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The Chic Pursuit

Finding a durable and fashionable pair of sunglasses that suits your face shape is not an easy feat, especially if you have a smaller face. 

So, What Types Of Sunglasses Look Best On Smaller Faces? 

If you have a petite face, you want to steer clear of big sunglasses that can overpower your face and its features. Instead, opt for leaner sunglasses in oval, cat eye or rectangular shape. 

Even though small sunglasses in all of these shapes will look good, you might want to consider a few additional things.

If you have a round face, go for a pair rectangular pair of sunglasses that balance out the roundness. On the other hand, if your face is more square, opt for oval sunglasses.

Those with smaller faces should also favor top-heavy frames, such as cat-eye frames. These frames tend to be universally flattering, but just make sure that you choose a pair of cat-eye sunglasses that is on the smaller side.

Furthermore, before purchasing a pair of sunglasses, it’s smart to measure your face so that you can compare it with the product’s measurements. 

With this said, here are our top choice designer sunglasses for small faces that can be effortlessly purchased online. Plus, all of them can be returned if they’re not a good fit, so rest assured!

The Best Designer Sunglasses For Small Faces

1. Linda Farrow Area 1 Oval Sunglasses

Best designer sunglasses for small faces: Linda Farrow Area 1 Oval Sunglasses

Get your credit card out because these classic oval sunglasses, constructed from tortoiseshell material with a stainless steel gold trim, will complete any of your summer looks. Not only will they keep your eyes safe from the bright sun but they will also look adorable in all of your Instagram photos.

The Area 1 Oval Sunglasses also feature adjustable nose pads so that you can rest assured they won’t constantly slide down the bridge of your nose. The sunglasses have 100% UV-protected lenses held by a titanium frame and come in several different color variations. The Area 1 Oval Sunglasses retail for around $400.

2. Chanel Oval Sunglasses

Best designer sunglasses for small faces: Chanel oval sunglasses

These sunglasses are one of the most unique and eye-catching ones on this list. The black sunglasses feature a  retro-inspired frame with a beige top covered in small Chanel logos that can seriously elevate any of your fashion looks. They’re beautiful and delicate and work great for anyone with a small face.  

If you’re not a fan of the two-wont color, they come in four different frame color and lens variations to match all personalities. As with all of the sunglasses featured on this list, the Chanel Oval Sunglasses come with 100% UV protection.  Add these to your accessory collection for around $445.

3. Celine CL000196 Cat Eye Sunglasses

Best designer sunglasses for small faces: Celine cat eye sunglasses

If you love statement sunglasses, these Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses are just what you need. The cat eye lenses are slightly sharper than most, giving them an incredibly sleek look. These Parisian-chic sunnies are made from high-quality materials that will resist wear and tear, which is great since you’ll be wearing these any chance you get.

They are classic, fashion-forward, and also very sophisticated. The Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses can be purchased for around $400.

4. Saint Laurent 53mm Cat Eye Sunglasses

Saint Laurent cat eye sunglasses

The Saint Laurent 53mm Cat Eye Sunglasses are perfect for those with smaller faces because the frames are wider at the top. These sunglasses have 100% UV-protected, gradient lenses and each pair is made in Italy.

The angular cat-eye is chic, timeless, and adds flair to any outfit, even your exercise gear when you grab coffee after working out at the gym. Everyone’s sunglasses collection should consist of a black pair and a tortoiseshell pair for variation. These sunglasses are black and retail for around $380.

5. Linda Farrow Attico Mini Marfa

Linda Farrow Attico Mini Marfa in black

If cat eye or round sunglasses aren’t your style, try wearing a pair of vintage-inspired rectangle sunglasses. These are great for people with slimmer, oval-shaped faces, and even people with rounder faces. The Linda Farrow Attico Mini Marfa sunglasses are made from recycled acetate and have nylon lenses with 100% UV protection.

For those looking to branch out from the color black, the Mini Marfas also come in tortoise shell, green, orange, blue, brown, and fuchsia. There really could not be an easier way to add a pop of color to an outfit. The Attico Mini Marfa sunglasses start at around $250.

6. Fendi 52mm Cat Eye Sunglasses

Fendi 52mm Cat Eye Sunglasses in black for small faces

Cat-eye shapes are superb for those with smaller faces so it’s best to invest in a pair as soon as possible. Don’t waste any more time! The Fendi 52mm Cat Eye Sunglasses have laser-cut details on each lens and the classic Fendi logo on the temples and tips.

The laser-cut detail is absolutely to die for and is perfect for those who like to make a statement with their clothing and accessories. If you already have tons of black sunglasses, we suggest purchasing a pair of these sunglasses in ivory or tortoiseshell. These cat-eye sunnies can be all yours for around $390.

7. Linda Farrow Rosie Oval Glasses

Linda Farrow Rosie Oval Glasses with gold rims

Linda Farrow truly understands what it takes to make sunglasses special, functional, and fashionable. The Rosie Oval Glasses are a blend of acetate and titanium, which lends to their unique design. Each lens is held tightly by 22-carat yellow gold plated titanium that even runs across the nose bridge.

The lenses are 100% UV-protected and the nose pads are adjustable so that they sit perfectly on your beautiful, small face. The Linda Farrow Rosie Oval Glasses have a slightly higher price point, around $799 but you absolutely will not regret this purchase.

8. Chloe Willow Cat Eye Sunglasses

Chloe Willow Cat Eye Sunglasses with pattern

These sunglasses are anything but boring. Picture yourself rolling up to brunch with your friends and sipping on a strong mimosa while wearing these cat-eye sunglasses. The frames are made from acetate, boast 100% UV protection, and are made in Italy.

These cat-eye sunglasses are a little less narrow than the others and take a more round shape, which is great for people with small, square-shaped faces. For around $335, these khaki-colored tortoiseshell sunglasses can join you on all of your future brunch endeavors.


9. Chanel Cat Eye Sunglasses

Chanel tortoiseshell cat eye sunglasses

These gorgeous little cat eye sunglasses are classy, elegant, sophisticated, and made in Italy. They have 100% UVA and UVB protection with polarized lenses so you can suntan on the beach all day, without worry. Instead of a sharp cat-eye, these sunglasses have a rounder cat eye for a more subtle look.

These are great for fashionistas who fear a cat-eye style might look too severe on their face. The Chanel Cat Eye Sunglasses retail for around $470.

10. Chloe Willow 52mm Square Sunglasses

These are unlike all of the others we’ve mentioned as they are not round, not cat eye but square in shape. While cat-eye and rectangle shapes are exceedingly better for smaller faces, they aren’t for everyone. If this is you, these Chloe Willow Square Sunglasses could be a good contender.

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They will provide you with sun protection and keep you looking ever so trendy. The gradient lenses have 100% UV protection and the frames are made from acetate. These gunmetal and burgundy square sunglasses are made in Italy and retail for around $335.

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