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A pressure washer (also known as a power washer) is essentially a really powerful hose. It’s extremely high pressure and is used to wash off mold, dust, mud, and dirt from the sides of a house, decks, boats, cars, lawn equipment, and driveways. It can also remove loose paint and clean out livestock stables, construction sites, and big commercial spaces, like warehouses. We’ve compiled a list of our best commercial pressure washer, best pressure washer and most powerful pressure washer options based on these criteria. These commercial pressure washers will tackle the toughest job and be an outstanding value.

best commercial pressure washer 2020

The power on commercial or industrial pressure washers are most commonly measured in horsepower or volts and amps, if the engine is electric. The bigger the cleaning task, the more power is recommended. You should be careful about getting a pressure washer that’s too powerful, because the high-pressure water can actually damage cars and other items. You should also never spray a person with the hose. If you are cleaning a large commercial or industrial space, 10-12HP is a more than acceptable range.

best pressure washer

Commercial pressure washer engines come in both gas or electric. Gas engines offer a lot more power than electric engines, and also have the benefit of not needing a cord. For those who are energy-conscious and thoe who do not want to spend a lot of money, OHV engines (overhead valve engines) are smaller and require less gas, so they are efficient. Features like an automatic Idle Down also help reduce gas consumption. There are also CARB-compliant pressure washers, which adhere to California’s standards about energy-efficiency and emissions. If you want a zero-emission commercial pressure washer, electric engines use no gas and weigh less.


When looking at a commercial pressure washer’s power, there are two things to look out for: PSI (pounds per square inch), horsepower (for gas), or volts (for electric engines). Gas engines are frequently measured by size, which is abbreviated as “cc,” which stands for cubic centimeters. In recent years, engines have forgone the horsepower measurement and just show the engine size. A powerful gas engine will have over 10 horsepower (or 200+ cc) and a PSI of 3,000 or over.The PSI determines the power of the water pressure, so a higher PSI means your pressure washer can handle really tough jobs, like stripping paint or cleaning construction equipment. Those really hard jobs require a PSI of 3000-5000.


One of the most important parts of a commercial pressure washer is the pump. It has to handle a large amount of very high-pressure water, so durability is a big issue. Pumps essentially look like several small pipes stuck to a cylinder, and contain plungers, rods, pistons, and ball-bearings. Ceramic pistons allow the pump to work at cooler temperature, so the heat doesn’t wear down the pump. CAT brand pumps, such as the Pro-Grade Triplex pump, can last up to four times longer than other brands. These types of pumps are designed to muffle vibrations and distribute heat so the overall pump stays cooler.

Hose tips

Commercial pressure washers use a hose and hose tip where the high-pressure washer comes out. Tips allow for more versatility and flexibility with different cleaning jobs. Common hose tips include 0-degree, 15-degree, 40-degree, and Soap. 0-degree tips are very narrow, so all of the high-pressure washer comes out in a very small area. The water area expands as the degrees go up, so 40-degree tips disperse as a fan. This tip is ideal for washing cars and other pieces of equipment that need a more delicate clean. Quick-Connect tips in particular are useful because they are stored on the pressure washer itself and are easy to take on and off the hose. Some hose tips include 5-in-1 functions and pivots, so you can swivel the hose around.


The biggest concern with commercial pressure washer usability is weight. They can be very heavy and weigh in the 80-100 pound range. Gas-powered pressure washers tend to be the heaviest, because of the engine. This is why sturdy tires are important. Carts are also useful for support and transport. For a wide cleaning radius, look for long hoses. Many hoses are 50-feet long, which is important because of how heavy pressure washers often are. Some other signs of a good hose include a steel-braided design, so all the high-pressure water doesn’t break the hose’s structure down.


Depending on where you use a commercial pressure washer, the ground might be uneven or rough. A good set of tires will keep the pressure washer stable and balanced. Look for large, pneumatic tires (13-16 inches) or tires with agricultural tread. Never-Flat design helps tires stay strong against a pressure washer’s weight. Tires with shock absorbers are also beneficial because pressure washers tend to vibrate. Shock absorbers reduce the noise level of the washer, as well.

Best commercial pressure washer

Simpson PowerShot 4240H

At 4200 PSI the Simpson PowerShot will give you plenty of power.

Simpson commercial pressure washers are powered by Honda engines, a symbol of quality and durability.

Like many of the other washers on the market, the PowerShot comes with a variety of nozzles. You can choose between 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees and soap options.

It’s built to last too. This washer has heavy duty welded steel construction and a steel axle frame with 13-inch premium pneumatic tires.

The Powershot comes with a great warranty. Coverage includes:

  • 3 Year engine Warranty
  • 5 Year pump warranty
  • 10 Year frame warranty
  • 90 Day warranty for accessories

Every part of your Powershot will be protected under warranty.

The Simpson PowerShot uses more pressure and more water flow for even greater cleaning performance and faster job completion.

If you agree that time is money you’ll want to learn more about the PowerShot.


Generac 6565

If you need power and more power, the Generac is for you. The Generac 6565 is one of the best commercial pressure washer out in the market currently.

Perfect for industrial uses and the heaviest job, the 6565 packs a punch.

Plus, with 50 feet of steel-reinforced hose, you can reach every spot with the Generac. It’s able to be gentle too.

The Generac’s Pressure Control Valve provides complete control of water pressure for all applications. The spray gun is adjustable and the side handle provides precise control with a cushion grip and easy-to-pull trigger.

This machine was designed with professionals in mind. These options reduce fatigue and improve comfort during extended use

With a variety of nozzles, you can find the optimum tools. You’ll choose between 0 degree, 15 degree, 25 degree, 40 degree, and soap options.

The 3-year limited warranty impresses us too. Generac stands behind their products.

Plus, the Generac leaves the competition in the dust with pressure options. At 4200 PSI there’s no question you’ll have all the power you need for every job.

Clicking here now will tell you more about the benefits of the Generac 6565.

Simpson Water Blaster 4200

The Simpson Water Blaster 4200, also known as the Simpson 60205, can make commercial cleaning tasks fast and easy.

4200 PSI of pressure keeps this member of the Simpson family in an elite class. There’s enough power for every commercial and industrial application.

The Water Blaster has the same warranty and nozzle types as the PowerShot. It also has a great Honda motor to keep your pressure blasting at high intensity whenever you need.

Tough and easy to use, the Water Blaster balances high performance with an ultra-lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame.

And you can use the Water Blaster for long durations without worrying about engine burnout. This washer features a belt system that allows for a separation of engine and pump.

Tough industrial tasks the Water Blaster can tackle include:

  • professional paint preparation
  • facility & fleet maintenance
  • construction
  • property maintenance
  • mining

There isn’t a tougher machine for commercial cleaning.

Choosing a Simpson Water Blaster will offer you a durable machine with lots of power.

Karcher 11073890 G3100XH Gas Pressure Washer

Another high-powered option is the Karcher 11073890 G3100XH.

For homeowners and business owners who need a powerful pressure washer to tackle cleaning jobs, Karcher can help.

Like the Simpson products, the Karcher 11073890 G3100XH features a Honda engine to provide quality and reliable power for every job.

You’ll love the low-stress maintenance Karcher provides. Their maintenance-free pump with brass head has your Karcher ready to go when you are.

A 25-foot hose and Pro-Style quick connect nozzles let users get to every spot they need to clean.

With a 2-year Engine Warranty and a 2 year Pump Warranty, you know Karcher backs their products.

You’ll be investing in quality with Karcher. If you want a cleaner and quicker machine that can handle the typical tasks of a small business or home, you want to know more about the Karcher 11073890 G3100XH.

Simpson MegaShot MSH3125-S

At 3100 PSI the MegaShot is the member of the Simpson family most suitable for your home and shop.

Like its brothers, the MegaShot has a Honda engine at its heart. You’ll also choose between 0 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees and soap options for nozzles.

It’s built to last too. This washer has heavy duty welded steel construction and a steel axle frame with 10-inch premium pneumatic tires.

The MegaShot has a warranty designed for personal use:

  • 2 Year limited HONDA GC consumer engine warranty
  • 1 Year limited pump warranty
  • 5 Year limited frame warranty
  • 90 Day limited accessory warranty

For cleaning decks, patios, house siding, outdoor furniture and prepping home exteriors for painting, the MegaShot gets around. It’s easy to transport too.

Compact design and lightweight construction make the MegaShot small enough to be transported easily by one person.

If you want the perfect machine for your home and shop you want the MegaShot.

But you’ll need to work safe, no matter which pressure washer you choose.

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