best compact tractor for small farm

What is the Best Compact Tractor For Small Farm? Continue reading our best compact tractors 2020 review to find out. If you’re a new homeowner, land maintenance is overwhelming – but the right equipment makes hard projects easy. The best compact tractor for your property depends largely on how you’ll be using it. Regardless of size, most compact tractors can handle everything from landscaping to snow plowing as long as you have the right attachment. It’s really just a matter of how quickly, efficiently, and safely it will get the job done.

best compact tractors 2020

best compact tractor for small farm


Who’s This For?

The 1023E is the perfect introductory package for any homeowner looking to tackle lawn and yard maintenance with their first tractor. The affordable 1-Series, front-end loader and drive-over mower deck combo is an approachable but powerful setup with room to grow as you take on more projects. 

1023E Compact Utility Tractor

A value-based tractor that covers all the basics. The 1023E provides the versatility and power necessary to become your favorite mini tractor with additional quick-connect features that ‘keeps you moving’ from project to project.

  • 22.4 HP Tier IV Compliant Diesel Engine
  • 4-Wheel Drive and Power Steering
  • Auto-Connect Deck and i-Match Quick Hitch compatible
  • Hydrostatic transmission with twin-touch pedal control

Property Type/Size: 5-Acres or less.

Recommended attachments: 120R Loader and 54D Mower Deck


Who’s This For?

Perfect for those that see the weekend (and most weeknights) as prime time for working in the garden, lawn, or field. You spend long hours outside and won’t let inexperience stop you from taking on new projects. With the upgrade to the 1025R and the addition of a backhoe, you get greater power and versatility to fuel your passion for yard work with added comfort to keep you fresh from sunup to sundown.

1025R Compact Utility Tractor

For those that love the utility and simplicity of the 1-series family but are looking for just a bit more power and comfort in their tractor. The 1025R comes equipped with all the features of the 1023E, plus cruise control and a premium operator station that includes a cushioned seat, armrests, and rubber mats for ergonomic support when spending long hours in the driver’s seat. 

  • 23.9 HP Tier IV Compliant Diesel Engine
  • 4-Wheel Drive and Power Steering
  • Premium Operator Station with an ergonomic seat, armrests, and fender lights
  • Auto-Connect Deck and i-Match Quick Hitch compatible

Property Type/Size: 5-Acres or less. 

Recommended attachments: 120R Loader, 54D Mower Deck, and 260B Backhoe


Who’s This For?

Meant to find the sweet spot where more power, speed, and implement capacity meets the intuitive and easy-to-use controls found in the 1-series.  The 2-series is built with property owners, small farm owners, and equine owners in mind while providing enough versatility for commercial operators and vegetable producers. The latest model in the series, the 2025R, is perfect for those that want to squeeze a bit more out of their compact tractor to tackle their ever-expanding to-do list.

2025R Compact Utility Tractor

An upgrade to the 2025R is perfect for those that find themselves needing further versatility and power but love the ease of use that comes from the 1-series. Equipped with a slight uptick in HP, and auto-connect and comfort features, this compact tractor will keep you comfortable and efficient throughout any project. You may never want to leave the driver’s seat again.

  • 24.2 HP Tier IV Compliant Diesel Engine
  • 4-Wheel Drive, cruise control and folding ROPS
  • Standard Light Package equips you with four lights for improved visibility
  • Auto-Connect Deck, loader Quik-Park Loader, and i-Match Quick Hitch compatible

Property Type/Size: 4-8 Acres.

Recommended attachments: 120R Loader, 60D Mower Deck, and 260B Backhoe


Who’s This For?

Need better stability, faster and easier implement hookups, and greater comfort and convenience? Then the hefty but compact 2032R may be right for you. As with the rest of the 2-series lineup, this tractor is designed to provide the utmost versatility while retaining the familiar setup of smaller models. Perfect for those looking to test out various implements and ease-of-use features as they venture into the unknown, finding additional use-cases and taking on new projects.

2032R Compact Utility Tractor

Breaking the 30 HP barrier, the 2032R is a beast of a machine. This model can handle implements that are just a bit bigger allowing for greater capacity and stability than smaller models. Personalization and quick attach features at every turn; it’s designed with customers who need to do a little bit of everything in mind. 

  • 30.6 HP Tier IV Compliant Diesel Engine
  • 4-Wheel Drive, cruise control, and a smart eThrottle control
  • Capable of working with the rear, mid and front-end implements installed simultaneously
  • Auto-Connect Deck, loader Quik-Park Loader, and i-Match Quick Hitch compatible

Property Type/Size: 5-10 Acres.

Recommended attachments: 220R Loader, 72D Mower Deck, and 270B Backhoe


Who’s This For?

Are you looking for a step up in the number of features, compatible implements and power under the hood without breaking the bank? Then the 3-series, possibly adding a Rotary Cutter and Box Blade to your fleet of tools as well, is right for you. Full-size power, capabilities and a best in class turning radius housed in a tractor that still fits neatly in the garage, combined with implements that simplify tasks across any terrain, welcome to the Big Leagues.

3025E Compact Utility Tractor

The mighty 3E Series is designed for simplicity, comfort, and performance all for a reasonable price. The 3025E is a natural step up for those upgrading to a larger property, or that find themselves needing a broader selection of compatible implements for an ever-expanding list of tasks, like maintaining a long gravel driveway, taming acreage of brush, or working on hilly terrain. It still retains the approachable controls and ease of use found in the 1-Series, while dipping into the greater power and performance of larger tractors.

  • 24.7 HP Tier IV Compliant Diesel Engine
  • Hydro transmission with Twin Touch pedals and optional cruise control 
  • Category 1, 3-point hitch compatible 
  • Tightest turning radius in its horsepower class
  • Two hydraulic pumps, most competitors have 1

Property Type/Size: 5-10 Acres.

Recommended attachments: 300E Loader, RC2060 Rotary Cutter, and Box Blade


Warranty – Papé Machinery offers an exclusive 10-year powertrain warranty on all new subcompact and compact tractors. Learn more about our warranty offers at any of our dealerships.

Measurement – Don’t forget to measure your gates, narrow passages, and the barn or garage where you plan to store the tractor. This may prevent you from having to make changes you didn’t plan for when allocating space for your new equipment.

New vs. Used – In some cases, used equipment can be a great deal. If you come across a used utility tractor for sale with low hours, think about it; but be sure to have a qualified expert inspect the machine before you buy. Tractors are generally worked hard, and you’ll want to be sure the piece of equipment is in good operating condition.

Comfort – If you plan to use your tractor year-round, a cab can greatly increase comfort. You may not need it now but come January you may feel differently. John Deere’s standard cab features include heating and cooling, headlights, windshield wipers, and more.

Attachments – Even if you aren’t shopping for all of the tractor attachments now, it’s a good idea to buy a model that is compatible with a variety of implements you might decide you need later on. Most small property owners find that a loader, a mower deck, and a box blade or backhoe are a good setup to start with.

Whichever compact tractor model you choose, know that you can count on top quality and customer feedback-driven design from John Deere. Contact your nearest Papé Machinery location in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or California for help choosing the best compact tractor for your homesteading needs and to learn more about current specials and financing options.

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