best compression socks for shin splints

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If You Get Shin Splints, You Need These Compression Socks In Your Life ASAP

If you’ve ever had shin splints, you know the feeling: achy, painful lower legs that flare up when you exercise and take ages to heal. And, because there are few remedies other than RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), many people turn to the best compression socks for shin splints to help them recover from shin-related pain.

According to Dr. Vishnu Seecharan, a Florida-based podiatric physician and surgeon at LuxePodiatry, compression socks work by “providing support and stability to decrease the strain in the muscles and bones of your lower leg.” That means while compression socks won’t magically heal your shin splints overnight, they’ll give you much-needed relief, provided you pick out the right pair for your needs.

When shopping for compression socks, consider whether you want a pair that covers your entire feet, or a sleeve that is footless and you can slip solely onto your calf. If you suffer from flat feet or rigid arches (two common causes of shin splints according to Dr. Seecharan), look out for a full sock with good arch support. Lastly, when it comes to how restrictive they are, a sock or sleeve with least 20 to 30 mmHg (millimeter of mercury) of compression would be ideal, says Dr. Kavita Sharma of Manhattan Pain & Sports Associates in New York.

To save you the struggle of weeding through potential options, I’ve put together a list of the best compression socks for shin splints that meet all the requirements doctors recommend.


The Overall Best Compression Socks For Shin Splints

SB SOX Compression SocksAmazon$29.95$15.95Buy Now

These compression socks offer an incredible value for the price, with 20 to 30 mmHg of graduated compression, cushioned heel and toe support, and enough elasticity to make them easy to take on and off. And unlike most other brands, these compression socks are offered in four different sizes, from small to extra-large, to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Designed with a lightweight nylon and spandex material that is said to be anti-odor, anti-static, and sweat-wicking, these compression socks will help aid in the support and relief of injuries like shin splints and are reportedly durable enough to wear on an everyday basis. One fan puts it best, “I had really bad shin splints and decided to try these socks. They aren’t a cure all but they do lessen the intensity and aid with recovery.”

SB SOX Compression Socks


The Best Compression Sleeve

BLITZU Calf Compression Sleeve SocksAmazon$29.99$15.97Buy Now

If you don’t have any foot or ankle issues, you may want to consider a compression sleeve, like this popular sleeve from BLITZU, rather than a sock. Some people find sleeves more comfortable to wear, and they can be paired with regular socks that you already own. The design of this BLITZU compression sleeve combines the benefits of kinesiology taping with the comfort and performance of lightweight, circular knit fabric. These sleeves offer the ideal 20 to 30 mmHg of compression, and Amazon reviewers have noted that they are sweat-wicking and great at reducing shin splint discomfort. And if you have any worries about the material slipping or sliding during exercise, you can relax: “They stayed up really nicely and wicked sweat well too. Huge reduction in shin splint pain!”

  • Ava
BLITZU Calf Compression Sleeve Socks


The Most Affordable

Double Couple Compression SocksAmazon$6Buy Now

This affordable pair of compression socks are made of a comfortable and washable Lycra fabric with thicker fabric around the ankles to prevent ankle sprains. They also offer great arch support, reinforced toes and heels and 20 to 30 mmHg of compression to reduce muscle soreness and pain without limiting your mobility. At only $6, you can afford to buy multiple pairs of these socks for the price of one pair from another brand. Take note, however: Amazon reviewers have mentioned that they tend to run tall, so if you’re shorter than average, these might not be the best fitting compression socks for you.

Double Couple Compression Socks

  • How do shin splints arise?

A shin splint is not really a disease but a term to describe various disorders. In most cases it is an irritation on the inside of the tibia and / or the muscles attached to it. The most common cause of shin splints is when you simply burden your legs too much. If your muscles are not strong enough to handle the load, the pressure is increasingly exerted on your shin. As a result, cracks in the bone may occur. Though small cracks in the bones are very normal, with shin splints your shin does not have enough time to recover and create new bone tissue. If you have taken it too far and the pain in your shins is increasing, you can even suffer from a periostitis. Altogether, shin splints arise due to overloading of the legs, which can be caused by • A poor or no warm-up and cool-down • Too much walking on a hard surface, causing the load constantly increasing on the shin • ‘Weak’ calf muscles • Running too intense or too long • Walking on old or poor running shoes

Best Compression Socks for Shin Splints

Best Compression Socks for Shin Splints

If you are currently experiencing shin splints you are more than likely desperate for an effective solution. From a small niggle to outright painful, shin splints not only make training difficult but can take you out of your training regime for weeks at a time. Fortunately, compression socks provide an effective treatment for shin splints and can also be used to prevent shin splints from occurring in the first place. However, not all compression socks are created equal.

In this post, we list and review the 5 best compression socks for shin splints available on the market today.Quick NavigationBest Compression Socks for Shin SplintsShin Splint Compression Sleeve by ZensahCalf Compression Sleeve by Run Forever SportsCalf Compression Sleeve by Camden GearCompression Running Socks for Shin Splints by Meister MMACalf Compression Sleeve by BeVisible SportsThe Bottom Line

Best Compression Socks for Shin Splints

Shin Splint Compression Sleeve by Zensah

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CompressionZ Compression Arm Sle…$20.99 (5081)Ads by Amazon

  • Available in three sizes
  • Available in various colors
  • 90% nylon and 10% spandex
  • Designed specifically for shin splints
  • One sleeve per pack

Zensah shin splint compression sleeves are designed specifically for shin splints, unlike most compression socks or sleeves which are marketed at a host of conditions. Designed by actual professional athlete trainers, the v-shaped ribbing on the front works in the same way as tape without the hassle of actual  tape.

These compression socks for shin splints provide all the benefits of compression. That is, they promote the circulation of blood and encourage the flow of blood upwards towards the heart. This increased blood circulation helps to boost athletic performance and reduce recovery time.

Importantly for shin splints, they also reduce the vibration of calf muscles due to the impact of each stride. Very comfortable, moisture wicking and odor resistant, these compression sleeves are made of the highest quality. The one downside is there is only one sleeve per pack, so you might need to purchase two.

With glowing customer feedback, these have helped hundreds of happy customers treat and prevent shin splints. One look at the customer reviews and you will be sold. For such a low investment, these are an absolute must buy to eliminate shin splints.

Calf Compression Sleeve by Run Forever Sports

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Available in various colors
  • 15 – 20 mmHg compression
  • 2 sleeves per pack

As far as compression socks for shin splints go, Run Forever Sports is very popular with over a thousand happy customers providing their feedback. You’ll be sure to also love these. Providing 15 to 20 mmHg compression, your shin splints will be kept at bay.

With the professional grade compression, the calf muscles are well supported and will be subject to very little vibration. Not only well supported, this level of compression results in the best blood circulation. This means your muscles will benefit from extra oxygen giving you a performance boost. In addition, downtime and recovery are kept to a minimum. Not only are these compression sleeves very durable and made to the highest quality, they are very comfortable and you will hardly notice that you have them on.

Run Forever Sports provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the lifetime of these compression sleeves. This means you’re making a risk-free purchase.

One of the most commented on benefits in the customer reviews is how comfortable these compression sleeves are. They are very thin but do not sacrifice quality. They are very breathable meaning they do not become uncomfortably hot and hold up well to the test of time. For the money, it will be difficult to find better value in compression sleeves to reduce shin splints.

Calf Compression Sleeve by Camden Gear

  • Available in four sizes
  • 20 – 25 mmHg compression
  • 25% spandex and 75% lycra
  • 2 sleeves per pack

Camden Gear is another very popular compression sleeve company offering high-performance compression to reduce shin splints. Providing 20 to 25 mmHg compression these compression sleeves will greatly improve the blood circulation throughout your shin area. This will not only boost the athletic performance but reduce any vibration around the tibia. By promoting blood circulation around the muscles, recovery time is also kept to a minimum which allows for greater increases in your training.

The sleeves are made from a mix of spandex and lycra. This means the material can provide superior compression while at the same time allowing for breathability and moisture wicking. With 4 sizes to choose from, these best compression socks for shin splints are suitable for both men and women. The company provides a 60 day 100 percent satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you are happy with your purchase. If not, you can return them no questions asked.

The customer reviews are filled with high praise. Customers who have never used these compression sleeves before are now hooked and won’t train without them. Whether to treat shin splints or used as a preventative measure, they are highly effective.

Another benefit of these compression sleeves is that the customer service the company provides is very good. In the rare instances where the compression sleeves were the incorrect size for the customer, the company stepped in and offered to replace the item. Overall we highly recommend these compression socks for shin splints.

Compression Running Socks for Shin Splints by Meister MMA

  • Available in 5 sizes and 2 colors
  • 20 – 25 mmHg compression
  • 2 socks per pack

As far as compression socks for shin splints go, these are near the top of the list. With overwhelmingly high customer praise these compression socks have produced outstanding results.

Encompassing not only the shin but also the foot, they provide the benefits of compression to your entire foot, ankle, and lower leg. With professional grade compression, your blood circulation will be increased providing not only a boost of oxygen but also other nutrients necessary for optimal performance and minimal recovery time.

One of the most commented on benefits of this brand is the accuracy of the sizing chart. This may seem to be a minor factor when choosing compression socks, however, inaccurate sizing charts are a downside of many other brands. Very comfortable and with a design to provide optimal ventilation, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of these compression socks for extended workouts.

Calf Compression Sleeve by BeVisible Sports

  • Available in four sizes
  • Available in various colors
  • Mix of nylon and spandex
  • 2 socks per pack

The final brand on our list is BeVisible Sports who are hugely popular. Made from a mix of nylon and spandex these compression socks are made to last. They are very durable, comfortable and breathable.

Importantly for shin splints, they compress your calves reducing any vibration to your shin from the impact of each stride. Their compression also promotes circulation of blood and encourages the flow of blood towards the heart.This provides a void for fresh blood from the heart to flow to your legs bringing with it fresh oxygen and nutrients which help to boost athletic performance and reduce any recovery time.

Providing 14 to 23 mmHg compression these compression socks for shin splints are particularly useful when you are not used to the feeling of wearing compression socks. Often people who wear stronger compression without first transitioning into them by wearing lesser compression will be so surprised by the feeling of wearing compression socks that they choose not to wear them at all.

With dominantly positive customer feedback, these compression socks have been a very effective solution for many customers. We highly recommend them especially if you are new to wearing compression socks.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that compression socks can be an effective way to combat shin splints, but not all compression socks are created equal. The best compression socks for shin splints are in our opinion those by Zensah, however any of the brands on this list will more than meet your requirements.

 As always, the best method to make a final decision is to take the time to read through some of the actual customer reviews. This way you will be making the most informed purchase. If you have any comments or feedback please feel free to leave a comment below.

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