best electric violin for beginners

Many professional players won’t recommend an electric violin for a beginner for a number of reasons. Also, teachers would prefer if you had an acoustic violin. The main reason why acoustic violins are better for beginners is that they produce a resonant sound, unlike the electric violin which uses technology and wires to make the sound. So what is the Best Electric Violin For Beginners and best violin for beginners??

The fact that the musical notes resonate from a hollow wooden body gives a natural feeling and helps the player improve faster. When practicing, if you don’t turn your violin up in volume and you don’t have the necessary amplifying equipment, the sound will be a very muted and metallic one, in the case of electric violins. This sound is not great for practicing.

Furthermore, at first, you will mainly learn classical music, for which the acoustic violin is best suited. So if you’re not going to play a lot of new genres and your performing environment is a traditional one, it’s best if you stick with the acoustic violin. One such violin is better for these purposes in terms of sound and looks, and it won’t require amplification or anything like that, so you can start playing it immediately.

best violin for beginners

The good side

Although electric violins aren’t recommended for beginners, there are a lot of positive things that they can bring into a musician’s life. They are great for performances that revolve around contemporary genres of music, something like jazz or rock. These genres don’t rely on the classical tone provided by an acoustic violin.

Within newer styles of music, the electric violin is free to express its creative potential and offers a world of experimentation at the hand of the violinist. Electric violins are great for those musicians that want to expand their range and style.

The great advantage of the electric violin is that it offers you the possibility to practice silently when the situation asks for that. You just need a pair of headphones to plug into the inbuilt amp. But you can also play it really loud by plugging it into an exterior powerful amplifier.

There are some electric violins that will let you practice while a backing track plays so you will be able to perform the solos you want while the other instruments can be heard too. Most electric violins also offer a lot of effects, and you can plug in different pedals into them so you can obtain a huge number of sounds. You thus have a wide range of choices and you can express yourself however you want.

When recording, it’s much easier to plug in an electric violin than it is to record an acoustic one. The editing process can be simplified in this manner. Also, if you’re the type of person that likes eccentric looks, the electric violins offer a lot in that department. There are lots of shapes, colors or even sizes in which you can find an electric violin.

Best Electric Violin For Beginners

1. Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BL Solid Wood Blue Metallic Electric / Silent Violin with Ebony Fittings in Style 2 (Full Size)

Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BL Solid Wood Blue Metallic Electric / Silent Violin with Ebony Fittings in Style 2 (Full Size)

Many electric violin reviews of the Cecilio CEVN-2BL praise its low price tag and clear sound. Like the manufacturer’s line of acoustic violins, this electric model is carefully crafted for easy playability and a great sound.

Despite being an electric instrument, the violin utilizes high-quality woods and handcrafted construction.

  • Size: 4/4
  • Available Finishes: black, blue, white, mahogany, and yellow
  • Bow: Unbleached Mongolian horsehair
  • Case: Padded lightweight hardshell
  • Tailpiece: Ebony with Mother of Pearl inlay and fine tuners
  • Strings: D’Addario Prelude


The unique body of the violin is crafted out of solid maple. It has a similar footprint to an acoustic violin, but the solid construction features large cutouts to decrease bulk. The fingerboards, pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest are all made from ebony.

The electronic violin components are all discreetly housed on the back of the unit behind the bridge. Powered by an included 9-volt battery, the pickup electronics have a volume control, headphone jack, and 1/8-inch output, and input jack. The output jack can be used to connect the instrument to an external amplifier while the input can be used to practice with a backing track.


The Cremona SV-130 is a great option for players of all skill levels. The violin is built with the modern conveniences of an electric instrument while still retaining the high-quality materials and build of an acoustic. With the inclusion of a headphone jack and volume controls, this violin can transition easily from the stage to a practice room. Check on Amazon!

2. Yamaha SV-200 Silent Violin Performance Model Black

Yamaha SV-200 Silent Violin Performance Model Black

Yamaha is a brand that’s synonymous with quality. This professional electric violin is no different. The company has taken their expertise with electronic instruments and created a high-quality option with great sound and versatile controls.

  • Size: 4/4
  • Available Finishes: black, brown, cardinal red, ocean blue
  • Tailpiece: Ebony
  • Pickup: Two piezo pickups


The Yamaha SV-200 also has that classical outline. It’s made from spruce and it built for balance and comfort. The rest of the violin is made from a combination of maple and ebony.

Maple is utilized on the oval neck. The neck is also coated in a unique finish to mimic the feeling of an acoustic violin. Ebony is used for the fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest.

This violin’s electrical components are located on the back and powered by a 9-volt battery. Two piezo pickups under the bridge convert vibrations into an electrical signal, which is then sent out through the line output. The use of two pickups provides a better dynamic range.

There’s also a dedicated preamp, headphone jack, and equalizer. The equalizer comes with two separate modes. One creates an enhances acoustic sound while the other bypasses processing so that the signal can be used on external gear.


Violin reviews often call this Yamaha model one of the best electric violins money can buy. It’s backed by the high standards of Yamaha, so you can rest assured that the instrument will sound and look great. With or without the built-in equalizer, this electric violin has a rich sound that rivals many acoustic models. Check on Amazon!

3. ViolinSmart EV20 Electric Violin (4/4 Full Size, Color: White)

ViolinSmart EV20 Electric Violin (4/4 Full Size, Color: White)

ViolinSmart is a relatively new manufacturer, but that doesn’t mean their violins don’t deserve your attention. The EV20 is a great beginner electric violin. With its low price tag, interesting design, and easy playability, it’s a great investment for violinists wanting to delve into the world of electric playing.

  • Size: 4/4
  • Available Finishes: White
  • Tailpiece: Composite
  • Pickup: Piezo


The first thing that stands out about this electric violin is its shape. Instead of adopting the classic shape, ViolinSmart went with a whimsical swirling design. It’s very reminiscent of electrical guitars.

The main body of the violin is made from a durable composite material. The black plastic fingerboard, chinrest, pegs, and tailpiece are tough and add to the solidity of the instrument. Despite the traditional scroll, the guitar-inspired design extends to the electrical components.

A built-in preamp is controlled with a rotary dial. Separate knobs are used to control tone and volume. An output jack is located on the side of the body, much like an electric guitar.


The ViolinSmart EV20 is one of the best violins for beginners in its price range. Despite its affordability, the unique instrument packs a number of features that would appeal to new students. It produces a clear sound that can easily be modified to fit any type of music. Check on Amazon!

4. Merano MVE10BK 4/4 Full Size Fitted Electric Silent Violin with Case and Bow, Black/Ebony

Merano MVE10BK 4/4 Full Size Fitted Electric Silent Violin with Case and Bow, Black/Ebony

This electric violin from Merano is another great option for students and beginners. It has a sleek and modern look and contains many playability features to produce a great sound right off the bat. It’s also made from high-quality materials that you’d expect from a violin at a much higher price range. 

  • Size: 4/4
  • Available Finishes: Black
  • Pickup: Piezo
  • Bow: Brazilwood with natural white horsehair
  • Case: Lightweight nylon


The entire instrument is clad in a dark black color. This perfectly complements the futuristic shape, which is made from hand-carved maple wood. This wood is meticulously shaped to ensure that the string tension is adequately supported and the overall weight is low.

The fittings and pegs are all made from tough ebony. A Brazilwood bow is included with the outfit. While it may not mesh aesthetically with the dark violin, it does a lot to produce a raw and clear sound. It has a natural white horsehair and an ebony frog with a Parisian pearl eye inlay.

The electrical components are fairly simple. It contains a small preamp, output jack, and headphone jack. The preamp is powered by the included 9-volt battery.

An amp cord, headphones, extra strings, and rosin complete the outfit. Everything is packaged in a lightweight case covered in nylon and lined with plush fabric for protection.


The Merano MVE10BK is a cool electric violin that happens to sound great. The Brazilwood bow glides smoothly over the strings to produce a very clear sound through the piezo pickups. Because it comes with extra accessories, new students will have everything they’ll need to start learning. Check on Amazon!

5. Yamaha SV-130 Concert Select Silent Electric Candy Apple Red 4/4 Violin

Yamaha SV-130 Concert Select Silent Electric Candy Apple Red 4/4 Violin

The SV-130 from Yamaha is carefully crafted to sound great regardless of your surroundings. It has improved circuitry and a bevy of built-in features that can simulate the perfect playing environment, even though you’re not in it.

  • Size: 4/4
  • Available Finishes: black, brown, candy apple red, navy blue
  • Pickup: Piezo
  • Bridge: Aubert
  • Strings: Kessler steel core
  • Power supply: AC adapter or two AA batteries


This electric violin has an uncommon half-body design. This is utilized to balance the two sides evenly. One half features the standard violin outline while the other has a thick chin and shoulder rest that houses the electrical components.

The body is made from a combination of materials that include maple, spruce, molded plastic, and ebony. There are 4 fine tuners on the tailpiece to make precise adjustments on the steel core strings.

A single piezo pickup is used to measure vibrations and changes in pressure. This signal then goes through the improved circuitry to remove any unwanted noise before it hits the preamp. Here, you can choose a reverb effect to simulate playing in a large open environment.

With headphones, you can play in silence while hearing the ambiance


The Yamaha electric violin is one of the best options for achieving a realistic sound while producing a mere whisper. The included reverb settings can help you simulate the sound and feeling of performing in a vast hall. This can prove to be beneficial during practice.

The inclusion of improved circuitry further proves why Yamaha produces some of the best instruments around. This intricate detail helps to clear up the sound and achieve the beautiful tone that the brand is known for. Check on Amazon!

6. Cecilio 4/4CEVN-1Y Solid Wood Yellow Maple Metallic Electric/Silent Violin with Ebony Fittings in Style 1 (Full Size)

Cecilio 4/4CEVN-1Y Solid Wood Yellow Maple Metallic Electric/Silent Violin with Ebony Fittings in Style 1 (Full Size)

Cecilio is a popular brand amongst novice violin players because of the high-quality construction, playability features, and low price tag. This electric violin is no different. It’s built very similarly to the brand’s line of beginner’s acoustic violins in terms of quality and materials.

  • Size: 4/4
  • Available Finishes: black metallic, yellow, mahogany, white, blue
  • Pickup: Piezo
  • Bow: Brazilwood with Mongolian horsehair and
  • Output: 1/8 jack
  • Power supply: 9-volt battery


The electric violin has a body made of hand-carved maple wood. This material is a natural tonewood that’s used in acoustic violins. In this case, the wood is used for its strength and beauty.

The tonewood is accompanied by ebony throughout the fittings. It’s used on the fingerboard, pegs, and tailpiece. The tailpiece also has a decorative inlay made from Mother of Pearl.

The various electrical components are hidden in the back of the instrument. The preamp is powered by a single 9-volt battery. Also on the back are the volume controls, output jack, input jack, and headphone jack.


Any Cecilio electric violin review will tell you that this instrument is a great investment for the price. It comes with everything you’d need to get started, including a Brazilwood bow. While it may not be the best-sounding option out there, it’s ideal for student musicians wanting to transition their playing to an electric instrument.

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