best electric mountain bike under 2000

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best electric mountain bike under 2000 dollars

Best Electric Mountain Bike Under 2000: Throttle and Pedal-assist System

A good e-bike doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Don’t you think? Keep reading, because we did the hard work and we picked the best electric mountain bike under 2000 dollars.

On This PageQuick Comparison: Best E-Mountain Bike Under 2000Best Electric Mountain Bike Under 2000 Dollars: Reviews and Buying Guide1. Emojo Cougar Electric Mountain BikeProsConsVideo: EMOJO Cougar Prototype 48 Volt 500 Watt2. Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain BikeProsConsVideo: Jetson Adventure Assembly3. BAM Power Bikes EW NomadProsConsVideo: Emojo Wildcat Assembly4. Emojo Wildcat Electric Mountain BikeProsConsVideo: Emojo Wildcat Assembly5. KUDOT SMLRO Electric Mountain BikeProsConsVideo: Should You Choose An E Bike Or MTB? | The Biggest Question Facing Mountain BikersFactors To Consider Before Buying Your e-Mountain Bike Under $2000Pedal-Assist Vs ThrottleBatteryHow Far Can You Go with Your Bike?MaintenanceShould You Buy an E-bike?FAQsConclusion and Best OfferBatteryMotorRangeModeBest OfferThe Alternative

Quick Comparison: Best E-Mountain Bike Under 2000

1. Emojo Cougar Electric Mountain BikeEmojo Cougar Electric Mountain BikeCheck Now
2. Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain BikeJetson Adventure Electric Mountain BikeCheck Now
3. BAM Power Bikes EW NomadBAM Power Bikes EW NomadCheck Now
4. Emojo Wildcat Electric Mountain BikeEmojo Wildcat Electric Mountain BikeCheck Now
5. KUDOUT SMLRO Electric Mountain Bike

Best Electric Mountain Bike Under 2000 Dollars: Reviews and Buying Guide

Want to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Cycling is a known healthy form of transportation. Sadly, It could get very tiresome at times. An e-bike is great because it makes it possible to rest your limp legs while simultaneously covering distance.

After scouring the market, we’d like to gladly present you with the top 5 electric mountain bikes for your daily commutes and/or hitting the trails.

1. Emojo Cougar Electric Mountain Bike

A bike with the best of both worlds: throttle and pedal-assist system.

It gives you the freedom to alternate between its modes. Its streamlined shape gives it significant momentum, speed, and style. It’s equipped with an LCD screen that shows speed, odometer, remaining range, the mode of the pedal-assist system, and the remaining battery life.

emojo cougar screen

Perfect for a ride up in the mountains or to work. Try not to exceed a 15-mile radius from your house, if you don’t want your battery giving out during the day. Its lightweight aluminum frame allows for effortless pedaling.


  • Dual hydraulic disc brakes
  • Full suspension
  • A 500-Watt DC Motor – 48v battery
  • Could run up to 30 miles on a full charge
  • 3 pedal-assist system modes (eco-normal-power)
  • 6061 aluminum frame


  • The hydraulic brakes don’t need much effort to work
  • A Suntour fork along with an adjustable-rear end shock enables you to take bumps smoothly
  • Kenda 27″ rims for rough terrains
  • The bike won’t have any trouble carrying up to 330 lb


  • 30-miles limit would hinder your rides if you prefer longer ones

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Video: EMOJO Cougar Prototype 48 Volt 500 Watt

2. Jetson Adventure Electric Mountain Bike

This e-bike is made for all kinds of terrain because of its sturdy, thick wheels. Its lightweight 42 lb frame, makes it easy to navigate through the harshest of trails. It could carry up to 300 lb.

Its 250 W battery is concealed, allowing you to ride in style. It’s equipped with an LCD display to show the speed, distance, and battery life remaining.

Its front and rear brakes are accompanied by LED lights, only adding to the bike’s charm.

jetson shimano


  • 250 W motor – 38 V battery
  • 21 gears
  • 9 levels of the pedal-assist system
  • Can run for up to 40 miles on a full charge
  • Two brakes, front, and rear
  • Speed limit 20 mph


  • 21 gears
  • 9 levels of pedal assist
  • Comes with a free charger
  • Offers good value for the price


  • This is only a pedal-assist bike, you’ll have to pedal all the time
  • The bike can only go up to 20 mph

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Video: Jetson Adventure Assembly

3. BAM Power Bikes EW Nomad

With this bike, you’re paying to get astounding speed. A 750-watt motor is bound to enable you to zip through the streets. Like all the other bikes, its lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, 68 lb, aids the speed of the bike.

Its Kendra tires, 4-inches thick, and the dual-compound tread provide a good grasp on the ground. It’s a twist throttle and PSA (Pedal Assist Sensor). The PSA has 5 different modes, while the bike has 7 gears.

bam power bike disc brake


  • 750 Watt motor –  48 V battery
  • Can go from 25 to 45 miles on a single charge
  • Maximum speed 20 mph
  • 5-year warranty
  • LCD screen
  • Front and rear brake LED lights
  • Dual disk brakes


  • The bike could be used to charge electronic devices
  • An LCD screen shows your speed, battery life, and an odometer
  • Larger tires offer more stability


  • 5 – 6 hours of charging time

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Video: Emojo Wildcat Assembly

4. Emojo Wildcat Electric Mountain Bike

Huge tires are what this e-bike is all about. Its 26-inch rims, Kendra juggernaut balloon tires, make it possible to ride over any type of terrain.

Sadly, there’s no LCD screen. Instead, there’s a button pad to use the throttle mode of the bike. This proves beneficial against rain and other weather conditions.

If you don’t feel like pedaling any further, the thumb throttle allows you to rest. It goes up to a speed of 20 mph. The fat tires of the bike make it a little different than other bikes. It makes it special.

emojo wildcat control panel


  • 48 V battery – 500 W motor
  • Can go 25 miles on one charge
  • 3 pedal-assist system modes (eco- normal- power)
  • Thumb throttle
  • Dual Tektro disc brakes
  • Oversized tires


  • Suitable for the harshest of terrains and weather conditions, because of its gigantic tires
  • Fast considering it’s a fat e-bike


  • The range of miles is considered low, so be careful on your long runs!

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Video: Emojo Wildcat Assembly

5. KUDOT SMLRO Electric Mountain Bike

This e-bike is an all-star. It has three modes, a twist throttle, which can go up to 27 miles according to usage, a power-assisted mode which can go up to 50 miles and a pedal only.

You can go to town pedaling as much as you’d like, but be sure to rest when you feel like you need to.

A one-year warranty is offered for the motor and the frame while the battery has a 6-month warranty over it.


  • Maximum speed 22 mph
  • Can go for up to 45 – 55 miles on a single charge
  • 750 W motor – battery 48 V
  • Fat tires (26 x 4 inches)
  • Dual disk brakes
  • 6061 Lightweight aluminum frame


  • You can remove the lithium battery if you don’t need it
  • Bright LED lights for easy maneuvering at night


  • If you prefer a faster and lighter bike then this is not the one for you

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Video: Should You Choose An E Bike Or MTB? | The Biggest Question Facing Mountain Bikers

Factors To Consider Before Buying Your e-Mountain Bike Under $2000

Making a choice is as hard as it is. If you have enough information on what you’re going to choose, it might be more comfortable.

We’re going to help you with that. Read on.

Pedal-Assist Vs Throttle

There are two main modes for your electric bike, which vary from bike to bike.

As you’ve seen, most have a pedal-assist system. This means that you still pedal, but just lightly. Only a fraction of your power is required, leaving you in great shape after your ride.

The second type is the throttle, thumb, or twist. Just by pressing a button, the bike moves much more similar to a moped. This definitely puts more pressure on the motor, but it is easier for your body.

When comparing the effort, though, it’s not that much of a difference.

Then finally, there’s a bike with the best of both worlds. You can either choose to pedal or put your legs at ease with the throttle.


There are several points you need to consider regarding your e-bike’s battery.

Battery life

The batteries could be made from lithium, nickel, or lead. The lithium battery probably has the longest life. A battery’s life should be calculated in charge cycles. It’s inaccurate to measure it using a period.

It’s said that after 1000 cycles, a Lithium battery begins to wear down.

A Nickel battery wears after 500 cycles.

Lead batteries wear out after 300 cycles.

These are just estimates, and many factors contribute to the battery’s life.

The Battery’s Position on the Bike

Usually, the battery is placed in the middle of the bike for even distribution of weight and a smoother ride.

It can, however, be placed at the front end or the rear end. The front would cause slight discomfort and imbalance to your ride. A rear-end attached battery reportedly feels better.

Battery’s Cost

Let’s be honest, if you’re looking for bikes under $2000, then you aren’t looking forward to spending money. An electric bike without a battery is… just a bike.

Your battery is your main concern. After it wears down, you’ll have to change it. A battery would cost anywhere from $300 to $800. You could find better deals though, it’s not just restricted to the prices mentioned, but they’re just to give you a general overview.

How Far Can You Go with Your Bike?

On average, it could go 22 to 50 miles on a single full charge, which can take up 2 to 6 hours.

Miles change with the make of the bike, whether you’re using throttle or pedal-assist and the battery’s capacity. It’s not advised to have unexpected trips unless you can charge your bike wherever it is you’re stopping.


Not any mechanic can fix any vehicle.

It’s preferred to get your e-bike from a manufacturer close to you, or generally have somewhere near to go to if you should face problems with your bike.

Small flaws would halt your bike’s whole performance. That’s something to keep in mind before you get your e-bike.

Should You Buy an E-bike?

emojo cougar rear hub

Not everyone might be comfortable with this form of transportation. An electric bike is still a bike, so you do run the risk of toppling over if you’re inexperienced or even sometimes experienced. This isn’t serious most times but could be if you have some medical issues or are older.

If you’re big on safety, maybe this wouldn’t be your best bet. A moped or one of its cousins may be a better choice as it’s more stable than a bike. You can always invest in safety gear, though if you’re set on getting an e-bike.

Let’s be real. E-bikes are mainly for those who seek out adventure on the trails. It wouldn’t make sense to buy an e-bike to go to work with, although if you do, that’s totally fine.

If you’re a mountain biker, you probably need a mountain bike, don’t you? You could buy a regular lightweight bike, but you’d be doing your thighs and knees a favor by using an e-bike instead.


When should I charge my E-bike?

It’s definitely preferred not to wait until all the juice is used up from the battery to recharge it.

When you’re done for the day with the bike, just plug it in and let it charge. Try always to charge it till the 100% mark.

Is using a mountain E-bike considered cheating as a sport?

Technically it’s not, because you still pedal, you just take less effort in doing so.

Can I use the E-bike without using the battery?

Yes, just like a standard bike.

Can I use it in the rain?

Well, there are a lot of waterproof models, you can check with the manufacturer. However, it’s best to keep at bay. Electricity and water don’t mix well, be safe.

Conclusion and Best Offer

Remember, the most important factors when choosing an e-bike are.


You want to find a bike with a powerful battery that would satisfy your needs. The more volts, the better. You also want to find one with good quality, so you wouldn’t have to change it more often and spend a lot of money doing so.


A powerful motor is something to look for in an e-bike. The high number of its Watts identifies it. You want to balance it out not to exert too much pressure on the battery.


Opt for something with the mile range you usually would not exceed with the bike. You don’t really need a bike that would go on for miles and miles if you don’t ride for that long.


Contemplate on which model works out best for you. Bikes with both modes are great if you don’t want to choose.

Best Offer

Statistically speaking, the Emojo Cougar Electric Mountain Bike crushes the other bikes in terms of numbers. A powerful 500 motor is ideal. Full suspension, dual hydraulic disc brakes, and a very attractive design. It is our favorite.

The Alternative

BAM Power Bikes EW Nomad

If you’re still not convinced, you could check out the Nomad BAM Power Bike. Innovative, more powerful, with this fat tire electric bike you can go everywhere.


Why would you actually want an electric bike? These are the bikes with a powerful battery that aids you to better climb the mountains. It provides you fuel-rich rides, faster and easy rides to the high mountains and valleys. There is undoubtedly an endless reason.

Electric-assist mountain bikes amplify your pedaling power while intensifying the amount of fun you’ll have on the trail. You can go farther, faster, and go to as many places as you want with an excellent experience of E-mountain bikes. Their small motors help you ride faster, making challenging climbs less daunting and more encouraging.×280&!3&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=j8ejnJpNYV&p=https%3A//

People have tested 5 of the most exciting and the Best Electric Mountain Bikes under 2000 dollars, to help you find exactly the right one for you.

Images & PricesBrand NameSpecifications

 Check Price & Details Here
X-Treme Scooters Men’s Lithium Electric Powered Mountain Bike♦ No expert help needed to assemble
♦ Made with all high-quality components
♦ 7-Speed Shimano tourney gears and shifter system
♦ Lightweight lithium-ion batteries.
♦ Lithium battery-powered electric bicycle
♦ Running on a 300 watt rear hub motor

 Check Price & Details Here
ECOTRIC 26″ Fat Bike Tire Wheel Men Snow Beach Mountain Electric Bicycle 500W Electric Moped♦ Max Speed: 32 MPH
♦ Exclusive Shimano 7 Gears Shifting System
♦ Fast, Smooth, and, Strong driving
♦ 500W Rear Hub Motor
♦ The removable 36V Lithium Cell with smart lithium battery charger
♦ Adjustable seat and anti-slip wear resistant tire

 Check Price & Details Here
Outback 26 7-Speed Lithium Powered Eco-Friendly Electric Bike♦ Battery: LiFEPo4, 36V/10AH
♦ Motor: 250W, 36V Brushless Alloy
♦ Gear Set: Shimano 7-Speed Drivetrain
♦ Controller: Speed sensor 36V brushless PAS (pedal-assisted system)
♦ Brakes: F/R – Tektro V-Brake

 Check Price & Details Here
ANCHEER 500W/250W Adult Electric Mountain Bike, 26″ Electric Bicycle 32KMpH with Removable 12.5Ah/8AHLithium-Ion Battery,♦ Strong Body
♦ Brake & Gear Shift System
♦ Removable Battery
♦ 3 Working Model
♦ Good mileage
♦ Service: With a one-year service for the electric motor, battery, and the charger

 Check Price & Details Here
Story Electric Bike – Step-Through Design eBike, Smart 350W Electronic Motor, Hidden Lithium Battery♦ Travel up to 45 miles on a charge
♦ Hitting speeds up to 20 MPH
♦ 350-watt motor and 7aH Hidden Lithium-Ion Battery
♦ Unique hidden battery
♦ Classic lightweight
♦ Durable design makes it stylish and satisfied

X-Treme Scooters Men’s Lithium Electric Powered Mountain Bike

X-Treme Scooters Mountain Bike comes with a 300-watt motor. It is suitable for urban areas. It is specially designed for the mount areas. Its seat is not hard and rider-friendly for a long tour. It has lithium-ion batteries that help in drive of almost 24 to 26 miles after a single time charge.×280&!4&btvi=3&fsb=1&xpc=xlF9k3ugOJ&p=https%3A//

X-Treme Scooters Men's Lithium Electric bike

 Check on Amazon×280&!5&btvi=4&fsb=1&xpc=6SvVoPI4ua&p=https%3A//

The main benefit of the electric bike is an electric motor. This model of the bike also has paddles that are beneficial for the leg as exercise. The specs of this bike model are dual brakes, 7-speed Shimano tourney gear changing system, RST Capa T7 hydraulic front forks, fixable seat, tool kit, headlight, battery indicator, cargo rack, and aluminum alloy frame which is light in weight.


  • Top Speed: 20KmPH
  • Saddle:       Adjustable
  • Batteries:    Lithium LiPo4
  • Alloy Rim:  100% Aluminum
  • Seat:            Adjustable
  • Mileage per charge: 20-25 approx


  • Speed increases with help of a 300-watt rear hub motor
  • 100% Aluminum Alloy Rim
  • The ability of off-road Travel
  • Light in weight
  • Shipment rack for luggage


  • Costly
  • not good assembly guidance

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Customer’s Review:

The bicycle works great, it has a rather powerful electrical engine, not sure how much, but more than another electrical bike I experienced before.

ECOTRIC Electric Powerful Bicycle 26” Fat Tire Bike 500W 36V/12AH Battery EBike Moped Snow Beach Mountain Ebike Throttle & Pedal Assist×280&!6&btvi=5&fsb=1&xpc=FXAnRqlvnX&p=https%3A//

ECOTRIC 26" Fat Bike Tire Wheel Men Snow Beach Mountain Electric Bicycle 500W Electric Mope, best electric mountain bikes under 2000

ECOTRIC 26″ Fat Tire Bike of the electric bicycle is a good source to enjoy in the open air with the exercise of the leg as well. The ECOTRIC 26″ Fat Tire Bike has a 36v lithium battery to give power to the electric bicycle, running on a 500 watt rear hub motor. Check on Amazon


  • Power: Electric
  • House power: 500 Watt Motor
  •  Required time for Charging: 6 hours
  • Throttle Type: Variable Speed Control – 1/2 Twist Throttle
  • Handlebar: Black Handlebar
  • Crank: Snow Bike Pro Crank
  • Freewheel: Shimano Pro Freewheel 7 Speeds
  • Tire size: 26” x 4.0” Fat Tire
  • Appropriate Height: 5’6″-6’8″
  • E-bikes proficient on the trail, on-road, on the snow, or on the beach equally
  • Disc Brakes: Rear
  • Speed: Shimano 7-Speed
  • Throttle: Half Twist Throttle
  • Gear: Shimano External 7-Speed gear


  • This bike accelerates smoothly and quickly
  • The breaks are loose due to the warped rotors but it isn’t a game-breaker and the matte black finish seems to resist damage much better than expected.
  • The battery lasts for ~25 miles on the highest setting


  • It’s bad on ice
  • The controls are basic, incredibly so. Basically 3 buttons and some LEDs.
  • No way to change the top speed
  • The first two-assist settings are way too low. If you’re at all like me you’re only going to be using the highest level of assist.

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Customer’s Review:

It is like a gem. I am feeling lucky because of owned it after a long wait. I am so satisfied.

Outback 26 Lithium Powered Eco-Friendly 7-Speed E-Bike×280&!7&btvi=6&fsb=1&xpc=pZF49xni3R&p=https%3A//

Yukon Trails Outback Electric Mountain Bike is an affordable urban bike with a 26 volt motor of 250 watts. The lead-acid battery of 10 AH offers 28 miles on a charge. The bike has solid tires of 1.75 Watt and 26 inches. You can smoothly ride the bike while enjoying the fresh air. The seat is comfortable to sit for a long time. It is under budget, durable, and attractive, affordable, and versatile as well.
The model of Outback 7-Speed E-Bike: It’s about feasibility, joy, trust, durability, and comfort as well, and that’s in your budget.

Outback 26 7-Speed Lithium Powered Eco-Friendly Electric Bike

 Check on Amazon


  • Aluminum alloy mountain frame design
  • Alloy suspension fork and suspension seat post
  • 26” alloy double-wall rims and wide 26” tires
  • Electric ignition for easy on/off
  • 250W in-hub motor with pedal-assisted system
  • A maximum speed of 15mph
  • Front and rear V-brakes


  • The battery is easy to slide out, which makes it easy for charging.
  • The pedal-assisted mode with a sensor detects your pedaling effort and propels motor assistance automatically.
  • The bike includes a cup holder and a strap for holding things on the back. It includes a headlight and taillight for easy riding in the dark.
  • It includes mudguards that prevent you from getting soaked up in rain.


  • The pedals and components are not heavy-duty; they can easily scratch and bend.

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Customer’s Review:

If you look at the customer reviews, this doesn’t look like a very promising bike. There have been mixed and conflicting reviews of this bike. Like, one customer has remarked about the bike being heavy while others said it is lightweight. Although it’s advertised as a mountain bike, its features don’t promise a good performance on bike trails.

ANCHEER 500W/250W Adult Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER 500W/250W Adult Electric Mountain Bike, best-electric-mountain-bikes-under-2000-3

ANCHEER electric bike is a leading icon of e-bikes for years, ANCHEER has not only computing and firm to revolution, highly advanced technology, and high-class materials but also providing economical and durable e-bikes, to convince and please riders’ different needs of convenience and even the hobby of tourism, sports, exercise & open-air life. Check on Amazon


  • The model’s height is 6’1”
  • Wheel Diameter: 26inches
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Saddle tube: Aluminum Alloy seat tube
  • Net weight: About 24kg/53lbs
  • Load capacity: 105kg/231.5lbs
  • Brakes: Rear and front disc brakes
  • Speeds options: 21-speed gear
  • Front Fork: comfort shock absorption High-quality carbon steel


  • It is ideal for uphill riding
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • 1-year-limited warranty
  • Comes with a high-quality LED headlamp for night riding


  • Speed control is limited

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Customer’s Review:

One issue that should be addressed is that the front wheel on the fork is facing backward. For shipping purposes, the fork was turned around so that it can fit in the shipping box. The fork needs to be turned around so that the disk brake on the bike should be on the left side so as you pedal and make your foot does not hit the tire. Any reputable bike shop will correct this and also make minor tune-ups and adjustments.

Story Electric Bike – eBike with Smart 350W Electronic Motor, Hidden Lithium Battery, USB Port to Charge Phone, Shimano Gears, Disc Brakes, 700c Unisex Hybrid Electric Bicycle×280&!8&btvi=7&fsb=1&xpc=KkkPsATjoG&p=https%3A//

Story Electric Bike with Smart 350W Electronic Motor

 Check on Amazon

The Story Electric Bike combines a classic frame with modern electric speed. It features a 350-watt motor, giving it a top speed of 20 mph which isn’t that fast but is good enough to bring you to where you need to be.

Its 7Ah hidden-from-view lithium-ion battery allows it to reach 45 miles on a single full charge. For those who need to power up their phone on the go, the Story Electric Bike has a USB charging port that allows you to charge while on the road.


  • Stylish classic look – Its classic frame coupled with the leather grip and saddle makes for an incredibly stylish bike, one you will be proud to show off.
  • For a good cause – You don’t just get a bike, you get to give for a good cause as well!
  • USB charging port – This is extremely convenient considering that we heavily depend on smartphones nowadays.


  • Less power – It doesn’t have a powerful enough motor which can affect its speed.
  • Smaller battery capacity – Because the battery isn’t as big, it could mean more frequent charging.

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Customer’s review:

It is lightweight as compared to other electric bikes while still being very powerful.


Electric bikes are among the best alternatives to a motor vehicle, considering the current traffic, economic, and environmental state. With its continuously dropping prices and minimal maintenance, it will gradually become the best substitute for driving, commuting, and even walking.

Additional to its balance of function and ease, it also caters to the needs of those who ride their bikes for fitness or health reasons. An electric bike provides you with a convenient ride making it the most obvious choice when in search of an equally practical and handy alternative.

In short, making an ideal choice of the best electronic mountain bike under $2000 that is strong as well as budget-friendly, is not an easy task.  Don’t make choices without considering any our buying  guidereviews and well researched articles and then go for it.

Editor’s Choice:

ECOTRIC 26" Fat Bike Tire Wheel Men Snow Beach Mountain Electric Bicycle 500W Electric Mope, best electric mountain bikes under 2000

In my opinion, the ECOTRIC 26″ Fat Tire Bike is much better than all of the other bikes due to its beautiful and attractive by design, fat tires which helps in any weather and trail conditions as well as its modern electric speed.

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