1&xpc=zCeTkcTayH&p=https%3A//

How long will you own it?

Purchase price is a big factor in any buying decision, but resale value is also important if you don’t plan on keeping it forever. The difference between the purchase price and the eventual resale price is what you really spent to own it.

Well known and highly regarded brands like Honda, Piaggio, Suzuki and Yamaha typically have very good resale value, so you can sell a scooter for over 50% of what you paid for it even after 5 years. Conversely, poorly known and lower quality brands like Chinese machines have very little resale value so the upfront price savings can be lost when you try to sell it. In between are brands like the Taiwanese (Kymco, Genuine, PGO, SYM) which depreciate at moderate rates. Vespa’s are another thing entirely, with depreciating typically quite slow except for the grand or so you lose when you roll it out of the showroom.

If you think you’re only going to own the scooter for a few years, stick with a trusted brand that will be easy to sell. Honda is the best in this regards, but Yamaha, Suzuki, Vespa, Piaggio and Aprilia sell pretty good as well. If you plan on owning it longer then a Taiwanese built machine (Kymco, Genuine, PGO, SYM) could be the right call because these brands make pretty good machines but they aren’t well known enough to have decent resale value. Over a time period of more than 5 years they can be cheaper in total cost.

Almost everyone would do well to stay away from Chinese scooters. They have no resale value yet they don’t last long enough to earn their purchase price. The only owners who can come out ahead with a Chinese machine are those who are willing to do quite a bit of wrenching if necessary. If you’re willing and eager to get your hands greasy and you can’t afford at least a Taiwan built machine, then a Chinese scooter will be an interesting experience if nothing else.

How old of a machine?See also


Popular Mechanics×193&!4&btvi=5&fsb=1&xpc=sj9MOuWBrR&p=https%3A//

You might have seen some tempting 20 year old scooter on Craigslist for $200, which has you pondering where the optimal intersection is between age and price. Depreciation for scooters is typically about 50% in the first 5 years and then really slow after that. Even a machine from 1990 will probably fetch $500 if it’s running well, which is probably 50% of it’s new MSRP.

The lesson here is that you don’t save much money opting for scooters that are older than about 5-7 years. There are older scooters that are much cheaper, but these are typically not running or not running well, which is the real reason why the price is low. Consider that a 1995 Honda Dio typically sells for $800, while a 2007 Honda Ruckus goes for maybe $1000. Those extra $200 for a 11 year newer machine are very well spent.

So most people should look for machines that are somewhere between new and 7 years old depending on their budget. People with really small budgets and who are mechanically inclined can look for scooters that are non-running but supposedly ran well when they were parked 5-15 years ago. These machines are always a gamble, but the home mechanic can often get them running for under $200 so they’re a fun project if you buy them cheap and invest sparingly in them.

Making a short list

By now you should have narrowed down the engine size you’re after to a pretty small range and hopefully focused in on 1-3 manufacturers. The scooter market really isn’t that big, so if you also know roughly how old of a scooter you want to buy then you’re all set to go make a short list. If your list is 50cc scooters from Japanese brands sold from 2009 thru 2012 then you’re probably only looking at 4-5 machines.

So browse through the main pages for each brand your interested in to identify candidate models and then go read the individual pages for all the info. If you’re looking at 50cc then also consider if you want a 2-stroke or 4-stroke. Otherwise, if you’ve chosen your list based on practical criteria then now may be the right time to listen more to other side of your brain and select the machine that appeals to your passion. The scooter with the cool looks is probably going to make you happier than the one with 25% more storage. Buy the one you love and you won’t regret it.

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