best diaper bag backpack

Looking to buy the Best Diaper Bag Backpack? Our team has researched and reviewed the best backpack diaper bag for toddler and newborn to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying the best diaper bag backpack 2020

Best Diaper Bag Backpack

best diaper bag backpack 2020

If you have a baby, you know you can’t leave the house without a diaper bag. A good diaper bag holds wipes, extra baby clothes, toys, and other essentials without weighing you down. It should also have some room for grown-up stuff like keys and wallets. Style-conscious parents will be happy to know that there are lots of great looking bags and styles to choose from. To help you find the best diaper bag for your family, we’ve compiled our list of the best diaper bags for 2020. We’ll also explain the features you should look for when shopping for the right bag for you.

Features to Consider in Good Best Diaper Bags

There are lots of great choices for diaper bags, but how do you choose which one to buy? Take a look at the features of each bag that made our top ten, and pick one that fits your needs. Families come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide variety of needs. There are also some simple but really useful diaper packing hacks that will enable you to save more space and carry more in your diaper bag.

Here are the factors you should use in choosing a diaper bag:


A large-sized bag is ideal if you have more than one child or if you are out of the house for long periods of time. Consider a small one if you have one child or are anticipating shorter trips.

Storage pockets

You will need to carry multiple things. Therefore, you need a diaper bag with multiple pockets. Consider everything you may need when outdoors before making your selection to ensure it works perfectly. The pockets should also allow you to organize your items with ease so that you can locate anything you need without ripping the contents apart.

Insulated compartments

An insulated pocket will keep your baby’s beverage or food at the right temperature for long hours. Consider one with a large insulated compartment for oversized baby bottles or with multiple insulated pockets if you’ll need to carry more than one bottle.


First, ensure the fabric is easy to clean. It should also be durable to ensure years of service. The straps should be strong enough to endure the weight of the bag and also comfortable. Waterproof fabric on the exterior will keep your bag safe in the rain while an internal waterproof-lining will prevent leaks in case of accidents with liquid stuff.

Included accessories

The right accessories are key to getting the best out of the diaper bag you purchase. A few examples of accessories found in diaper bags include a changing pad, luggage feet to keep your bag clean and safe from damage when you place it on the floor, or a ring to keep toys within reach, among other features.

Top 10 Best Diaper Bags 2020

1.Best Overall Diaper Bag: Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

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Why we like it: The Bag Nation diaper backpack holds everything you need on the go, and you can strap it to the stroller giving you total freedom.Editor’s Rating: 


Convenience features
The Bag Nation diaper backpack is spacious enough to hold all your baby’s essential items. It comes with stroller straps to allow you to use it totally hands-free. It has fourteen pockets which means you can organize everything you need with ease. The multiple compartments let you separate clean clothes from dirty ones.

It features a big insulated pocket that can hold more than one baby bottle and a pocket specifically for wipes which is conveniently located for those messy moments. The included changing mat is large and durable, perfect for everyday use. It features a strong zipper to ensure all your essentials are well secured.

Additional features
The backpack has ergonomically padded shoulder straps to guarantee you an easy time carrying it even when fully packed. Its back panel is also padded and has a breathable mesh for maximum comfort.

The twill polyester construction gives you a water-resistant bag so you won’t have to worry about rain and spills. The durable material, non-fraying stitches, and strong zippers ensure you will be able to use the bag for years to come.

Lastly, the Bag Nation backpack comes with a lifetime warranty, and you can also use it as a real backpack once your baby grows up.

If you are looking for the best backpack diaper bag that can hold all your essentials, look no further than this backpack from Bag Nation. It features multiple compartments and is durable to ensure years of use. The padded shoulder straps and included stroller straps makes it perfect for on-the-go parents.

  • Best for both mom and dad
  • It is water resistant and durable
  • Offers multiple pockets for total organization
  • Includes stroller straps
  • Comes with a large changing mat and a sundry bag
  • Only comes in black or gray

2.Best Value Diaper Bag: Hafmall Diaper Bag Backpack

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Why we like it: The Hafmall diaper backpack comes with one very roomy main compartment and thirteen separate storage pockets; you can carry it as a handbag, backpack or attach it to a stroller.
Editor’s Rating: 

Convenience features
The Hafmall diaper backpack has a large capacity making it convenient for multiple functions. It has a large compartment to fit essential items both for you and your baby. The 13 separate pockets include three insulated pockets for your baby’s bottle, a wet cloth pocket for damp cloth diapers and a tissue pocket.

When it comes to carrying, you can choose to use it as a handbag, backpack or use the stroller straps to attach it to the stroller. Both the external and internal fabric are water-resistant meaning you are well protected from leaks and rain. It has two D-rings at the back of the bag for holding your baby’s toys within easy reach.

Additional features
The Hafmall diaper bag has padded shoulder straps to ensure you can comfortably carry it as a backpack. The straps have adjustable buckles meaning they’ll be comfortable no matter how tall you are.

It is made of quality polyester that is water-resistant to withstand rains and leaks. It is also durable and comes with sturdy zippers to guarantee long years of use. It offers six color options: Black, Gray-Black, Gray are the more demure offerings, while the Chevron, Navy Blue and Pink add a splash of vibrancy to the bag. It is also easy to hand wash so you won’t have to worry about it being mess.

The Hafmall diaper backpack has a large capacity with multiple smaller pockets and is comfortable to carry making it perfect for travel. It is stylish and multifunctional to allow you to carry as a tote bag, backpack or a messenger bag.

  • Features a stylish and elegant design
  • Has a roomy compartment and 13 separate pockets
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Waterproof fabric both inside and outside
  • Offers multiple color choices
  • Has dry and wet split pockets
  • Includes a convenient keychain and stroller straps
  • Not suitable for machine washing

3.Best Premium Diaper Bag: Skip Hop Baby Grand Central Take-it-All Diaper Bag

Why we like it: The Skip Hop grand central diaper bag offers both elegance and functionality making it perfect for moms with style.Editor’s Rating: 


Convenience features
How about a diaper bag with separate adult and baby sections? The Skip Hop grand central diaper bag offers you this. First, it has 11 pockets so you can be sure it will fit all that you need to carry. The baby’s section has a clear wipe pocket and toy loop and the adult section includes a zipped pocket, phone pocket, and a fleece-lined sunglass pocket. It has two insulated pockets to hold extra-large baby bottles.

The diaper bag hangs neatly on the stroller releasing your shoulders from its weight. It can also be carried over the shoulders and has cotton tote straps for comfort. It comes with a cushioned changing pad convenient for changing your baby on the go.

Additional features
The tote diaper bag has a compact modern design that any mom would love. It has a sturdy yet lightweight material to guarantee years of use without compromising on its weight. The water-resistant lining protects your items from leaks and is easy to clean. For color options, you can get it in Black Stripe or Grand Central French Stripe, both offering a classy, clean look.

The Skip Hop grand central diaper bag features a classy design with light brown leather accents perfect for any mom. We like that it has separate pockets for mom and baby. The multiple pockets and roomy compartments are not only easy to organize but also ensures you carry everything you need without feeling burdened thus convenient for travel.

  • Offers separate adult and baby sections
  • Roomy enough to hold all you’ll need for the day
  • Stylish
  • Includes a cushioned changing pad
  • You can strap it on your shoulder, carry as a tote bag or hang over the stroller
  • A bit pricey

4.Best Waterproof Diaper Bag: KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack

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Why we like it: The KiddyCare diaper bag backpack comes with 15 pockets for total organization and is made of high-quality cloth to guarantee both style and durability.Editor’s Rating: 


Convenience features
The KiddyCare diaper bag backpack comes with 15 pockets that make it easy for you to organize your bag. The roomy space allows you to carry everything you need on-the-go for yourself and your baby all in one bag. The 3 insulated pockets keep your baby’s drink at the desired temperature while the 2 side pockets keep all you need within easy reach.

It comes with a button that allows you to lock both the upper handles together so you can hang the bag on the stroller. The back straps are padded to ensure comfort when carrying the bag as a backpack.

Additional features
The bag is made from high-quality cloth to prevent it from tearing at the seams. The iron zippers are strong with an anti-theft security slot. It has a functional, understated look and comes in five soft colors.

The bag offers a lifetime warranty so you won’t have to worry in case something goes wrong with it. Its stylish and modern design allow you to use the bag as a normal handbag or backpack when your child grows.

The KiddyCare multi-function backpack is lightweight yet sturdy therefore perfect for travel. It is roomy and will hold all your necessities and the comfortable straps make it easy to carry. It is easy to clean, stylish and offers great features at a competitive price giving you great value for your money.

  • Has multiple pockets
  • It is lightweight thus portable
  • Durable and stylish
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers five color options
  • Needs both hands to close

5.Most Multi-Function Diaper Bag: HapTim Multi-function Baby Diaper Bag

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Why we like it: The HapTim multi-function diaper bag comes with a big central compartment and 15 pockets for organization. It has stroller straps and wide padded shoulder straps therefore perfect for on-the-go parents.Editor’s Rating: 


Convenience features
How about a diaper bag that ensures you carry everything you need all at once? The huge central compartment and 15 pockets means this bag is superb for organization in a handy backpack form.

It features 3 insulated pockets to keep your baby’s bottles at the right temperature throughout. You will like the quick-to-access side pockets to hold wipes. The changing pad allows you to change your baby’s diaper while on the go.

Additional features
The backpack has a 3D breathable padded back and wide padded shoulder straps to ensure you are comfortable all day. It comes with stroller straps to take the weight off your shoulders. The adjustable buckles allow it to be carried by different people comfortably.

Also, the HapTim multi-function diaper bag offers a 30-day free exchange and a 90-day warranty for peace of mind. The strong polyester fabric and reinforced shoulder straps guarantee you years of use. The hidden pocket at the lower back is perfect for your important stuff.

The HapTim multi-function diaper bag is spacious and comfortable to carry making it an excellent choice for travel. The large capacity allows you to take everything you need yet it is small enough for you to carry on the plane.

  • Stylish
  • Comes with multiple pockets and a theft-proof pocket
  • Made of strong quality nylon
  • Includes stroller straps and a changing mat
  • Comfortable to carry
  • The insulated bottle pocket is not that easy to access

6.Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Carry All Travel Diaper Bag

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Why we like it: The Skip Hop Duo diaper bag attaches to the sides of any double stroller making it great for twins, with contrasting lining and magnetic zippers making storing and accessing your stuff easy.Editor’s Rating: 


Convenience features
The Skip Hop Duo diaper bag comes with shuttle clips to fit any double stroller for when you want to take the weight burden off your shoulder. It comes with 16 pockets and a roomy interior which is large enough to hold all your stuff and baby gears for your twins. It has magnetic closures throughout with a zipper on the main compartment so you won’t have to worry about your baby stuff not being secured.

The bag comes with two insulated bottle pockets on the side so you can easily reach out for your little ones’ bottles. It also has a cushioned pad for you to change your baby comfortably. It has a D-ring to hold your baby’s toys which comes in handy when they start throwing tantrums. The bag makes it easy to find anything you need without ripping everything apart thanks to the contrasting lining.

Additional features
How about a diaper bag that gives you the choice of carrying it as a tote bag or a messenger bag? The Skip Hop Duo diaper bag offers you that. The multiple pockets help you get more organized, and the cell-phone pocket is conveniently within your reach. It is made of polyester meaning it can take a beating quite well. It comes in different neutral colors so you won’t have a hard time picking one that best suits you.

The Skip Hop Duo diaper bag comes with a roomy interior with multiple pockets and can attach to a double stroller making it perfect if you have more than one child. It comes in neutral colors thus an excellent choice for both parents. We like that it can be carried as a tote bag or a messenger bag and comes with an easy-to-access pocket for your phone.

  • Includes an easy-to-reach phone pocket
  • Offers multiple compartments both inside and outside
  • Comes with a shuttle clip to attach to your stroller’s handlebars
  • Has a changing pad
  • Includes a toy ring
  • It does not attach to a single stroller
  • It can be quite bulky, but this is expected given its size

7.Best 3-in1 Diaper Bag: Absolute BTS Multifunction Diaper Backpack

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Why we like it: The multi-function diaper backpack from Absolute BTS offers multiple ways of carrying thus making it suitable for traveling.Editor’s Rating: 


Convenience features
The backpack-design diaper bag frees up your hands 100% so you can use them for other things like holding your baby. It is spacious enough to hold all the necessary items you need while on the go. It has two big separated compartments with 17 pockets thus easy to organize all the stuff you need and to separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones.

We love the insulated pockets to hold your baby’s bottle while keeping its contents at the right temperature and the side pockets for tissues to clean up messes. It also has a hidden pocket for your keys and other essential items. It is made of a waterproof fabric that makes it easy for you to wipe clean in case of spills. It comes with a stroller strap to allow you to attach it on the stroller and you can also carry it as a tote bag or a backpack.

Additional features
It is a unisex bag that mothers will love to carry as a tote bag while dads will love to carry around like a backpack. The high-quality fabric guarantees durability so you won’t have to worry about replacing the bag for years. It comes with a lifetime worry-free warranty too. It is versatile meaning you can carry it as a diaper bag or as an everyday travel backpack.

The multi-function diaper backpack from Absolute BTS is a stylish bag that is perfect for dads. It is durable to ensure years of use as well as waterproof for easy cleaning. The two roomy compartments make it travel-friendly as it allows you to carry all that you need when away from home. It offers multi-carry ways convenient for both parents. We love the small pockets to hold your phone, water bottle, umbrella among other things making the bag suitable for everyday use.

  • Has stroller straps
  • Offers two roomy compartments with 17 separate pockets
  • It is durable and waterproof
  • Great for both mom and dad
  • We wish it had a changing mat

8.Best Diaper Bag for Travel: Mancro Diaper Bag Backpack

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Why we like it: The Mancro diaper bag backpack features multifunctional pockets to hold everything from your laptop and tablet to shoes and food as well as your baby essentials.Editor’s Rating: 


Convenience features
The Mancro diaper backpack features multifunctional pockets that come in handy for day to day use. The two insulated pockets will keep your baby’s bottle at the right temperature while the side pockets will hold the baby wipes within easy reach. It has two front zippered pockets for baby’s clothes and shoes and a zippered mesh pocket for towels and diapers. You will also like the large compartment to hold your laptop or magazines.

The waterproof fabric keeps your essentials safe from leakages. It has stroller straps to allow you to attach it to the stroller and take off some weight from your shoulders. The main pocket has a dual metal zipper to keep your valuables safe.

When it comes to carrying, the easy-to-tote top handle will give you an easy time when holding it like a tote bag. The comfortable back panel and padded shoulders also make it comfortable to carry on your back. The shoulder straps are adjustable and suitable for individuals of different heights.

Additional features
It is durable to guarantee years of use and has a changing pad to allow you to change your baby’s diapers while on-the-go comfortably. It comes in gray and black colors, so it easily blends with your outfit. It is stylish, and both mom and dad will love carrying it and it cleans easily with just wiping.

The Mancro diaper backpack is made of nylon fabric that is both waterproof and durable. The numerous compartments make the bag suitable for shopping and traveling. The black and gray colors make it ideal for dad. The stroller straps, easy-to-tote top handle, and padded shoulder straps make it perfect for day to day use.

  • Made from water-resistant and durable nylon fabric
  • Includes a changing pad
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Includes stroller straps
  • The main compartment is quite small, so this bag is suitable for short trips or families with only one baby

9.Best Diaper Bag for Travel: Ruvalino Multifunction Travel Backpack

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Why we like it: One of the most comfortable diaper bag backpacks we reviewed, this multi-function bag from Ruvalino is also one of the best options for parents who need to carry a laptop as well.Editor’s Rating: 


Convenience features
The Ruvalino diaper bag backpack comes with a changing pad and four zippered pouches with enough space to hold all of your essentials for a day out with your baby. The inside of the bag is also well designed and has mesh pocket organizers for convenience. We like the extra-wide opening of the main pouch that makes it easy to find whatever you need quickly.

This bag is also convertible and can be used as a backpack or a handbag. It also easily hangs from most strollers. There are a total of 16 different pockets in the bag to help keep you organized. The material is lightweight, waterproof, and stylish. Finally, the main pocket has a mesh diaper holder so you can find a fresh diaper in a moment’s notice.

Additional features
In addition to being very useful, the Ruvalino Multifunction Travel Back Pack is also stylish. Released as part of Ruvalino’s Neutrals Collection, this bag can be purchased in 6 different colors as well as a beautiful floral pattern. There is also an insulated pocket with sleeves for storing two bottles.

With a clean and modern look, the Ruvalino Multifunction Travel Backpack is a great option for parents on the go. Comfortable to wear, there is plenty of space to carry everything parents need for a day out. There are a ton of pockets and mesh organizers that help parents keep all the essentials handy.

  • Thick, padded straps make this bag very comfortable to wear
  • 18 different compartments for keeping your baby’s supplies organized
  • Available in 7 different colors
  • Insulated compartment for bottles
  • There are some reports of zippers getting stuck

10.Best Fashion Diaper Bag: Bamomby Travel Backpack

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Why we like it: The Bamomby Multi-Function backpack looks great and has multiple smart pockets to make packing easier. It is versatile, and you can carry it as a tote bag using the quick-grab handle, a messenger bag or a backpack. It comes with a changing pad and is machine washable therefore easy to clean.Editor’s Rating: 


Convenience features
The Bamomby Travel Backpack quickly converts to a tote bag, a messenger bag or a backpack when you want it to. It has cushy memory foam straps that are also non-slip so you won’t have to struggle with the straps falling off your shoulders when carrying the baby. The backpack opens like a suitcase to make it easy for you to pack. The main zipper is spacious to carry most of what you’ll need. It has two bottle pockets on the exterior and an easy to access pocket for your phone.

The outer fabric is top quality oxford polyester so you won’t have to worry about stains. The inner lining has also been treated to keep this diaper bag from odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. It comes with a memory changing pad that comes in handy when on the go. We also like the luggage feet that keep your bag clean and in good condition when you place it down at the park.

Additional features
The metal zippers are durable and will hold for years. The bag is machine washable thus easy to clean. The ergonomically curved and padded straps coupled with the breathable mesh at the back panel keep you comfortable when carrying the bag. The backpack design also leaves you hands-free so you can take care of your little one. It offers ten color options so you can choose what suits you best. It comes with a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

The Bamomby Travel Backpack is extremely convertible, and you can easily wear it over your shoulders, carry it with the top handle or as a backpack. It has multiple storage compartments to help you remain organized. The back pocket features crumb drains, and the bag is machine washable thus easy to clean. It is stylish, offers multiple color choices and comes with a changing pad, making it an excellent diaper bag.

  • Stylish
  • Has 4 gusseted pockets, 3 zippered and 2 bottle pockets
  • It is machine washable and has crumb drains
  • Stain, mold and mildew resistant
  • Comes with a memory foam changing pad
  • The bag could be too small for some people
  • It has multiple zippers making it hard to open some compartments with one hand

Guide to Buying the Best Diaper Bag

How do you want to carry it?

Diaper bags come as a tote bag, messenger bag or a backpack. If you are comfortable carrying it over your arms, a tote bag is fine, a messenger bag for your shoulder and a backpack form for your pack. A backpack is convenient as it gives you hands-free to allow you to hold your baby’s hands or push the stroller with ease.

You can play safe with a convertible diaper bag that allows you to switch from a tote bag to a messenger bag to a backpack with ease.

How big should it be?

How often do you leave the house and how long do you spend outdoors? If you leave your home for hours, you will need a large diaper bag that will hold all that you need while away.

Also, you will need a spacious bag if you have more than one child and a smaller one for one child. You need space for your stuff too. You will need to carry your keys, sunglasses wallets among other things. Be sure to pick the right size for both you and your baby.

Here is a guide on how to organize a diaper bag to make the best out of the available space.


How do you plan on using the diaper bag? You need a spacious bag with multiple compartments for day trips or if you are spending the weekend at grandmas. One with stroller straps come in handy when spending the day at the park. An everyday bag needs to be strong enough for durability and should come with secured pockets for your phone, keys and other stuff.

If you plan on using a cloth diaper, you will need a bigger diaper bag with roomy pockets to allow you to carry used diapers back home for cleaning without soiling other items in the bag. Remember cloth diapers are bulkier compared to disposables thus take up plenty of space so you need to fold them correctly to save on space.

How does it close?

Diaper bags can have a zipper top, snap top or drawstrings. Of the three, a zipper will safely hold your items from falling out of the diaper bag, but it may be hard to close when the bag is fully packed.

Who will be carrying it?

Not all diaper bags are unisex. Diaper bags come in different designs to offer everyone something. Select the one you are comfortable with as a dad or mom. You can play safe and pick a unisex one that both of you can carry comfortably.


You don’t want a bag that will force you to replace it in a few months. Get a bag with a strong fabric that is anti-stain, scratch-resistant with non-fraying stitches to ensure years of use. The zipper should be strong to withstand day to day use. Also, consider one with a warranty to guarantee worry-free usage.

How easy is it to clean?

Do you want a spot clean only, wipe clean or a machine washable bag? Babies can be messy, and you need an easy to clean bag as a result.

Do you use a stroller?

If you plan on using a stroller, you need to decide on how you want to carry the diaper bag on the baby carriage. You need a bag that allows you to attach it to the stroller otherwise you will have to place it in the storage basket which will take up a lot of space. You can also get a bag designed for a double stroller if you have twins.

What’s your budget?

While you don’t have to break a bank to get a good diaper bag, be sure not to compromise on the quality as it will cost you in the long run. We’ve offered a variety of options on this list which are top quality and suit most budgets.


As a new parent, you should be prepared for overwhelming joy as well as many responsibilities. Choosing a diaper bag to tote around your baby’s essentials is one of them. Choosing the perfect diaper bag for you depends on the different factors that we have covered in this article. We have selected the best diaper bags you should consider in 2018 whether you are a mom or dad, for one child or twins and even for travel. We have picked the best in the market that will offer you convenience, comfort, and functionality.

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