best courses to earn money online

1. Tyler’s YouTube WordPress Course

Everything I know about WordPress came from Tyler Moore. In 27 easy steps, Tyler teaches you how to build a website using WordPress from scratch. He covers everything from a domain, hosting, and WordPress set up. Then you learn page design using a plugin called Elementor. The video has racked up millions of views, and Moore creates updated content each year.

How you can start earning immediately:

After you’ve built your first site, it’s time to convert that skill into dollars. Set your price, then start sending messages out on social media, Facebook groups, and email offering to build someone a website for a small fee.

You can also create an account on Fiverr and offer your services. Some persons go to Fiverr for freelancers just to set up the site and install plugins. Create jobs to set up and to design a full website. Once you get your first client, you can use the designs to increase your credibility, which can land you more clients. WordPress designers can easily earn a full-time income. Remote full-time jobs are also in high demand on sites like We Work Remotely.

2. Hubspot Academy’s Content Marketing Course

Everybody talks about Content Marketing, but what is it exactly? Hubspot has you covered. Join Hubspot Academy and enroll in their Content Marketing Certification.

The more than 5-hour course covers the Content Marketing journey end-to-end. You learn about promoting content, managing content, and leveraging different types of content to bring in leads and increase revenue.

At the end of the course, you have to sit an exam to become certified.

How you can start earning immediately:

With a deep understanding of Content Marketing, you can start offering freelance services on platforms like UpWork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to create content. If you’d like, you can focus on one facet of Content Marketing like promoting content or planning and managing the entire process.

Use it to take on a part-time role as a Remote Content Manager or to increase leads in your own business, product, or service.

Or if you want to be a bit meta, write about what you’ve learned on Content Marketing, while learning Content Marketing, using Content Marketing to earn money on platforms like Medium.

3. Selling Used Items On eBay and Amazon

In this 30-minute course, Matt Bernstein covers how to set up your eBay and Amazon accounts. Furthermore, he breaks down which platform is better to sell some of the items you have around the home picking up dust. If you have no experience on the platforms and want to get started, it’s not a wrong way to spend 30 minutes.

How you can start earning immediately:

The easiest way to make money immediately is to sell something you’re not using or to buy something and sell it for a profit. eBay and Amazon ( with a special mention to Facebook Marketplace) are some of the best places to get started. Right now, there is something in your home that you can part with and start making some real cash to sustain yourself. Or you can hit a local garage sale for some finds to flip. Don’t be surprised if you get hooked and start looking for ways to scale.

4. Facebook Advertising Basics

There are hundreds of Facebook advertising courses around. Many of these courses cost hundreds of dollars. While these creators may have found the best way to maximize ads that work for them, it makes sense to just go straight to the source.

Especially if they’re offering the information for free.

After all, Facebook is incentivized to teach you everything they know about running ads, so you can, well, run ads.

The Facebook For Business Page covers topics like creating ads, editing ads, targeting the right audience, and optimizing your campaigns for max impact.

How you can start earning immediately:

Use your product, consulting, coaching, or service to test as you move along the course contents. If you don’t have a product or service, this 9-minute video by Noah Kagan from App Sumo can help you come up with your next idea.

From there, test your product with your newfound Facebook ads knowledge. Once you get your first sale, you get valuable information about the cost to acquire a customer and the steps you can take to improve that cost.

Another way you can make money? Done for you services. There are thousands of businesses that want to try Facebook ads but are not sure how. Offer to run ads for a small monthly fee or a commission. Your skills can evolve into becoming a Media Buyer or Facebook ads agency.

5. Teachable Course Bundle

Speaking of App Sumo, Kagan’s team has a suite of paid apps at amazing discounts. However, there are some free courses, ebooks, apps, and other content on the marketplace as well.

Teachable has been able to link with App Sump to provide their entire course bundle for free. The $2500 course has content on webinars, sales funnels, and creating your idea. There are powerhouse instructors like Pat Flynn, Digital Marketer, and Danielle Leslie.

In the end, you’ll have a solid foundation in creating, launching, and marketing your next course.

How you can start earning immediately:

While this post is about free courses, if you have some solid knowledge, you’d like to give to the world, follow the steps to start your own paid online course. You can use Teachable to host your content.

You can also post services online to set up courses, create course content, or manage webinars. Thousands of hungry course creators launch new products every month. Sometimes, it’s not about looking for gold but selling shovels to the people that do.

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