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Cordless vacuums can make the job faster, easier, and more thorough by reaching tough spots. They take up far less room than bulky canister vacuums so you can stash them away in small spaces easily. If you are a little behind on the ins and outs of vacuum cleaners, never fear, we have got a handy buyer’s guide to get you up to date. We have narrowed down a list of the best cordless vacuums in Canada and have reviewed them thoroughly so you can find “the one” for you.

Best Cordless Vacuums in Canada

1. Dibea D18 Pro Cordless Vacuum

Dibea Upgraded 250W 18KPa Powerful Suction Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Lightweight Bagless Rechargeable 2 in 1 Handheld Car Vacuum with Mini Motorized Brush, Navy Blue

There is so much to love about the Dibea D18 Pro. First of all, it is lightweight and easy to carry upstairs, around the house, and out to the car. It has a rotating brush that effectively cleans carpet and hard floors (but is most recommended for hard floors or very low-pile carpets). What’s more, there are two suction modes, 10kpa for light jobs, and 18kpa super-powered suction for extra-stubborn messes.

The head features LED headlights so you can see what is lurking under furniture when cleaning. Speaking of furniture, this model can lay almost flat on the ground, meaning it easily reaches under low-profile items without having to move them.

This is a great model for all-round cleaning as it comes with a motorized brush head designed for cleaning pet hair and fuzz from upholstery. Attach it to the hand-held unit and work away, or use the bristle brush for gently cleaning large appliances, filter grates, or walls. The 2-in-1 crevice tool and brush attachment get deep into those tight spaces in your car’s upholstery and can brush away caked-on mess.

Charging and storing the Dibea is easy, just pop the lithium-ion battery into the charger (included), then slot it back in when it is done. The battery lasts for about 30 minutes of non-stop cleaning, which is enough for a whole-house clean. When you are done cleaning, click the unit into the wall mount base to keep it out of the way.

The price is great considering how many extras you get and is certainly cheaper than similar models on the Canadian cordless vacuum market.Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Great for hardwood and carpet
  • Motorized brush for furniture and pet hair
  • Bristle brush for cleaning delicate appliances
  • 2-in-1 crevice tool and a small brush
  • 2 power modes for regular and heavy-duty cleaning
  • LED headlights
  • Easily fits under furniture


  • Does not come with roller brush for carpet

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2. Tineco A10 Hero+ Cordless Vacuum

Tineco A10 Hero+ Cordless Vacuum Handheld Stick Vacuum 350W Rating Power Wall Mounted LED Power Brush Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Deep Clean Home Carpet Floor Pet Hair

Next, we have the Tineco A10 Hero+, a similar model to the Dibea above, with a similar price tag too. Note that there are two color choices available, light grey (the cheapest of the two) and space blue. MAX mode gives the suction power a major kick, increasing the suction by four times compared to regular cordless vacuums, (according to Tineco). Its 4-stage system is excellent for stubborn clumps of pet hair, spilled cereal, or dirt trampled through the home.

If you are noise-sensitive or have a quiet house to maintain, you will like that this model has been designed to be quieter than the average cordless vacuum. This is a relief for people who have skittish pets at home or shift workers and babies who need undisturbed sleep. The rotating brush-roll digs deep into carpets for a deep clean which Tineco claims is 80% more effective than other cordless vacuums. While it does work on hard floors, it is recommended for carpets as brush rolls risk damaging wood floors.

There is no shortage of accessories here, with a powered mini brush to use with the hand-held unit for cleaning car interiors and furniture. You also get a dusting brush which is great for getting into ceiling corners or brushing built-up dust from appliances and hard surfaces. These accessories need not clutter up drawers or cupboards as they can be attached neatly to the wall-mount unit which doubles as a charging station. This set-up is ideal for small apartments where storage space is very limited.

The Tineco A10 Hero+ would be ideal for people with carpets, pets, limited space, and the need for a quiet-yet-powerful cordless vacuum they can grab in a pinch and store neatly.Pros

  • Dual store and charge mounting system
  • Easy-empty dust container
  • Max mode for extra power and suction
  • Powered brush vacuum head
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with mini powered brush
  • Comes with brush and crevice tool
  • Great for carpets


  • Short battery life in max mode
  • Small dust canister

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3. Tineco A11 Hero+ Cordless Vacuum

Tineco A11 Hero+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 450W Rating Power Strong Suction, Dual Charging Wall-Mount Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Per Hair Hardwood Floor Carpet Deep Clean

We love the long run time of the Tineco A11 Hero+, at up to 50 minutes, excellent for large homes or particularly detailed cleaners. If you need to super-power your cleaning for tougher messes, you can use the MAX mode for extra suction (approximite maximum run time of 20 minutes).

We especially love the double charging-and-storing mount system. Click the vacuum back onto the wall-mount and allow it to recharge in a discreet spot, with the accessories and tools tucked away too. Speaking of accessories, you get a mini powered brush (to use with the hand-held vacuum) for removing pet hair and fuzz from furniture and car upholstery. You also get a crevice tool and dusting brush for shifting cobwebs and built-up dust from filter grates, walls, and large appliances.

If your home features hard floors and carpets, you are in luck, as the Tineco A11 rotating brush head works on both. Plus, the head features LED lights so you can seek out hiding dust bunnies. Once it is time to empty the dust bin (which is very generously-sized) you simply press a button and get rid of the debris without any gross skin-to-dust contact.

A unique feature is the pre-filter cleaning tool that extends the life of the filter and the effectiveness of the vacuum. Considering the excellent accessories and cleaning technology (4-stage filtration system), the Tineco A11 Hero+ is fairly-priced. This model would best suit someone who needs a quiet, versatile, and powerful cordless vacuum that can handle both hard and carpeted floors.Pros

  • Long runtime
  • Wall-mount and charger in one
  • Mini powered brush
  • Crevice tool and brush
  • Hair cleaning tool
  • Hand-held vacuum
  • Large dustbin
  • Extra pre-filter
  • Pre-filter cleaner


  • Priced on the higher end when compared to other cordless vacuums

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4. Bissell 1954D Cordless Vacuum

Bissell 1954D Bolt Lithium 2-In-1 Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Red/Grey

Bissell is a stalwart in the vacuum cleaner industry, especially with the popular Bolt series such as the 1954D Bolt Lithium 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum. We love this model because it is lightweight and easy to wield, even for those with difficulty handling larger items. Plus, the handle folds down in both directions so you can fit the vacuum under furniture and low-profile items. The foldable handle also makes the vacuum easy to tuck away in small spaces.

This is a simpler vacuum when it comes to accessories and extras, as it does not have a mini powered brush. However, it does have a hand-held vacuum you simply separate from the handle for easy cleaning of small spills, furniture, and car interiors. We like that you can switch off the brushroll in the main cleaning head, as a non-spinning brush is best for hard floors. Many users have found that it is best for hard floors or very low-pile carpets, but is not so effective on shaggy or thick carpets.

Storage and charging can be “done in one”, as you can store the vacuum on the charging base whether you are charging the battery or not. One downside is that the battery cannot be replaced, so if it runs out (which customers have reported) you are a bit stuck.

This would be a good choice for light cleaning, hard floors, low-pile carpets, and lightweight handling. If you need something super durable and with extra-strong suction for tough messes and thick carpets, keep looking.Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Brush roll can be switched off
  • Compact charging station
  • Handheld option
  • Washable filter
  • Battery is not replaceable


  • No powered mini brush
  • Lower suction
  • Approxomite run time of only 15 minutes which may not satisfy a lengthy clean

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5. Hoover BH50010 Cordless Vacuum

Hoover Linx 18V Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010

The Hoover Linx 18V Cordless Stick Vacuum belongs to one of the most iconic vacuum cleaner brands in the world. This mid-range cordless vacuum comes in white, silver, or black, and works for both hard floors and carpets. The brushroll can be switched off with a well-placed button so you can preserve your hard floors. Turn the brush roll back on for tackling low-to-mid-pile carpets.

Like the Bissell Bolt above, the handle is flexible and hinges to allow for cleaning under low-profile items. Plus, the cleaning head features Hoover’s WindTunnel technology for strong, multi-channel suction. Edge brushes add to the cleaning power by sweeping dust, fuzz, and small items from corners and into the suction path.

Charging this model is easy, just pop the fade-free lithium battery into the charger then slip it back in. You will know when to recharge as the fuel gauge will clearly tell you. What’s more, when it comes to emptying the dustbin, you do not need to touch the debris thanks to the bottom-emptying system.

If you are looking for a cordless vacuum with strong suction and a versatile brush head, but without extras and accessories, this could be ideal. However, if you need hand-held options, mini brushrolls, dusting brushes or crevice tools, you will find this option lacking. Perhaps you already have a hand-held vacuum at home and you simply need a go-to cordless for quickly dealing with sudden spills. If so? Put this on your shortlist.Pros

  • 3-route WindTunnel suction
  • Brushroll turns on and off
  • Suits all flooring types
  • Easy to empty
  • Fits under low-profile items


  • Not many extra accessories
  • Approxomite run time of only 20 minutes which may not satisfy a lengthy clean

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6. Roomie Tec 2-In-1 Cordless Vacuum

Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Handheld Vacuum, High-Power 2200mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

The Roomie Tec Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is one of the lower-priced models on our list while offering some slick features. The cordless unit can sit upright on its own, and has a folding handle for neat and tidy storage. Plus, it is easy to recharge, you just slip it into the recharge station and leave it to “fill up”.

We love that you can remove the main part of the vacuum from the handle and use it as a small, hand-held vacuum cleaner for furniture and car interiors. Click the crevice tool onto the hand-held unit and clean out tight corners of your car or in the corners of carpeted stairs. When using the entire vacuum, you can switch to ECO mode for hard floors (they need less suction) and ramp it up to MAX for carpets and rugs. Plus, the head swivels to fit easily around tight corners and furniture legs. A nice little touch is 6 LED lights on the cleaning head to show any clumps of dust hiding under furniture.

This features a 4-stage filtration system where the filters are washable and reusable which is handy. The accessories are a little lacking, with only a 2-in-1 brush and crevice tool included. However, when you click it onto the hand-held unit you can do some serious deep-cleaning even without a mini powered brush roll.

This would suit someone with a smaller budget, small apartment, limited storage space, and a mixture of carpets and hard floors.Pros

  • Handheld option
  • Affordable
  • Comes with crevice tool
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • 2-in-1 storage and recharging station
  • LED lights on cleaning head
  • Swivel head
  • Eco mode and max mode for different floor surfaces


  • Limited extras and accessories

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7. Dibea D18 Cordless Vacuum

Dibea D18 Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, 12000Pa Powerful Suction Bagless Rechargeable 2 in 1 Handheld Car Vacuum Gold

The Dibea D18 Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a sleek, modern-looking unit with stylish gold and purple coloring. The wand is sleek and lightweight, meaning you can easily lift it over your head to clean ceiling corners (once you take off the cleaning head).

The cleaning head features LED lights for illuminating murky spaces and a motorized brushroll for digging into thin carpet fibres. When you are doing a quick once-over to clean surface dust, just use the lower power level, then go to the MAX level for tougher spills and deeper cleaning.

The wall bracket is easy to install and allows you to tuck your vacuum against the wall discreetly, even in tight spots. The battery is located in the handle, so you simply detach it from the rest of the unit and plug it into recharge. When (and if) the battery runs out, you can simply replace the battery-containing handle instead of getting a whole new vacuum.

You get a lot for your money with the Dibea D18, with a mini motorized brush to use with the hand-held unit. This is excellent for tackling pet hair on furniture, and rogue crumbs in your car interior fabric. The filter system does have 4 stages for decent protection against allergens. Plus, it is washable so you can maintain the efficiency of the vacuum.

If you are hankering for a Dyson but your budget will not stretch, this could be a good alternative (with less power, mind you).Pros

  • Small hand-held option
  • Comes with mini motorized brush, crevice tool, and brush tool
  • Lightweight (easily reach overhead spots)
  • Comes with wall-mount bracket


  • Lower suction when compared to other similar models

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8. Shark IZ162HC Cordless Vacuum

Shark IZ162HC Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum

This Shark cordless stick vacuum has been designed especially for homes with pets, as keeping on top of pet hair in the home is tough. The brush roll rotates and digs into carpet fibres to release dust and hair, and offers great floor contact on hard floors. Plus, the roll has been designed to prevent hair from wrapping around it so you do not have to get the scissors out to de-hair the roll.

Extra points for the hand-held vacuum you can use for removing pet hair and debris from furniture, stairs, and car interiors. Plus, the multi-pet tool brush dislodges stubborn hair, while the crevice tool reaches down the sides of couches or up to ceiling corners. You can pop the small brush onto the long hose and use it to clean high-up spots such as fans and lampshades.

We love that the battery can last up to 40 minutes, far longer than similar cordless stick vacuums. However, this unit does not come with a wall-mount station, so you have to find a place to stash it away on the floor.

For asthmatics and allergy-sufferers, you will like the “anti-allergen complete seal” as well as a HEPA filter. This means that dander, dust, and fur are trapped in the unit until they are emptied. Speaking of emptying, the dust canister has “CleanTouch” technology so you do not have to touch the debris whatsoever.

This is an excellent model for homes with pets, hard floors, and carpets. It is lightweight, versatile, and reasonably priced (mid-range). You can pick from too stylish colors, red or green to add some life to your chores.Pros

  • Long runtime
  • Wrap-free brush roll
  • Great for hard floors and carpets
  • More direct contact with the floor
  • Hand-held vacuum for furniture
  • Easy-empty dirt canister
  • LED headlights on the brush head
  • Crevice tool
  • Multi-Pet Tool


  • Cannot be wall mounted

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Some Aspects To Consider Before Purchasing A Cordless Vacuum

Some Aspects To Consider Before Purchasing A Cordless Vacuum

Floor Type

Some cordless vacuum cleaners in Canada are best for carpets while others are best for hard flooring. Consider what kinds of floors your vacuum cleaner will be used for, and find a model to match. If you have shaggy rugs or thick carpets, you will need a high-powered vacuum with a rotating brush head to dislodge dust from the carpet fibres. For hardwood floors, pick a model without a spinning brush, and look for softer bristles to avoid scratching the wood. Avoid plastic wheels as they can also scratch wood floors.

Battery Life And Charging Method

Cordless vacuum cleaners have a variety of charging stations. Some have a storage/docking station that doubles as a charging station, while others have a separate battery charger. If you have got limited space, look for the 2-in-1 charger and docking station.

Mounting And Storage

One of the main reasons people choose cordless vacuums is because they are easy to store discreetly without taking up precious floor space. A great cordless vacuum should come with a wall mount, and even better, a wall mount that doubles as a charging station.

Accessories And Versatile Options

Be sure to assess the extras and accessories included in the package. For example, if you have a pet who sheds, look for a cordless vacuum with a hand-held option and a mini motorized brush. This helps with clearing fur from furniture and cleaning dust from stairs and car interior floors. For deep-cleaning rough car rugs and removing tough stains, a 2-in-1 crevice and brush tool is a must-have and is included with most vacuum cleaners. These tools dislodge and nudge dust and debris away from carpet fibres so the vacuum can suck away the mess.

Filter Type

If you or anyone in your household has asthma or allergies, it is important to find a vacuum cleaner with true-HEPA filtration. This means that the vacuum will capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust, pet hair, and pet dander. Plus, be sure of the filter maintenance requirements: does it need to be regularly cleaned? Does it need to be replaced as opposed to cleaned? How much are filter replacements and where can you buy them?

Weight And Ergonomics

Consider who is going to be using the cordless vacuum cleaner and if they, or you, have any difficulties carrying heavy items. If you have got lots of stairs to carry the vacuum up, look for the lightest model you can find. Also consider whether your chosen model will be easy and safe to lift above the head to reach the ceiling, fans, or light shades.


If clean floors, fur-free furniture, and easy-to-use appliances are important to you, a cordless vacuum cleaner is a crucial investment. Forget about your clunky canister vacuum and save space with a sleek, lightweight cordless you can tuck away without losing space. Before picking a model, take note of your floor types, budget, allergies, storage requirements, and preference for accessories. This will speed up the process and help you narrow down the best cordless vacuum in Canada for your home.

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